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  1. I keep thing about it too and the season as whole. I was thinking wondering about Brooke too. Who would possibly know Jingles had a kid besides Ramirez? Also, Jonas keeps bugging me. How and why was he the only ghost allowed to leave the campgrounds? Why was he always so dazed and confused? We saw a bunch of '70s era ghosts in the finale. Why didn't they reveal themselves when the '80s gang arrived and warn them? Where were the ghosts from the '40s that died from Jingles mom's massacre? Why where she (and apparently Bobby) the only ghosts from that time period? Its pretty messed up that ghosts from two different eras stayed invisible and let the '80s crew walk right into Margaret's trap.
  2. From the article: Apparently she thinks its ok for a man to claim ownership to a woman's body. For a man that is so possessive over such things, he might want to learn the correct names of the body parts he is claiming ownership of. Ugh. So beyond disgusting and ignorant.
  3. I agree that they dropped the ball with Eileen not reacting to Lori's death, but I'm ok with the other Deuce characters not reacting to it. Lori was a central character to the viewers, but she wasn't particularly close to the other main characters.The only one I could see really reacting would be Vincent, had he not been so absorbed in trying to get out of the mob, breaking up with Abby, and grieving Frankie's death. I think Mike and Lori's death were given equal airtime, and I think Mike was only given that much screentime to highlight that Vincent's world is falling apart around him.Vincent finding Mike dead added another nail in the coffin to what was Vincent's old life.
  4. Please! They worked so great together . John Carroll Lynch has been the saving grace for me this season. I was so happy to see Lily Rabe show up. It was refreshing to see actors that actually have range share scenes together for once. I love Cody Fern, but he is stuck carrying the Junior League around. Emma Roberts and Billie Lourd are getting better, but they are still pretty bland to me.
  5. As an animal control officer, you have no idea how bad this drives me crazy when I come across this in bite report testimonies. I grit my teeth every time I see it. I don't want to get into how many times I've seen Rockwilder for Rottweiler, or pitt bull (that extra "t" drives me nuts). And absolutely nobody (not even some of my seasoned co-workers) can get Dachshund correct. I've seen doxin, doxon, doxen, dashshund, and dashound.
  6. The real life Vincent, who provided much of the background material on this show, was a twin. The events surrounding Frankie's death on the show happened in real life, except the real life Frankie didn't die as a result of the shooting.
  7. Everyone Vince saw was dead.
  8. Abby was always pragmatic. I imagine that after Paul died and she saw the Deuce she knew continue to disappear, she saw the writing on the wall and did what she had to do to stay in NYC. A lesser show would have had her and Vince run into each other and share a glance. I'm glad they missed each other. As much as I wish we'd gotten another season or two, I agree that the show ended at just the right time. I also think the show did an excellent job of determining which characters would realistically make out of the '80s and which would still be alive in the present day. That being said, I am surprised that Eileen's son outlived her, because he seemed like he was going nowhere really fast. I'm really going to miss this show.
  9. I'm a sucker too, because I thought the ending was sweet. It did kind of bother me that Vincent remembered Eileen as Candy, Dorothy as Ashley, and Lori as CC's hoe (and an unhappy one at that). Poor Lori can't even find happiness in Vincent's version of the afterlife. I would have liked to see him at least remember Eileen as she was in the '80s, but whatever.Small nitpick. Vincent looked so ill and tired, I was sure they were going to have him die in the middle of Times Square, and join all his old friends. I'm also glad they didn't go there. Too bad we never found out what happened to Larry Brown. David Simon said the actor was unavailable, which is fine, but it would have been nice to see at least a theater pamphlet hanging around Paul's place with his name and photo on it, or something. Even having Eileen find her actors through one of Larry's acting circles would have been a nice mention. He was one of the ones I was really looking forward to catching up with this season.
  10. I'm the opposite. I loathe falling back. Having it get darker earlier plus the additional holiday traffic this time of year causes traffic nightmares.
  11. Nope. Really disappointed we haven't got so much of a mention of him yet. Maybe he will pop up in the finale.
  12. That was Mike, Vince's right hand man. He is dying of AIDs-related pneumonia. I am presuming he went there to die in peace.
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