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  1. I also have a soft spot for Katie. And I can't explain why either.
  2. dosodog

    RHoA in the Media

    https://mtonews.com/atlanta-housewife-porshas-pregnant-again-rebound-baby-w-dennis I just saw this. They're the only ones reporting it. May not be true.
  3. I'd like to see a mini series of specials. Vanderpump does Europe! She takes us on a tour of Europe, while staying in lux hotels. But it's probably too much for Ken and too long to be away from the furrys.
  4. dosodog

    S06:E09 Sorry Not Sorry

    I miss Gizmo. Do you think he's refusing to shoot with Naomi?
  5. dosodog

    S11.E18: Reunion Part 1

    Dennis can neither confirm or deny Bethenny's description of their relationship. So she can say whatever she wants without someone saying "Now hold on for a sec".
  6. dosodog

    S11.E18: Reunion Part 1

    Was Tinsley yawning during the song! ?!!
  7. I'm kind of hoping next season starts with Dorit working at an Old Navy store.
  8. dosodog

    S09.E21: Hurricane Camille

    That's another bonus to traditional, being able to change colors easier. I'm obsessed with China Glazes Body and Sol collection this summer. So I'm swapping out every 7 days. Also time. Traditional is much faster.
  9. I did covet that Rose Gold Royce. Not the car, but the color.
  10. dosodog

    Unpopular Opinions

    Really, I don't think I could be deep friends with any of them. We're all flawed. We have good and bad in all of us. But they all just seem like so much work!
  11. dosodog

    S09.E21: Hurricane Camille

    The only manis I get are the "wet" kind. Never been into the latest thing like press on, gels, acrylics, etc. It was just another moment to trash LVP. Ain't nothing wrong with a traditional manicure. I prefer to think of it as being particular and being less harsh on my nails. Although I do feel like I'm missing out on the removal process. Tin foil talons look like they could be amusing. Like Bugles. Only shiny! RAWR!
  12. Awww. Well I'm sure Teddi will bring her some PJ'S and Rinna will provide her with a wardrobe from QVC. Cuz she won't be buying any CHA NEL anytime soon. More TAR GET.
  13. dosodog

    Unpopular Opinions

    Not me. My friends are not the kind of people who get dismayed at bringing a bag of Cheesy Poofs camping.