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  1. I don’t love Luanne and think she’s delusional and will be having problems with being too drunk in a couple of years, but I don’t know if she ever really presented herself as that way. To me (and me only) she came across as someone who was going to AA because she had too and was hoping to learn something, but was on the fence about most of it. Also I don’t know if Luanne has ever presented as an introspective anything.😂
  2. Hahahahaha! Oh Shannon. No. I don’t believe that at all. In fact I don’t even really believe she was the one that left David.
  3. That’s funny. I didn’t actually interpret that as them actually having a close relationship (especially given the way Anne threw her at the reporter later), but as Anne trying to rebel against her father knowing that it would annoy him. I thought we were supposed to believe that they had basically just met but Anne jumped on the chance to irritate her parents a bit. “I just LOVE my grandmother! You know the one you never speak to. She has so many INTERESTING stories. Just fascinating. Anyway, let’s sell off the castle the buy her more nun habits and cigarettes. No, we can’t legally? Well, I had no idea. Poo. Oh well,off to my interview. Don’t want to be late. That wouldn’t be very down to earth of me.”
  4. I agree that the royal family vowed public moral during wartime as something that fit in their duties. They tried to be the living embodiment of Keep Calm and Carry On. And i would have to look this up, but I think the royal family visited the bomb sites after, not during the rescue efforts. I would not be at all surprised if the Crown visited sites like this accident well after everything was said and done in memorial (like the Queen would have showed up a month or so later) and the show downplayed that to focus on the tension (that is a very real problem Queen Elizabeth faced) about public perceptions of how leaders should connect to the people changing rapidly in the late 20th century.
  5. Bwahaha! Date My Ex. I had almost forgot about Slate parading around in his man scarves and knit hats. Slade has always set off a million warning bells for me. There something off about the way he interacts with the world. I never bought that he actually connected to anyone or anything very deeply. It was all just a part of his image. Did he like anything about Joe or just feel like a hot girlfriend was part of his image? Did he like his house or car or stupid man scarves? Was it all just a series of things he was supposed to have to show how great he was? Slade feels like someone with almost no sense of self other than self preservation. I always got the same vibe from Lauri. Not that they were lying exactly, but that they would be whoever they needed to be if it meant money. Even the way both of them parented seemed very performative to me. Like mimicking how other people care about their families instead of actually caring. I was sort of sad Slade and Lauri broke up so soon. Soulless con artists in love could have been an interesting story, but alas. Someone needs a job for a con to work and it ain’t going to be either of them.
  6. I also think Lauri dedicated herself to being a trophy wife with a focus other gold diggers would envy. Girl knows how to keep her eye on the prize and not get distracted. If you kid is troublesome you wash your hands of him. If your friends are obnoxious you distance yourself. If your tacky reality show makes your new man nervous or shows HIS kids in a bad light you quit. You dress, talk, and think only in ways that please your man. You’re never unpleasant or dramatic. Lauri has only ever wanted to be taken care of and once she locked it down I doubt she would give it up for anything. I’d be really surprised if she engages in any drunken/cheating/dramatic/overspending antics you might see in lesser gold diggers. She should teach a class.
  7. Slade is the worst. I can imagine Joe was anxious to get engaged, but I imagine that had as much to do with Slade’s insistence she become a full time babysitter/sex doll/emotional punching bag as it did with the show. If some guy wanted me to give up my career and move to a random OC track home to take care of his kids he couldn’t be bothered with and spend the rest of my free time stroking his ego I might want some assurances too. He was always awful and condescending and dismissive of her. I never particularly liked Joe but I was on her side regarding who I believed about their relationship.
  8. Is he licensed to practice law in Utah? Someone else brought that up, but I didn’t remember it being mentioned.
  9. The thing about Shane is his sense of entitlement seems so off the chain, I kind of doubt that any of this is really tied to the Bar. Maybe the bar is making it slightly worse (slightly) but I doubt it’s by much. I’m in the middle of writing my doctoral thesis. Work and family and friends know I’m scaling back on some stuff until I’m done, but I, in no way, have the privilege of locking myself in a hole until it’s over. I still have responsibilities that are mine (not my coworker’s or my partner’s or my parent’s or my friend’s) alone. And all the people in my life have shit going on that is just as important as my shit. I still need to go to work and clean my apartment and do the dishes and return text messages and, oh yeah, not treat people like complete shit and expect them to be there when I’m done. It’s called grown up life. Sometimes you have more then one important thing on your plate. I think Shane isn’t passing because he’s never really had to buckle down and do something for himself. He comes across as a spoiled brat who throws temper tantrums when he doesn’t get his way.
  10. I would like to add, we don’t even know that he did. Tamara and Ryan did that vague “he called me racist” thing that could mean a lot of different shit. Just as I have seen my liberal friends be a little quick to condone different opinions as evil, I have seen my conservative friends confuse any push back on their opinions with being called a racist. Did he call Ryan a racist or did he say he thought something Ryan said sounded racist? We only have Tamara and Ryan’s version of events and that holds very little water for me. The whole thing felt like Tamara thought something about this might leak on social media and she wanted to get ahead of it as the good mother making peace in our fractured nation. She’s gross. Also, her running around screaming about getting into the country club. I had no idea anyone cared about country clubs anyone. But good for you Tamara. Live out your trashy lottery winner dreams.
  11. I don’t exactly get their marriage. Did she marry him for money? Did he marry her just to get a wife and kids? That part isn’t so confusing. They wouldn’t be the 1st OC marriage based on transactional convenience (Jenna and Matt. Tamara and Simon. I’m looking at you). I’m just confused about why they’re so bad at it. Did Emily think they were in love? And if so, why? If the marriage is for show, why is Shane so fucking bad at putting on a good face? Why can’t he pass the Bar? I know it’s a very hard test (especially in CA), but seriously? This guy has money and resources to help him. Is he even trying? Is it just an excuse not to be at home? They have a weird, tension filled home.
  12. Is that odd? I don’t have kids so I really don’t know. I remember being left in charge of my younger siblings and cousins all the time at that age. Younger too. This would have been the late 1980s/early 1990s and I do feel like it’s less common now. Is 14 too young to babysit?
  13. I didn’t get the logic of the move either. Maybe it was to get in-state tuition for the UC system? I think 1 year is the residency requirement. Also, I don’t really mind Gina or Emily. I don’t like them exactly, but I don’t hate them more then anyone else. Did they do something last season to earn all the hate? I checked out about half way through last season out of boredom.
  14. One interesting read of Maria’s story is that it mirrors Piper’s. The both committed a crime to please their lover. They both committed a crime out of boredom with their lives. They both took a very long time to see themselves as a criminals instead of a victim. They both though of their crimes a victimless because they don’t really think about the people who are victims of black markets. They’re both smart and quick, but very low in self awareness and emotional intelligence. They both have this way of being very performative about emotional growth in a way that comes across as disingenuous. They both seem unaware of that. If this wasn’t the last season, I could be totally down for some Piper = Maria stuff.
  15. Thank you. OITNB is often vague about the past crimes of the women, but this was the first time they tried to present the actual crime and I got so totally lost in the detail. I think my confusion was not realizing she was in a position to be buying stuff for the store.
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