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  1. spaceghostess

    S03.E01: Chapter One: Suzie, Do You Copy?

    Cueing Comic Book Guy voice again to point out it was DAWN of the Dead that took place in the mall, but since that one was released in 1978, I guess TPTB figured Day of the Dead (released in 1985), would make more sense timewise. Anyway, it still stands as a roundabout homage . . . I always like the music references on this show, but it felt kinda heavy handed this time? A song playing over what felt like every other scene was too much of a good thing for me. Weirdly, this episode made me appreciate my parents' strictness with us more than I generally do. I was the exact same age as the Stranger Things kids when this takes place, with my brother just a bit older than Jonathan and my sister a couple years older than that. And yeah, the mall was a thing, but my hanging out there at thirteen/fourteen would've happened over my mom's dead body. She was sure I'd be corrupted (morally and/ or materially) and possibly kidnapped. So my early-teens summers were wholesomely spent at sleepaway camp, riding my bike, babysitting (any of which would have gotten me brutally murdered in an '80s horror movie) and reading (yup, nerd). I'd log plenty of time in the mall within a couple years, anyway, working at (a) one of those stores with the giant tubes of candy people would gorge on without paying and inevitably spill all over the floor and (b) at The Limited (where female employees were required to dress like low-budget Heathers). Any girls who drove would walk each other to the parking lot after work for safety's sake; the rest would hang out together 'til our rides (and/or boyfriends) arrived to pick us up. Because there were some skeeeeevy characters hanging around up in there. Mom, you were right. ETA: I feel Steve and Robin's pain: I worked summers and after school at no less than eight different retail jobs, including bakery, pharmacy, movie theater (the best!!), the aforementioned candy store and The Limited (the worst!!), and three different bookstores. The major difference, fortunately for me, is that I did get to go to college--locally, so I could work and save my parents' dorm costs--but still. I get the feeling this is just a summer gig for Robin. Poor Steve, tho. 😞
  2. spaceghostess

    S02.E02: Tell Tale Hearts

    I'll third this (also complained in one of the threads last season) and totally agree that Chloe's bedtime apology is one of the only times she seemed her age. And they then had to ruin that with the gag of having her ask for her phone. I have an eight-year old, and Chloe really makes me appreciate that he behaves like an actual second-to-third grader rather than a wiseass junior-high kid (despite having a 13-year-old brother). Maybe it's the fact that I won't let him have a phone, heh. Amabella's behavior seems age-appropriate to me (Bonnie and Nathan's little girl, too) but the show's focus on Renata as a helicopter mom detracts from this somewhat. I can't fault the Chloe actress--she does a great job portraying this kid as I imagine she's being directed to do. Such a great job, in fact, that I "see" her as much older than second grade. She honestly seems at least fourth or fifth grade to me; a mini-Madeline. The boys also seem "older" to me this season, Ziggy, especially. But Chloe's the one I find most distractingly precocious. I think I'm one of the few who actually doesn't mind Abigail, who's spot-on for her age.
  3. spaceghostess

    A Discovery Of Witches

    Liked for your comment about TB and PD--they hurt my feelings, too. 😞 And Goode is why I watched this whole thing in, like, three days, when I'm not even that crazy about it. He's a yummy treat. I just wish Theresa Palmer had a little more (or any?) charisma. I mean, don't make Matthew do all the heavy lifting himself. Unless all the heavy lifting is done shirtless. Also, a little humor in the scripts wouldn't go amiss.
  4. Yup, the transplanted Tri-staters are just about the only thing that gives me hope for down there. I always enjoy Mets/Marlins broadcasts because it's like watching a home game. And wow, Boris Johnson. Way to fail upward. ETA: Speaking of the Metsies, Ollie was at a game a couple weeks ago and was gracious enough to give a little interview from his seat. He's a legit Mets fan (a holdover from Jon Stewart's "No Yankees Fans" mandate for The Daily Show staff, heh). Anyway it was his son's first trip to the ballpark, awww. 🙂
  5. spaceghostess

    Veronica Mars Revival

    I totally get what you're saying and feel much the same way. It hasn't managed to dim my enthusiasm for the reboot thus far, but it'll be a concerted effort for me to compartmentalize the Scientology thing enough to "forget" during JD's scenes. I mostly think it's sad he was indoctrinated into the cult at such a young age that there's little chance he'll ever leave. I remember reading some pretty damning tweets (with which I completely agreed) regarding Scientology from KB after Going Clear premiered on HBO. I wondered what JD thought about those comments, if he read them. I guess it didn't affect their working relationship, which is cool on both sides, but it would drive me crazy to know someone I cared about was mired in that shit.
  6. spaceghostess


