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  1. Twitter posts are demanding that Brandi goes too. Brandi really screwed herself. If they have renewed the franchise, I dont see that happening. If Brandi is fired, I dont see Stephanie coming back. Which leaves Dandra, Cary and Kam. But if Brandi comes back, then I suspect she will get slammed for her racist views, lack of apology and "poor me you're so mean to point out I'm racist" pity tour.
  2. If I could ask Ariana and Sandavol questions it would be: Why? Do you go through this for every wedding you attend? Do you not attend weddings officiated by a Catholic priest for example? Is it because the guy was on social media making his opinion public (please see: Do you attend weddings officiated by the Catholic faith?). I just think that unless the guy was going to give a sermon on anything but marriage, can't you just sit there and judge other people's outfits and ignore the homophobe officiating the wedding instead of turning it into all this drama? Are you going to have problems with the bride's family since some of them share the same views as the pastor? Why are you even friends with Jax and Brittany? And if you're still friends with Jax, after the crap things he said about Ariana, who I don't even like, and were homophobic, then how can you have a problem with the pastor?
  3. Kandi and Porsha on the couch were channeling their inner Statler and Waldorf over Ken. And so was I! That was really kind of awful to see--a strongwilled, Independent woman becoming a Stepford Wife right in front of my eyes. I don't like Kenya. I was fine with her gone. She is vicious and unapologetic. Yet, I feel a moment of sadness watching her be so submissive.
  4. I agree. I think she was unaware of the possible medical emergency and just excited for Eva in the moment. I would also like to add that: Cynthia drove Eva to the brunch, while Eva quietly was in pain, but enough that a producer helped her out of the car. While Cynthia painted her face nonchalantly. Once Cynthia joined them inside, she realized it was a problem. If there had been an ambulance outside and Tanya had been sunny, I would be giving her side eye. But there wasn't. It was Cynthia taking her to a hospital--which comes off as normal and not an emergency.
  5. My answer would be: Have someone go to the nearest McDonald's, buy a bunch of Big Macs, place them on the floor leading out the front door......
  6. Overall, I'm not impressed with the color usage and saturation. I think it should have been 2 days to allow the dye and fabric to cure for 24 hours. It could be the dyes that they used. Nancy-She knew what she was doing. Really good grid pattern. Pretty outfit. Sergio-Pretty dress. Where was the color? I saw a faint yellow around the hem? Okay. Got up close, hombre. Victoria-Her colors were good.....I think her design ruined whatever pattern she had going. Did she really insult Marques? What!!! Marques-I found it boring. Too washed out? Perhaps it goes back to lack of curing? He was happy with his colors though. Devlon-Those colors should have been more vibrant. I made a spiral design tshirt in that exact color pattern. I think it's the lack of time to let the dye set. Brittany-Also dull. Washed out even. Geoffrey-He had popcorn and watercoloring. Nice! Mustache rubber bands are easier to use than zip ties. Bastards! You just insulted my tshirt color.
  7. I'm almost 56 and I still tie dye! There are SO many patterns to try. I'm disappointed in the patterns the experts showed. Not much variations. No marbling techniques for example. Popcorn! That one is fun, but tedious. Also. On camera they didn't talk about color and how two colors next to each other, can muddy your colors. Black is almost impossible to get. At best it is charcoal. You're better going with a deep navy OMG! Nancy knows about ice dying! With dry powders. I apologize. It is rare that I know ANY kind of technique on PR. I'm feeling very expertish! I probably know more about then Nina Garcia.
  8. I think it was the camera man who saved Ashton's life. He was the one who grabbed the knife to cut the rope which kept Ashton's foot from being severed. I think I remember Capt. Lee during the training session after it happened saying you have to say "Man Overboard" repeatedly and not just once. Rhylee helped, but Ashton is around only because of the Bravo cameraman.
  9. I "hearted" you because I actually do heart you..... But I'm going to have to disagree. The wig got brought out after Kenya was being shady about Paul and the "beuuuuuutiful lady". SM is tearing Kenya, Shitina, Shitina's cookie store and Cynthia a new one. Tanya is getting nothing but love for how classy and calm she remained. I just appreciate having Tanya, the blue sky, sunny girl on the show. For all the importance of shade on the Bravo shows, this viewer needs one ray of sunshine.
  10. My heart broke for Mike's daughter. It took forever to see how much that conversation was hurting her. Kenya and Shitina. Blech. IMO, Tanya handled it gracefully, considering the circumstances. She was polite, civil, didn't raise her voice, call anyone names. Maybe Paul did behave poorly. That's ultimately Tanya and Paul's business. Kenya was so horrible at that lunch. And Tanya was right. Your behavior at the launch party, to kickstart Marlo's wig business, which would help feed HER NEPHEWS (if wers bringing kids into this) was to totally do damage to Marlo's brand. Plus the unnecessary curse words directed at Tanya. Then there's Miss Shitina. Who are you? Messy Fields? Why did YOU come in so hot? The "darling, honey, sweetie", "I'm pretty than you" was soooo condescending. Why? Tanya didn't hit on you at the club. You want to give her the info, fine. But why come in on the attack? If I lived in Atlanta, i wouldn't buy a cookie from her. I felt for Tanya when she sat at the table while the rest of them acted like nothing happened and they fought over cookies. If I had been at that table, as much as I love me some Snickerdoodles, I would have frostily said "No thank you" to the cookies to show solidarity to my friend Tanya. And given Cynthia and Eve side eye for being the shallow bitches they are. Kenya isn't worth side eye.
  11. I think they were all vile in their own ways. Some (the boys) more so than others. I just want everybody to be new next year. Or bring in Colin for no other reason then stress relief for some of us viewers. Just have one token "positive stay out of the drama/dont be a dick" crew member. Is that too much to ask?
  12. The primary knew but no one else! Now I get it! As much as I've disliked everyone this year, I do enjoy Kevin's random songs. He is still a jerk though.
  13. I'm always happy when there's "more cake for everyone"! I'm just happy when there's cake! I am completely confused about the penis cake. I thought that the guests asked for the cake? And I can't blame Kevin for timing. They all seemed horrified.* And I don't understand why if they asked for it? Or did they want a bachelorette party and at the primary meeting, Kevin came up with the cake? *Except for Kate. She was gleeful!
  14. Season 6 was on yesterday and I thought the same thing watching it! For me, I dont care how hard you work if your attitude is constant hostility, complaining about the mundane tasks and passive aggressively muttering insults under your breath. If they leave and comeback to the worklpace, I would be pissed that I'm stuck working with someone I have to walk around on eggshells on the off hand chance I might say or do something that pisses her off. The Brus ARE horrible. But rewatching last season reminded me that Rhylee over reacts to lots and lots of things. This season she does have legit reason, but this season is also giving her anger issues cover by default of the behavior of her co workers. It could all be for tv. Sometimes I wonder if her previous coworkers watch and what they know and what they think.
  15. I think LeeAnne is definitely gone, but Brandi will be back. Mainly because the Bravo website and the gossip magazines are hitting the "Brandi tearfully apologizes" mantra. They ignore what that 11 minute video really was--a pinch of "I'm sorry", with a heavy hand of "wow is me". Most people on social media got how lame it is. She got lambasted when it first came out. Brandi has her fans though. In their minds she has apologized enough, what LeeAnne did is completely different, Brandi is the victim here and no one else. Also. D'andre is shitting all over Cary Deuber now. Apparently. Mrs. Deuber also has a skin care line......made at a medical grade facility..... https://www.google.com/amp/s/champagneandshade.com/2020/01/24/rhod-dandra-cary-podcast/amp/
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