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  1. FozzyBear

    S02.E02: Tell Tale Hearts

    I wondered that too. Or maybe the guy isn’t her Dad. Did Bonnie ever call him Dad? Or talk to him at all? Maybe he’s a step father. Drunk mom, abusive father. Maybe this isn’t the first time Bonnie pushes a violent man to his death.
  2. FozzyBear

    S09.E15: Bow Down

    Amber V Janelle. That’s a race to the bottom. it will never fail to crack me up that going to prison is Amber’s greatest accomplishment. She brings it up whenever she needs to defend herself. “I went to prison! For my kids!” Oh Amber, you stay classy.
  3. FozzyBear

    The Quotes Thread: A Barrier of Bad News

    Brianna “Stella’s fine. Nova is my main concern.” i know she was talking about them meeting her new boyfriend, but I do feel like that’s Brianna’s general attitude about her kids.
  4. FozzyBear

    S09.E14: Something We Said

    So I’ve expressed the (pretty unpopular) opinion for years that the toxic mess that is Janelle cane from some place and that place is the toxic mess that is Barbara. And yup. Barbara is trash. Barbara knows about social media. She was just drunk. And while I don’t think it was a serious threat, it’s not the same as joking with a friend or family member. I do that all the time with “fight me.” I don’t, however, say it to it about people that I’m not close to. I would be very upset if someone I work with that I didn’t have a great relationship with got drunk and said they would kill me on social media. Not because I would think it’s a serious threat, but because what the fuck? In many companies what Barbara did would be a pretty serious HR issue. Barbara doesn’t get credit for Kali being an unpleasant person. i also just didn’t get that trip at all. They flew to Atlanta to go shopping and get drunk in an Air B&B? Huh? Is that all they did? Was there more that was going to be filmed before the whole social media thing? What an odd vacation.
  5. FozzyBear

    S09.E13: Home Is Home

    Brianna’s producer looks so much like Sutton Foster. I like it imagine it is her and she’s researching a role. Man, I kind of agree with Kali. It’s not a nice feeling. But if Kali went looking to change child support because she needed more money to start a business she would get raked over the coals. The outrage would be epic. And doesn’t Jo get money from the show? What does he make from MTV every year? I swear I never understand Jo’s finances. Whenever he talks about money I always feel like there a big piece of information missing. Maybe he’s just not very good with money or something. Janelle’s life is not something I can relate to. She always in court. It’s the only thing she does. Chelsea is definitely looking overwhelmed with three kids. I imagine it will get better once the kids get a little older.
  6. FozzyBear

    S09.E18: Pardon Our French

    I don’t think you’re wrong. I don’t think Erica especially likes any of the cast. They’re work friends to her. Some she would rather work with then others, but I would be surprised to find out that she had a significant relationship with any of them off camera. But I do think Kyle and Teddi might fall to the bottom of her choice of options. as to the rest of her life, I don’t know. She strikes me as someone who is pretty comfortable spending time alone. She may not have that many people she chooses to spend time with. LVP struck me as the same way. Social and outgoing, but also introverted and independent. They both seemed like the type that like lots of alone time and have more casual friends then close friends.
  7. FozzyBear

