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  1. Jill could bring me back. I never thought I'd want her back, but it's time. When she isn't being a witch for air time I like watching her and she is beautiful in a way the other women aren't. I'd also like to see her life after Bobby.
  2. I do NOT like Carol, but I agree, I bet she is cringing. I don't think every person associated with him knew.
  3. I agree, they are, and on a side note, I was trying to remember that phrase the other day. You know. When you know there's a word/phrase for something but you can't remember it? So thanks.
  4. Yep, I like this community, so I'll come back, but I think I'm done with all the housewives. I can read about it. Everyone is shrill, drunk, unlikable. Or a bully. Or a racist. No fun.
  5. Wait? She isn't fired and has her own show? No thanks. I only watch it now for Kandi and sort of Porsha. I can't. Bye NeNe. Bloop.
  6. There was this phenomenal new deal theater in norcal that I watched all the thin man movies in. In plush seating with a live piano/organ (can't remember which) player even once. It was awesome. I felt very glamorous.
  7. I don't like Leah, at all, and like Ramona more than usual this season, but I'm perfectly fine with her calling out Ramona, about this behavior.
  8. Nene needs to be canceled for this alone, but the the dumb woman accused her boss of being a racist and she implied he needed to be fired. Stupid woman
  9. Oh, I think she didn't bring the kids to mess with the other women. And I'm 110 percent behind that. The other women told her not to bring the kids around adult situations and those b*tches have shown they don't know how to be kid friendly, so safety and a dig. I'min for that. And yes, if Aaron came in hot to defend her I'm 100 percrnt behind - the thought of this. It's never worked out well for a husband though. It always backfires. The look creepy or threatening and it always does more harm than good. My cynical side wonders if they've caught on that this storyline isnt working and they're re editing the narrative.
  10. I see where you're going and it makes sense. I'm basing this also on her reception to him at the house, telling him in that polite way that he looked good, like he'd lost some weight. Now it could simply be that he's working out of state, but their interaction said friends, not husband and wife.
  11. They said in the show one of them does, but they're supporting both, according to the show. And if I was in their position, I'd have both kids with me for quaranteen.
  12. LR and Erika both are disgusting. I want to hear more about LR and Harry's seperation. Who is he schlepping now? I can see quaranteening as a family if it was an amiable split.
  13. My mom worked in real estate in OC/Riverside. My mom wasn't slimy - she went into mortgage banking,but I came to the conclusion in my mid teens watching everything that happened that agents were the most dirty low down people I'd met. And 30 years later my opinion hasn't changed. Charming backstabbers
  14. I will never ever understand how people give saying the word fuck and talking about fucking between two people or three people equal weight. It makes zero sense. I don't think Denise should swear around other people's kids. And I don't think saying fuck around other people's kids and talking about fucking people in two's and three's in front of other people is the same. Because it's not. Not even close.
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