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  1. @Moose135 @bilgistic and all of our NC posters in the Charlotte area....thinking of you all and hope you are safe after that earthquake. 2020 is outta control.
  2. The Golden Girls, without question. I would give anything go back to 80's era Miami, and being a sarcastic person myself, I'd definitely be able to keep up with the Girls and their quips. I would probably come back 20-30 pounds fatter after eating Sophia's pasta and all that cheesecake though.
  3. Thinking of all the NC posters as Isaias approaches your shores. Hoping it turns out the be the big fat nothing that we got here in Fl. Stay safe, everybody!
  4. I am so sorry @Enigma X. That is maddening.
  5. Hey guys, Let's get back on the topic of race and ethnicity in regards to television shows, please.
  6. I think Kim was very normal-girl pretty before the surgery. Her surgeries aren't going to age well, I don't think.
  7. I wish this were true of FL state troopers. So tired of people slowing down the left lane traffic to have a texting conversation on their phone. Texting and driving is illegal here, but not currently being enforced due to COVID,.
  8. I just love having to be there 15 minutes before my appointment only to still be sitting in the waiting room 30-45 minutes AFTER my scheduled appointment time because they over book appointment times. Booking them in 1/2 hour allotments is just ridiculous because there are bound to be patients that need extra time and care. I wish they would just book them in hour allotments. Yes, there would be less availability, but it would also mean less time wasting for those in the waiting room, especially in these times where sitting in a room with a group of strangers who may or may not be wearing their masks correctly is nerve-wracking.
  9. Well, as if we didn't have enough to deal with, Tropical Storm Isaias is on its way. It doesn't look like my part of Fl will be very much impacted ( though that can change) but it looks like it will be one of those storms that hugs the Eastern Seaboard all the way up past NC . All of you posters in those regions will be in my thoughts. Sorry for all who will be affected, but on the bright side at least it will be one way to keep people indoors during this pandemic.
  10. Quarrelous trainer who is always dreaming of the future. Accurate.
  11. Thank you for volunteering. It is something I would never have the guts to do. What you are doing is heroic to me. Sorry about the furlough, though.
  12. I have. If it makes you feel any better, I work in an animal shelter in one of the hottest spots in FL, and other than an increase in folks wanting to give up their cats, their hasn't really been a difference from the Before Times. None of the many cats that come through our doors daily have shown symptoms so far. The CDC does recommend that if you test positive, that you should stay away from your pets (and if you can't, handle them/their care with gloves) to minimize the chance of transmission.
  13. Luckily cats thermoregulate so she shouldn't be too uncomfortable, but cats look for any excuse to be lazy, so I'm she would blame the heat anyway. 😊
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