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  1. I think she (and Chris) was hoping for a spin-off of the family. Something like Don’t Be Tardy where they would all get into wacky adventures but be so darn lovable in their disfunction. I don’t hate Candace (although I get why people do) and part of it is I feel like her mom and husband are using her as a fame springboard. There is something so off about that bunch that makes me feel for Candace.
  2. I’ve always had the unpopular opinion of being less than impressed by Joe and Vee, but this is some bullshit. Raise your hand if you think Kail would think Issac is old enough to decide where he wants to spend time if Issac wanted to spend less time with Kail? Nobody? Yeah, I don’t think so either. And what is this happiness nonsense? He’s bored because his father’s house isn’t Disneyland? Who. The. Fuck. Cares. That’s about the time my mom would tell me to go do some yard work if I was so bored. My parents were 100x the parents of any of these fools and 100x less concerned with my “happiness.” They knew a whiny brat moment when they saw one. Issac wasn’t talking about abuse or neglect or even tension. He just wasn’t being entertained. Kail doesn’t want to go back to court because she would lose, not because she’s maturing.
  3. Chelsea needs to get off the show. I understand a robbery is creepy but she is developing an inability to move past things. I think it may be tied to being on camera and bring a celebrity or sorts, but it’s unhealthy and it’s turning her sort of sour and bitter. Brianna has never been able to separate how men feel about her kids from how a man feels about her. As soon as Luis said he would try to be there more for Stella it was like this “He wants me back!” switch went off in her head. Also what has that girl done to her body and face? She looks like she’s pushing 40 not 30. I think the thing Kaile said about keeping siblings together was an interesting insight into her particular bag of issues. Im glad Leah continues to grow. I’ve been liking her more the past few years. I also think her darker hair is much more flattering than the blond. I haven’t watched as many episodes with Jade. Wow. That girl has a lot to deal with. Her family is a mess.
  4. I think the tipping point for the other ladies was the lake house trip. Nobody seemed to be having fun and Monique just flat out lost her shit instead of paying attention to the very good Ashley gossip. Now I do not blame Monique for everyone’s stank attitude about having to go 48 hours without high speed internet and constant stimulus (good lord I could not travel with any Housewife group. They are so high maintenance and incapable of making their own fun. I have no patience for adults like that.). I do however blame her for her hissy fit over the campfire when everyone had important Housewife pearl clutching to do over Michael. She just would not let the fucking campfire go. By the time they left it felt like everyone was exhausted by hearing about how Candace showed poor campfire etiquette and should be very ashamed. No one cared! They all wanted to talk about Michael and the hookers and Monique was ruining it! Imagine having that hot piece of gossip and your hostess won’t even let you properly spend the entire day talking about how you’re not going to talk about it. Poor form, Monique. Poor form.
  5. What. The. Actual. Fuck. Like what the fuck? Who has friendships like that? If all of that is true than Monique should be mad at Gigi. The only thing that Candace did wrong was give Gigi the phone number but that is assuming that Candace was aware of why Gigi wanted to talk to Charisse. If Candace did know that she should apologize for that. It’s very passive aggressive villainy though that strikes me as more Giselle or Ashley style. Candace like to be the center of attention when she’s plotting. She likes to buy a new outfit and get her hair done and maybe plan a musical performance to give her villainy some sparkle! She’s like a little Karen in that way.
  6. Wendy’s “Pick me! Pick me!” was the most I have liked her so far. 😂😂😘
  7. I must run with some cold hearted bitches. I'm not married with kids myself but most of my friends and family are and it was not until I became familiar with Bravo-lebrities that I realized there are women who will have a nerves breakdown if they have to go one weekend without constant contact with their significant others and kids. I mean not that they don't check in with the kids and the hubby, but I have never had to sit through a tearful dinner about how hard it is to go to a lake house for the weekend.
  8. I don’t quite get it either. I do think Ashley was gold digging but she waited until after she had money from the show to have a baby. I could buy that she just wanted a baby. But two? With Michael? And what does Michael want? I don’t quite get their marriage. On the one hand I think it is as simple as two shallow, terrible people finding each other. On the other hand I think maybe it’s not that simple. He’s putting up with two kids he doesn’t seem to want and and extra media attention pointed at some rather suspicious behavior. She seems to be putting up with constant public humiliation from a husband who I suspect doesn’t have that much money or isn’t keen on giving her much (she seems to need her Bravo check). Their version of a Marriage of Convenience doesn’t actually seem all that convenient.
  9. I'm just now catching up on this season so if we have learned new information in future episodes my apologies. Grace knows her father and she is not impressed. I think whatever is going on right now Grace knows. The twins know too, but Grace is a little older and she KNOWS knows. I have to say whenever Gizelle is talking about her ex it reminds me so much of Robyn talking about her ex. They both share that everything looks good on the outside but is totally messy on the inside approach to life. It's similar to how they are both always stirring up drama but pretending they don't have a clue as to what happened. I can see why they're friends.
  10. What is that? It’s...I guess “extra” would be a fitting description. Those two🤦‍♀️. They have a real talent for making everything look expensive and tacky at the same time. I’m always left feeling that they must have spent a bundle on everything, but also wonderIng why they bothered to drop so much money on such obviously overpriced crap. And honestly, they’re way too old to just brush it off as kids who don’t know better. They’re pushing 30 and have had a six figure income for about 10 years. If they haven’t figured out better money management at this point then it’s on them. Go ahead and keep blowing through your cash on overpriced “baller” vacations. You do you.
  11. Is it weird that I don’t believe her? Because I side eye everything that girl says. To be clear I don’t doubt any of the individual components of this story. Brianna going to a club to see Louis DJ; Brian hooking up with him; failing to use any protection; getting an STD; Louis having an STD. These are all most likely true things, but Brianna has such a habit of trying to present information in a highly subjective way that I don’t always believe the exact chain of events. So I’m a little skeptical about the exact spin she puts on this.
  12. I also thought it gave nice nuance to his comment about keeping Mary Anne’s hair in braids because that was the only way her mom taught him to do her hair. I’m pretty sure that’s actually paraphrased from the scene in the book, but it meant so much more in the context of a white man trying to raise a biracial girl and being terrified he’d screw it up. I think that’s what this show did so well. It just allowed for the world to become a little bit fuller and then let the plot of the books live in that world. This show is a god damn miracle. I had no idea how badly I was missing a show that respected tween girls until I saw this. Just lovely.
  13. I didn’t mean to but I binged the whole show. I loved it! It’s a wonderful children’s show that can be equally enjoyed by adults without being aimed at adults. All kids media should be able to achieve that but few really do. I love that this show thinks the world of teenage girls deserves respect and treats all the characters with such lovely nuance. And it’s funny! I actually laughed out loud at several episodes. Just a great show. I can’t wait for season 2.
  14. I agree. I just watched the 1st episode and I’ll probably watch a few more (lots of shows take a couple of episodes to hit their stride), but right now I’m pretty ambivalent. Some of it was fun, some a little dull, some just frustrating. As for Nancy; I think she’s the weakest link but not because she’s updated. I don’t really care about adaptations straying from source material. Different ways of telling a story need different things. And I really don’t care about that when it comes to Nancy Drew since I’ve always found Nancy Drew more interesting as a concept than a character. Intrepid girl detective is a pretty fun idea, but I’ve always found the Nancy in the books a pretty dull cipher type of character. So I say change away if it works. I just didn’t like this Nancy. Like as a general person. I found her annoying and selfish and pouty. So far there is so little charm in the character that I’m not really rooting for her. That’s kind of a problem.
  15. That sounds amazing! Is it streaming anywhere?
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