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  1. Ok so the cast have all commented now bar Nathan and Jeanine. Heather Hemmens who plays Maria the character at the Center of so much of the backlash doesn’t appear to share the same beef with Carina as the fans do on her behalf. Her message is pretty much I’ll follow you anywhere vibes. So just the two show stars left to comment, if they do at all. Given Mackenzie called Jeanine out on her instagram I’d say she was hoping for some sort of acknowledgement. On another note, did Jeanine and Nathan date at the start of the show? Or were they just doing a lot of press together.
  2. I think it’s great she’s being called out but I also think he should be careful if he wants to further his career. Not because I think she has any clout but moreso because his responses seem emotional and personal. While I get where he’s coming from, other show runners could hinder him a liability.
  3. Who is Kamran pasha? Was he a writer? i genuinely think Carina thought hitching herself to tHe gay couple would make her untouchable. That way anyone disagreeing with her she could call out as homophobic/bigoted. Somewhere along the way though she seemed to get even more big headed and took it upon herself to be become the speaker of the LGBT community.
  4. Who knows. I’m kind of curious to see what happens next. I suppose she could go back to writing for Plec again. Isn’t Legacies still going? All her friendships especially that of Amell/Arrow/Aisha Tyler crew have always reeked fake and for mutual benefit to me. I’m actually kind of curious to see If they’ll last now she’s out of a job.
  5. I’m not familiar with this lake. How is there so much debris in it? Should people be allowed swim in it at all?
  6. I honestly feel like the BTS drama would have been within the writing/productions teams. I don’t believe there was issues with the cast mainly because her main priority always seems to be shoving her head up the nearest celebrity in sights ass. I remember her back when she was a writer for zap2it and she got taken in by the Vampire Diaries cast and show runners and somehow became the apparent voice of the entire fandom. It went to her head then and now she’s that more entitled times ten. All the complaints about her aside I think she could have gotten away with it but I think she went to far with the attack on ITV. It was the epitome of unprofessional.
  7. Also it sounds like the wanted to be in New Mexico posting Instagram stories of her hanging out with the cast rather than in LA writing and actually running the show. The more I think about it the more moronic her outburst at ITV is. I know she’s trying to pass it off as her being woke and defending the LGBT community but given that clearly wasn’t ITVs intent it just looks childish and crazy unprofessional. Imagine how embarrassing it must have been for WB to discuss this with ITV given it’s the actual showrunner.
  8. I feel like people are leaning towards suicide because they want some sort of reason Or understanding for what’s otherwise just a sad and cruel tragedy. that and the fact that she’s had a few personal issues in the past (who hasn’t, hers seem tame) and drama follows Glee.
  9. I remember those tweets and thought that was a huge accusation to throw at a itv. Especially as it seemed like more of an emotional reaction to being obsessed with a ship then anything else. I can’t think of another showrunner who would be that unprofessional... or dumb. Even her role model Julie Plec. So far all the responses from the actors are about how amazing she is. Jeanine, Nathan and Heather haven’t commented.
  10. She specifically called out the Jeanine rumours in her Instagram account. It would be interesting to see if any of the stars acknowledge her departure. jesus the Hollywood reporter article paints her in a terrible light... According to multiple insiders, the first-time showrunner's relationship with studio Warner Bros. Television had been strained for some time. One of the latest points of contention came late last month when MacKenzie, who created the soapy drama renewed for a third season in January, fired off a series of tweets. One source, in particular, says that Warner Bros. had to do "damage control" with a foreign distributor after MacKenzie accused ITV in the U.K. of homophobia, biphobia and bigotry for cutting selective sex scenes from her show. A spokesperson for ITV2, the channel that aired the episode of Roswell in the U.K., disputes MacKenzie's characterization of the editing, however. "During our compliance process on episode two, we edited love scenes featuring the characters of Alex and Michael and Max and Jenna," said the rep. "Editing is only ever undertaken to ensure content is suitable for scheduling in a pre watershed time slot when younger age groups may be watching. Scenes involving sexual content were edited in keeping with the regulator, Ofcom's, guidelines."
  11. What actors does she not get on with? I could imagine them all hating her behind her back but it seems pretty sweet and fake on Instagram. And a voided studio deal means they cut her completely doesn’t it? Because that’s pretty big I would think..
  12. Wow that was her first showrunner gig as well - I suppose fair play if she wasn’t happy but I dono that I could see her getting that kind of opportunity again. Especially as it doesn’t sound like she’s left on good terms. Her instagram post message addressing it Plays out in her usual obnoxious style. She manages to Her usual name drop - this time it’s Jeanine.
  13. Agreed on reasons stated for why she wanted him back. I think she wanted to fix the hurt she caused.. but instead caused more. I think regardless of the affair though Aidan wanted a traditional wife with kids that she Wouldn’t have been into so I think it would have ended up the same regardless. She just caused a lot more hurt with the cheating. Not to mention Bringing big to the cabin. Aaaaaaaaah! It’s up there with the “Charlotte, buy me my apartment” episode.
  14. I can overlook it on Account of being relieved we didn’t have to listen to her bitch and whine at Annie for the episode.
  15. Finally finished it - although I’m rooting for Jack and Mel - I think it’s moreso out of preference for the actor as I really don’t like the character Jack. I don’t think the Charmaine drama did him any favours. He just came off as spineless and slightly passive aggressive. I know I was meant to dislike Charmaine but I felt bad for her. Had she been played by a better actress I might have even liked her. Could care less about Preacher and Paige. I found Preacher a pain especially in his aggressiveness toward Brady.
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