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  1. Nick yelled "hey Rey" so Adam wouldn't come down, but Adam totally on purpose walks down the stairs of Sharon's house like he's the one living there. Lol he's the best.
  2. Chanel and Allie were so annoying in not a nice to watch way.
  3. I wish we could have gotten to see the plane ride with Adam and Nick. Sharon's not telling Nate who the donor is, Victor isnt saying anything. How are they going to do this surgery and keep Adam in hiding.
  4. Carly has finally gotten what she wanted, in charge as the Mafia boss.
  5. Nick's so dumb it's amusing. Adam saying he's pinned, can't move. Nick asks him can you get to the door? Lol Haven't Sharon and Nikki been on the same side many times before? Why are they acting like it's first time. Lol at Nikki saying Sharon wins by a landslide over Phyllis. Chelsea and Chloe hopefully end up in jail. They look guilty. Attempted murder of a cop they should not get away with. Victor showing up in the dark was awesome too fighting dirty against dirty. Why doesn't anyone just bug or put Cam's in the apartment. Delierius Nick knows that Adam will do any
  6. I cannot take some scenes seriously when they're dressed so horribly. All I can see if Zoe and Paris' bad clothes.
  7. Mental illness is different than the likes of Gwen/Kristen. Kristen is paying (before she broke out) and will continue. Ben was in jail/psych ward just like Claire too who tried to burn Ciara alive. They've never showed Gwen as anything but a viscous and jealous of Abby's life and wanted to blame her for her miserable childhood. When ever she was called on the drugging she tried to deflect it, they want her redeemed then make her pay and get help. This boohoo me act and now accusing Abby of killing her baby? Gwen should be with Kristen in jail not coddled by Jack.
  8. Gwen is an obvious villian. Nothing Abby said warrants lying about her committing a crime to kill her/baby. When she lost the baby ahead of that fall. Gwen tried to fake beaten up to get Abby arrested, when Gwen drugged her and tried to continue drugging her. She may get what she wants this time and is free to Jack and Chad. Gwen's for no excuses for her behaviour, she's a villain no different than Kristen.
  9. Jack will probably lie and cover it up. They're both so gullible and stupid that it's making Abby look pathetic for constantly trying to forgive Chad and Jack. After this, I really hope she just says no to both and is done with them both. Leave them to believe everything Gwen says and does.
  10. Jack told Jenn the fall could have killed Gwen, we're not that lucky. The psycho obsessed with Abby will continue to same routine.
  11. I just watched Don't Go Breaking My Heart and I think what stood out the most was they paid for Shawn Mendes' Wonder song for the end.
  12. I didn't like Jamie at all this episode even after finding out the reason. He didn't back up his rookie partner at all and Jamie was always respected now he shouldn't be in his own squad. The cop not wanting to work with him was good and other cops should now be thinking same. This plot should caddy over to see the consequences.
  13. Yeah it was messy at the time, he was already dating Gisele when it came out Bridget was pregnant.
  14. It was renewed in the fall scheduled to return this year. https://variety.com/2020/tv/news/showtimes-billions-renewed-season-6-1234788989/ Damian Lewis just lost his wife, so maybe they are't filming.
  15. Is there a tunnel between them? To be that close with those size houses is stupid. They should just live together, if they want to be that close.
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