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  1. This is seriously dangerously, embarrassingly pathetic.
  2. I'm 27ish minutes in and the second hand embarrassment is real. Leah in every way, the conversion, the weirdness about her interacting with a black woman, Sonja mentioning thst her fish are all colors. Jeeze, OMG. I won't be watching in real time this year or necessarily reguarly. I got rid of cable and am streaming now. In the past RHs was a good enough reason to keep cable, but none of these are must see anymore. I'm catching this on YouTube. U think Luanne may have clicked how she said, for real this time. I hope it sticks.
  3. Oh my GOD, I just saw a FB story from Sonja and she has $%^$%$ up her face. She's shiny with botox, her lips have been jacked up, and she has the rich/bland woman fake cheekbones. She doesn't look like the same person.
  4. Has anyone else checked out Dorinda's Instagram lately? There's something uniquely pathetic about it. I'm no fan, but it makes me sad for her. It's a study in loneliness somehow. Very try hard, oh, and she has a bathing suit with her face all over it.
  5. https://www.eonline.com/news/1245526/bethenny-frankel-is-called-a-bitch-by-comedian-jessica-kirson-after-meghan-markle-shade?source=fb-enews&medium=link-post&cmpid=social&content=organic
  6. Some twitter responses to BFs complaining, essentially, about MM being a famewh*re, from the BF.
  7. It's a toss up between Sonja and Ramona, but Ramona edges out Sonja just a tad because she often doesn't realize what she says is offensive. Sonja knowa and plans that sh*t. On another note, I'm so glad Dorinda isn't coming back. I might watch the entire season this year. Watching someone be so cruel became too much. Leah and Sonja will have that covered.
  8. It really is. And I'm a fickle b*tch. Now that Danielle is gone, I don't hate HATE anyone on the show, so I'm fluid in my reactions.
  9. I don't remember that, but I wouldn't doubt it. She went out on every holistic limb she could find, and they didn't all seem hygenic.
  10. It's not that I dismiss Lyme disease, it's that I'm unsure she ever had it. A lot of her symptoms, if I'm remembering correctly, cleared up after she had her leaking breast implants removed. And then I think she said two of her three children had it as well. It's not contagious. I don't know, I think she was genuinly ill, they couldn't find out what was wrong with her, her symptoms pointed to Lyme, which made sense because she is an outdoorsy person, and it's difficult to definitively diagnose. She was very invested in being holistic, and when she eventually had her implants removed, she
  11. THIS is awesome. That is all. Best laugh of the day.
  12. I'm in AA sober for almost four years and I don't tell anyone one thing about their drinking, unless they ask. I might have thoughts, but I mind my business. People get sober in their own way, if they are willing, and in their own time. Someone harping on me when I was deep in my addiction only made me drink more, as an f-you. On a shallow note, I don't know why everyone talks about how attractive Brown Wind is. She has a tight body but is not attractive in any other way.
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