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  1. Okay! I'm number 4 on the wait list through my library. Unless someone else gets in first, I will share the gossip from its Not All Rose and Diamonds. I'm hoping we get an answer to "Let's talk about the husband" and what really went on behind the scenes for Munchenfrackinhauser gate. I'm thinking that's not in the book because the gossip sites would have said something. But! You never know!
  2. She should have ended that "friendship" the second that "friend" responded with "We've all got problems" when she broke down over the death of her brother.
  3. Recently I read an article where she met Garcelle at a fundraiser for Haiti. I think she said if the price was right and if Kyle, Rinna and Dorit were gone, she would come back. I know I would come back to watching and not reading, if they got rid of Kyle, Rinna and Dorit, even if Vanderpump didn't come back!😄
  4. I dont know. But I will guess! Hee! 1. Maybe she just didn't feel like it after her brother died--too exhausting to engage in "chess". 2. Maybe she was too into her cultivated tv image of being Bobby Fisher/stealthy sniper from the side and was embarrassed she was so blatant. 3. Maybe she toyed with the idea, dropped it, but one of the John's ran with it anyways. 4. Maybe she really didn't have anything to do with it (which Radar Online said back then--it was a housewife, but not Vanderpump....) and the producer is friends with Kyle. All I do know for sure is tha
  5. If she did? I still say so what. Dumping 2 dogs is still worse for me in the grand scheme of things.
  6. This. Should be a permanent response loop on her Twitter and Instagram feeds to any and every thing she posts. Not that she would be bothered or care in the slightest bit.
  7. I submit the following moment for Kyle to be considered in Rinna's class of personality: Kyle's response to someone she called a close friend, when said friend began to break down over the death of her brother, was, " We've all got problems". Kyle's problem being a TV show got canceled.
  8. I have 16 kids. Of the 16, 3 came to school with all of the 6 items we requested they bring. 3. Just 3. Glue sticks, pencils, lined paper, scissors, crayons and 3-3ring binder folders add up when it's more than one kid. If Wendy showed up with her goody bags? I would dance for her like she did at Robyn's engagement. And send her 16 popsicle stick birdhouses.
  9. I can't call her an ahole this episode. She made up goody bags for teachers. We spend a LOT, out of pocket, and that bag had essentials! Folders with the the three ring prongs!
  10. Really the important thing is the scent. Some people want their living room to smell like Gwyneth Paltrow's vagina. 🤷‍♀️ I prefer Yankee Candle Sun and Sand. It reminds me of summer in the 70s, Coppertone and boys with long hair and cut off jean shorts. I feel like Karen's Candle will smell like Old Lady Bedroom--flowerly, powdery smell with a hint of pee. Wendy's? Spicy Chicken sandwich scent. With a hint of chocolate Frosty. If only her dad had worked at Popeyes.
  11. I think it's porno movies. Which could involve candles. I'm not really sure. Are there candles in porn?
  12. My take on LVP and Yo. I think they were friends. And then. LVP chose doing a business thing instead of going to Yo's and painting a small picture for Gigi's dorm room. I noticed a change. Yo? Seemed to take it personally that LVP put her business over Gigi. She didn't seem quite as friendly after that.
  13. I don't think they let Rinna go because of her grossness, but more because the buying public, stopped buying her crap. All of her crap is on clearance. Stuff that was $50, sells for under $20. And now they have a Full House kid on "designing clothes" for them. I think, before Rinna, it was Bitsy Hasselbeck, former shrieker, at times in a pitch only dogs could hear, from The View.
  14. She is 1000% correct about OPI nail Envy. It isn't overnight, but it really makes a difference after about 4-6 weeks.
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