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  1. Eliza422

    S11.E09: L.A.D.P.!

    These LAPD sketches were BOR...ING. i could not wait for them to be over...oof.
  2. Eliza422

    S11.E06: The Draglympics

    I’m not the biggest fan of Scarlett, but she was amazing in this lip sync! Raja has done this 3x now. I thought it was her time to go. in fact, I liked their team’s dance routine better than the other. More enjoyable and funny to me. Oh well.
  3. Eliza422

    Buddy vs. Duff

    If you look at the hot styles of cakes right now, they are often minimalist, with dramatic shapes, colors and often just one star element, like one bunch of flowers, or a geometric highlight. And of course, personalization. Duff is definitely on trend.
  4. Eliza422

    Buddy vs. Duff

    I think the key to Buddy’s actions are his factory like approach to baking. I’m not saying they wouldn’t taste great, but when you are churning out 50 wedding cakes a week you get the cookie cutter, generic approach. You aren’t going to get a personalized, meaningful cake design. I think that’s what duff meant when he said buddy was more concerned about how much he would make in a cake. He doesn’t seem to take an artistic approach, but a very pragmatic approach. I loved Duff’s cake 1000%, non painted bottoms and all. As Is I would take it.
  5. Eliza422

    Will & Grace

    It also reminded me of a lot of conversations going on around civil rights - African American people being tired of having to constantly explain / defend themselves. It was almost an exact quote of many posts on twitter/IG over the past few months. When can a person ever rest and just "be"?
  6. Eliza422


    Back when Hoarders was originally on I was following a few bloggers who were destashing deceased relatives' hoards and how immensely difficult it was, especially for ones like Dale. When you are just an average schmo (not a tv show) there are huge hurdles to get stuff hauled away / put into landfill / etc. Many towns now limit how much you can throw out and what you can throw out. It sounded just absolutely exhausting. I can see why his family was so anxious to get Hoarders in - if they handled all the big stuff like the cars and construction debris the house itself wouldn't be so bad. Not to mention dealing with things like all the hazardous bio material, dead animals, and insect infestations when you are a civilian.
  7. Eliza422

    The Toe Bro

    interesting! I was questioning the healing time for some of the more extreme procedures - and the way he digs around with those sharp tools I can't believe you could heal in just a few days!
  8. Eliza422

    Buddy vs. Duff

    this is a perfect encapsulation of how Buddy always was - and he even mentioned being on the original challenge shows! This week's cake was exactly what he used to do - build an absurdly large stacked cake with some decorative elements that show no creativity what so ever - go for the most obvious. The only nice thing about his cake was the dancer. I do have to admit that for the first challenge I would have liked Buddy's better if it was just a treat to eat. I don't like absurdly complicated desserts, so basic doughnuts would be my preference. But this was not just something to eat, it was a competition, so again it was absurd that Buddy won. He's also such a bad sport - not competitive in a fun way like Duff, but in a mean, nasty way. Boy do I hate that guy. Duff better win this whole thing.
  9. Eliza422

    Buddy vs. Duff

    I remember back in the old cake competitions food network used to have (where they had 8 hours, the cakes were prebaked, Kerry Vincent was one of the judges...the good old days) Buddy was on several and I always hated him then too, and this is years ago! He would always make absolutely huge cakes that to my eye never really followed the challenges. He is definitely one of those "size matters" people - it was true all those years ago and it's true now. I've watched some cake boss, I've watched his next great baker show, nothing he's done has ever made me like him. And I can't stand how he says "FON DONT"...ug...
  10. Eliza422

    The Toe Bro

    I was simultaneously horrified and fascinated by this show. I don't understand for that last guy with the really big infected toes how another doctor saw that and went "meh". I mean, come on! Even if they weren't as bad as on this show, a constant running infection is nothing to ignore. I am lucky I've never had a problem with ingrown toenails. I always thought those were when a little corner at the top grew in, not the entire nail. I'm ashamed I put this on series record - I'm repulsed but hooked.
  11. Eliza422

    S11.E01: Whatcha Unpackin?

    I agree - she at least was an interesting queen. I don't have any real negative feelings for Kahana Montrese (??) but she seemed very run of the mill - nothing interesting or unique about her. Her introductory outfit had to be one of the ugliest things ever to walk through that door - and her makeup! Ouch! It was top to bottom a hideous makeup job.
  12. Eliza422

    Kids Baking Championship

    I think that this particular challenge is showing that the kids really don't have a lot of baking experience / skill. Monkey bread? Really? Some of the kids really don't know what they are doing in any way at all. Paige (?) or Madison (?) constantly opening her oven for the second week in a row, juice instead of a sauce, the unsweetened chocolate, it was really just a shit show from a baking POV. The pointless twists don't help either. I don't mind having a kids' baking competition, but we have to stop the charade that this is a high level of quality baking.
  13. I’m so over this format! It has been the worst decision to do all stars this way. I don’t even care who wins now - it shout have been Manila just like it should have been Shangela last time (given De La eliminated herself). so fucked up! another asterisk win this year.
  14. Eliza422

    Will & Grace

    I was wondering if that was really her - I didn't know that she was a singer, and her Karen voice is so crazy I didn't think both sounds could come out of her mouth! Other than that, this was a really weird episode - I wish the three story lines hadn't been so disjointed. Wouldn't it have been wonderful to have the other 3 see Karen sing like that? Or all 4 of them get high? Or Will call Grace on her stupidity with her sister?
  15. Eliza422

    Worst Cooks In America

    I'm glad Antoinette is gone because of her constant screaming. In this episode alone she ran back and forth to the oven literally waving her arms and screaming, she was screaming by the stove...just unbearable.