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  1. ShawnaLanne

    S11 E23: Reunion Part 3

    Nene is awful. It's not loyalty it's complete submission to her that she demands. If you aren't bowing, cringing and kissing her ass, you are being disloyal in her pea brain. Never mind that kind of loyalty, Nene can't even go five minutes without dissing her "little sister" Porscha about her pregnancy. Everything we've seen out if her this season is a product if her jealousy over anyone else being the center of attention and pathalogical entitlement.
  2. I'm okay if LVP leaves, but if Dorit is still there next year I'll continue to miss the show and just stroll the boards here.
  3. I'm thinking since Jill brought her BOYFRIEND to her HUSBAND'S FUNERAL, that Jill and Dennis we're done. I'm tired of the B is a whore thing. She was in a complicated relationship, with a complicated man. Actually I'm just tired of reading people call women whores period. After seven years my ex and I are finally getting a divorce. I haven't dated regularly, he has, I don't feel betrayed. He's now with a woman who cares that he is married, and I want to set up terms in our divorce so random chick can't make decisions about my kid, and keep my child support as is I FF'd through Lu's talk with Tinsley. Given her record this year I was afraid it would be awful.
  4. I love Mom. I'm in AA so that part is fun, and helpful, to watch.
  5. It get's worse. I think I made it through two seasons. The rapes and incest and incestuous rapes were too much.
  6. He was a big boy. He knew what was going to happen. She's not subtle.
  7. Re, Lu's bitchiness about the room. For me with Lu it wouldn't be that Lu wanted the room, and thought she should have it over Bethenny, it's the vitriol with which she stated it. Bethenny also immediately told Dorinda she'd give up the room and Dorinda said no. The after everything I've done for her stuf, well yeah, after all of that you could expect a decent human being not to bad mouth you, mock you, and be a general witch at the first opportunity. Also, I think Lu's pearl clutching, Bethenny, Bethenny, Bethenny in the salon was an attempt to copy B's viral drink in the tits Ramona thing. If Dorinda really had a problem with the room because of her last time there, and she'd taken Dorinda aside and said, hey Dorinda, last time I was in that room I was blotto, it makes me uncomfortable to sleep here, I think Dorinda would have been fine. But that would have been showing vulnerability, Lu's all about the attack. I think it's bullshit, that's the excuse she used, but Dorinda always thinks she is entitled to the best.
  8. Barbara was stirring shit. Oh God, Tinsley is losing it.
  9. If that is what happened, Jill is looking more and more like a shit person. She didn't give it much time to get better, get help, help him. I know I exaggerated how bad it was, Jill bringing her boyfriend to her husband's funeral, because they were clearly divorced in all but paper, but she had to bring her boyfriend to the funeral? Tacky and heartless to her kids.
  10. Oh come on! Brandi wins the Gold! So much going on there with her face. Did she have a stroke?
  11. I'd say her adult children were probably grateful their mother had that emotional support with her to mourn the father of her children. If you want to play the she's a thoughtless whore card about B, Jill must be empress whore to bring her boyfriend to her husbands funeral. How dare Jill flaunt those her immoral, relationship., they were still legally married. Would someone please think of the children?!!!! Her poor impressionable kids. Seeing their mother while it up like that. Jill's kids must hate her and be ashamed of her. I mean she was still legally married to their father!
  12. I don't think the women are jealous of LVP because of her money or professional success. I think they are jealous because a.) She has a larger fan base and is HBIC on the show, and b.) outthinks and out manuvers them everytime. I'm not going to watch this season as stated because it's boring and I don't really care how Dorit was outed. She got rid of two dogs and one ended up in a kill center because she gave it to a friend (being generous here) instead of doing what she was contractually, and morally supposed to do; take it back to the shelter. Lisa, I'm personally tired of LVP. I've seen her house and grounds, her kids are grown, with Vanderpump Rules, the bulk of her professional life is showcased elsewhere, and now with Vanderpump Dogs, her charity work will be on another show. If she isn't positioning herself to leave, she should be. She doesn't need RH's and she's boring. I don't hate Rinna, she's obnoxious, and I hate seeing her kids - but I like watching her hustle. Teddy is too new for me to have built up enough goodwill to overlook her clumsy manuevering. Also the sanctemeous accountability coach was caught in a lie trying to take down a woman whose brother committed suicide, recently. Kyle - she's a doe eyed snake, but I like watching her. Dorit, of all the housewives on all the shows, I can not stomach her, Nene, or the cancer scammer from the OC. Denise, I'd like to see her next year, because I'm not watching anymore of this year. Erika, no fun to watch, her glamour schtick, like LVPs house porn, is old. And she is cold. She brings nothing of herself, except her flashes of rage, to the show. Camille, I like her as a friend of, she brings a clear perspective, often, but much like Luanne from New York, when she feels the most confident, she is horrible.
  13. ShawnaLanne

    S11 E21: Reunion Part I

    This makes sense. I was trying hard to figure out why saying someone isn't black with a q was colorism. I was trying to figure out what she meant period.
  14. Bullshit. Or she's a lot dumber than she looks. That being said I'd be happy to stay in that room.
  15. ShawnaLanne

    NeNe Leakes: "Bloop!"

    I agree, but she is fortunate enough to be able to afford counseling. She could also afford, and likely had lots of help. Two things many caregivers don't have. Everyone comes with baggage. I have no sympathy for her. She's too hateful.