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  1. That was the impression I got as well and it was a really mean thing to do. It's possible that he would've liked to participate in the graduation ceremony for his own sense of accomplishment, even if they didn't hand him his badge at that time. They could have just told him that Hetty has your badge and it will be given to you upon your return to LA. Agree that young Callen did a good job of duplicating his speech patterns and mannerisms. CGI Hetty was creepy AF. Never got the whole Anna thing. Not surprised that her story was a lie. In regards to Sam's daughter at the end. Considering who her parents are, the odds of her walking up to her car in an empty parking garage all distracted and gabbing on the phone are absolutely nil. You pay attention to your surroundings, get in the car, lock the doors and THEN you have your phone conversation. Even better, you do the call using hands free while you are already driving away.
  2. It was painful watching Deeks. I know they always make him out to be the class clown / smart ass but there's a time and place. He knows how to be serious when required. Plus, all that whining and the constant stream of consciousness was annoying as f*ck. Dude, read the room and shut up. Also, he's in good shape and knows how to fight. This was stupid. Have to confess I turned it off because it was truly painful to watch. I was suffering from major second hand embarrassment. Maybe I'll try again and just FF through the Deeks stuff.
  3. Deeks obviously didn't feel right about holding out his hand to Eric once Eric announced he was helping the homeless on such a massive scale. Deeks was probably thinking that there a lot of people out there who are in a hell of a lot worse shape than him and Kensi and that it would look greedy if he said anything at that point. I'm predicting that while Deeks is away at FLETC, the psycho shows up and tries to grab Kensi.
  4. Random thought: A lot of time has passed since Mrs. Butters has been back to her wood. I can't but wonder if she'll find that the whole thing has been plowed under and now there's a shopping mall or a housing development on that spot.
  5. wlk68

    S17.E14: Finito!

    Bryan is the older brother.
  6. wlk68

    S17.E14: Finito!

    Still a wee bit disappointed that my boy Bryan didn't win but honestly I loved all of them and it definitely went to the most deserving chef. Melissa just rocked it. Outside of the salad fiasco at camp, she has been solid all season long. I've lost track of how many QFs and ECs she won but it has to be a record. Poor Bryan. A bridesmaid yet again. And no fan favorite for him either, after being in the lead right up until the end! *sigh* But as he said, he made it to the final round three times and no one has ever done that. In the first course, I wanted to reach through the tv for Stephanie's crispy shrimp thing. In the second course, Bryan's lasagna looked amazing. Rich and meaty. There really wasn't much in the third course that spoke to me but I wanted ALL of the desserts in the fourth course. Happy to see Malarkey just put aside his ego and just be whatever Stephanie needed. He was kinda awesome. All in all, a very satisfying finale. I'm sorry to see it end. I wish we could just watch these three cook forever.
  7. Stephanie is breaking my heart. So much emotion. That being said I think its gonna be Melissa.
  8. I feel like the fact that Melissa successfully blended two such different food cultures is going to be a huge thing in her favor. Very innovative.
  9. The size of dinner plates!
  10. So all three are doing the phone home thing? The edit monkeys are seriously messing with us.
  11. Made me chuckle when Tom kept telling the chefs "Oh, I make that dish all the time". Oy!
  12. Ditto comments on Malarkey.
  13. Kevin's expression when Bryan said lasagna. He wasn't feeling it.
  14. I'm watching Bravo right now and they keep showing teasers for the finale that show Bryan in tears. And they don't look like happy tears, either, so it's really freaking me out. He just doesn't seem the type to break down like that.
  15. I was just coming here to post the same thing. I saw it on Bryan's Instagram. 🙂
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