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  1. This song helped me process 9/11 and its helping me now with processing this new COVID 19 world we are living in. "It's just a moment, this time will pass."
  2. I can't wait for John Amos and Marla Gibbs. JB Smoove annoys me so I'll be glad when that arc is over. Bye, Bobby.
  3. I am so tired of the food hoarding. It was one thing when it was just toilet paper, but now it's almost all dairy products, cereal, produce, meats. The idiocy of people is making this more stressful than it needs to be. Just shop as normal as this thing is not going away anytime soon. What don't people get about that?
  4. I wanted to love this, but the story telling was so cringeworthy at times and the stereotypical scenarios were aggravating. Carmen, Octavia, and Blair Underwood deserved far better than this script. This series unfortunately highlighted Tiffany's limitations. I'm honestly glad it was 4 episodes because Tiffany was like nails on a chalkboard for me. At least Madame Walker's story was finally told. It's a shame that her story wasn't taught in history lessons (at least not when I was in school).
  5. Original Air Date: March 26, 2020
  6. It was here in Florida, in the county above mine. Because of course it was.
  7. In my opinion there should be no travel in and no travel out of my county and Miami-Dade county until our numbers lower.
  8. I hate my county so, so much. I am in Florida's "hot zone". Today, the county commissioners closed down all local parks. However, flights from NYC and other hot zones areas are still allowed (as long as the passengers "self-quarantine"--they won't be monitored so effective is that) and there is a cruise ship with 12 passengers that they are considering allowing to dock at Port Everglades. WTF. I wish I could leave FL and go to a saner state so badly.
  9. The thinking is that whatever bacteria is contained in your non-wiped urine would increase to the point that they make their way back up into your tract. I just wouldn't risk it. Not sure about anyone else, but I thought I'd share here: It seems if you have autoshipments with Amazon, they are ensuring that you receive "out-of-stock" items not available to the public at this time. For example, I have had paper towels autoshipped to me on tri-monthly basis by Amazon for 2 years now. Although they are "out-of-stock" for regular folks to buy, I received my shipment of paper towels as scheduled without issue. (Actually, my neighbor did, and he was kind and honest enough to bring me my package and so I shared my stock with him). How I wish I had the foresight to add hand sanitizer and toilet paper to my shipments back when this was just circulating in China. I am really aggravated with the news ONLY reporting the new cases and deaths. Can we get some coverage on how many are beating this thing? Sheesh. Also annoyed with the fact that they are sharing data like "A" blood types are more likely to suffer symptoms than "O" blood types. This is based on 1 sample survey of 2000 people and yet I've seen it shared on multiple news sources like it is written in stone .Way to get people anxious over something they absolutely can't control. How about wait until this global phenomenon subsides and scientists can do actual global research before jumping to conclusions?
  10. Thought I'd share this here. It helped me calm down some:
  11. Original Air Date: March 19, 2020
  12. RIP Maggie! She was the best thing about Kathy's show. A life well-lived, for sure.
  13. I am so glad Ft. Lauderdale closed our beaches because this was the scene (or worse) before common sense took over. Pure selfishness and stupidity. The beach will be there when this is over.
  14. I live in the county with the most COVID-19 infection in my state. So far: The beach has been closed and will be inaccessible to the public until further notice. All bars,restaurants, clubs must be closed by 10pm. Capacity cannot exceed 50 people. Hospitals are setting up triage stations outside, preparing for the influx of patients next week. I went to Publix Friday night ( the last night they will be open past 8 for the foreseeable future). Mostly everything was low on stock or gone, but I managed to get just enough to get me through the next week or so). As an Animal Control Officer, it is impossible for me to work from home and so far, we are not operating on an emergency basis. I am super annoyed because I found out another officer used my truck today on my day off, despite unassigned trucks being available. So I will be wiping everything down with disinfecting wipes that I found that I had from before this pandemic (they don't expire, do they? because I'm sure this box is about 2 years old). I am blessed that I have enough sick and vacation time to cover me should I need it. I have enough paper towels to last awhile, and if worse comes to worst with TP, I will just shower after use. I found some N95 masks from a painting job I never got around 2 and I brought one of the last respirator masks that were sold on Amazon as a just in case. I was able to get a fair amount of cold medicine, and was able to get some fruits and some frozen veggies. My fears are for my 93 year old grandmother (although she has the "we all are going to die of something" attitude and doesn't seem too concern), my dad who has COPD, and my stepmom who is about to start radiation for breast cancer. As for me, I am slightly worried about how my body will react to this virus as I have some health issues. I am basically a shut in anyway, but I do eat out frequently because I am not a great cook, so I figure I'll either get it on the job, through food delivery, or from the laundromat if I do get it. My biggest concern is what will happen to my cats if things go south for me, but I am trying to avoid thinking it will get to that point. The next 2 weeks is when we should be catching up to Italy so I'm nervous but know that we have to just take it one day at a time. People down here are NOT taking this seriously at all so I think its going to get bad before it gets better. Hoping the "heat" theory pans out, because its the one thing FL has on our side.
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