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  1. Another cast addition - Michael Stahl David. Stahl-David will play Caleb, a cocky resident with half the experience but twice the confidence of the other residents, all who outrank him. Wech executive produces with Urman and Joanna Klein via Sutton St. Productions and Davis. Stahl-David is known for his roles as Kenneth in The Deuce and Chris Feistl on Narcos and for his work in feature Cloverfield. He recently wrapped a recurring role on Fox drama series Almost Family. He’s repped by ICM Partners and Greenlight Management. https://deadline.com/2021/01/michael-stahl-david-joins-cbs-drama-pilot-good-sam-1234680690/
  2. I did enjoy this and although Emily is pretty lame and one note I think that Lily Collins is charming enough to make the character work. The character played by a less likeable actress could have bulldozed the series. For some reason I feel this could easily have ended up in Britt Robertson’s lap and it would have been awfuL. having said that - Emily and Gabriel have treated Camille like shit. I could kind of forgive Emily but Gabriel I’m meh on despite him being gorgeous. Realistically if you start off that way you’d never be able to trust the guy.
  3. The brother reveal was hilarious and kind of saved the fact that Gabriel is starting to seem like a bit of a scumbag given how he’s clearly ready and willing to cheat on Camille with a girl she considers to be her friend.
  4. My bad I’ll change it now - I actually thought it was the same film. The
  5. Asia Argento has accused Rob Cohen of rape while filming Xxx. According to the article he gave her ghb and she woke up naked in his bed. “It’s the first time I’m talking about Cohen,” Argento told the Milan daily. “He abused me, making me drink GHB, he had a bottle of it,” she said, referring to the fast-acting anaesthetic with a history of use in date rape. https://www.google.ie/amp/s/variety.com/2021/film/news/asia-argento-rob-cohen-sexual-assault-accusations-1234890955/amp/
  6. It’s Payton. She’s always the victim.
  7. Are we meant to be rooting for Emily and Gabriel?? As soon as they introduced the girlfriend I was out - the three of them frolicking around Paris with the Emily and Gabriel making eyes at each other while she looks on obliviously didn’t further endear either of them.
  8. Sorry guys but what’s SWORD? I’ve seen all the marvel films but find it hard to keep up with it all. I never watched Agents of Shield so not sure if it’s from that? this show is so good. It started slowly with only a few snippets of information in the first two episodes but episode three was good. My theory was that Wanda has gone mad over the loss of Vision in the movies and has created this alternate universe where they’re together and leading an idyllic life. It’s obviously way more complicated though as I don’t know where Hydra fits into it or why people like Geraldine are infiltrating the dream world unless it’s causing damage to the real world..
  9. I can’t look at Bells stepson without being reminded of how annoying the actor was on How to Get Away with Murder. By the scenes we’ve had so far I’ve a feeling he’s going to be more or less the same. Devon was right in telling the congresswoman that she wasted their time by lying to them. I feel like season one Conrad would have said the same but St. Conrad of season three onwards of course understands all issues.
  10. Yeah agree - the Steve from his first episode was a great match for Miranda. The Steve she ended up felt more then a little like settling. .... having said that - something about them just worked for me regardless of his dumbing down. Miranda was practical and not looking for constant drama and stomach flips like Carrie so it doesn’t surprise me that she would have happily ended up with Steve who she had a deep rooted friendship and history with. It just took Brady to finally get her in a place where she accepted that.
  11. I wonder if Emily Van Camp is pregnant - my only reason for this is that I didn’t think we’d get a baby this early on. All Rise added a pregnancy to accommodate the star expecting in real life.
  12. 2021 tv nominees. I reckon The Flight Attendant will get some Globe nominations also. https://www.google.ie/amp/s/ew.com/awards/critics-choice-awards-2021-tv-nominations/%3famp=true
  13. I’ll miss the red carpet as can’t imagine any scenario in which that would be a possibility.
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