    Nah, that wasn't The Titlicker, it was Con Stapleton. I think The Original Shit Stirrer (TM Al Lowe) made a fleeting appearance, though, didn't he? A line or two at Tom Nuttall's, yes? I'll have to collect my thoughts and maybe watch again before commenting further, but what in the actual fuck, Harry? We left in him in season 3 gazing awestruck at the fire engine (wagon?) Nuttall had ordered for them to start their rental business. Guess it didn't work out, but a couple of lines indicating how he became embittered/corruptible enough to murder Bullock in cold blood wouldn't have gone amiss. I mean, he was never the sharpest tool in the shed, but I didn't peg him for something like this. Which was the point, I suppose, but it still felt a bit too much out of left field for me.
  7. spaceghostess


    Avoiding reading recent posts until I watch the movie tonight, but I had to drop in with an Ian McShane alert: Streaming now on Pluto TV's Mystery Science Theater 3000 channel--Code Name: Diamondhead, starring the man himself as a master of disguise and espionage! I think this episode dates back to when Lovejoy was still a thing, because that's the riff he gets pretty much immediately. The real "star" of this cheesy made-for-TV joint is Ray Thinnes, if you can believe that. I've watched this episode multiple times because (a) funny and (b) IM = young and gorgeous (when he's not got latex prosthetics stuck to his face). ETA: IM in this movie bears a startling resemblance to Rufus Sewell at around the same age. This is not a bad thing.
  8. spaceghostess


    A thousand times ^this^. And it only gets better with age (mine). I was trying to explain to my kids (too young to watch) how the show managed to amalgamate the best and worst of human character into such a dark yet funny yet unaccountably beautiful thing. But of course, such alchemy defies explanation; hoopleheaded folly on my part to even attempt it.
  9. spaceghostess

    Game Of Thrones In The Media

    Yes, I'd imagine the place where he's rehabbing is very secluded and probably right on the Long Island Sound, so he'll have beautiful water views, plus the white noise of the (small) waves. I'm a transplanted New Yorker and consider myself very lucky to now call these parts home. We're in Mystic, and I always say to my kids that it's like living in a postcard. 🙂
  10. spaceghostess

    Game Of Thrones In The Media

    Yikes, poor Kit. Good that he's dealing with it before jumping into any other big projects, though. I was hanging out with friends over the weekend and one remarked that he was spotted at the bookstore mentioned in the article. I couldn't figure out why he'd be there, of all places. Now we know why. The store's in a cute little town next door to the one where the rehab is. It's about half an hour from where I live, and my bestie and I go to the arts cinema there all the time. He made a good choice; that part of the shoreline is beautiful and quite peaceful, even during the high season. Many of our towns and villages up here date back to the Revolution (or earlier) and are very similar in layout and feel to English villages, so that might be nice for him. I hope people continue to respect his privacy and that he gets the peace he needs.
  11. spaceghostess


    Just finished 1.10 in my rewatch. The reverend is breaking my heart just as much as first time around. Al's rage about it; Seth and Sol's compassion. Just everything. Goddammit, Show. ETA: It's killing me that I can't find my Glarkware "Wu's Discount Meats" tee. Cocksuckin' house move. @David T. Cole, I'd part with a fair amount of cash if you have any old ones collecting dust.
  12. spaceghostess


    With cocksuckin' Game of Thrones done, it's time for my Deadwood rewatch. I'm still pinching myself re: the movie. Can't wait!
  13. Hey, Deadwood--a show I'm pretty sure only 200 people (including me) watched--ended 15 years ago and its movie premieres May 31. So anything is possible.
  14. spaceghostess

    Game Of Thrones In The Media

    IKR? Of course they'll be employable--because the quality of their work over eight seasons speaks for itself and neither bad writing nor a petition complaining about bad writing will change that. My brother--a producer--can vouch for this. I guarantee he'd be more than happy to have GoT alumni on his crew.
  15. spaceghostess

    Game Of Thrones In The Media

    Yup, art is subjective. And art has triggered public reactions, both positive and negative, for centuries. "Tantrums" and "demands" will yield whatever result they yield, which, in this case, will likely be nothing but a 1.5 million-person vent. It'll be interesting to see if more comes of it. The "line" you mention is your personal line. If you want to be angry about people being angry about Game of Thrones, have at it. This is all free speech. I was just saying that it doesn't make me angry that people signed a petition and I don't judge them for it. YMMV, and obviously does.