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  1. Hi mlp! Yep, I randomly caught that one Monday recently. They're running the seasons out of order (this week was s5), so hopefully they'll keep replaying them. It's a nice way to wait for the next season to start.
  2. cms

    Tennis Thread

    Hi crimsongrl! So glad to see another tennis fan here! What did you think of the final? I'm quite nervous for tomorrow's match. I really hope Nadal can beat Djokovic, it will help tremendously for his confidence going into clay. A Safin/a fan? Oh, I feel for you, haha - they certainly knew how to put their fans through the ringer! Something about those headcase-y players (hi, Ana!), never quite know what you're going to get, but the promise of brilliance keeps you hanging on. I'm glad Jo had a better run here, his performance in IW had me worried. And Petra needs to not take her "P3tra" nickn
  3. cms

    S05.E12: 100

    Yep - I don't think I'd even want them to focus much on Brittany's plans/career if Heather were to return (not least for my fear of what they'd do to her next lol). I'd prefer to have her as just comic relief, especially if she could interact more with others like Rachel because I think they temper each other's personalities well. I did enjoy seeing April and Holly again, even if they sucked up more time than needed. I'm just bummed Terri and my favorite Kendra! couldn't have fit in lol. And I thought Amber has improved a lot on her delivery, it felt a lot more natural - I really enjoyed he
  4. Anyone watching the Monday season-replays on the Esquire Channel? They do blocks of ~8 episodes of a different season each Monday morning. I didn't get into Top Chef until about season 5, and though I haven't caught an earlier season yet, it's still fun to revisit some seasons now that I'm a little better versed in these culinary challenges. It's also interesting to see whether my old favorites are still likable upon replay (Carla!) or who still grates on my nerves (Blaise! The inescapable Mike Isabella!) and comparing the quality of chefs season to season.
  5. cms

    S05.E12: 100

    I liked this episode more than 101, it flowed better and didn't seem quite as rushed. The performances were great, with the energy and giddiness of Valerie being my favorite. And my favorite scene had to be Fondue For Two with Brittany hosting Rachel and Mercedes. It was the perfect blend of funny and ridiculous and made me wish for more of that dynamic in New York. I know Heather likely won't be around much, but I do think her kind of comic relief character is needed on that side for some levity between all the dramatic Fame 2.0 ambitions.
  6. cms

    Tennis Thread

    Here's hoping there are some fellow tennis nuts like me! My favorites are still in the hunt in Miami, Serena and Rafa. It's also great to see Fed back to form/health even though he was the bane of my tennis existence for so long (what can I say? A certain visor-wearing smartass got me hooked on this game), Venus continues to be an inspiration, and I wish Maria's competitive grit could be her next Sugarpova flavor, because a lot of the next generation could use it. Looking forward to #1 vs #2 in the women's final - Li's been streaky as usual but she plays Serena extremely tough despite their
  7. Same here! I hadn't really watched Glee since s4, but it was wonderful seeing the originals together again. Nothing against the new kids, since I think they were somewhat destined to fail with these writers, but the chemistry between the old cast is really something. Anyway, the plot for both episodes was it's usual choppy mess, but there were some lovely moments. The tribute video to Will and DSB got me way more emotional than I was expecting, and in many ways it did feel like a nice series finale. And finally seeing Brittany graduate was particularly special for me.
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