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  1. Late October/early November.
  2. That was just...bad. As a staunch defender of the show as I know people within the cast and crew, I watched this and was flabbergasted. Baez was getting REALLY bent out of shape being it a men's only club. What about women's only gyms? Or ladies' night at clubs and restaurants? I know in the Me Too area, we are more sensitive to some issues more (with good reason) but this was like 'Girl, he's allowed to go to the club to hang with other men and wanting to deal with women for a few hours.' Then Eddie's behaviour throughout was insulting to pretty much the rest of the family. "They were married--" "Like a hundred years ago!" I don't think Danny was really planning to becoming a widower before 50 because his wife was killed due to gang retaliation. And that was (carry the one...) 2.5 years ago. The only part I really enjoyed was Erin was slapping Anthony in the hospital. I said to myself "If they become some weird romantic pairing, I would be entertained."
  3. CW sound people, you have failed your audience. I was not impressed that the sound dropped out several times, and especially at the more emotional moments. Sadly, I'll be in an area with no cable next week so will only catch up on the episodes on the cw website the next day if I'm lucky. But after seeing the trailer this morning, they are going for broke making this their Avengers: Endgame.
  4. God dammit, CW. First the sound, and the same end scene FOUR TIMES in 26 hours. That said....the Crisis is to be insane. BRING IT.
  5. Seriously CW, not the best time for the sound to drop out.
  6. Mia has gone to the Carrie Underwood "Cry Pretty" seminars.
  7. That crisis is...punctual. Bloodwork should have been a lot more interesting than he turned out to be.
  8. After episode 4, it is line with the current timeline of events. Bye Catherine. I'm sure you loved Jacob and Mary but giiiiirl, you did some shady stuff. Weird place to leave Kate et al leading into Crisis though.
  9. RIP Shelley Morrison. 😞 https://tvline.com/2019/12/01/shelley-morrison-dies-will-and-grace-rosario-dead/
  10. That stunt has bothered me since Batman Returns. It’s like “unless they are holding make up wipes in their suits, why bother. I rather deal with them looking like raccoons.”
  11. “Choose Life?” Dude, you’re not part of Wham. Grant is the best crier on TV. Even in the banal situations, or moments I really want to roll my eyes, he starts to tear up and I’m about to sob.
  12. The final pass with the acceleration in tempo in his freestyle was a win. Len was being a punk about the score but he was right that they should have changed the first dance instead. This would have been memorable long term if they made that call.
  13. The good news: all of them did a freestyle which is an improvement over what Bobby did. The meh news: I don't think any will be remembered by next season. Sort of surprised Hannah won (and Whitney looks like she wants to punch someone) but I think people felt she was dogged too much by the judges and they voted for her because of it. I don't hate the win, but I think Kel would have been a more satisfying win. On to the next season.
  14. I believed this was filmed mid October as the show began previews. My FB friend saw it and had the same sentiments about you about You Oughta Know, so I'm hoping to check it out soon. As for Erin...I'm not sure what to think. Anthony saying it was a "mid life crisis" was a stretch, but he's right in the sense that without Nicki and the on/off with Jack, what else does she have other than work and the occasional run? She is taking it out on more people as a result. I didn't mind Danny's plot as much, but that was a very long way to attempt revenge.
  15. (sighs) in an alternate time line, he would have. If they ever decide to do an all stars edition, he's a lock to return.
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