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  1. https://deadline.com/2020/04/empire-coronavirus-season-ends-earlly-series-finale-date-taraji-p-henson-fox-1202897276/ the show will end on episode 18 instead of 20.
  2. Even when she "speaks" I'm thinking "why is she yelling at me?" I really don't see the appeal in this kid. The show is lucky it managed to complete filming for the season so they can stretch it out but it's gotten a lot more tedious to be invested in half the people I never or barely heard of while the rest of them fall under "how the fuck did you last thing long?"
  3. I’m starting to think the Astronaut is Chris Kirkpatrick. He lives in Nashville and the dice indicated 10. Chris was born in October.
  4. I will be unpacking this for weeks. Randall is a dick. Kevin can also be a dick but shots fired. Twins run in the family. Dr Major Dad lives on. Confused about Sadie, is she relevant? More characters, more questions, but dammit Mandy Moore needs all of the awards if they still happen this season. Wacky season, kids. See you when they hit 40!
  5. Everyone is joining the fight.
  6. I think that she tries it, doesn’t like it and quits (possibly at Kevin’s suggestion) and she gets progressively worse which makes Randall upset and the brothers stop speaking to each other.
  7. So the Sliding Doors version that Randall wished for, he would be being a punk to RebeccaWilliam is found immediately and saves him from cancer, Rebecca goes into the clinical trial and yet STILL finds Susan, moved from New Jersey to Philadelphia and has Tess and Annie? Gotcha, indeeed. The version where William rejects him from the jump, and Randall being resentful of Rebecca only to have a moment of clarity from Jack and forgive her? A tiny bit more plausible though my sister wasn’t convinced he would join a step team. In the end, I get what Randall was trying to do, as my sister tried my best when my father was sick with cancer and wanted the best for him. But he basically guilt tripped his mom into the trial because HE would feel guilty if she didn’t. Against her wishes of living her best life. yeah I can see why Kevin doesn’t speak to him in 5 months. I’d be pissed off that Randall had to be the one to make decisions especially Rebecca still had some clarity left.
  8. Those two and Dr. Drew are the trifecta of doctors that can all take a seat on the same park bench.
  9. The days that I have agreed with Megan means we are that much closer to the apocalypse.
  10. Show is officially on hold. https://tvline.com/2020/03/16/snl-coronavirus-season-45-cancelled-saturday-night-live/
  11. Horrible news about a crew member 2 days before the show shut down due to the virus: https://deadline.com/2020/03/batwoman-production-assistant-paralyzed-on-set-accident-amanda-smith-warner-bros-tv-invesigation-1202884231/
  12. The last 15 minutes was crazy insane and I loved every second of it. The lack of Crows certainly helped.
  13. Starting with Riverdale (where someone on their crew did contract the virus), studios have been shutting down shows once they were able to complete the episode they were on and calling it a season. The problem is for some that were ending this season (like Supernatural) and those with a major exit (America Ferrera on Superstore), they're not going to complete it their story arcs as planned. Pilots that are supposed be shooting now on hold. So any show that has been on the bubble for a while may be the big winners and get renewed. Interestingly enough, Blue Bloods scored its highest audience all season. Who I feel bad for are crew members. If they are not in a union, they don't get paid for a shut down.
  14. Starting this early as I got some news from a friend who works on set along with a separate source. Blue Bloods was supposed to wrap for the season on April 9th. That was pushed to March 17th a few days ago as to wrap the episode they were working on (episode 20.) They have stopped production for the rest of the season today. Trying to find out if that will get produced.
  15. It’s gotten to the point where I see last night’s ratings and then remember that this was on. 6 years it was getting a 6 in the demo and 15 million viewers. Now .6 and less than 2 million. I feel doing the split season trend for dramas is going to end because the show is suffering.
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