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  1. Ugh this Michael Costello drama will End up going in her favour.
  2. Yeah the SNL set definitely seems to Be a nerve wracking environment.
  3. Chase is an ass but I think there was two of them in it and fuelled by the fact that the cast hated Chevy and were probably egging Bill on it all came to blows. I don’t believe one was more innocent I think it’s a tale of two assholes only Bill comes off more charming.
  4. I loved the first two (?) seasons but it lost me on the final season with the emphasis increasing on Penny and trying to show her as a better match for the guy played by Zak Knighton than Alex. I haven’t seen any of the cast go on to anything better which is a shame.
  5. I think she’ll be come back from this but wow, what a nasty person looking at her past tweets. Just cruel and spiteful.
  6. Or even if that’s not the intention annoying shippers start stanning and it almost always takes over the direction of the show or story.
  7. When is the air date? I couldn’t find it anywhere..
  8. Chloe Fineman cast in Father of the Bride Remake with Andy Garcia. While character details are being kept under wraps, sources tell THR that Fineman will play the movie’s resident wedding planner. (Martin Short famously played the part as Franck Eggelhoffer in the 1991 Nancy Myers-penned movie.) Depending on the new project’s take, the role has the potential to be a scene-stealer.
  9. Are Jane and Thor unpopular? Aww I always liked them.
  10. Well this is definitely interesting. Hopefully we’ll get some good gossip. Sophia Bush, Hilarie Burton-Morgan and Bethany Joy Lenz have reunited to relive and "reclaim" nine seasons of their beloved CW teen soap with a new iHeartRadio podcastDrama Queens, PEOPLE can exclusively reveal.
  11. I really wish I understood the industry more. What does this mean? Still, MGM would’ve made money on Clarice with a Season 2 run on Paramount+. Instead, it would now be walking away with a loss from deficit-financing a show canceled after one season, one of the worst scenarios in the broadcast network business.
  12. I didn’t mind the PS crossovers because at least Haas was involved in both so the characters were reasonably true to themselves. Anything crossover with Ames though was always awful because the showrunners of Med clearly didn’t watch Fire or PD so characters popping to Med would always be so out of character. Also, Med had always been the shittiest of the three.
  13. I loved Clarke... til they sent him over to Med and completely rewrote the character.
  14. I just feel between Wanda, Falcon and Winter Soldier and now Loki I’m all Marvel’d out.
  15. I hate the Morning Show because I think Reese Witherspoon is awful and miscast in it so I stopped watching after a few episodes. Jennifer seemed pretty good in it though.
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