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  1. FrenchCheese

    Tennis Thread

    The president of the French federation wants to have control over what people are wearing before Roland Garros. And yes it is a bag of bullshit but he is getting a lot of backlash over his comment. First because of course the comment he is making has to be about a woman suit and not the atrocity that some men are wearing. And there is a lot of example even by french players. But what can we expect from a 60 years old white man that is president of a french sport federation (yes it seems like a position that can only be occupied by an old white man in France). And second because it is to do like Wimbledon. It's been a couple of years that French tennis seems to be jealous of Wimbledon were traditions are respected. So if we have to create traditions the catsuit has to go I guess.
  2. I think it is also goofy and fun. One young french girl did almost the same in the moguls event. Both of them were not expecting to win it and both of them did not know what they were supposed to do. So they forgot to remove their goggles. And once you are in the media zone and one journalist make the remark, it's too late and you look like a fool. She decided to make a joke out of it and good for her. I also love her reaction to the cameraman who keep telling her this is not a joke or a mistake.
  3. Best: - Norway besting everyone in the medal count again (they had a bad year in Sotchi) - All the below 20 years old winning a gold medal because every time I see their joy I have a smile on my face (and I don't care where they are from) - All the biathlon races especially the craziness in the team relays (and all the french medals too especially Marie Dorin Habert on her last year in sport). Worst: - figure skating and all the weird scoring ( the bonus points that make a program without any jump for a full minutes a smart thing, the head of the Canada federation as a judge in the ice dancing event): I don't care anymore about the sport because it is always the same thing - all the doping cases (the ones already discovered and the ones waiting to happen) - The woman snowbord slopstyle event: those women could not show what they were capable of just because TV is more important than their safety.
  4. @mtlchick, they already have a baby girl together. Domracheva did come back from maternity leave in february last year (if I remember correctly).
  5. He must do a good job. Belarus women team just won the gold in the team event.
  6. Biathlon competitions are almost finished as only team relays for women and men are the only 2 remaining. After living 5 years in Norway, this event has become my favorite in the Winter Olympics (and not just because french are quite good at it). If for the women Dahlmeier for Germany is the star with 2 gold medals, it is a french man who is entering the history of the sport with 3 gold medals for this year (to add to the 2 he already got in Sotchi). And I'm especially happy for his last two wins. He won the mass start at the photo finish (in Sotchi he lost the sprint of the mass start also like that). And today he won the mixed relay race with 3 of his teammates by dominating the last leg. But what make me happy in today race is the joy of Marie Dorin Habert who won her second OGM and was crazy happy during the ceremony. One month ago she was almost retiring because of bad results in the World Cup and she told her coach to not take her in the Olympics if they didn't think she was one of the 4 best french women. Her results in Pyeongchang are amazing compared to the whole year and she did put France in a good place after the first relay. Despite what she probably thinks she is one great champion who deserves every title she got.
  7. I'm a bit late to the party and I just listened to the podcast yesterday. And I don't have much to add to the discussion on this episode but I just want to say thanks to @Sarah D. Bunting and @John Ramos for the shout out and the discussion. I will put it in my list of tiny triumphs in my life. And I agree that Duncan is part of the secondary character that are not well defined. It did not bother me in season 1 because we were supposed to not know if we was capable of killing Lilly or not but it is becoming an issue in season 2 when he is supposed to be the good guy (in comparison to Logan bad boy). Some of the secondary character are well defined like Keith Mars or Logan (after the change of heart in season 1) for example (even Weevil to some extent). But I found the issue more obvious in season 2 than in season 1. It's probably because in season 1 you know that the writers are still trying to figure out some characters (Logan being a good example) or discovering talents that they should write for. But it is also because season 2 is probably juggling with too many stories and characters and thus they don't manage to give enough space to everyone in every episode. So we only see the character when he is relevant to the story (like Jackie or Mac).
  8. Good point @Affogato about Keith being more like Veronica that he wants to admit. He has the same controlling issue. For the Jackie plot of the episode I hated it. For a long time I had issues with Jackie because you don't know if you are supposed to root for her or if she is another Paris Hilton (but the actress can act) type. She is right when she complains to Wallace about Veronica. She is right that Veronica is mostly using him. But to Veronica defense, Jackie did act like an entitle b**** the first time they met, and cheated on Wallace during the beginning of their relationship. So I can understand why Veronica doesn't like her. But even if Veronica doesn't like her, she helped her no question ask (just because of Wallace). And Jackie is playing her and humiliating her in front of the whole school again. Why ? In general I think that this episode is a good example for the main flaws of Veronica Mars: the not so good management of the secondary characters and their story. Veronica Mars was really good at tertiary characters that we meet once or 2 times per year in high school but I found that they did a bad job balancing the secondary ones. And often their characteristics change based on the story they are trying to make. Alicia is either a lovey-dovey woman or a yelling mess who is lying to her son. Jackie is either a queen B or the underdog that can match Veronica in wit. Wallace is the supporting friend or he complains that Veronica is using him. Mac is here or not at all...
