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  1. "You can hold her damn hand Rip." LMAO. That was hilarious, Rip trying to be discreet with John next to him and Beth's pulling her sunglasses down to side eye him. I liked how Rip said nothing during the entire scene. I liked seeing them going out on their Yellowstone outing. Interesting seating placements that says a lot, John flanked on either side by Rip and Kaycee, Jamie further down the row. Jimmie so stupid, I get he was love struck but still you're about to do something dangerous. Focus! Does Monica not work anymore? She seems to have no point, but to go to camp and hang out with Kaycee? She's not even helping much with Tate's PTSD, that seems to be all John. If Tate thinks ranching isn't hard work, he probably needs to spend time with others, don't think Rip sleeps. lol Kaycee also seems slow plot so far, not much to him. ivestock Commissioner I guess will work going out in field wise since he's a vet, Rip seems to handle the ranch anyways and has the bunkhouse back. Jamie's handling of that agent situation and turning it all around so that the rancher loved him? Exactly what Beth predicted and why she suggested him. He would do best to bring ranchers to his side and it would be what they needed in future. Which is what he did.
  2. Sutton went from happy she was pregnant, distraught over losing the baby, to never wanting children? I hope this is just trauma over everything, because poor Richard. She never told him this before the wedding and he seems to keep having to sacrifice for her career.
  3. Not surprised it got really bad towards middle/end.
  4. Did they say where the house came from? Was it Lee's? If it was it makes sense John would heir it to Rip. When Kaycee took over instead of kicking Rip to the bunk house, why didn't Kaycee not just live there though? When Beth confronted John about Kaycee just living in the main house, John/Kaycee both said he didn't want to live with daddy. Yet that big house was out there? Also seems smaller/more comfortable for Monica, since she's not comfortable in the main big house she's lost in. Oh well, happy for Rip getting it, you could tell how much it meant to him to be accepted as a son and into the family. He's the best Dutton although not one there is. lol
  5. Are we supposed to forget he raped her? A triangle with Jake would make more sense, although none of it does with how far they wrote Chad/Abby coming to put them in triangle stories when they're married with 2 kids.
  6. I think that breakfast scene was the first time I've seen Beth sit through a meal at a table. Loved all of the Beth & Rip scenes this episode, really well done. Monica&Kaycee I just don't see the same depth or feelings. Did Jamie forget he has a baby on the way?
  7. There was like 3 people at the wedding, Eli's a Horton. Where are they? Hope is eating pizza at Rafe's? Where's Ciara? Claire? Shawn and Belle are in town? Jennifer? Jack? Lucas? Allie? ALL are in town. Gabi deserves what she gets really, then she cries how she's wronged and the victim or doesnt' deserve to be jailed because of her daughter. She should be in jail for all she did to Julie. Then she walks into the 2 people who saved her worthless life just days ago to ruin their wedding after she ruined the last one?
  8. Nice to see Rob out & about. He looks good and happy.
  9. Gabi could care less for her kid, yet when she gets arrested every time it's "what about Ari?" Will and Sonny are worried for Ari, yet Gabi could go to jail today as Chad pointed out and her goals of day is Jake. Not spending time with or seeing her kid.
  10. Lets see how long before he says/does something stupid and Gap drops him.
  11. More so now to point of Angelina blocking the cast it looks like & going private.
  12. I don't know what to think of that. I do think the speech was not funny, if the shoe wrote it for them they knew what they were doing. I guess that guy in the dreadlocks in the beige suit was a producer. The twitter war going on and the fight continuing makes it interesting to see how they'll continue to film. Deena will film because she would want the pay check. She'd say I'm leaving and 3 mins later return because she's contracted to be there. She screeches she'll not film with Angelina again, but she will because she didn't quit. Angelina hasn't quit. Snooki quit and now gets Sammi's reasonings for her wanting no part of all of this. The guys reaction to it all, their debrief on their own and even Mike telling Jenni he got why Angelina was upset showed all of them more mature than the girls.
  13. Marci wasn't a good Abigail. Why would they bring her back? I thought KM was returning? If she's not, I rather a new Abigail than MM back.
  14. That's great news.
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