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  1. Avabelle

    SEAL Team

    I haven’t watched yet but I didn’t think the move to streaming would have impacted the production of show? Bar giving them freedom for maybe some curse words I thought the show would have stayed the same more or less.
  2. Agree. I’m not particularly religious but marriage was always important to me. To some it’s just a piece of a paper but to me it was a symbol and celebration of commitment to each other. I absolutely respect other people don’t feel the need but I would want my partner to be on the same page as me. I’d also expect my expect my views of marriage to be respected in the same way I respect the views of those who feel differently.
  3. Avabelle

    Station 19

    I stopped watching this season after two because I could not stand Andy, her dad and the show constantly telling us how amazing Andy was. What happened to her trying to be and insisting she should be captain? Was that dropped in favour of Maya taking over?
  4. I was just thinking this. Maybe because season 2/3 were the show at its best.
  5. I was just coming to post about this. I wasn’t surprised to see that Emmy and Emma may not have gotten along. I noticed they didn’t keep in touch on socials. I wonder if the rest of the cast felt the same.
  6. Agree. Maybe she’s just nostalgic and I appreciate her honesty since in the one tree hill podcast they don’t mention Chad and Sophia at all BUT it definetly comes off too intimate at times as though they’re still close.
  7. I haven’t watched this show in forever. Why is the Darden mother in prison. I know she got arrested in season two but I thought it was resolved and they moved away.
  8. Please god. I’m disappointed we’ll never get a Jackie/Hyde ending but I’ll happily take her being single
  9. Once again as maybe i need to put a disclaimer on my posts, I don’t think it means or excuses anything Ross did. I’m just pointing out that Mark did like Rachel and proceeded to ask her out once she was single. He wasn’t a villain or trying to sabotage her relationship but he was ready to jump in as the consoling friend once the cracks started showing. Again, doesn’t excuse Ross cheating, its just an observation.
  10. You’re quoting me to make your point but I don’t think I said there was anything wrong with Mark having ulterior motives. I was just pointing out that while Mark was a nice guy, he did have feelings for Rachel. Ross torpedoed the relationship all by himself but the suspicion about Mark being into her was correct.
  11. I think knowing that two of the big names were leaving and likely gave notice to at they were leaving they should have ended the show. They had had a good run. What they ended up doing just meant the show went out with a limp and although I loved the majority of seasons I mainly remember the crappy last series as it was just so bad.
  12. I agree about Mark. He was biding his time because he knew her and Ross weren’t compatible and close to the brink. I think he was a nice guy but I also think he had ulterior motives.
  13. Im Annoyed as wanted Hyde and Jackie to end up together and this would have been a good opportunity to at least reference that happened offscreen.
  14. So she can hook up with Linc and create draaaama!
  15. One of the truest things about Nics death is the sudden devastation and shock and how sometimes life makes no sense and you’ve no control. I really hope the show can resist the urge to fuck this up by turning it into a season long mystery where Conrad needs to investigate and avenge her death. That would be just be eye rolling.
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