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  1. I know nothing about baton twirling. All I was focusing on was her muscle tone. And contemplating taking up baton twirling. I'm a little nervous to state this opinion: I would like to see Martin the Boxer and Sonja, in a romantic relationship. Not sure if it would be healthy for him, but I think I would be immensely entertained.
  2. And she launches a lip line. During a pandemic when our mouths are covered up.
  3. Sorry. I missed this earlier. I explained it poorly. Bravo didn't come up with the concept of Accountability Coach. However, per the book, they (Bravo), looks for ways to make a housewife more "interesting". The example he used was basically the housewife having a "job" that is "fascinating" to the viewers. And then he brought up Accountability Coach as an example of making a housewife more interesting. Like the new acknowledgment that there never was a toaster line, it was all done for the show. It left me wondering if this is why Luann has a cabaret "career".......
  4. In the Rinna thread, someone pointed out that almost all of her clothing is marked down 45-50% on the QVC website. So I checked. And it is. Generally speaking, if almost everything is marked down from a QVC fashion line, QVC has switched "the face of a brand" for someone else. In this case, probably the girl who was on Full House because they are promoting her now. QVC tends to pretend that a celebrity actually designs a clothing line, but usually all they really do is attach the celebrity's name to someone else's design. The only regret she has is that she lost a lucrative
  5. I'm a little confused about Jen's family dynamics and arranged marriages. Did her brother find a wife through an arranged marriage? And wasn't Jennifer and Bill, an arranged marriage? Mom didn't have courage to speak out against it? And at the same time encouraged it? Even though she experienced misery due to an arranged marriage? I just feel like I'm missing big chunks of stuff with Jennifer's mom and dad.
  6. From the article: "I can tell you that lots of questions were asked… I think all of us want her to come through this successfully. There’s not one person in our group that wants to see Erika go down or be hurt,” Sutton confirmed. And this is why I still won't watch (but love reading y'all's thoughts), their priorities are so messed up. Maybe LVP sold stories, maybe she didn't (and I don't believe for one second any of the other housewives don't sell or plant stories for their own benefit), but I do know Dorit was careless, reckless and irresponsible and not ONCE called out for i
  7. Years ago I came across this quote and I haven't looked at cake the same way since. Birthday Cake. The only food people will eat after someone else has spit on it.
  8. Oh I forgot an interesting tidbit. He alludes to Bravo creating jobs to make a housewife more entertaining or to give them a storyline. The example he used for a created job was Accountability Coach.....
  9. Overdrive, through your local library is awesome! The book? Not so much. We Primetimers have already figured a lot of the "behind the scenes" stuff. Like production paying for trips or putting gossip into a house wife's ear to get a reaction or staggering arrival times to create conflicts. An example is RHOC, Tamra throwing wine in Jeanna's face. Production made Jeana wait 5 hours before arriving at Vicki's party. Meanwhile, Tamra is there and they are feeding her wine. He confirms that Theresa Guidice really is that mentally challenged and usually asks if they "got her tak
  10. Thank you! Just went to my online library and got a copy (no Kindle version, epub only). In the first chapter I've discovered that Jenna Keough was in ZZ Top's Legs video and Kara was in the movie Outbreak. So far, a bit wordy, but fun!
  11. Mom and dad weren't quite as scandalous. Although, she was seeing a guy in my dad's barracks, danced with my dad once and broke off it with the other guy. And she was 18, dad was 28, he was Baptist, American and didn't meet my mom's parents until after they were married. My grandpa, from Ireland, was not a happy camper.... There wasn't a Falynn, but Dad was recently divorced from a woman named Velma Lou. I still think it's best I don't throw a stone at a glass house on this one. I'll just sit this one out and giggle at the posts from a far. Hopefully Porsha is smart enough
  12. Was there actual proof it was LeeAnne? Or just easier to blame the ex housewife who is no longer on the show?
  13. So. Since my mom and dad got married a month after they met? Im just going to keep my mouth shut on this one. I do look forward to the episode where Porsha flies everyone first class. Except for Kenya.
  14. I just. It's very "twee", the camping van. Stupendous Man got a chevy van (long story) and we changed it into a camping van. We removed the back seats, put down inexpensive, easy to clean laminate flooring. A platform for a bed, that had storage for all the other stuff. He scavenged a canopy off an RV and attached it to the side. Our kitchen was a camp stove with a foldable rack to put the stove and paper towels, spice rack, place to hang things and the bathroom (which Stupendous Man bought for me) was a shower tent, with a 5 gallon bucket and removable toilet seat. He was als
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