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  1. The correct phrasing is “You’re in DANGER, girl.” (tm Ghost.) 😉
  2. I would agree it's less because it's "a Latino movie" and more it's a musical that isn't part of the cultural landscape despite being a Broadway hit. It's more "wanna see what Lin Manuel did before Hamilton?" And I think the same day release in theaters/free on HBO Max doesn't work well for a movie that isn't part of a franchise/"event film." This may draw some comparisons to the remake of West Side Story that's coming soon. Rita Morena who is a producer on WSS defended In The Heights last night on Colbert. I shook my head when I heard that Bennifer part 1 was
  3. How I cackled at that line. There's something about Michael Bolton that reminds me of Christopher Reeve for some reason. But is he ever monotone.
  4. mtlchick

    S02.E16: Rebirth

    It was great to see David Ramsey again, and I saw it as part of the "changing of the guard" within the Arrowverse with him passing the baton to Camrus. However, unless you watched Arrow and him consistently through the shows it's like "why who huh?" Since he'll be bouncing around the shows this summer, this was a reintroduction to him. Even though Arrow ended almost 18 months ago, it's felt like 5 years (thanks COVID!) If it works that well on healing skin, it must be AMAZING to remove all of Kate's tattoos. Which had me thinking if they would eventually have to explain it should
  5. First thought: Whoopi looks "dressed up." (For her anyway.)
  6. America Ferrera is the polar opportunity of Jenner.
  7. Similar with one of my friends who works as an admin at a hospital here (close to the Montreal area.) They got a lot of patients during the first 2 waves and yet when they were offered the shot, she and a lot of her colleagues shot it down because they feel it was rushed to market. Each time I watch Caitlyn Jenner, I feel she talks with marbles in her mouth. And there is something up with her chin, like it’s a bad implant.
  8. Cicadas is 2021 in a insect. Followed by Caitlyn Jenner. HOW FITTING.
  9. Bye Chris Harrison! https://deadline.com/2021/06/chris-harrison-leaving-the-bachelor-franchise-controversy-1234771200/
  10. Admittedly I said "he stole that from Viola Davis from How To Get Away With Murder." Aside: Season 1 is so long ago, I actually forgot that Kate Mara, Evan Peters James Van Der Beek were in it.
  11. Well she must be feeling it too because she has announced she is leaving the show. https://deadline.com/2021/06/the-good-doctor-antonia-thomas-leaving-show-claire-browne-1234767666/
  12. I'll steal a line from the Handmaid's Tale forum who said they were "whelmed." The good: you can tell that most of the actors improved from the pilot and became better performers. Mj Rodriguez who I thought was passable at best at the pilot really came into her element this season and she'll be on to better things as her career rolls on. The bad: almost everything story wise. And it starts with the 5 main writers/creators being listed as the writers of the script. It was made pretty clear that Pray Tell was going to die but that was a bit much that he and Blanca enter the tr
  13. The only laugh was Pops not being sure if he took the red or blue pill. I have a feeling that the showrunners had felt for a while that next season would be its last which sets up a new direction for Dre.
  14. Her point is that American media seems to focus a lot on the going ons of the Toronto and Southern Ontario area only and not as much to the rest of Canada. I compare this to an musical artists who says North America tour which equals the USA, Toronto and if you’re lucky, maybe Vancouver. Since I didn’t see the segment I can only go by what you wrote. I would suggest to look up stories on border states that WANT to give Canadians a vaccine shot because their own residents are not showing up for them (North Dakota had that in place for Alberta, and there are talks for Detroit p
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