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  1. Apparently, on her Twitter feed, Chris refused to get a dog (no reasons given), but consented to a bird. Which? I don't understand. Birds are messy. Seeds get flung around the room. Bird poop is MESSY. They have a dander dust that comes off the feathers. They smell just as much as cats and dogs. They scream very loudly. And often. They require LOTS of attention. They often bond to one human and become territorial. They bite. And can take a finger. So I don't get why Chris would say yes to a bird. At. All. With 3 toddlers in the house.
  2. Birds can be very smart--depending on which ones. I think African Greys are considered some of the smartest ones. They are really HIGH maintenance and need lots of attention to thrive in an unnatural environment. We had birds. When Stupendous Man died, I turned them over to a bird sanctuary after a month. Peanut loved me. Kimo despised me for 20 years and that didn't change once Jim died. Having had birds as "pets" made me come to the conclusion that they shouldn't be domesticated. For me, it's the home version of Sea World. There's not enough space for them to fly as they should. I'm of the old school cloth diaper babies and was potty trained by a year because according to Mom, I did not like a wet diaper for even a hot second. Mom blames ultra absorbent new fangled diapers for late potty training because kids are never uncomfortable. I've never had kids so I don't know. I did find it weird to be taking a potty chair out of the house. And then using the potty chair in the living room and not including using the BATHROOM in the training. I know. It's a baby. But I've only potty trained dogs, not kids, so I have no facts. Just opinions!
  3. Confession. I dislike Ashley more than all of you disliking Candace. There. I said it. Not that I like Candace. But Ashley is much higher on my side eye scale. And I don't want to spend an entire season watching her lie about her husband's roving hand problem and pretend it never happened and act like Candace made it all up. The first time T'Challa poops on the shoulder of an expensive blouse, potty trained or not? Will not be the first. She's also appears to be creating a situation where the bird is only bonding with her--thats not good. This is the one housewife show where I don't have a favorite housewife. It should be Candace, based on all the grief she's given Ashley, who in turn, used to cause the most grief. But its Candace so.....
  4. Walnutqueen used to post here pretty regularly, but I haven't seen her anywhere on the forums. She was a outspoken with a big heart for animals and hilarious. She seems to have disappeared. I just miss her even if I only know her from the internet.
  5. I believe it was Rinna that sold the story to Radar Online. 1. How convenient to have a scene with Harry Hamlin about "who benefits from the leak". 2. She waves to the paparazzi which tends to make me think she tries to be friendly and accommodating. Always the hustler. 3. Radar Online said it was a housewife who leaked the story. Just not Lisa Vanderpump. The other ladies ran with the story, but got real quiet when Radar disputed who did the leaks. 4. Leaks. Who advertised adult diapers and leaking? Rinna did. She knows her leaks. I rest my case.
  6. God bless Kiko, but he's not Jesus. Unless we just haven't seen his water walking skills..... He's basically captive. Unless she or probably production, are willing to put him on a tender or call a boat. I have come to the conclusion that Bravo Super Yachts should put "must be able to make actual nachos" on the job requirement sheet. Sandy was not into Kiko googling (Sure if he's using it to learn how to boil an egg), but if he didnt know, he SHOULD Google it! He's from Brazil and they have delicious barbacoa (may be spelling that wrong). Now throw some of that meat, rubbed with the spices, on top of the chips, with cheese, have a tablescape of a couple of different salsas, quac, sour cream, olives, tomatoes, green onions, sliced jalapenos, roasted corn, and whatever else. I believe that could be considered next level nachos. Just the flavor of Brazil barbecue would make it different then usual. I make what we call Irish Nachos. Slice Yukon golds, sprinkle with olive oil/salt/pepper. Roast until golden brown, flipping half way (use Ina Gartens roast potato for temps and time). Remove and cover with cheese, bacon, green onions. Put back in until cheese is melted. Remove and serve with sour cream. Sadly I love my dog and wouldn't leave him for that long so my career as a super yacht chef ends here.
  7. I would like to see Alex and Bugsy become a thing. But I am enjoying the awkward flirting between the two. It's sort of refreshing from what we usually see on Below Deck hook ups. It's kind of innocent and doesn't feel like a booty call. Dear Bravo producers. Please make Alex a repeat crew member. I enjoy watching a "normal" guy. Yes. Rob is hot. But so is Alex! In a John Goodman way.
  8. Question. Did you have a cat? And did you still have a cat once he was gone?
  9. Those nachos looked like the first nachos I tried: Doritos, covered with slices of American cheese. Microwaved. It was the 80s. I was 16. It was a new delicacy. We had no idea what we were doing. Neither did Kiko. I'm betting nachos aren't in his cookbook: https://www.thesurferscookbook.com Just like Mila, I'm left wondering how you mess up nachos.
  10. My dad who was an Army and later tavern cook would have made a better meal. I'm sorry, I like Kiko. But he isnt cut out for super yacht cooking. Maybe down the road, but he is in over his head. I mean, Mila's nachos looked better than Kiko's......that's bad. Alex is adorkable! Lurve him! Take the plunge Bugsy! Stop getting in your own way because of something that happened when you were 14! In the end, I believe Bravo makes all the hiring/firing decisions. Captain Sandy, Lee, Glenn, Mark have no real input on tv show yachting. Because if Captain Sandy had that power on tv yachting, I'm pretty sure she would never have brought back a certain stew, for 4 seasons.
  11. I'm here! Lurking in the shadows. I just can't quit the RHOBH forum. I enjoy the commentary and the stories from all of you.
  12. This was on my google feed this morning. They have Kiko's recipes for the mushrooms and mocaqa--Forget the spelling, his fish dish. https://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainment/below-deck-med-chef-kiko-shares-his-famous-mushroom-recipe.html/
  13. Based on what I've read here and watching last season. I don't think Kyle, Rinna, Ericka and Teddi understand their audience. But maybe Dorit learned from last year..... Because both seasons had pre hype about "you'll understand as the season progresses", but in the end, most people were more angry with them, then the season "target". LVP last year and apparently Denise this year. Thanks to all of you for writing such vivid posts. I can't say I totally understand what is happening, but most times you have me laughing at your descriptions. Particularly Kim's shrunken head. The previous picture shows y'all had it 100%!
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