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  1. I had no idea about this movie until the SAG award love and win so decide to try it. I was unspoiled and half way through I had no idea where this was going, the birthday party probably traumatized that kid for life for his birthdays. I feel bad for the Park children. Movie was good and unpredictable ending, didn't expect it to be that end.
  2. They coordinated their max-out 150 lineups to increase their chances of winning. Coordinating is against the rules.
  3. I think Fallon mentioned that Liam helped them get some information on the cult? I'm guessing that's where she's moving to? Good luck Liam fitting all that stuff in his apartment. lol
  4. That was so well done! I'm hooked and excited to see where they all went after the last film. I'm sad about Data, but hoping he's lost and found somewhere. Could he be on the Romulan Borg ship? Also does that mean the Borg saved the Romulans? How did they end up with a Borg cube as a Romulan base?
  5. It was a good episode, all the Randall's played the fears and anxiety so well. I loved Randall and Kevin, Randall reaching out to him in the end and Kevin being there for him to get him through this. Randall making the alarm code his parents anniversary was such a Randall thing to do. Beth not knowing it and her crack about making it their anniversary made me laugh out loud.
  6. Finally a win for the good team and RR has to cave.
  7. Did they say what cancer he had? Would be smart to link it to him being apart of the 9-11 first responders. The comments they all made to the racist lady was hilarious.
  8. I loved all the scenes today with Nick/Mariah/Faith/Sharon. I think having them together makes the story and feelings more. I just find Rey's role is just seeming forced and like he doesn't fit/belong. Rey's scenes with Sharon today vs Sharon/Nick/kids i see more with the family than with him.
  9. Allison's there as part of Bombshell ensemble.
  10. I'm excited to see Pitt and Joaquin finally win, even if it's predictable. And there's a surprise, Parasite!
  11. Great job by Joaquin. Backstage was freaking out. lol
  12. Artsda

    Joker (2019)

    Bradley Cooper? No idea he was involved.
  13. I prefer Danny around I think Olive could use him around since he's an outsider too. I also do wonder if they still should get a paternity test, they're basing the paternity on a calling? Seems flaky. Zeke is just dumb and that entire triangle with Michela and Jared is just annoying. Way too many triangles on this show.
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