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  1. wlk68

    Kindred Spirits

    Agreed. I was creeped out by that as well. And then once they explained to the ghost that she was dead, she appeared to move on. That's a pretty intelligent haunting.
  2. wlk68

    Speculation with Spoilers: We're all Seers Now

    Is it possible that Floki and Freydis will be back as spirits or hallucinations to speak to (or taunt) the living? I would love to see Freydis hounding Ivar from the afterlife.
  3. wlk68

    S05.E20 Ragnarok

    Really enjoyed the episode. Glad to see the end of Magnus. He was annoying. I also liked the frosty side-eye that Ubbe gave Hvitserk. No warm and fuzzy reunion for those two brothers. At least, not yet. I feel like Ubbe, Torvi and Lagertha heading home was kind of a huge plothole. They originally left Kattegat on the run for Wessex, fearing for their lives and Ivar howling for Lagertha's blood. Yes, they knew that Bjorn was headed back to do battle with Ivar and to retake Kattegat but how did they know Bjorn had accomplished this? It's not like he could just shoot them a text and say "hey, it's done".They must've had a LOT of faith in him because news took weeks, sometimes months, to reach people and yet they arrived just as the battle is wrapping up. What if Bjorn hadn't succeeded? They could just have as easily been walking back into a trap with Bjorn dead and Ivar waiting for them. I was pleasantly surprised to see teaser scenes for the upcoming season. I'm already excited for it.
  4. wlk68

    S05.E19: What Happens In The Cave

    Me too! I also liked how Ubbe said he converted to Christianity because it suited their long range goals for him to do so, not out of any real faith or belief. When the chips were down it was Odin that he prayed to.
  5. wlk68

    S05.E18 Baldur

    Freydis kept pushing the idea that Ivar's deformity meant he was favored by the gods, or was even one of them. She seemed pleased that the baby was born that way as well. Said it was proof. She is seriously whack-a-doodle.
  6. wlk68

    S05.E18 Baldur

    The Danish king may have had a peanut head but I did love his deep voice. Add me to the list of people who are worried about Ubbe's upcoming duel. The dude looks like he has several inches a couple dozen pounds on Ubbe.
  7. wlk68

    S03.E01: Uneasy Lies The Head That Wears The Crown

    I realize that this ship has sailed but I really miss Drummond/Lord Alfred.
  8. wlk68

    S05.E17: The Most Terrible Thing

    Wow, Floki is a weak and ineffective leader. He doesn't fight back, he doesn't get angry and kick butt. He just sits there looking helpless while people run amok all around him. It's obvious no one has any respect for him. The wheels are completely off the cart. At this point I don't think there are enough people left to sustain any sort of colony. I'm surprised that Hvitserk and Thora didn't slip away in the night ages ago. Maybe Hvitserk was worried that Ivar would have his flunkies chase them down if they did? Shrug. He definitely should have brought Thora with him on this "diplomatic mission" tho, because seriously, what are the odds that she'll still be alive when he gets back? Ivar is soooo going to use her as a bargaining chip. Not much of Ubbe and Torvi in this episode but I liked Tovi's line about truth. Next week looks good. Keeping my fingers crossed for Ubbe vs The Danes. :)
  9. wlk68

    S05.E16: The Buddha

    I believe the kids are there in Wessex but I doubt we'll see them unless they become a useful plot device. They had kids with them in the boats when they escaped Kattegat and we got a glimpse of them when they were arriving in Wessex and Athelred brought them to see King Alfred. You could see them climbing out of those caged wagons.
  10. wlk68

    S05.E16: The Buddha

    I found it interesting that the episode synopsis says Bjorn achieves one of Ragnar's dreams. From where I stood it looked more like Ubbe was the one who did the heavy lifting to get them that land. He's the one who converted to Christianity, forged a relationship with Alfred, helped train him, and came up with the plan to defeat Harold's army. Bjorn just sorta went along with all of it and sulked the whole time, when he wasn't busy making use of his magical penis. Ubbe and Torvi are absolutely my favorites at this point. At least Bjorn made a point of thanking Torvi and acknowledging that he'd been kind of a dick to her before he left.
  11. wlk68

    S05.E12: Murder Most Foul

    Is that what those are?
  12. wlk68

    S05.E15: Hell

    Judith's behavior in this episode seemed perfectly in character to me. She has always been a psychotic helicopter mom when it comes to Alfred so protecting him by torturing his enemies is right up her alley. And since she loved Athelstan more than Athelwolf, she would absolutely throw Athelred under the medieval bus. Wow, that's a lot of Athels.
  13. wlk68

    S05.E14: The Lost Moment

    I got the impression it was Ivar who did the deed. But yeah, a revered holy man was murdered. That shit won't fly. I'm thinking people will be pissed.
  14. wlk68

    S05.E14: The Lost Moment

    I hadn't thought of that but yes, I see it now too. :)
  15. wlk68

    S05.E14: The Lost Moment

    I am really enjoying the budding bromance between Ubbe and Alfred. It's like Ragnar and Ecbert 2.0. And from the shallow end of the pool, I'm also digging Alfred's new look. He's much prettier with the shorter hair and the mustache / goatee thing. Ivar is nothing but a poser, trying to make everyone think he executed Lagertha. Sorry, poor random woman who vaguely resembled her. So glad that Aethelred had second thoughts about the coup. But I get the impression that the Vikings present sensed something fishy and were ready to pounce if anything had happened. I'm with Team Ubbe and Lagertha in that I don't think Magnus is Ragnar's son. The sad thing is that Magnus believes it and has hinged his whole life on it. This won't end well.