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  1. DOGGIE! Bernie is sooooooo cute.
  2. I had to chuckle that Whoopi hopes the COVID sniffing dogs ONLY sniff for that and "not anything else so I can board a plane."
  3. Deadline reported that the next new episode is Feb. 2.
  4. Since the current thread is locked I’ll post it here. Tonignt’s episode has been pushed back. They were doing their best to keep up with post production for the first few episodes of the season but with current lockdown measures, they were not able to this time.
  5. Renewed! https://deadline.com/2021/01/saved-by-the-bell-renewed-season-2-peacock-1234676107/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook
  6. As I went to bed last night, I was thinking if 2020 was weird for us, it must have been extra weird for her. She starts off 2020 being on a show in New York only for production to get shut down and then cancelled with no proper ending. Then gets hired for a show where she's the new sudden lead that films at the other end of the continent and has to reboot itself to resolve issues from their shut down. There are only so many ways you can try to dress up Vancouver as a different DC city before you give up. Here's hoping once COVID is over and it's easier to travel between the USA and Canada for work purposes (Canada requires a 14 day quarantine upon entering) there are more scenes shot in Chicago again.
  7. I can’t remember the details (because it’s been months!) but I think kryptonite was the only thing on earth that could pierce the suit. So it looks like it doesn’t necessarily blow the suit wide open as opposed to a tiny nick but still creates enough damage underneath. Sort of like a bulletproof vest; it will protect you but it doesn’t mean you won’t get bruised up either.
  8. Well they made quick work of the dangling plot lines; Jacob and Sophie finally finds out that Kate is/was the Bat and Tommy was figured out pretty quick by Julia. Ryan wasn’t bad, and I am interested to find out what happens now that she has been infected with kryptonite. That said...we are being asked A LOT to sort of pretend a lot of the first season doesn’t matter any more. whether or not Kate is dead, I really do wonder if production misses Ruby Rose or sort of relieved she’s no longer there.
  9. Finished it last night. First off, he was a punk to his former cast mates for a long time, but I am wishing Dustin Diamond the best of luck with his cancer treatments. It was one of those shows that had to find its rhythm for the first few episodes, while still honouring its legacy, and after Cobra Kai, a lot of these “reimagining of a reboot of a relaunch” series have their work cut out. For the most part, I think it did a good job. My sister and I burst out loud laughing the last 3 episodes. The one thing I was surprised by is how they dumbed down Zack, Kelly and to an extent Slater. The only core 4 that was mostly the same was Jessie.
  10. Joel McHale, who is showing up on allll of the game shows this season but none of the scripted stuff. (Incidentally, Cheyenne shows up on the Saved By The Bell reboot.) As for the episode itself, it’s a plot line I’ve seen before a thousand before (lie your way into an event and hijinx ensues.) The execution of this one wasn’t great. I would be giving up on this show, but I do chuckle once in a while and it’s still way better than Mr Mayor (and this is from someone who adores Tina Fey.)
  11. I don't watch the show often but since I love Blue Bloods (many faults and all) I tuned in for Tom Selleck. What he said about Nick (who was on 2 episodes) to Amanda made me tear up alongside with her.
  12. There was a lot of “that’s sort of convenient” when it came to her overbearing father, brother who died in the war (imagine that he may have served WITH Nicky and Jack!), and when she finally came back to find Hai, he was married. And my sister said Randall was really rude to Hai about the Notebook stuff. but dammit, I am all in my feelings for the last 15 minutes and I’m in tears. Show, you magnificent bastard.
  13. Well at least Megan did something "right" about asking Ken about the tweets, but even though I like Ken, that still seems like a half apology. On the upside, I knew that Tom Selleck was the first guest ever on the show. I did chuckle that the NRA was part of his clue.
  14. It was filmed 1-2 days before the shut down. I know they stopped filming March 13th, and the scene with Marisa (in her huge wig) and Donnie with the car was filmed on the 12th.
  15. Joy's sweater today (Jan. 11) is this one. https://linguafranca.nyc/collections/womens/products/youre-fired-sweater (I know that embroidery anywhere.)
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