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  1. FozzyBear

    The Real Housewives Of Potomac

    It was😂😂😂
  2. FozzyBear

    The Real Housewives Of Potomac

    Yup. That’s where I’m going with it too. Candice really seems to be trying to draw a map that goes Michael ➡️ Attracted to men ➡️ Nor attracted to Ashley ➡️ Not trying to have a baby ➡️ some reason this is a problem. I honestly don’t get the last part but whatever. Michael and Ashley are gross for many reasons. IMO, the particulars of their sexuality isn’t one of them. I get a bad feeling from White Chris. There’s something off about him. I feel like he and Candice’s mom are gaslighting her in someway. He does not seem at all anxious to help Candice establish boundaries with her mom. He seems very anxious to make sure he stays on mom’s payroll. That whole family is creepy AF. And as horrible as Candice is (and she is) I feel like she’s getting manipulated by her family. It’s really uncomfortable to watch. Robyn, girl, sweetie, angel. You are in year 4 of a reality show in which you only talk about your Schrodinger’s Cat of a marriage. All day, every day you sit in front of a Bravo camera and try to explain how your marriage both exists and does not exists depending on the time of day and how mad your are at Ashley. You know what would have been a good time for some honesty with your kids? ANY FUCKING TIME IN THE LAST 4 YEARS! What the hell? Is she serious with this shit?
  3. FozzyBear

    S04.E05: Reap

    I don’t mind the flashbacks as a general concept, but I don’t get what the writers are trying to tell us with then that we didn’t already know. Smurf has a long criminal past? Smurf uses sex as a come up? Smurf is nuts? I feel like we knew all that already. If they want to keep going I need new information. Maybe all the different Dads? Although, assuming Pope and Julia are supposed to be around the same age as SH, we’re still several years away from them being born.
  4. So now I’m trying to remember. Did Ramona ever say Catholic specifically? It’s pretty easy to mistake High Church Episcopalians for Catholics. Maybe I just assumed they were Catholic. If they are actually Catholic, I’m a little surprised Ramona didn’t demand Mario get an annulment so they could get married in the church. It sort of seems like something she would do. To be honest, I have always found them to be an odd couple. Not in the “opposites attract” way. In the “they’re both kind of strange and gross. What is that like behind closed doors?” way. Ramona is such an awkward pre-teen in an adult body. And Mario is such a slime ball. Their whole relationship always had this weird game playing aspect to it. I’m not at all surprised they’re sleeping together again. I could see both of them feeling really good about themselves that they’re engaging in High School level drama with each other. I’m sure they both think that chasing each other and doing things to make the other jealous and people talking about them means they both still got it. Like they’re in a Sweet Valley High Book or some shit.
  5. He was? I had no idea. Ramona’s stunted emotional growth is so strange to watch. The oyster scene was cringeworthy. It’s like watching a spastic 12 year old try to be sexy. But endless fascinating. Keep doing you, Trash Panda.
  6. I’m with you. I don’t get particularly moralistic about male or female strippers, but I don’t get it. I have never understood the sex appeal of someone who have to pay to touch you. Also I’m not a big fan of...oily? Most strippers seem sort of sticky to me.
  7. You might be on to something! One of the weirdest things about the Tinsley gang up was how late it started. It didn't really begin in earnest until late in the Miami trip. All of a sudden Tinsley was an aging Blanche DuBoise who count buy gum with Dorinda and Sonija asking her which of Scott's favorite "activities" Tinsley engaged in to get the money. I can actually see Ramona being so bent out of shape that Tinsley got a date with the guy she wanted that she wound Dorinda and Sonjia up about Tinsley and Scott as punishment. She is defiantly that crazy.
  8. I think I just view the whole thing differently. I guess I don't see it as a privacy issue, exactly. Dorinda and Ramona and Sonjia and calling Tinsley a liar based on her choice of dresses...which is nuts. Tinsley is saying that she is not lying and they are making false equivalencies and her choice of dresses does not prove what they say it proves. When Tinsley said "I don't tell you what I had for breakfast either." I don't think she was implying that she shouldn't have to (which I don't think she should. I personally don't care if cast members keep some parts of their lives private. Good for them for having boundaries), but that it isn't relevant to Scott. And this is where I am 100% with Tinsely. If you are going to call me a whore and a liar on TV, you better come after me with a lot more than "women can't buy their own dresses". Just like Tinsley, I'm not going to bend over backwards to disprove a narrative you made up. You can ask me once. I'm not going to keep on disproving something that hasn't been proven in the first place. I hope that didn't sound combative. I don't mean it too. I'm also avoiding work.
  9. Regarding Luanne and Cabaret; get it girl. Seriously! There are bills to be paid. That Bravo paycheck is going to end someday so do what you got to do to set yourself up for the future. It’s the one of the few major disagreements I have with Beth. I always roll my eyes she she complained about the other ladies obviously using the show to hawk their business and what not. 1) Beth might be the worst offender. I swear entire seasons have been sponsored by Skinnygirl. 2) why shouldn’t they? In my opinion, bringing in some dollar bills is the ONLY legitimate reason to tie yourself to this shit show. Otherwise you’re acting like an overgrown sorority girl on camera for what? To fill the dark empty hole in your soul? *shudder* Speaking of which. About the Tinsley gang up. Dor and Ro and Son want her off the show for some reason. Don’t know why, but they do. It reminds me of the LVP Puppygate thing over at BH. They keep implying they know things...they don’t know shit. They have created a story and called it truth and now they will demand that Tinsley admit to it and if she doesn’t they will call her a liar. It really reminds me of young girl bullying. Admit you did this thing I have no evidence of! but I didn’t Admit you’re a liar! But I’m not lying. i can’t be friends with someone who would do this bad thing and lie about it! Based on my own feelings I find you guilty and banish you from our group.
  10. As a longtime Bethany fan, I’m going to say not well. She’s probably going through hormonal changes, still in the middle of a brutal divorce and custody battle, and in mourning. My guess is she’s grabbing onto anything that seems stable. I’ve known people who have done all manner of unhealthy shit while mourning. Getting married, quitting jobs, getting involved in scams, cults, addiction, whatever. Grief is an unruly beast. My guess is things will fall apart with Paul in a year or two.
  11. This is what I think too. Dorinda and Sonjia can’t imagine life without a man taking care of them so the fact that Tinsley isn’t actively stalking a new benefactor means she’s still with Scott. Tinsley made money before the show from other projects. She was the only NY Housewife that I knew before the show. Besides, what would be her reason for keeping Scott on the downlow? If they were together why not just admit it? Dorinda’s just a very unpleasant person who is determined to be unhappy and to make others unhappy. She looks good though. Middle age agrees with her.
  12. FozzyBear

