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  1. Michael's only 1 person can come back from the dead at one time comment made me LOL
  2. Artsda

    The NBA

    Congratulations Raptors! So happy to see a team win for the first time ever and all the happiness by the players and fans. Crazy that the game was barely over before the Wizards offer for Masai came out. Curry was a class act, loved his calling Drake and saying "how did you get that hat already?" LOL
  3. If it was that easy to take Dark Horse why didn't Victor take it long ago? lol I loved Adam taking it from Nick.
  4. It does matter, if she uses some fake alias and marries someone the marriage license is not valid. It's not a legal marriage.
  5. Artsda


    I believe this because she probably got used to being off the show while she was pregnant. She probably realized and saw all she could do instead of doing fake skits for camera. Kendall's another one that is totally over it too.
  6. Artsda

    S16.E07: Pet Peeve

    When Kourtney started defending Kanye, Scott's face was hilarious. He was totally not siding with Kanye. And the Kourt/Kendall suff was so fake because they're such bad actors. They barely could keep straight faces.
  7. I agree, I think he doesn't care at all about the Jordan/Khloe drama. He has no problem not falling in line with their views.
  8. But i don't think it's legal if she is just living under a fake name and didn't do anything legal to get this new name. If she actually filed paper work to change her name and change Conner's name, wouldn't Victor have found them since he's been looking?
  9. How is Chelsea married under a new name? A fake name for her and Conner sounds like this marriage and adoption isn't legal.
  10. Artsda

    Dynasty (2017)

    That was a good soapy ending with all those plots coming together. Liam better not drown! 2 bodies, arrest, Jeff being turned on by his mother. Season 3 looks to be starting with a bang.
  11. Didn't Adam have a lot of money? He's alive with his memory, he should get his money/assets plus he has bags of cash as "Spyder" why does he need 500M? Victoria ran to tell Victor and he laughed. LOL
  12. Artsda

    S7: E22 - I'm Not Leaving You

    Caset/Brett was so daytime soap. Casey not asking her, ex appearing, Casey misunderstanding, ex proposing, Brett accepting because she thinks Casey doesn't feel the same. What's next? He'll chase her down at the airport and stop her from leaving declaring his feelings?
  13. Artsda

    S08.E06: The Iron Throne

    Starks together/Ghost were the best part. tog
  14. Artsda

    S8 Spoiler Free Live Chat

    Ghost & Jon. ❤️