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  1. I’ll say filming trick. She was doing a lot of press yesterday on the talk shows via Skype and she didn’t look like that. If anything I thought her hair on the show was too yellow.
  2. This could be fun, but the sexual innuendo between the half siblings was weird stuff. I’m guessing the pot head isn’t really his kid and mooching in place of someone else. kim cattrall seems to be having a blast and you can’t go wrong with Major Dad.
  3. Frank did have that secret fling with that reporter early in first season until that went south.
  4. The winners tonight: Canada and alpacas. The losers: those who bet against Zendaya in the office pool...if people were still having them. Well that all happened. Stay safe everyone!
  5. I think Cox's fiance has been stuck in Europe due to the travel ban so I would totally believe it. How 2020 that the Emmys are being delivered not by limo but in Kias.
  6. Kerry and Reese are on to something with this fast forward to 2021 idea.
  7. Hugh just needs to remind him he already has an Emmy for hosting the Tonys one year and is one Oscar away from the EGOT. But, meh, Deadpool won't care.
  8. When is someone going to tell Kimmel that Ollie is a US citizen now so ICE can't do anything.
  9. Someone found Letterman in Amish country in a tuxedo.
  10. I'm thinking as to why Schitt's Creek cleaned up and the only reasonable answer is; it peaked at the right time. Right as the pandemic was taking hold and no one knew what the fuck was happening, the final season was on and with people staying at home, needed some lightness and heart. The buzz picked up speed over the final weeks and it paid off. Oh Canada!
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