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  1. I think Henry was fine with being outed once he saw the family’s reactions of admiration and respect.
  2. I’m guessing that “Toey” is little Jack’s pronunciation of “Corey”.
  3. jaimesommers


    What the ever-loving heck is Nastia wearing tonight???
  4. I agree. It was nice to see the judges give props for the laundry room setup and the outside deck stairs, which would be tremendously valuable to the people who actually live in the house. It seemed like B&M really did understand the premise of adding overall value for a buyer, not just value in terms of what looks fancy or pretty. (Although their house had more of what I’d look for in a house as far as looks and function except for missing D&T’s mudroom. That would have made it 100% for me.)
  5. THIS. I’ve seen them on other shows, and they seem like nice people, but their designs are very one-note and all about what THEY like.
  6. If the color challenge was “must use your color in a meaningful way,” it seems like there should be some kind of penalty for not complying. It’s ridiculous that nothing was said about N&J and M&A not incorporating theirs. I kept thinking the ombre shower wall looked like dirt/mud sliding down the wall. Obviously not my style! Yes, B&M should have included more in the shower than just the rainfall heads, but they still should have won. They were robbed!!
  7. I would have had to wash down all the coffee-stained walls and then painted or papered over them. I don’t care how “artsy” they might have been. Nope.
  8. I figured David and Tiffany’s extra bedroom and full bath would put them over the top, but I really hated the entryway with the black paint and peacock wallpaper. So far, the only house I’d want to live in is Brian and Mika’s. I like their style. All the others look like magazine showplaces to me instead of places I’d want to live in.
  9. I just finished watching the French-inspired (“pied-à-terre”) episode. I’m glad the homeowners were so happy with it, but I can honestly say I didn’t like one single thing about the renovation. Not one thing.
  10. I’m not ready for this season to end!!
  11. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one. Dang it. I wasn’t expecting that at all.
  12. I’m one of those viewers. I think he’s doing a great job and I wouldn’t mind sticking with him.
  13. I’ve never seen the original series, but I’m really enjoying this one. And I loved this episode. But, oh, I was absolutely horrified at the thought of having to use that “humane killer.” I’ve read some of the books but just never pictured what one actually looked like or how it was used.
  14. I enjoyed the dinner scene, too - wish we’d get more of those!
  15. I was sad to see K9 Ruby had died. 😢
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