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  1. I also thought it gave nice nuance to his comment about keeping Mary Anne’s hair in braids because that was the only way her mom taught him to do her hair. I’m pretty sure that’s actually paraphrased from the scene in the book, but it meant so much more in the context of a white man trying to raise a biracial girl and being terrified he’d screw it up. I think that’s what this show did so well. It just allowed for the world to become a little bit fuller and then let the plot of the books live in that world. This show is a god damn miracle. I had no idea how badly I was missing a show that respected tween girls until I saw this. Just lovely.
  2. I didn’t mean to but I binged the whole show. I loved it! It’s a wonderful children’s show that can be equally enjoyed by adults without being aimed at adults. All kids media should be able to achieve that but few really do. I love that this show thinks the world of teenage girls deserves respect and treats all the characters with such lovely nuance. And it’s funny! I actually laughed out loud at several episodes. Just a great show. I can’t wait for season 2.
  3. I agree. I just watched the 1st episode and I’ll probably watch a few more (lots of shows take a couple of episodes to hit their stride), but right now I’m pretty ambivalent. Some of it was fun, some a little dull, some just frustrating. As for Nancy; I think she’s the weakest link but not because she’s updated. I don’t really care about adaptations straying from source material. Different ways of telling a story need different things. And I really don’t care about that when it comes to Nancy Drew since I’ve always found Nancy Drew more interesting as a concept than a character. Intrepid girl detective is a pretty fun idea, but I’ve always found the Nancy in the books a pretty dull cipher type of character. So I say change away if it works. I just didn’t like this Nancy. Like as a general person. I found her annoying and selfish and pouty. So far there is so little charm in the character that I’m not really rooting for her. That’s kind of a problem.
  4. That sounds amazing! Is it streaming anywhere?
  5. Is it supposed to be a similar concept to White Claw? I know that’s really popular where I live. I haven’t tried either since pre-made mix drink type things are usually too sweet for my tastes. I will say I think the packaging and the name are cute for a endless summer party type of marketing campaign. Especially compared to the packaging of White Claw which I’ve never really liked. I can’t explain it well but somehow White Claw looks like something that would make me way too drunk in a not fun way and the packaging of Loverboy looks like having a fun pool party. It seems like Kyle does make some good calls sometimes.
  6. If Amanda was projecting anymore she could show movies. She is miserable and meddling in Hannah's love life as a distraction. Lindsey had a point, Amanda was a 3am booty call a mere 3 years ago so I'm not sure why she is so outraged at Hannah. Mine your own miserable business. I'm actually starting to feel bad for Kyle. Amanda as the immature, needy, control freak is starting to emerge. I was also messy about getting in my friends business when I was young but watching her shove Kyle off of her because she wasn't done pouting about Hannah and Luke was beyond. And then she sat through the whole (painful) roast with a sour puss on her face. When she doesn't get her way she is such a killjoy. And she's becoming a little old lady right before our eyes.The only time she managed to smile at all was her super sexy and not at all uncomfortable display of how much she loves Kyle by straddling him. No one, I repeat no one, should feel like they have to prove they still got it at 27. Kyle, buddy. Call off the wedding. You and Amanda are terrible together. He's going to keep cheating and she's going to get increasingly bitter pretending she doesn't know what everyone is talking about. Paige also needed to shut up. I usually like her but getting that upset that Hannah has bad taste in dudes? Find a better coping mechanism because I doubt this particular problem is going away anytime soon. Hannah strikes me as the type who always has bad taste in dudes. Luke probably isn't that bad on her scale and I don't even like Luke. At least she grew up and apologized to Hannah. I do sort of wonder though if her whole "I came here this summer for you!" was actually about signing on for another season of the show. Paige just really doesn't seem into it at all this season. Maybe she agreed to it for Hannah's sake and was upset that she agreed to spend another summer being filmed with people she doesn't really like and Hannah decided to do with a fuck buddy story instead of a girlfriends having a great summer. Although she did go in hard on Lindsey so good for her for brining the drama in the 9th inning. Despite all the drama, I still don't care about Hannah and Luke. They're both creepy and boring together. I really don't care what they're doing. I don't think Carl understand what a roast is...or what comedy is. What is wrong with that guy? He needs a team of therapist working around the clock.
  7. I’ve noticed that too! She completely acts like it’s her and Kyle’s house and they let their friends stay with them. I still can’t tell if she’s let the show go to her head and has changed or if she’s always been an uptight brat who used to get a good edit, but shit. She is insufferable this season. The fact that she seems miserable anytime she has to be around Kyle sober isn’t helping anything.
