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  1. AgentRXS

    S03.E03: Welcome to the Pleasuredome

    Me too. It doesn't feel fun or campy anymore. I can't stand the casino owners.
  2. AgentRXS

    S02.E02: Worth It

    1990 is a horrible time to have HIV progress to AIDs. I keep thinking about Freddie Mercury, Pedro Zamora, and other celebrities that died in the early 90s from it. If they couldnt beat it with money and resources, Blanca (or Pray Tell even) IRL wouldn't stand a chance of surviving long enough to have access to today's drugs. I wonder if the show will actually go there, with either her or Pray Tell. They both add so much heart to the show, but I know that both actors could act the hell out of someone dying from the disease.
  3. AgentRXS

    S04.E02: I No Longer Imagine

    When I was around Blue's age, I also found that my dad (the man who had raised me since I was 2) was not my biological dad, and I found out in an extremely shitty way, so I expect this storyline to be triggering for me. Do not be surprised if you see a expletive-filled rant against Nova from me in a future episode thread. My blood was boiling just watching that Nova/RA scene.
  4. AgentRXS

    S04.E02: I No Longer Imagine

    So while she had so much to say about Charley's biracialness, did Nova include her affair with the white married cop in her book? Inquiring minds want to know. I just can't with the hypocrisy. I hope Hollywood takes care of Vi's good for nothing ex in short order. Nova is sanctimonious trash, that is all.
  5. AgentRXS

    S03 E05: Unknown Caller

    This what bugs the most. All Serena has to do to remind herself of why she sent Nicole to Canada is look down at her finger. Is that the life she wants for a daughter?. Also, its not like there isn't a plethora of Handmaids to choose from to give her another baby, perhaps a boy child this time. None of this makes any damn sense.
  6. AgentRXS

    S03 E05: Unknown Caller

    God, I wish this show would have ended last season. This is all so unbelievably stupid. It's really tiring to me. The best thing about this episode was hearing "Sunday Bloody Sunday" at the end. I just can't with the Waterford drama anymore. I hope it comes out somehow that the Waterfords were in on the kidnapping to begin with and June and the Waterfords all end up on the wall together. Every other character is more interesting to me. I'm over all of their shit.
  7. AgentRXS

    S02.E02: Worth It

    Agreed about Elektra being born to be a dom, and that Blanca/MJ Rodriguez passes for female. Ricky is ICE COLD for join House of Wintour. You ain't have to do them like that, Ricky. Imagine being so hateful that you would be willing to lose out on steady income because someone lives their life and looks different than you. SMH Can't wait to to see the Blanca/Patti Lupone battle unfold. I loved Angel and Papi peeking into the living like two curious little kittens as they watched the Ricky and Damon fight.
  8. AgentRXS

    Dear Diary: Question of the Day(s)

    Flicked boogers at your Grandpa. My grandfathers have both been dead since before I was born so......
  9. AgentRXS

    Pet Peeves

    Yeah, someone here mentioned the Purple mattress one time, and I got nothing but those ads for months on end. I still get them from time to time.
  10. If they are turned off by any major aspect of you, then they aren't meant for you and just would be wasting your time anyway. It is better to let the years pass alone than to waste your time with the wrong person, believe me.
  11. AgentRXS


    Yeah, most women wear bras to keep their boobs from bouncing all over the place and hurting like hell. I am grateful for them, even if I hate how expensive a good bra costs. If a guy can't control himself to the point where he injures or kills himself by accident because he was staring at woman's breasts, that is on him and him alone. No one is going to dictate that I should wear a bra because men can't handle the sight of nipples protruding through a shirt.
  12. Not everyone's life is going to go at the same pace as the "norm" (whatever that is). You are actively working to find a job, and you'll get there. I know the feeling, believe me. Just hang in there. Anything meant for you won't go past you.
  13. AgentRXS

    Pet(s): Photos & Discussion

    @slfI am an animal control officer so definitely have experience dealing with bad pet owners. Yes, most people will get defensive if their pet care is called out by someone else. Most people will be more receptive if solutions were offered. I would probably offer to purchase harnesses and to sponsor a pet obedience class for the family to attend to. Yes, it would be nice if the family already did that, but it sounds like they should be educated about choke chains and pet care. Not much you can do if they aren't receptive. Unless the animal is in physical distress, animal control will not get involved.
  14. AgentRXS

    Pet(s): Photos & Discussion

    If you like fat cat belleh's and cannot lie, there is a FB group called this THIS CAT IS C H O N K Y. Nothing but fat cat pics.It really is the best thing on social media that I've seen in a long time. It's a closed group, but you just answer 3 silly questions and you can join. Been struggling with depression lately and having my timeline feed filled with big ole cat belleh's puts a smile on my face. I recommend joining for anyone needed a little pick me up throughout the day.
  15. AgentRXS

    When They See Us

    Is this also the place to discuss the Oprah segment with the actors and the real Exonerated Five? Wow. I had no idea the extent of the real Korey's mental disability until I saw this. It made me even more sick to my stomach that he suffered the most and was probably the most vulnerable one of them all. All for helping out his friend. It sickening enough that this was done to 5 innocent boys, but the harshest punishment goes to the mentally disabled one? You send a fucking mentally disabled CHILD to fucking Rikers? Hell ain't hot enough for anyone involved in that.