    S09.E18: Pardon Our French

    So here’s the dynamic that I think has been coming for a while: Teddi and Kyle have a lot in common. They’re actually very similar people in good and bad ways. They’re both sort of famous and come from families with show business ties. Both are very self-centered in the way that they view the world very personally and have a hard time relating to things without a personal connection. They both love their kids and I think found much more satisfaction in being moms then the show business careers they left behind. They’re both warm and maternal, but utterly humorless. They are both extraverts who are naturally very concerned with group dynamics. And both have a judgment mean streak that they refuse to acknowledge. And they both lack a great deal of self awareness. And I don’t think Erica actually likes either one very much. I think Erica finds them dull and fairly provincial in an LA kind of way. Basically I think Erica thinks of them as humorless LA soccer moms with way too much time on their hands to worry about who brought store bought cookies to practice. I don’t think she hates them, but I don’t think she enjoys them either. Now that they no longer have a common enemy in LVP, she has to listen to them be “confused” about all manner of mean girl minutia and I don’t think she cares at all. It was only a matter of time before she decided she was done with them too. It happened quicker then I imagined, but I’m not surprised.
  8. I still really like Beth, but I can see why others don’t. I feel that way about all of these women. I can see why some like them and others don’t even when I feel differently. I do agree though that the money and divorce and legal battles don’t bring out the best Beth. I think Beth has a lot of emotional issues with money and power. Now that she’s often the wealthiest person in the room I think that she gets paranoid about being used. A paranoid Beth is not a fun Beth. A paranoid Beth is a control freak Beth. A control freak Beth is a hyperventilating at dinner Beth. If you give a mouse a cookie...
  9. Re: Beth’s conversation with Barbara in the kitchen that she needed to go out and make friends with the women on her own and start her own connections. Without commenting of if Ramona and Beth were being bitchy (they were), I will say that was an interesting breaking the 4th wall moment. I 100% took that conversation to be about creating her own storyline since Lou has no interest in supporting the Barbara as Lou’s Savior story. I pretty much thought Beth’s advise was that Lou isn’t going to share her camera time with you so if you want to be cast next season you have to work with someone else on a new story. All that reminded me that Bravo and Andy have created a world where middle aged women join sororities and go through endless rush events as a job. Andy Cohen really is a dark, evil genius.
  10. I agree that Sonja was looking for some camera time and being completely over the top ridiculous. On the other hand, I don’t know that Luanne handled the whole thing well. From telling Sonjia what to wear, to repeatedly setting up “acceptable “ behavior, to being completely disinterested in Sonjia having a hard time connecting to the program, it was a little Countess of her. This was the first time I’ve seen everyone’s point about new Luanne being just as selfish as old Luanne. It was just off putting to me. If Luanne had no real interest in being there for Sonjia (which is her right and something I would understand) then I sort of feel like she should stay out of it in general. Don’t pressure someone to go to a meeting with you if you’re going to brush off any negative reaction. Maybe it’s a sensitive subject for me since I too have a very hard time connecting to the group meeting format. I’ve tried it multiple times to lose weight with Weight Watchers and it wasn’t until they launched their online version that I actually lost weight. There’s something about the meetings that I found discouraging instead of supportive. But if a friend had harped on my weight and what I was eating and told me I should try the program and even dictated what I should wear and how I should behave and then showed no interest in hearing why I was having trouble connecting with the process, I’d be pissed too. I wouldn’t spazz out like Sonjia, but I would be hurt.
  11. I don’t know about such things to speak informatively, but I did think there was something unique about the way she processed information. I remember thinking that about her whole stance that Bravo made her go to scary island. Andy denied it and not that I think Andy is a reliable source of information, but exactly how could Bravo force her to travel to another country? I always thought it was a contract stipulation and they chose to enforce it harshly so maybe she was told she wouldn’t get her full payment for the season if she didn’t go. She felt pressured and because Kelly feels back/white emotions with little ability to see things from other points of view, it became Bravo forcing her. I have a cousin like this. Means well, but she feels very strong emotions and has a tendency to confuse emotions with facts. Her feeling like she was unfairly fired from a job becomes her employer violated labor laws. Kelly reminds me of that, without the well meaning part.
  12. Oh Kelly. My guess is Bethany was considered a high risk pregnancy due to age. Some doctors will classify any woman over a certain age “high risk”, it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong. But Kelly is odd and paranoid and painfully literal about things. Her mind just...fills in these gaps with random information and then calls them facts. She’s also sort of sexist with some of her attitudes about proper behavior. I’m not surprised she had ideas about how pregnant women should behave. why now? I don’t know, but I’m guessing it has something to do with mental illness.
  13. FozzyBear

    S07.E23: Reunion Part 2

    So, kind of like what Park Slope was back in the early 2000?
  14. I think Tinsley wanted a family in a traditional sense. Now that it looks like that may not happen, I think she’s deciding if she wants a non-traditional family. I also understand not wanting to be a single parent. Not every woman just knows for sure if they do or don’t want children. Some of us have ambivalent feelings about it. I feel like society lets men be on the fence about parenting, but if a woman expresses any doubts, all of a sudden they don’t really want to be a mom. I’m a Bethany fan and probably always will be, but even I can’t defend that comment or her overall issues with Tinsley. I’ve never understood her prickly attitude toward Tinsley and saying that about not have a kid was just mean.
  15. Listening to Ramona describe her party and boy problems was like listening to a fairly sheltered 12 year old describe the plot to a Sweet Vally High novel. “And then Jessica Wakefield had two boys coming to the party! So Elizabeth has to pretend to be Jessica to keep one distracted, but they had to wear matching outfits and they almost got caught by Lilith Fowler!” Oh, Trash Panda, never change. I sincerely hope your plan worked and Mario invited you to the sock hop.