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  1. mtlchick

    S02.E05: What Would Candy Do?

    In reality she had (I think) 8 male dancers and only one of them was straight who did more hip hop dancing. And based from what I remember from Truth or Dare...ooh, it got ugly between everyone. The only thing this episode will be remembered for is ALL of the music. Linear?! Perfect Gentlemen?! BLACK BOX AND TECHNOTRONIC?!?! Show, you may have some uneven writing and Damon and Ricky are not meant to be the focus of an episode. But when it comes to the soundtrack, you get me.
  2. mtlchick

    Pose in the Media

    Pose was nominated for best Drama. Billy was nominated for Best Lead Actor in Drama. The Category is: EMMYS BITCHES! http://share.ew.com/2BoIN57
  3. It’s just as well. Last season I was barely able to watch it live and eventually got moved to the “stockpile on the Pvr and I’ll get to it eventually” list. Not that her career was in rough shape before the show, but Viola Davis went next level because of it and for that I’m more than happy with.
  4. mtlchick

    S02.E04: Never Knew Love Like This Before

    Snap! En Vogue! Madonna! I loved music in 1990. "I love that damn song!" I had to check if Sandra Bernhard and Madonna were still close friends and it seems like they weren't for a very long time and it's only recently that they're at a place where they are cordial again. I guess that was her peace offering to her through TV. Pray Tell eating tons of butter to "flush the virus out of the gut" reminded me on how some parents are making their kids ingest tons of odd things to "cure" autism. The matter at hand; I did have to chuckle that the girls had to give Candy's corpse a makeover and I thought Angelica was great. But as a few said, the Ghost of Candy visiting that many people dragged it out longer than it should have. I don't mind it as a plot device, but that was way too many ghost conversations.
  5. mtlchick

    S03.E06: Household

    After a pretty long and tough weekend, this post made me laugh so hard that I'm coughing. Thank you for that. And so very true. It will be my motivation to get through the nonsense I'm currently watching. I LOVED the first season. I was ok with the second season, though it was slightly more good and bad. This season is...well...why? I'm trying to figure out how June has a lot more leeway when 99.9% of other handmaids would have been killed a long time ago. And not she has a lot of power to wield anyway. Shows like this and 13 Reasons Why are becoming a trend where after going through the source material, you find ANY reason to keep it going only to fail at so many levels. I have an idea what the endgame will eventually be but this is becoming a very dragged out way to even get to the fringes of that endgame. Which will make me tune out a lot faster.
  6. mtlchick

    Celebrity Family Feud

    Nicole Ari Parker's mom is the CUTEST. And why did no one tell me that Boris Kodjoe had a brother just as good looking as him?!
  7. Very happy with the C+C (Racing Factory!) win. I always thought Colin was one of the best racers ever to not win (the Roadblock imbalance of the time makes it a bit harder to say that of Christie of season 5.) They've always worked well under pressure, but I thought Christie's "take a breath" moment and them just going silent for a moment in order to regroup was great timing and editing. Which also means that Leo and Jamal ran all those legs, no 1M prize but with the prizes they picked up along the way, minus taxes, still make them legends in their own right. Tyler and Korey...2 season later and I still can't warm up to them. Good season, y'all. See you next time!
  8. Considering I thought Colin was probably one of the best racers never to win (considering the Roadblock imbalance at the time of their original run), I am very ok with the win. Whoever in editing added the show of Colin smacking Phil's...kiwis, I thank you.
  9. Christie's "take a break" and the silence between them for a moment...I strangely loved that.
  10. I like Seven Nation Army, but doing a task to that song? I'd be hearing it in my nightmares for weeks.
  11. This is a pretty fun task. I never knew how a record was pressed.
  12. Colin "Let's not freak him out." Me: "I am still not used to Zen Colin. I need him yelling at some cows."
  13. mtlchick

    S02.E03: Butterfly/Cocoon

    So this is the second best news I got all week (the first one is starting a new job yesterday!) By the end of the episode I was "Team Papi!" though it took me a moment to remember what he actually did last season (I forgot he used to sell drugs.) He has done his best to clean up his life. The speech was a bit hokey, but dammit, I bought it. Not sure why Electra decided to see Blanca first. Maybe she wanted to be talked into doing the "right thing" only for her to realize that going to the police wasn't going to fly? There was something humourous about the entire cover up, even when you were snapped out of it by the prostitute's story. I didn't know that it was based on something real. The things you learn.
  14. I missed Geoff's run but I guess it's just as well. I love Jessie (and SAMMO!!) but they were acting she shattered half the bones in her body and was making a "triumphant comeback for the ages!" instead of missing Vegas last year due to a pretty sweet job opportunity. Glad to see Lance's wife is doing ok enough to travel a bit.
  15. mtlchick

    S02.E02: Worth It

    My guess she didn't want to pay for rent but knew Candy and Lulu would take her in due to her ballroom expertise as they clearly needed the help. But since they were not going to bow to her demands about the closet space (so not bowing to her control), she bounced.