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  1. I'm 56 and single. Thanks for letting me know that I shouldn't flirt with younger men because that would make me pathetic. I'll just show myself out to the nearest pasture. And wait for when y'all are "old" to join me. If I live that long. Their age has nothing to do with their lame game. And I have had a lifetime of watching older men not only flirt, but marry younger women. So why can't women do the same?
  2. Charli definitely brings the witty insults. I think the reason the rest circled the wagons is that A. Charli wouldn't be on this show if the original cast hadn't entertained us for so many seasons. The new people just dont have whatever the old people had, that made them appointment tv. Would any of us watch this show if all the old people left? Jax is awful. But he is an "OG" amongst several "OG's" and they could be next on Charli's snark list. She was a little to "on" and most definitely pointed. B. Her remarks hit close to vanity. They're all old in Charli's eyes too.
  3. Waves to Jel! Hello! How are you! Nice to see you on the boards.
  4. Katie looks great! Somehow, unlike most of America, she lost weight during the Coronavirus. Andddddd of course Kristen slept with Max. I'm still kind of surprised though. It's been a season and I still am bored by Dayna.
  5. Somewhere Vicki is screaming "I told you so at that reunion"! Because they replayed that reunion today and well, Meghan changed her tune.
  6. Just chiming in to say hello! And! I had a Skipper doll. If you rotated her arm, her boobs grew! And if you rotated her arm again, her boobs deflated. I'm not sure what Mattel had in mind with that.....
  7. All I'm asking for is that Rob not be an asshole. Because I'm finding him to be hot. And I dont want him to ruin that. Rob's the former model. I may have his name wrong. But I'm not wrong about him being hot!
  8. I like Lisa Vanderpump. She brings great house and party porn. I find her funny and I dont mind the boss making appearances at her business. I will always love her for sharing the greatest way to end an argument that is just going round in circles: Oh look! The ponies are by the pool! It is 100 percent worth the WTF looks from the other people. I adore Ken. I love how he is completely ride or die for his wife. His love for animals and his "dont give a fuck" what anyone thinks about him carrying a little dog in the crook of his arm. Ken is responsible for my all time favorite VR moment. He made James cry. "I'll knock the spark out if you". 70 something man, carrying a little dog in the crook of his arm and he made the White Kanya cry. Just the best!
  9. I missed the first 15 minutes due to my dog killing a squirrel... What happened with the drugs? Or non drugs since they were still on the boat?
  10. That may be, but I would like to point out that for, me, I was into him and vice versa. We spent 20 years together, bought a house, no children, had pets--almost everything a married couple did/does. We just thought a wedding or getting married wasnt necessary. We were committed to each other without ceremony, license or ring. For me, committment is the important thing. Marriage does not equal commitment. Nor does being married mean that person is into you. Take Kenya and Mark for example.....They're married and they have a kid. What level of commitment was there when it ends after 2 years? And did Mark ever show that he was into Kenya?
  11. Every time they showed Cynthia, she seemed mad/bored. I do wonder if she's questioning how Kenya treated her this year, but is trying to save face. But then, she was the only one to raise her hand about the marching band. Eva. How is it she can never remember her shade? She almost is never "I said what I said", but almost always, "I dont remember" or "I didn't " EVEN WITH VIDEO CLEARLY SHOWING SHE DID! And yet? She has no problem tossing her opinion in on other people during the conversation. I enjoyed Andy listening to Kenya's delusional reasons about going after another person's business and then Andy wrapping it up with your sarcastic, basic "It's okay for you to do it, but not other people". Porsha was on fire again! Out of all the ladies, she had me laughing the most. I almost want her to be center peach next year. When it comes to Kandi and Mayday Nay Nay? Andy's mute button is everything...... As to non married people calling themselves husband and wife! From my experience....we didnt refer to ourselves as husband/wife in the beginning. I took the Joy Behar route and called him my spousal equivalent. But! People just can't handle it. People outside of our relationship called us "husband/wife". After awhile, you just stop correcting people and go with it. Because they are going to call you husband/wife anyways--it is ingrained in the brain.
  12. "Porsha from Atlanta has a question"..... 不不不不不不不不不
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