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  1. It seems like she is just using you for money or what she can get. Definitely suggest a time that works best for you. I would count the dinner as a birthday gift. I would let her know that she couldn't come to me for money unless it was for a medical emergency. She's spending like she is because people are enabling her.
  2. Ralph Angel's angry "Nobody asked you!" to Nova in the police station when they were all waiting around for Charley to get bailed out....I felt that. I hate Nova's redemption arc. I hope we get a Season 5. I want to see how Vi feels about Calvin being invited to future family functions, seeing how she didn't want that white friend of Hollywood's hanging around the house a few seasons back. So Sam was playing Violet to see what she knew. I think Charley met her match in Parker. Looking forward to next season already!
  3. @Mindthinkr Hoping you and the kitties are safe and that the worst of it didn't last too long.
  4. I'm not feeling the Brian storyline at all because it hits too close to home to the situation with his real-life son with Vanessa Marcil. On their list of enemies was "the whole cast of Saved By the Bell". Hee. I guess that's their way of referencing the Tiffani stuff without mentioning her by name. "How Do You Talk to Angel?" is a forever cheesy nostalgic jam. Instantly transports me back to 1994 whenever I hear it. This show is just the kind of mindless stupidity I need after a long day. I hope they do come back for another season.
  5. I guess Nova is getting a Hollywood happy ending, because ain't no way in real life. Loved RA telling Vi that just because she's good with her all of a sudden, it doesn't mean he has to be. There isn't anything Nova could do to make things right with him, AFAIC. Not liking that he is even hearing her out next week. Charley's way overreacting with Micah. What does she want him to do? Go there, be miserable, and end up a dropout? I get her point and her frustration, but he's an adult and it's his decision. Charley sees all the bullshit coming down the pike, has been warned repeatedly that she's dealing with people bigger than her, and she's just now realizing she might have bit off more than she can chew? Wow.
  6. @Mindthinkr We dodged a huge bullet with Dorian,hoping for the same for you guys. The destruction in the Bahamas is devestating.
  7. @Mindthinkr I am so sorry. According to the latest model, we are out of the cone but it looks like you guys are in the cone. It looks like it is going to hug the East Coast. Hoping it drifts back out to sea!
  8. Brain cancer. Not to be snarky, but that can be said for all of us.
  9. Yikes. I'm so sorry. Yes, I meant a sudden turn north into the ocean. Didn't mean for you guys to get it.
  10. Yes. I got canned food and gas luckily with no issue. The media has created mass hysteria and panic with this storm already of course. The models keep pushing it closer to my county, but it is really too early to tell. Thanks for the wishes. I don't mind hurricanes, just the lack of power afterwards. And of course trying to prep all the animals at the shelter beforehand. Hoping it does a sudden turn northward as it approaches.
  11. Me too. Even though she saw the writing on the wall between herself and RA, I liked that she was genuinely concerned for her health.
  12. Ugh at the RA/Darla stuff. Deesha dodged a bullet. RA's been ok this season but he generally acts like a petulant child. Deesha deserves better and so does Darla,even if she can't see it. It was so refreshing to see the children refer to adults as Mr. And Ms. That kind of etiquette is lost in most circles these days. I hate that "Where do you see yourself in 5/10/15 yrs?" crap, especially when its asked of and by teenagers. They have no clue what life is going to throw at them. Micah's friend group is annoying. Loved Vi's absolute shade in ignoring Nova. Hate that Vi is dealing with her next week. Ugh.
  13. Tonight at work, I did my usual feeding of the parking lot cats. As I went to go throw the cans out in the dumpster, a raccoon peeped its head out from inside the dumpster. I don't know who was more frightened, me or him. I backed away slowly and found another trash can to dispense the cans, and I suppose he resumed him dumpster diving duties. I didn't stick around long enough to find out.
  14. I feel that way about almost every famous musician who died young. So much unrealized potential in so many of them. I listen to Tupac often and it amazes me even now that he died at only 25. Thinking about song's like "Brenda's Got a Baby", which he wrote at only 20. I can't imagine the stuff he would come up with had he not fell into the gangster stuff and lived long enough to see all the crap that happened in the '00s and today.
  15. Blanca's performance at the ball was everything. I can't stop watching it. I kind of love, that in this day and age, the show had a trans POC perform the national anthem at the ball. It was really one of the show's best moments of the series. I loved seeing Mr. Kinky Boots Porter pretend that he's never worn heels. That was fantastic. I love that the show is talking about how black gay men come to terms with their masculinity and sexuality. I watch too much TV so I really thought Blanca was a goner, and they were going to reboot the series next season. I am so glad she made it and has new kids to tend to.
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