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  1. “No animated characters were harmed in the making of this program.” What about us humans who had to sit through all of this? And yet, I will get sucked into the masked singer. I’ll just have the panel on mute. (Please God, let McCarthy stay on Sirius for the rest of her life. She already ruined a good man, the rest of us don’t need to suffer.) meet at you all for the Golden Globes!
  2. Does this mean I have to try finishing ozark? I stopped midway this season.
  3. This is the only win I was hoping for. He is MAGIC. TENS ACROSS THE BOARD.
  4. Watch the ads he does for Skip the Dishes in Canada. Beyond surreal and I laugh every time. Busy Phillips is BFF goals. Love her support of Michelle Williams.
  5. I still need to see When They See Us. Fight The Power is the perfect song for this.
  6. (Still waiting on my Angela Bassett vs Viola Davis arm wrestling show down.)
  7. She is beyond stunning. A bright future ahead.
  8. True story; I have never watched Drag Race. However, Supermodel is still awesome 30 years later.
  9. Dang. Julia is denied history and it goes to the upstart!
  10. With Disney and Apple in the mix next year, broadcast tv is hanging on by a thread when It comes to award shows. This is going to be an important season for the big 4.
  11. “It’s the Emmys but it’s also Fox so...yeah.” the most accurate thing I will hear tonight.
  12. Bob Newhart. At least he’s not trapped in a plastic box with Only enough air for 3 hours.
  13. That reminder that i hate Jenny McCarthy was amplified by the fact that she got countless facts wrong, and managed to insult Christina Applegate about looking up to her when she was younger...and they’re a year apart.
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