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  1. I feel like the fight between Hannah and Luke (and the rest of the house)gets super convoluted because both of them (and the house in general) behaved badly but no one really wants to admit that. Instead they all want to divide into teams and have their team win. Luke avoids conflict and flirts with women out of boredom then acts surprised that they think he’s interested. He has always wanted Hannah to be a platonic friend or fuck buddy at his convenience. That’s pretty shitty behavior, especially when you start to see signs the other person might be more into it than you. That’s when you
  2. So I’ve always suspected this but now...I don’t think Danielle likes Paige and Hannah much. My guess is that she thinks they’re a little silly and spoiled and vapid, but wasn’t super pressed about the whole thing. Before Hannah went off the rails this season I don’t think it was a big issue, more of a “we’re not close” than “bitch eating crackers” vibe. Now that Hannah has behaved so badly and Paige has gone along with at least some of it, I think she’s just over both of them.
  3. I’m going with Annabelle is the gun. There was a gun shot, we know that. Martin is dead, we know that.
  4. I have 2 theories 1. Jeanette lost the necklace in the house at some point and that’s how Kate got it. It doesn’t mean Jeanette saw Kate there. She was breaking in a lot to wander around and could have lost it at anytime. But Kate found somehow and it reinforced Kates belief that she saw Jeanette. And if Jeanette thinks she lost it in the house that would explain why she’s being cagey about it. Jeanette didn't see Kate but Kate believes she did and Jeanette knew something that she never told anyone about, even if it was something she didn’t understand or think was a big deal at the time.
  5. They all seem to work out regularly and be pretty athletic, except for Paige who seems to naturally be pretty thin and a light eater. And maybe Cierra? She didn’t seem very physically active but that could have just been editing. But I agree that Amanda and Danielle both have amazing bodies, for whatever that’s worth. One thing that I was surprised Hannah didn’t get much shit for was when she said the Luke got yelled at and almost beat up everyone in the house. Excuse me?!?! Unless there is a ton of footage sitting on the editing room floor, that is not what happened! Luke got yelled at,
  6. So one thing I am pretty confused about is Cierra and Luke’s timeline. If Luke ghosted her with little to no explanation, which seems true, and Cierra was upset about it, which is understandable, why did this never come up? I don’t understand why this wasn’t a factor in her not wanting to hook up with Luke. Or why she came into the house open to hooking up with Luke.
  7. I do not mean to paint myself as a legal expert in adoption. I am speaking from personal experience with 2 relatives that were adopted through open adoption. My understanding is that outside of an initial waiting period during which the birth parents can reclaim custody, there was no legal rights to be in the kids life. At different points in both these cases the birth parents were cut out (once for a brief period. Once for several years). The way Cait and Taylor still speak about it years later as if it was some sort of custody arrangement made me think they really did not fully grasp this go
  8. Oh I agree! I don’t think they were lied to. Just allowed to indulge in some wishful thinking. They were teenagers and not very sophisticated and I thought it was obvious they thought Brandon and Teressa were agreeing to something more binding then they were. I’m just trying to acknowledge giving up a child is probably traumatic, even if it is a good decision. However that was 13 years ago and they have had enough time to try and make peace with what happened. At this point they are using Carly to stay on TV and it grosses me out. Just respect her parents wishes and stop.
  9. I hate the tattoo going down her hand that’s supposed to look like henna . In addition to being kind of offensive, it’s really ugly work and from a distance makes her look like she has a rash. Why do the Teen Mom cast members get such god awful tattoos? I don’t dislike tattoos but they choose some shitty looking ones.
  10. I also got the feeling that Dawn led them to believe that an open adoption is like a custody agreement, but it’s not. At least in the State I live in it’s more like a goal or an understanding. But it’s not actually legally enforceable in either direction. Open adoption doesn’t mean that birth parents can demand to see the kids, just like the parents can’t demand that birth parents see the kids either. It’s like going to pre-marital counseling and agreeing you want 3 kids and a dog. That’s not a legally enforceable agreement. It’s just people trying to be honest about how they feel. But I have
  11. Jesus Christ! What is wrong with her? I can have a dark sense of humor but I can’t imagine using a friends suicidal thoughts as public fodder. And on a more Machiavellian level, how does she not get how bad this makes her look? I wasn’t actually confused as to why most of the cast hate her, but now I’m even more confused about why Paige and Cierra don’t hate her.
  12. Jesus Hannah. Shes a mess. I actually predict that despite her Not a Girls Girl persona, she’s going to be a huge Bridezilla. If she’s still engaged next summer I imagine every fight will be about how someone is ruining her engagement by being mean to her. Interesting that everyone other than Paige and Cierra HATE Hannah. I wasn't really sure about that. I knew Kyle and Amanda did and that Luke probably did but I wasn’t sure about the rest. Nope, they hate her. I still don’t get Cierra and Paige’s friendships with Hannah. Each friendship seems like such an odd fit.
  13. I’d actually be interested in some flashbacks to the late 1990s/early 2000. I still have a lot of unanswered questions about Jays birth and would love some flashbacks centering on Julia, Pope, and Baz at the time. I want to know what happened between the 3 of them that caused Julia and Jay to be banished. It’s never quite added up to me. The Baz we knew was ambitious and smart, but not too smart. He made the smart move, but the obvious smart move. If Julia was pregnant with Smurfs first grandchild, the obvious smart move for Baz is to marry Julia (or do some common law version of it) claim Ja
  14. I’ve always liked it too. I can’t explain because everyone is pretty annoying and I wouldn’t want to actually know them but I like them. There’s a general good natured vibe that is lacking from the Housewives shows these days. Everyone behaves terribly but with the exception one or two per season no one is taking pleasure in hurting others. They’re more spoiled and dumb than vicious and conniving...for the most part. Every season has its exceptions of people trying to go full Bravo Villain, but it’s not the overall feel of the show. I hope Winter House is the same.
  15. I agree with everything you said. Lindsay is crazy and must be exhausting to be around but I want her to get better in a way that I just don’t care about with Hannah. I just find Hannah annoying and manipulative in a way that disappointments me because there were times during her first season I could see glimmers of an ok person. Those glimmers are gone. Also puzzled by Cierra. Sometimes she seems so mature and lovely. Sometimes I’m reminded that 24 is very young and I didn’t always have the best judgement in friends at 24. Sometimes I too could get wrapped up in Cool Girl types and b
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