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  1. I can’t believe that Colin Robinson is dead. I did expect him to pop up again so I gasped when Nandor smushed his face. I think he is going to respawn, or one of his clones will wake up, something. I mean really, we’re depending on Laslo to get something like that right? On a different note, I felt like David Cross was channeling Billy Crystal a bit, especially from The Princess Bride. Poor Nandor, no respect! Ann Rice’s Lestat did a super slumber in his book, so it wasn’t that strange - of course Lestat didn’t get molested!
  2. My first exposure to Matt Berry was in the IT Crowd, and I was continually blown away by his voice in that show. He plays a histrionic over the top character there too - I just adore him!
  3. I don't think in real life anyone is concerned that there are multiple textures in cake - I've not thought "Gee, if only there was something crunchy in here!" The cake normal people eat is soft and that's it. It might be a bit denser like pound cake (which is OK!) or drier (which is OK! not every cake has to be gloopy).
  4. As with all the episodes, this one gets better and better with subsequent viewings. There is just so much detail in there.
  5. I loved this episode, I immediately watched it a second time. I also gasped when the guy's head flew off, it was just such a surprise. I also loved Nandor's facial expression when he's sitting on the bed with Colin talking about the universe theory...just a perfect "mind blown" look.
  6. I agree - I think he is a great kid! I think he is definitely outclassed by the others, but he is so fun that he is my out and out favorite. This has actually been a good group all behaviour wise - no real divas in the group this time. I have to admit to crying when Devon left. He is also a great kid in a different way. He seems like a sweet, gentle boy. Another fave of mine for different reasons. I just wanted to hug him so hard.
  7. Omg, I thought I recognized Appa! I was confused because I’ve only seen him in the sitcom with the accent. I knew he didn’t really have the accent, but I’ve never heard him otherwise. cool!
  8. I hate pickles of any type or persuasion - I have since I was a child. The people who said above they faint everything is absolutely right. but I’m not a food judge! Suck it up Paul!!
  9. I just read the recipe and my first thought was, that only produces 20 brownies??? But dang do they look good.
  10. I forget who the contestant is because I'll be damned if I'm wasting any brain space on that, but the one who made the stitched together head? The entire time all I kept thinking it was a C3PO head! Even after he painted it a pink flesh color, I still thought it.
  11. I agree - my very first thought was monster under the bed...I don't really think of drowning as a claustrophobia problem. I have a feeling their original brief was something different.
  12. Oh man, I love Richard Ayoade! I'll have to look up that show.
  13. Those had to be the worst selection of - can we even use the word? - croquenbouche I've ever seen. And that includes the winning one. Of course part of the problem is they had to include the candy pour thing AND an animal (?) theme AND a fence AND the extra flavor AND it's only 2 hours. that's a lot on the shoulders of cream puffs and this group of loser bakers.
  14. I can only take so much Carla - I did see her when she was on Top Chef and I feel she is overrated. Too much "hooty hoo" and all that nonsense. The thing about being a good host is IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU!!! Food Network brings out the worst of her qualities. I don't like the change to one challenge. Frankly, it was boring as hell. I didn't think that I would feel that way, but a whole hour dedicated to a bunch of shitty cakes didn't really keep my attention. And for fuck's sake I'm tired of the twists - and now they've added more! Ug.... I am so sad we don't get Lorraine this season - I
  15. I've just rewatched all of Endeavour (sans the pilot episode) over the past week since Amazon is showing 1 - 6 on prime. It is so long between seasons, and each is only 4 - 6 episodes long, that I had really forgotten how it all started, how the characters interacted, all of it. It made even more disappointed in this most recent season. The Ludo/Violetta was the merest whisper of a story, nothing that could really last over 3 measly episodes. The whole walkway killer plot line was weird and meandered and ended up with a 'wtf' from me. Chris Sullivan Site, who does wonderful reviews a
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