  8. Damn Amanda. She has gotten so annoying this season. I agree with her and Paige about Luke. Something is off about him and I do think he’s manipulating Hannah, but Hannah doesn’t care so say your piece and move on. Personally, I think he’s just trying to create a showmance for airtime without any real interest in a real relationship with Hannah and has been less than upfront with Hannah about that. Sort of like the way Carl treated Paige last season, which considering that I think Paige has been somewhat measured in her response. She hadn’t done much to hide her dislike for Luke but she can manage to shut up about it once in a while. Amanda is just all over the place on this one. Her reaction is way over the top and her control issues are starting to show. I think she thinks of her and Kyle as the king and queen of the house and is pissed off everyone doesn’t do what she says. Also, because it can’t be said enough she needs to break up with Kyle. Those two are only happy when they’re buzzed. Hannah is right, she is jealous. Not of Luke, but of the freedom those two have. She does not want to marry Kyle.
  9. Or a 4 year school. It was hinted at that the 4 year school programs are a little different but not how. I’d be curious to see how it works at a bigger school like Louisville
  10. I don't love that type of forced participation either, but at least Lindsey planned a party that wasn't centered around drinking. Sure they all got fucked up, but at least it wasn't the actual theme of the event. I was getting annoyed at how it seemed like no one could manage to get excited about anything other than drinking. I like getting tipsy as much as the next Bravolebrity, but that house must be such a tedious mix of annoying and boring. The only thing these people like is drunken drama. I'm not sure if Amanda is letting her "fame" get to her or if she did something to piss off production and get a bad edit, but she is really coming across as stuck up priss this season. Speaking of which, Amanda you seem to hate most things about Kyle and now it seems like you hate his family. Why are you marrying him? I have said it (many, many) times before and I will say it again, break up! What was on Luke's face? I still don't care about Luke and Hannah. Carl can shut right the hell up. He asked Sarah out right in front of Lindsey! The only reason he wasn't parading a girl around was that Sarah ditched him. Carl is the worst.
  11. I think that was Tinsley’s point at the lunch. She’s just not that close to Dorinda because Dorinda is a bitch to her. She and her boyfriend are in again off again all the time. When Tinsely does speak to Dorinda, and Dorinda asks, she’s honest about their status as of that minute. But she doesn’t talk to Dorinda that often because Dorinda is a complete bitch, so it’s not like Tinsely is sending her text update of her relationship status in the regular. In my mind that’s not dishonesty, it’s just a fairly normal way to treat someone in your social circle you don’t like very much.
  12. And what a weird thing to be upset about. I’m Tinsleys age. I don’t have any myself, but whenever I’m in a group of Gen Xers (we are in our 40s and 50s folks. Just like these ladies) at least one person has a tattoo, if not the majority of the room. It’s very common. I just haven’t heard anyone under about 70 express shock about a tattoo in years.
  13. 👏👏👏👏👏👏 I am not sure where this idea of Tom and Arianna as reliable narrators comes from. They’ve been caught in just as many lies, half truths, and self justifications as anyone else. And I agree about Kristin. I’m usually rooting for her delusional ass on the show, but she is a cuckoo bird and if I actually knew her I’d be running in the opposite direction. I don’t think it justifies the (imho) cruel way cast members have used her obvious mental illnesses to undermine and dismiss her, but I do understand anyone just loosing the ability to stay on the Kristin train. She is exhausting. Even her conversation with Katie about the Vegas wedding, I could feel how exhausting it would be to be Katie in this friendship. I think Katie is being an awful bitch about the whole thing, but Kristin is never going to feel like she has enough closure. She will never grow tired of tearfully rehashing their doomed friendship. She’s an emotional Terminator who just keeps coming and coming forever.
  14. I’m with you there. He doesn’t seem to have a real issue except just being pissed off in general that day. I also suspect that he was way drunker than his behavior might have let on. Carl both does and does not hold his liquor well. He turns into ugly drunk Carl after just a couple of drinks, like the change before and after his first sip of alcohol is obvious to me. But he also remains upright and kind of functional way after I would probably be dead from alcohol poising. I’m only being slightly hyperbolic. I’ve always noticed he can stay at super drunk levels for hours. I’m not sure I could stay awake that long and I’m not a stranger to being over served. I think he was in a blackout starting from the house meeting in the bedroom last episode. His over the top reaction of “Kick them out! They’re both gone! They’re fucking out of here!” was so strange. I’m not convinced he remembered his conversation with Jules at the party. When they were all talking the next day he had this look on his face for a minute. Like he wasn’t at all sure what defense he should take because he didn’t know what he said or did and was too embarrassed to admit that he was in another blackout. Then find out from Kyle that he’s skipping work. When Kyle is concerned about your partying and lack of accountability? That guy is a mess.
  15. What the fuck is Carl’s problem with Jules. Like I fundamentally do not understand the issue he has with her. Other then him being a fucking asshole that just fundamentally hates women. I also don’t entirely get Hannah’s issue with her either. I think she might just want to side with the boys. But I still don’t get what the actual problem is.
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