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  1. I was surprised that the lady was so willing to give up the information after Stabler decided not to go along with the ruse and tell her the truth. And then decides to hug him TWICE. Sort of confusing, but then again, when your ass is a trending topic on Twitter yesterday (I am not kidding), i'd be hugging him too! I am liking the crime aspect itself, and I like think Stabler will feel that Bell is more in tune with him that Cragen ever was. She knows about the phone, she's not thrilled, but she's not going to rat him out. The big meeting with Wheatley and everyone at the club I didn't care for (and I can't remember the last time I saw someone smoking a cigarette on broadcast TV) and I'm thinking of those kids will be dead by the time this arc wraps up. I think it was more not to mention that "my racist grand dad that my dad disassociated from was a mob boss!" and the mess that comes with it. Not only do I think he's a mole, I have a feeling he was one of the goons that attacked Stabler at the end (and the way Stabler was eyeing him before he was pistol whipped reinforced it.) He is around that height.
  2. When Rollins got the call about her dad, I was half expecting Carisi to volunteer to go with her and I was like "STICK WITH YOUR DATE." Pretty good episode, but like a few has said, surprised Fin immediately thought Lonnie had something to do with it.
  3. https://deadline.com/2021/04/dick-wolf-christopher-meloni-ilene-chalkin-law-order-organized-crime-nbc-1234729699/?fbclid=IwAR0BNri7BesaGV0ZM1ruulh_qdE7SLvEwbSea0y13ibIM1yIIxOX7G_ltqY Some spoilers, but explains the setup for the series.
  4. People are thinking it’s Jojo (not Siwa), who turned down Hannah Montana. She was also in a big court battle with her record company years ago about her contract, which could explain the scales of justice.
  5. While I can't find the original post, Wendi wrote that George was written out for the rest of the season due to the unexpected surgery and recovery. So if they do get to season 9, it will be addressed then.
  6. Thanks for the reminder. This season and the long breaks isn't making it easy to remember details! Mandy was on maternity leave. I believe she went back last week?
  7. First season: ugh, Miguel. Now, YES, MIGUEL! Nicky put a lot of bad energy into something that 1) he knew nothing about and 2) he had ample opportunity to make amends with Jack but didn’t. At least they made up at the end. I had to chuckle that Kate thinking that she got through to the blind girl would magically fix her issues with the teacher but clearly didn’t. Though I am a bit confused as to what was up with Toby at the end. As for Tess and Beth...eesh. I think Tess is expecting her mom to be accepting with everything quickly, and Beth is stressing out about pronouns. I don’t doubt that Beth doesn’t love her, but it takes time and I think Tess is bugged that Beth is not doing it fast enough. Kevin is going to have a Ghosts of Girlfriends Past moment, isn’t he?
  8. Sunny was waxing poetic on going to miss Rege Jean and Whoopi said "I'll send you some vibrators." Sara almost fell over laughing.
  9. I know that and you know that. My friends also know that. They're still saying "I'm out." (shrugs.) I don't see this as a David Caruso leaves NYPD Blue situation, as after seeing Page host SNL, the guy has charisma and skills so I'm sure the series will survive without him and he'll move on to other things.
  10. On Friday, it was announced that the male lead Rege-Jean Page who was the break out was not returning for the second season as he was only signed to a one season contract and his character doesn't appear much in the rest of the books. Needless to say, a lot of people are upset to the point they will swear off the rest of the series because "they tuned in for him."
  11. This Brigerton discussion....well then. (I didn't mind the series, but it didn't blow me away.)
  12. Every time I see Kevin Chapman on a New York based show on CBS (he was on Blue Bloods a few years ago) I want to tell myself this is a new directive by The Machine. Not to mention this show gives me Person of Interest vibes. As limited as Lorraine Toussant is in this, at least she's doing SOMETHING compared to when she was on The Village. In the shallow department, the Queen's wardrobe and hair/makeup people are making her look well, regal in her overall look.
  13. At with that, Schitt’s Creek walks off the awards show circuit in style. Ah-drea Zuckerman, I have some actor friends who would like a word with you about the new rules for health insurance. Outside.
  14. I now watch for Jason Sudekis and his award show sweat shirts. I do not have Apple TV, but Ted Lasso seems the flagship series that The Morning Show was supposed to be. I love Helen Mirren but I am not feeling that bun.
  15. So this is all pre taped? I was sort of hoping for a “Daniel Kaluuya gets muted while accepting his awards awkward” moment. But kudos to the actor who decided to sit in his car for his category.
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