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  1. Chelsea's inner ranting is annoying, rather we just not hear her.
  2. Surprised someone could actually call Liam out. Go Finn!
  3. Renewed for Season 6 which will be the final season. https://variety.com/2021/tv/news/animal-kingdom-renewed-final-season-6-tnt-1234885552/
  4. That was a great premiere. You saw the human side of everyone. Realistic way to do it and move on. Felt so sad for Devon.
  5. What about the other house? Wouldn't Randall's mother get that also? Glad Randall finally is ready to speak to his family.
  6. Couldn't Billy and Kyle just Google "nearest...." instead of going outside and walking around in a blizzard to ask someone?
  7. Why would Ava the rich mafia Princess want the boring police commissioner? I guess they want a bad vs good plot.
  8. I think she seemed like someone who didn't really want to go through with this wedding or now to Miami on this honeymoon at all. She rather go check on Adam. She's putting on an act.
  9. Couldn't they have just done a DNA test between Steve and the baby to confirm Tripp's innocence? The second the theory of a family member did it, Steve could have suggested that.
  10. I think it was Simon leaves her after the drunken night for one of his other estates. So she then leaves for London to be near her family. Then he comes to her in London. I wonder why the ending baby birth scene had the boy be first? As opposed to the book, where they had the 3 girls first.
  11. Brady doesn't use parenting or needing to be there for his daughter as the excuse/reason why he can't be arrested or go to jail for things. Gabi commits crimes that should have her put in jail and her excuse to get out of it all is always "but i need to be there for Arianna" then when the cops/Abigail/who ever else she committed a crime against lets her go, Arianna is always never around. This last time she got free from jail using Arianna as the reason, she spent all the time chasing Jake.
  12. He's apparently helping Marlena, which makes sense he'll do anything for her and saving Claire is what Ciara would want.
  13. It going to seem like rewarding her public outing of Marina and sending her to the point of making tea for abort the child if she gets Colin in the end. She shouldn't get Colin. I don't want to see her mother get what she plotted for either, someone in her home married to a Bridgerton to pay off their debts. This version of LW has contempt against her from the town, even Simon. I can't see anyone clapping for her outing either like what happens in the books. I don't want to see any Featherington+Marina win. They've done a lot of damage to Colin too with this Marina plot too that, they inserted this daytime soap who is the daddy type plot to make him look like a fool who is only spared through Penn's outting of Marina. The whole Marina plot never should have happened. They took Eloise's story and a small backstory and turned it into something that wasn't needed and just did more damage.
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