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  1. I couldn’t agree more with your observations. I experienced much the same thought/feeling process while watching this episode. It so happens I’d just watched ROLL RED ROLL a day or so before. It’s very good—and a wrenching reminder of how little progress (since pretty much the dawn of human beings) has been made in how rape victims are treated.
  2. I live within walking distance of the Mystic “drawbridge“ (which is technically a bascule bridge, but whatever) on which Taylor and Vincent D’Onofrio’s characters have a big scene. Although the movie was a legit location shoot, none of the pizza place stuff was shot at the actual Mystic Pizza, which is a few blocks from the bridge—but that doesn’t mean they haven’t capitalized on the movie for decades, heh. On topic: Late to the party for this episode, but had to chime in to agree about the casting for Paul Drake—Chalk captures the tension inherent in Paul’s position as a cop of color in LA (or anywhere, for that matter, at that time, I imagine). I’m so looking forward to more of this character. Oh—and for my fellow Rhysaholics, may I suggest The Scapegoat? It’s based on the du Maurier novel, set in the early ‘50s, and offers double mid-century MR, as he plays a dual role.
  3. I’m SO all-in on this one. The cast, plus the noir, plus 1930s LA = catnip for me. It’s a pretty standard HBO/dark murder setup, but that’s okay because I’m already hooked into the characters (can’t wait for Aimee Semple McPherson Tatiana Maslany to make her entrance). And two of my faves from Boardwalk Empire, yay! I haven’t watched it yet, but doesn’t Penny Dreadful: City of Angels also have a Semple McPherson-type character? I’ve been bingeing the You Must Remember This podcast (with which I have a love/hate relationship because of the host’s BIZARRE vocal mannerisms); this show complements it nicely. I’m digging the Mason dairy farm/airport and the set design overall is excellent. Fun fact: the gooseneck desk lamp in the room overlooking Angel’s Flight (where the parents left the money and the cops hassled Mason)? I have that lamp. It belonged to my dad, who used it on his desk as a teen in the 1940s.
  4. spaceghostess

    S01.E06: Rain

    Man, I wish I’d been watching this when the rest of you were. Nonetheless, I’ll make my observations as I binge on a rainy afternoon. 1. This is creeping me right the fuck out, so good job there, Show. They almost lost me in episode 1, when Sean picked the “baby” up by the legs and conked its head on the crib rail. I never suspected it was a doll until that was revealed later; it’s been a long time since a scene threw me that much. 2. LOL to Dorothy’s “We’re blessed [not to live in South Philly]. This is by no means a comment on today’s South Philly, but it’s funny to hear it mentioned when we visited there so much as kids. My parents grew up there and left for NYC when they got married in 1953. 3. The way the camera lingers on all the animals Sean kills/preps/cooks makes me keep worrying that the baby will somehow become dinner. 4. And speaking of Sean’s profession: I’m totally invested in all the wackadoodle shit going down in this show. The ONLY thing I’m not buying into is that losing his sense of taste wouldn’t drive Sean completely nuts. I mean, I become almost deranged when a cold or sinus infection robs me of tasting my food, so I don’t believe for a minute that a chef wouldn’t be in the doctor’s office in a panic state the minute this happened. 5. The uncle was so, so gross and creepy. I have a thing about icky feet, and his were the ickiest. But did anyone else think his feet (and toenails, and fingernails, for that matter) were less dirty than DECOMPOSING?? Because they looked like the rotting extremities of a corpse to me. Just sayin’.... Lauren Ambrose is terrific, not that it’s any surprise. She’s nailing the neurotic entitlement like nobody’s business. And it is fun to see RG as her brother—excellent casting, indeed.
  5. Wow. That just goes to show that there are always people who’ll make a non-mainstream idea look weirder than necessary. My ex-husband and I did co-sleeping with both our kids and as long as there were babies in the room, that bed was used for SLEEPING (and 3 a.m. nursing sessions) ONLY. Sex was had when the babies were napping in a bassinet that wasn’t in the bedroom. Done, and done. The only reason I could think of for Mia to have sex with the baby in the car is that she was living in the car at the time? And yes, as a custody-battle veteran (and parent, frankly) I was cringing. I guess it’s possible that she knew the guy better than it seemed, but I’d personally have trouble getting my freak on with anybody in such close proximity to my sleeping baby.
  6. “How surprising that Trip was an early adopter in negging/PUA culture,” said no one ever.
