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  1. Sashays into cancellation. https://deadline.com/2020/07/katy-keene-canceled-the-cw-one-season-no-season-2-riverdale-spinoff-series-shopped-new-home-1202976671/
  2. Just catching up to this now and I actually said "oh HELLS no."
  3. I don't think she's necessarily huge as there are some dresses she has worn where even at size "14" (depending on the brand), you still need to be 'thin enough' to fit in without major alterations to it. I'm more annoyed as to what she wears on her talk show as they are NOT. FLATTERING! At least on The Voice the clothes fit her better. And she seemed to have a more laid back vibe when she was filming from Montana. I back to good stuff: I completely forgot about the Daytime Emmys, but huge congrats on her win!
  4. You may be right: People was reporting that the quarantine in Montana just made things worse. https://people.com/music/kelly-clarkson-brandon-blackstock-issues-exacerbated-quarantine/
  5. That family especially the women were cringe worthy. I love Ryan Reynolds, but that was a LOT of running commentary from him to the point it was exhausting. I did have to laugh when he said "this was filmed in 2019 when it was a different time." But I'm surprised he didn't make any cracks about that Other Ryan from Canada (Gosling.) Was it good? Meh. But there's nothing else on so I'll watch if I remember it's on.
  6. As a Canadian, I never even heard of Juneteeth until this episode. And yesterday the CEO of Twitter said that Juneteeth will a company holiday. The show can be preachy, but I have a feeling this upcoming season may be the standout show it's meant to be. And maybe, we will finally see the Colin Kaepernick episode that got pulled 2 years ago. Even if they have to adjust it because it's been more than 2 years since it was filmed.
  7. I had to look it up too: it's his workout program name. This is the instagram video.
  8. I know Kelly is hung up on her grey hair but I kind of like it. Joaquin looks a lot like her.
  9. Hartley Sawyer was fired for past tweets. https://deadline.com/2020/06/the-flash-hartley-sawyer-fired-racist-misogynist-social-media-1202953632/# Oof.
  10. Aka the best advertisement that the house of Alexander McQueen never expected. I’m not sure what happened to the dress now but she rolled up to the Oscar stage in that, I cheered.
  11. Mr Figgins says Lea was cool. But I would hope people respected their elders anyway. https://people.com/tv/glee-iqbal-theba-defends-lea-michele-against-racist-accusations-i-was-never-mistreated-by-her/?utm_campaign=peoplemagazine&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&xid=socialflow_twitter_peoplemag
  12. https://people.com/tv/amber-riley-clarifies-that-lea-michele-isnt-racist-hasnt-talked-to-her-in-2-years/ Short version is: she doesn't believe Lea is racist and people need to stop dragging on her while she's pregnant. She also hasn't talked to her in two years until this week. Lea reached out, they spoke, that for Amber, that where it ends for her. But like other Gleek actors, it wasn't the most fun set to be on. But here's the link for more details along with video.
  13. Normally showrunners/writers have to map out their season plans to the network, but I'm pretty sure the Arrowverse shows need to get input from the people at DC to be allowed to use character names and likeness, especially the top tier ones like Batman and Superman.
  14. That’s how I’m feeling too. It’s easy to view this as being racist given the current conditions, but it was established from the beginning that she had ego issues, it’s a question if the casual non Gleek was aware of that. She’s talented enough, but clearly wanted to be the lead in an ensemble show. i wouldn’t say that the other actors were “casting doubt” on Michele as the article wrote above. It’s more “well thank GOD someone finally said it loud enough to gain traction and I can sub tweet my full support.”
  15. This better be one hell of a misdirect because they KNEW this was going to get leaked and actors will be secretly auditioned for a new Kate. Because what is being presented currently doesn’t make any sense at all. Too many stories have been established and this show is based on the back and forth relationship between Kate and Alice, Jacob not knowing the truth about his daughter, and Mary and Luke becoming the Bat Team. Are they trying to pull a Dallas style “that season was a bad dream” scenario? Are they going to call on Barry Allen to purposely go back in time to reset all of this? This is a lot of shit they’re going to blow up. Considering how good the season was getting near the back end, I’m concerned on how this will play out. Because casting a new Batwoman affects the Superman crossover and above all, her BFF Kara Danvers.
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