  9. Happy to get it in 2024. I was not alive for the last time the game were in Paris and I hope I will manage to see and get involved in the rugby part.
  10. Oh yeah it is a teenage thing to believe you should always do the right things even when people are telling you to back off. But as I said it is only the first iteration and as much as I can understand it, it is also true that Veronica never learns from it. But we will be able to discuss it during later podcasts. This episode also presents one of the bad habit of this otherwise great serie: the misleading voiceover and the flashforward to the end of the story to get us invest in the story.
  11. I fully agree with you. Paris Hilton episode is the worst even with barely Troy in it. But this one is also pretty bad especially the A plot. It is probably because of the actor who plays the boyfriend. He doesn't look annoyed by the teenage neighbor PI or even at least worried that his girlfriend is missing (and when you know the full story he should be worried and actually looking for her). No instead he just looks evil. It may also be because it is not really related to any high school issue. But not the best A story for sure. But it is also for me the first of many episodes when Veronica is helping someone who doesn't want her help and in the process she is making things worse. It is the first iteration of that very annoying trait.
  12. Since the terrorist attacks in Paris, France held an European Soccer Championship without any security issue. I live in Paris and as shocked as I was by the attacks, I do not live in fear every day. And if we go by the terrorist attack fear, I don't see how Low Angeles will be more secure than Paris with all top athletes and few world leaders gather in the same city. Olympics games are always a security issue and have been the target long before November 2015 in Paris. IOC thought Rio was safe enough, so security is probably not that much of an issue. In fact the IOC agreed to give the Games to both LA and Paris for 2024 and 2028. Only conditions is that both towns can be candidate for 2024 and 2028 and that both towns agree on which city hosts first. Negociations between both cities are ongoing and should end before September. If no agreement is found IOC will vote only for 2024. In french newspapers it is believed that Paris should get 2024 and Los Angeles 2028. And that a solution will be reached as the IOC does not have good candidates for 2028 and really need to save face. But they are probably a bit biased. I know for a fact that Paris main issue for 2028 is for the Olympic village location. As per today they have blocked some land until 2024 but are not sure to get the green light to wait 4 extra years.
  13. I just comment to say thanks for the podcast. It makes me rewatch the whole serie. I am amazed of how in some ways it is still holding up (except for the tech) after so many years. From this episode, it was the first one where I did actually find Logan likeable in some way (yeah even with "bum fight"). It is mainly due to the way he is screwing is father in front of the cameras. But as much as I liked Logan as a character (and the chemistry between Veronica and him), I was never sold on the LoVe as a couple. But it's maybe because I never thought bad boys are making good boyfriends. Fun fact: Veronica Mars was quite huge in France during the original run. It was actually watch live by more French (in number) than American at the time.
  14. Macron has just been elected and thus he was not a big part of putting the bid together. In addition, he may not be president anymore in 2024 and every french people will have forget about that in time for the next presidential election. So I am not sur why Macron has to push so HARD for 2024. And I don't see his last move as pushing hard. Sure he was in Lausanne but as I said we lost so many times already that we are copying winning bid now. And the strategy for Paris is to say that the bid is not only interresting Parisian people it is for all french all over the country. So having the current president (and sports minister who is also an olympic gold medalist) is a good way of proving the point. The president before him was also for the bid. The politician who is pushing HARD to get 2024 is the mayor of Paris actually. And to be fair she is the one who can politically win or lose most with this. As I said we have not see the summer Olympic games for 100 years, so maybe we are a bit more passionate about 2024 than Los Angeles (it is only 44 years for the city and 28 years in the country with Atlanta).
  15. @Silver Raven, we are going to disagree on this. But I am biased since I am french and living in Paris. For once Paris has also a lot of infrastructure already in place (or almost ready). We are mainly missing a swimming pool and an Olympic village. The main issue for Paris in 2028 is in fact the Olympic village. As per today it is planned to be built on a land that is blocked for 2024. Paris does not have the agreement for 2028 and is not sure to get it. That may be the point that will make the decision to choose which city get 2024. From an emotional point of view, France did not have the Summer Olympic games since forever (Paris in 1924 is the last time). And Paris tried to get the games so many times (losing to London the last time) that 4 extra years of waiting seem unnecessary.
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