  7. While I couldn’t agree more with Mia’s feelings about Elena—two episodes in and I want four out of the six Richardsons to be forced to live out the rest of their lives in Mia’s car—I feel like KW’s portrayal is pretty one-note so far. She’s got three primary looks: stink eye, sad, and disdainful. Oh, and blank stare. It’s intense, all right, but not, for me, in a good way.
  8. I was actually kind of confused by the flashback because I couldn’t understand why they’d need to recast for 14 years earlier. It would've been really easy to make KW look younger, especially in a scene set in a car at night; I thought for a minute that it wasn’t supposed to be Mia, but a friend who was babysitting Pearl. Also, the actress looked exactly nothing like KW, which didn’t help, either.
  9. Huh, I’d never heard of this naming tradition (maybe because neither my city nor my high school were remotely like Shaker Heights. I did date a guy from the very affluent town next door whose school was probably lousy with Trips and Treys). The things I learn around here! ITA that RW is good at this kind of role—maybe too good? I mean, I get the impression that she has enough power in her career not to be typecast; maybe she just likes playing upper-crusty Type A’s and is typecasting herself.
  10. I generally HATE drug-trip sequences and find them mind-numbingly boring (although this episode at least had the ticking clock to add a sense of urgency). Having said that, the huge anime eyes* on Love, in addition to being hilarious, were a genius effect in that they were very well done and a perfect reflection of how Joe sees her. *Mom's demon eyes were appropriate, too, but predictable. Also? I think this is the first time I've seen Saffron Burroughs since Circle of Friends. Which doesn't seem possible when I'm such a British film- and TV-aholic.
  11. Loved the curtain. Our local machines looked much like this one: I'm kind of in love with this mid-century lady in her nifty voting ensemble.
  12. So true. My older kid actually did an email interview with one of our town council candidates when he was doing a project on the water cycle and how our town deals with runoff and other water conservation issues. She's a teacher at the tech high school and was great about answering his questions in a thoughtful and informative way. Nice for him to experience that with one of our local politicians (who got my vote, BTW). 🙂
  13. OMG, yes!! I'm also a native New Yorker and miss those every time I vote. I remember my mom bringing me in there so I could watch her vote when I was really little and I was so excited when I voted myself for the very first time! I did the same with my older son (now 14) when he was a baby. Not only was there the awesome lever action, but remember how the big lever that registered the vote also opened and closed the curtain, which made this awesome "SWISH!" sound? The little flicker levers that you used for the candidates were made of enameled steel--the whole contraption was built like a brick shithouse, and yes, absolutely made you feel like you'd VOTED with a capital "V". They got rid of them a couple of years before I moved out of New York; I was so bummed when I went to vote and they were gone. I'm a nostalgic Old, so sue me. I now live in southeastern Connecticut, where our town uses the fill-in-the-dots system. At our polling place, they have a person who feeds your ballot into the machine and you get to see the number tick up when it goes in, so there's that. We had small local elections on Tuesday--town council and school board--but since 2016, there's no election too small for me. Dogcatcher? I'm there, and telling my kids how important it is to vote. Really disappointing was the fact that I went 45 minutes before the polls closed, and could see in the sign-in book that I was the only person on my block who'd voted. 😞 😞 😞. VOTE, goddamnit.
  14. Impossible not to binge (especially as I've had a crush on Paul Rudd since Clueless), so I did, and loved it. Funny and thought provoking, really nailed marriage stuff, and the wedding dance was everything. I'd definitely watch a second season, but the ending works either way.
  15. IKR? Calling The Wig Cop: Ross's "hair" game is seriously lacking. I don't think they ever wigged him before, but they definitely are now, for whatever reason, and it's driving me crazy. Maybe AT has/had another role that requires it short or he just wanted a change? Do shows contract the actors to keep a hairstyle? Kit Harrington kept his hair long for GoT, but I don't know if that was his choice; always had the impression it was a requirement. I wish they'd have found a reason to just cut Ross's hair rather than opt for this weird mess that's going on up in there, but production's all-in on the (pre) Byronic hero look at this point, I suppose. OTOH, Demelza's hair looks glorious this season, which--as a wig-hater--I attribute mostly to its being Eleanor Tomlinson's own (albeit dyed), instead of some creepy fake thing. Also, her skin is incandescent and somehow never looks like there's a stitch of makeup on it. Her stylists on the show deserve all the Emmys.
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