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  1. I wonder what Braunwyn said to Shanons daughter. Not a fan of Shannon’s hair. Gina and Elizabeth both look good. Brauwyn looks like a cartoon villain. Couldn’t tell about Kelly and Emily.
  2. The part that bothers me is the roommate. It’s pretty presumptuous on Shannon’s part. The roommate may have had her own dream dorm that didn’t involve Shannon’s taste.I hope she at least asked the roommate first.
  3. I don’t even think she does hate Red Velvet. I’m bet her girlfriend does or the girlfriend is a “it’s just chocolate with food coloring” truther. Man, I’m starting to see why people doubt Brauwyn’s alcoholic story. She is the most manipulative person I’ve ever seen on a Bravo show. You heard me! The worst on Bravo!
  4. So I’m not trying to defend John. I am HIGHLY suspicious of the guy and think he gives off a weird vibe. I’m about 99% sure he’s with Shannon for money and/or fame. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if one of his kids wanted to be an actor or if John is actually broke or any number of shenanigans. However! However, there are a couple of ways to tell the story of John at the golf course and I think dry drunk Brauwyn who is desperate to claim everyone else an alcoholic chose one. There’s the way she told the story which is: John got wasted! In the middle of the day! He couldn’t even drive! The scandal! He needs help! He👏Is👏An👏Alcoholic 👏 There is also this way: John was out in the hot summer Californian sun and realized the drinks he’d had with friends were hitting him harder than he expected so he called for a ride home. Isn't John responsible. Im not saying which one is right or wrong. I’m just saying once you strip away the tone of the storytelling “Man decides not to drive home after having a few with his golf buddies” isn’t on the facts that big a deal.
  5. Lots of horrible people marry other horrible people. Shannon was pretty and from a wealthy family. David was good looking and on his way to being rich. I don’t know if it’s much more complicated than two shallow people marrying someone they don’t like for shallow reasons. I’d guess if there was a “reason”it was that both were in their mid to late 30s and anxious to start a family. I’ve never liked either of them and always felt like they were equally shitty parents who were too wrapped up in their own drama to care much about their kids. It would not surprise me at all to find out David doesn’t see the girls much anymore. But I also wouldn’t be surprised if in a couple of years Shannon doesn’t see them much either.
  6. So I don’t have much sympathy for Monique in all this but I do understand her and Chris being upset about a rumor regarding the paternity of their son. I’m not one to get that upset about gossip (we all gossip from time to time) so I might be inclined to just distance myself from people getting into a rumor like that. However Monique can’t just choose not to talk to these people because it’s her job and that is a pretty upsetting rumor. So I can actually understand Monique being very upset at Gizelle. I just still don’t fully get how Candace is involved
  7. I wonder if that has more to do with information dissemination than anything else. Like you still want the news to be filmed so people can find out new information and you still want documentaries and stuff filmed for preservation and record keeping and from there it might just be kind of hard to write a law where you decide which filming is essential and which isn’t. I could sit here and make a case for why TRHOC is documenting the pandemic and how people responded and that that’s important from a historical archival perspective. I say I could make that argument, not that i believe it.
  8. The most surprising thing to me was how easily Ashley got off. Michael was out of control at Robin’s party. But a vacation a new baby fixes everything? And Andy dedicated 5 minutes to the Darby mess? What was that about?
  9. She does have a really pretty face. I think her best look is her Talking Head with the green shirt. That’s a great color on her and the simple more mature styling of that look suites her. I don’t think her implants are particularly flattering to her figure, but if they make her feel better that’s none of my concern. Her COVID19 Truther theories on the other hand are a bit more troubling.
  10. I get a seriously unstable vibe from Elizabeth. She just kind of sets the hair on the back of my neck off. I spent a girls weekend with someone like her once. I couldn’t take her obvious lies half way though and just started running away from her or asking her if things really happened. Then she got upset that I was being mean to her. I was. I admit that. But it wasn’t intentional, she just set my teeth on edge with her barely contained crazy. I tried to make amends later and she wasn’t having it so I just let the whole thing go. Elizabeth is just like that. The eyes are so crazy. However, Brauwyn is just bored and looking for something to do. She doesn’t care about anyone but herself and now that she has so much sober time on her hands she is amusing herself by creating a new kind of chaos. Shannon, I’ve never liked you and you aren’t doing much to help your case. You were the one that wanted your teenage daughters to shelter with your new boyfriend and his kids and then kicked them out and then let the boyfriend back in because you can’t stand to be alone. You could have just as easily exposed them with your stupid decisions. So yeah, your TEENAGE daughters made a bad call. What’s your excuse? Kelly remains vile and stupid but also the only one capable of basic tasks like cooking. Kelly is confusing to us all. Still like Gina and Emily.
  11. Receipts for what? So far most of her conflict has been about how the other women don’t like her that much. How do you bring a receipt for that? Maybe she’ll prove she’s an alcoholic? I don’t understand how you would do that either though since it’s pretty much a self diagnosing disease.
  12. I think they met in college but she dropped out when they got married. Maybe Sean was older and they got married right after he graduated and then she quit school because school is too much like work and she had already stated she never wanted to work?
  13. Ryan has always given me the creeps. Plus, and I think this is unpopular, I’ve never liked Brianna either. She’s always struck me as a spoiled, ignorant, mean spirited, bigoted stereotype of an OC conservative. In the early seasons I thought it was just her sheltered upbringing and she might grow out if it, but she only got worse. I’m not at all surprised that she and Ryan are “anti-government except when we’re using government services” types. But if they get Vicki out of CA, this CA girl thanks them.
  14. It is such a strange time. I had to go to the ER for a non-covid issue in Spring and my sister took me. They turned her away at the door too. I remember answering some screening questions at the door and looking back as I was about to enter and seeing my sister just standing there looking bewildered and scared. She told me later she ended up sitting in her car not knowing what to do for about 20 minutes before she went home. It sounds like what Emily went through. It’s a terrifying time for a loved one to have a medical issue. I really feel for Emily.
  15. I know Brauwyn is going through rough stuff right now. I don’t like her and I don’t believe about 95% of her shit, but getting sober has to be tough, even on terrible people. However...Brauwyn is an incompetent human in a way that baffles me. I mean that in a pretty literal way, she cannot do pretty basic human stuff. Like if I was her Being a Human supervisor and she was up for review, I don’t think I’d recommend the annual step increase in her salary. She can’t do laundry, cook, wait for someone to answer the phone, deal with people in a kitchen(I still don’t know why she was upset her family was in the kitchen too much), work a vacuum. The list goes on. We’re the same age and I grew up reasonably privileged and sheltered and these were all things I mastered by the time I was 10. I really can’t wrap my head around what Brauwyn has even been doing for the past 43 years. How does one manage to be alive that long and not learn to do anything for yourself? If I didn’t hate her so much I’d want to have a long talk with her to figure it out.
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