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  1. Parasite wins? Well then, at least Best Picture is going to be a tough one to call. The Irishman is losing steam very fast.
  2. I won't be mad if Pitt finally wins, but the same 4 leading the pack all season sort of makes for a dull telecast. Best picture and director are up for grabs, but there isn't much excitement this time. I think the shorter time this season leaves little room for unpredictability.
  3. That moment that Joaquin is talking about losing roles to Leo and you realize that....they played the SAME ROLE in Parenthood (the former in the movie version, the latter in the TV version.)
  4. Right now it seems the only people who know for sure are Kara and J’Onn. I know J’Onn said he was passing on the information to those who needed it so Alex and Nia must know, but what about Brainy or the DEO? It seems most people are acting that Flash, Supergirl and all the other heroes all co existed on Earth Prime and Lex was always “good.” Which makes you wonder what he did with the rest of the book because you know he always has a back up plan for everything.
  5. I'm guessing outside him being the "easiest" one out of the Justice League to get to do a cameo, I saw it as an inside joke about Miller being cast as the DCU version of the Flash even though Grant was playing him for a few years by then. Definitely the surprise I wasn't expecting but I loved it! As opposed to the rest of the episode and most of the event. At least Ollie got to die on his show, but something about this episode didn't sit well with me. And I don't know if the last 2 episodes will fill in some gaps to maybe like it more later (or least make more sense of it.)
  6. I'm watching it now (Crisis on Infinite Earths took my time) but I would agree with this if the show does end at season 6 which is what it's renewed through. Enough to go through the early to mid stages of what Rebecca has with the time jumps. And eventually they will have to drop Jack and Becca's relationship, and it wouldn't surprise me if that finally dies out in a year. We know how it started, we know the general up and downs and we all know how it ends (the Crock Pot takes the blame but I actually unplug mine when I'm done with it!) How much more can they cover with it?
  7. I still can't get into LOT, but at least this episode gave us SOMETHING (ok a few things) 1) the establishment of the Justice League/Super Friends (and GLEEK! Wonder Twins has to happen, right?) 2) Doom Patrol and Green Lantern Corps exist. 3) BABY. SARA. At last, one retcon that finally got reversed and I can deal with! But man, in terms of the overall event, it was certainly underwhelming. And still leaves things sort of confusing. So what do we have now, a slimmed down multiverse with all the heroes on the same Earth?
  8. You KNOW that will be the surprise for next season's event.
  9. So we're setting the stage for their own Justice League?! WUT.
  10. BABY SARA! At last, one retcon that got fixed. Nice way to sliiiiide in the Superman/Lois series, show.
  11. after all that...that final battle was pretty underwhelming.
  12. Did I blink and miss Kara reuniting with Clark? Hey Black Lightning! You just bounced back without an explanation?
  13. While I am loving this scene, has Barry seen Iris yet? Come on Paragon of Love!
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