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  1. And then find me a home where people will actually PICK UP MY POOP!🤬 I'm STILL ticked off about that.
  2. PICK. UP. ARCHIE'S. POOP. Archie deserved better. That was more than a couple of days worth of poop out there. Did they even remember to feed him, walk him and give him fresh water?
  3. If they do film Juan's bachelor party, I wonder if the cameramen will get "hazardous to my butt" pay?
  4. I thought she hosted the Cayman Islands trip? The one she missed the original flight for.
  5. I think she may have surpassed or at least equaled Vicki Gunvalson in regards to scamming people.
  6. With the exception of our little forum, Candiace already IS getting all the animosity. And it's been happening before ANY of this aired on the show. If Twitter, could kill, Candiace would be dead, a thousand times over. And her mom, broke Chris, the producer who held Monique back and everybody on the show not named Monique, Karen and Ashley. The Gooniques, out stan the LVP stans and while i adore LVP, many of her stans are nuts! She has done "absolutely nothing wrong". "She has nothing to apologize for". I'm just dumbfounded by it all. And slightly worried for Candiace's safety among the general public....
  7. When Ashley admitted her own infidelity, my brain went immediately to the bartender at Oz!
  8. It is because of Ashley constantly defending and denying Michael's actions, that I don't root for her, ANDY! She knows EXACTLY what her husband does and participates in the cover up, but pretends otherwise. I'm feeling mighty confused this morning about the fight video clips. Per the Goonique squad on Twitter, the clips PROVED Monique is telling the truth. But last night. I thought the clips didn't back up Monique's version. Even monique said she thought Candace was the one who pushed her and didn't realize it was Gizelle until seeing the video in that moment. Except she also said she knew the videos because she watched them. ?????
  9. I would like to see more of Falyn and her life. From the brief time I saw, her house looked amazing, she looked high maintenance, yet fun, she hands out gifts and her husband isn't Ralph.
  10. I'm of both minds--the hospital smell triggers Mary's negative memories of being in a hospital. I can respect that. Jen's Aunt did just lose both her legs, so I can see where she's going to be sensitive about Mary's inability to get past associating hospitals as being bad. I respect her feeling disrespected. But. I can't respect two "friends" who can't come to their senses, a couple of days later and realize this is stupid. Mary's face is very .......animated.
  11. I like Heather because she makes it clear to everyone to leave the appetizers on the table while she steps out for a second.
  12. I think it is too early for anyone to be declared a "winner". We've got 2 more reunion parts to get through--who knows what will come out! It could be Giselle gets so decimated, she can never recover. Or? She gets decimated at the reunion, but recovers next season and annihilates Monique at an event with Gigi or The Trainer. IF Monique even comes back.
  13. They do. Overall she has a 56% rating. 16 5 stars, 12 1 stars and a few in between. Most of the complaints are it is very light and doesn't last very long.
  14. I read the Vulture recap today. The author of the article feels that Marlo brings out the "Ya" in "Ken". https://www.vulture.com/article/the-real-housewives-of-atlanta-season-13-episode-2-new-peach-in-the-orchard.html
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