    S09.E20: Un Petit Hangover

    God, fucking Teddi with her confusion. I will admit I don’t much care to police the behavior of others so can a self professed control freak explain the use of confusion when you mean annoyance? I have a work friend (self proclaimed control freak) who does that. She’s always confused when she disagrees with someone. 🙄 I’m a long time Kyle hater so I might not be the best judge, but is she worse this season? Meaner and even more self involved? I did not buy her apology to Erica at all. My impression was she actually thought she was in the right and a only apologizing because she was a little drunk when she said it so her delivery may have been off. Which, no. You were shitfaced, had no point, and acting like a disgusting bully. At least Teddi seemed truly ashamed of herself even if she thought it was still all Erica’s fault for “confusing” her. ”Just keep eating” is my new life motto.
  13. FozzyBear

    S02.E03: The End of the World

    I would like to get more backstory on Perri’s childhood. I think it’s entirely possible that he grew up in a violent household too. ML’s story about her father telling her to find the bully and make friends could be telling. Maybe ML’s father was violent and she was taught to align herself with bullies so she marries a violent man who raises a violent son who marries another submissive woman and raises more violent sons. I may be the only one, but I don’t read ML as in disbelief so much as denial about Perri.
  14. FozzyBear

    S02.E03: The End of the World

    Yeah, there are a lot of things about Renata being there in general that don’t make much sense to me. I’d actually like to know how all these women came to live in Monterey (or Carmel-by-the-sea since that’s where these women would live). It’s not a big town and there’s aren’t a ton of reasons to live there besides the beauty and the lifestyle. It doesn’t have a huge economy. There is a California State University there, but it’s one of the smaller campuses and I wouldn’t describe it as a college town. It’s far enough away from San Francisco and San Jose that I wouldn’t exactly call it a bedroom community. It’s a unique place to live and I wish we’d get more backstory on how the ended up there: Maddie’s a local I think? Celeste, I could see Perri liking the isolation of the location as a way of controlling her. Bonnie is definitely a hippi and maybe came there for the lifestyle. Or because of Nathan? Jane, I’m not sure. Maybe just to escape. Renata I really don’t understand. It seems like she would live in the city or Silicon Valley. How did she end up there?
  15. I've noted before that Ramona is at her best when shit is hitting the fan in epic ways, but in normal conversations she's wildly inappropriate. If I went to her house and asked for a Diet Coke and she gave me a regular coke and I set her curtains on fire in response, she'd probably calmly put out the fire and get me a Diet Coke. If I just said "I asked for a Diet Coke. This is regular coke" she'd start screaming and kick me out of her house and then sell tabloid stories about me as revenge. Homegirl is ONLY comfortable in chaos. It's one of the reasons I believe her stories about her abusive childhood. Not all the details (because Ramona is a liar), but I believe something bad happened to her as a kid. No one should feel that comforted by hostility and that threatened by calm.