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  1. I believe it’s 24, broken down into 3 *8 episode mini arcs. Slooooooot has probably become one of my fave l&o characters in the past decade.
  2. Were those the two dumbest guys ever? I mean they were disgusting as hell but DMing jurors during the trial? I won’t ask how they got their names but good Lord. I kind of wanted their lawyer to slap them.
  3. Never read her books but Louise Henry is “local” enough to me (she lives 2 hours east of Montreal) and the Clintons visit her regularly to make it to the news. Love her friendship of with Mrs Clinton. (And no I do NOT own moose pyjamas.)
  4. She still managed to last what, 7 years? Cringey as hell but I guess popular enough to get a full week.
  5. Not only was the Jamie/Eddie plot dumb, there wasn’t even a resolution. All he said was “I hate that this is where we are at” and next time you see them it’s at dinner and no mention of their problem. Really confused with the back and forth with the mayor. He wants to be tough on crime, but when the police do their job and arrest someone, he has a problem with it and thinks Frank is showing off…why?
  6. How I miss Janet Reno’s Dance Party and that the real one took it in stride to join in for the final one.
  7. He sang a bit in an early season 1 episode (can't remember the episode but Jackie was in the car with him.) But the running joke on Twitter was "Danny Reagan activated Donnie Wahlberg mode" because everything about that is exactly how he acts on stage. Some random dude who keeps getting out due to policy. His plates were altered but was identified by the bumper sticker and a tip. Not sure how Maggie said they were "friends" when she hasn't been on the show in a few seasons, but ok. I doubt he would ever get together with her though. So long they don't bring back
  8. https://deadline.com/2021/10/natalie-morales-join-the-talk-permanent-co-host-1234848315/
  9. Best part of the two hours was when Mama Stabler was having her breakdown in the kitchen, the cat right behind her was taking a long stretch into nap position. This was a lot to take in. Really surprised about Nova, I would expect that they would hold off on that reveal for a few more weeks. Lots of moving parts which kept us on our toes. As for the letter…bah. Kathy had her issues with Olivia. Olivia did see other men (bring in Dean Winters to really throw things into a loop!) eventually. Stabler was barely mentioned after he left the first time. Why drag all this up? For fan servi
  10. The mothership returns?! https://tvline.com/2021/09/28/law-order-season-21-reboot-nbc-renewal-cast-premiere-date/
  11. “Trump had a few…messaging problems.” So that’s what we’re calling it now? Ugh.
  12. I’m assuming that after he clears a few negative tests, he’ll be assigned a temporary partner to practice with.
  13. Someone needs to remind Tyra we are no longer on Top Model. Or Drag Race for that matter. Amanda is a delight. Normally we would be yelling ringer about her about but after the last 18 months we had, and especially what she went through, dancing is lighting her face and spirits again.
  14. I think it’s more that the players are allowed to do more projects after being there for a few years while being allowed to stay. It seemed that you used to fulfill your 7 year contract (unless you got canned before that) and after that you either left to do movies and TV or stayed but couldn’t take on other things. Now you had Aidy, Cecily, Kate (who seems will be MIA for part of the season), Kenan and Pete to do the other stuff. Mind you that it helps that Lorne produces most of those projects but it looks he and NBC have loosened up on what actors are allowed to do now. They’re all still pa
  15. For all the talk about who would be leaving, the only ones who are out are Beck Bennett and Lauren Holt. 3 new featured players, Chloe and Bowen got upgraded. https://deadline.com/2021/09/snl-beck-bennett-lauren-holt-exiting-rest-of-cast-returns-three-featured-players-1234844980/
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