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  1. wlk68

    Ted Lasso

    I have a feeling that Mystery Man is Ted. We see Rebecca texting MM and then the next shot is Ted looking at his phone as he walks down the hall, right before Dr Sharon comes along.
  2. wlk68

    S01.E16: Bad Apples

    I'm not sure how much time has passed in Walker World but it felt too soon for Brett to have moved on from Liam to the extent that he did. Kinda hoping the 'let's just be friends' thing doesn't last and they reconcile for real.
  3. They could still swing it. In an upcoming episode, Walker could be reminiscing with Geri or they could all be sharing stories about Hoyt at his memorial service. There are ways.
  4. What really made it for me was the shimmery gold body glitter. He was so pretty in that scene. *sigh*
  5. I have now seen the episode while I will definitely miss Hoyt can I just say that Liam has got some nice pecs? We got lot a lovely glimpse when he shot Clint. So glad he's finally gone.
  6. Haven't seen the episode yet but I was accidentally spoiled so I know about Hoyt. I seriously hope they don't use his death as an excuse to put Walker and Geri together. A clearing of the playing field, as it were. I REALLY don't want to see them end up together.
  7. And maybe take a personal day that day because you know going in that it's going to be a rough day for you? That's what I do.
  8. I enjoyed Deeks' two Igors as well. I'm also glad we finally have a resolution to the whole Nell and Eric thing. The episode definitely had a series finale kind of feel to it. Do we know for certain that it's coming back next year?
  9. If I never saw Joelle or Anna again I would be a very happy camper.
  10. Apropos of absolutely nothing, I actually liked Deeks' pink hoodie. I wanted it for myself. :)
  11. I thought for sure that Jamie was screwed when he was sitting in the gas station parking lot and all the bad guys pulled in next to him. There was that huuuuuge scene at the beginning about how Joe's "brother" Jimmy drove a 71 Chevelle and Kenny is standing there, within feet of a 71 Chevelle, while chasing after Joe, and its as if it and Jamie were completely invisible. It's not as if the car is subtle.
  12. wlk68

    S01.E11: Freedom

    Pretty much aaaall of this. x1000.
  13. wlk68

    S01.E11: Freedom

    I actually did a double take when they started talking about Stella's arrest. Because she's a minor, her record would be sealed, yes? I thought for sure the thing the reporter was alluding to in the article was the family's close association with Hoyt, a known convicted felon who was running his mouth during their introduction at the house. The Stella stuff seemed to come out of nowhere.
  14. wlk68

    S01.E11: Freedom

    Stella continues to be an idiot. I knew the minute Trevor pulled that bag out of the chimney that that was where his father would head. Trevor is an idiot as well for not realizing this. Walker and Geri together is not a thing I want to see happen. I hope that they're able to clear this up with Hoyt. If Geri doesn't want to be with Hoyt, fine, but please, show, don't put her with Walker. In regards to the scene with Liam and the reporter: Hoyt, I realize that you have an ... exuberant ... personality but, dude, read the room and shut up.
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