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  1. My dad had both of the doohickies you mentioned to clean his instruments, but not the thing they showed. I was wondering if that’s a newer tool; it’s definitely more streamlined and nicer looking than what I’ve seen. So Jan was second chair after all. Or she is now…
  2. ^This.^ My dad was a bassoonist* with the Metropolitan Opera for 30+ years and could play pretty much anything by ear. I remember him endlessly practicing a passage from Carmen only to drift off into “Pennies from Heaven” (speaking of Steve Martin) or some other standard. Needless to say, I LOVE the bassoon of it all and hope Jan is endgame for Charles and not up to anything nefarious! *Second chair! He didn’t go for first chair, even when it became available, because he didn’t want the pressure. Also, back then you had to audition for the position even if you’d been there for years,
  3. I’m also suspicious of him because . . . I just am. He’s too nice and has had just enough scenes and lines so far that I can’t rule him out as an Agatha Christie-style, “What, that guy? Really???” suspect.
  4. One of my favorite lines from this show so far was in last week’s episode: Oliver: “Don’t stand so close to Sting.” https://youtu.be/KNIZofPB8ZM
  5. Thanks for that! One of my all-time favorite movie twists!
  6. I love this show so much and give it a ton of credit for being brave enough to dig deeper into characters and reveal some pretty grim stuff. It’s a a gamble in that for every Jamie, whom I don’t think I’ll ever really be able to dislike again, you can also end up with a Nate, whom I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to like again. My issue with Nate is that he didn’t bank anywhere near enough good-guy points in season 1 for me to tolerate his toxic asshattery this season and root for him to come out the other side a better man. I’m not sure if this is because it’s easier to redeem a bad boy than to
  7. Oh, that sounds amazing. And the suits of armor—very Midsomer-ish!!
  8. I began a MM binge yesterday — several episodes got me through the tedious double-whammy of sorting through papers for my taxes AND for taking my ex to family court (again, some more). It’s the perfect thing to have on in the background during mindless, un-fun tasks. I’m halfway through Garden of Death, but particularly enjoyed Beyond the Grave (last ep of season 3) because of the always-great Prunella Scales, aka Sybil Fawlty. My ex-sister in law, with whom I still have a good relationship because she recognizes that her brother is a shitbag and I am not, lives in East Sussex — a part of
  9. I’m thinking they know in the back (or front) of their minds that it’s there, but—like many evangelicals do re: Trump’s alleged rapes and sexual assaults of so many women—they hand-wave it in favor of their twisted idea of 8chan as a platform for Q’s “patriotic” voice. I also have the impression that they go along with whatever their husbands rubber-stamp, so...
  10. I’m right there with you. When watching, I find myself in a weird mental space of zoning out during some of the coding/passwords/server wonkery; muttering profanities during every single interview with every single Q-Tuber and random Q followers; and feeling deep rage whenever Ron or Jim Watkins are onscreen, which is SO MUCH. But I feel like it’s important to know about this. But knowing about this feels totally gross. Tonight’s two episodes made me so fucking angry, I can’t even. The Watkinses are such vile nihilists, and probably sociopaths. They make my skin crawl and I wish they’d do
  11. I’m so with you on the bad spelling; I was clenching my teeth.
  12. Too true re: the haircuts. The interviews with the abandoned family members of the cult, especially that poor woman who lost both her parents, were heartbreaking. The people who remain true believers like Sawyer are also really sad. Heaven’s Gate checked most of the boxes, except “money/property for leader.” (Sure, they found nice houses to rent, but it didn’t seem like any of them, including Applewhite, were living high on the hog). This makes it—in my mind, at least—more Manson Family-adjacent than others like Scientology and Nxium, which have/had a pyramid-scheme structure that drained
  13. Wow. The finale made it really hard for me to remain loyal to my FORMER notion that Jeffrey probably isn’t guilty. Proof of his mountain of white-collar crime and apparently constant lying to Barbara, not to mention his doubling down on gaslighting and/or talking shit about anyone—living or dead—who questions him about ANYTHING makes him stink to high heaven. Manipulating those closest to him, refusing to take responsibility for anything, turning nasty on a dime, and being incapable of engagement, not mention introspection, on any serious matter are such classic hallmarks of a narcissist.
  14. Ah, I forgot they were still in court about the child support and other money (duh)! I totally buy the protracted and bitter battle over that, as I had a divorce trial over custody and support (my ex didn’t want to pay any AT ALL when he makes at least three times what I do [when he feels like working]) and we’ve been in and out of court multiple times since the divorce was finalized because of his delinquency. He’s currently 8k in arrears and also refuses to pay for the kids’ extracurriculars or contribute to any school-related expenses. I expect to have to bring him to court again soon becau
  15. This has been a really interesting watch for me, for many reasons, not the least of which are the weird family dynamics and the fact that the murder took place in Madison (WHY do you name your kid after the place where you’re raising him? 🙄), which is about half-an-hour south of where I live in Connecticut and has an excellent indie cinema where friends and I met for movies regularly, pre-‘rona. I actually like the production values of this doc, particularly the art direction and Madison’s use of sound bites from old films and/or radio describing idyllic settings and how to raise perfect
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