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  1. Loved seeing the Melrose reunion.
  2. Jax should have said Brenda's name. If they write Sonny right, it would jog something. At this point Jax owes Nina nothing after what she's done. Just say "you have a wife and children who think you're dead." One good Peter did was outing the lie to Phyllis. Now she knows Mike is Sonny. I wonder if a beam falls on his head and memories return. Lol Joss grew up with 2 rich parents and mansions herself. Who is she to judge Spencer?
  3. The 3 sisters are horrid, sitting there at night don't they have lives? Just attacking Quinn and calling to pry in Eric's marriage. Brooke needs to be slapped.
  4. The ending shocked me, wasn't expecting the cop to shoot the DEA agent.
  5. Billy chose to go the wedding he doesn't approve of in Tuscany versus the happy wedding of his nephew. When he told Jack he already had to go Victoria's, Jack should have gotten mad.
  6. Gwen can die anytime. She comes up now with prostitute lie while Abby who has brain damage due to her drugging has left her marriage and thinks she's a baby killer. All so she could have Jack? She can have him, Abby deserves a better father.
  7. She reunited with the fiancee who dumped her, he re-proposed after he did a redo of prom. Usually it's also the new guy who wins lol.
  8. I watched "A Honeymoon to Remember" that didn't look like a tropical location. That wasn't real ocean, it looked like a lake. It gets props for not a typical ending.
  9. Sharon hears about Sally/Adam then runs to see him, tells Rey and is all defensive with Sally. Each day they're all over the place, but Rey being third best is always the same.
  10. While Fallon's been all about Fallon, schemes, plots and Liam did know this since he met her in one of her schemes. Liam has every right to be annoyed, but it's not like she's acting different than normal. Except the Colin. She never should have married anyone if she wanted to cheat. Shouldn't Anders have cut Kirby out if he adjusted the will a week before he died? Since he had thrown her out and she was on a binge? Instead he gave the drug addict all the family secrets and money?
  11. Jax was awesome in these scenes. I laughed out loud at a lot of his lines trying to reason with Nina. "Mike doesn't exist." "Are you going to try and tell me that wasn't Sonny..I saw him." 😂 Good for him pointing out Valentin's lie about her child. Does Jason's kids know about the wedding? I don't blame them for not caring. It's not like he's a full time father. Everytime they brought up the past with Jake's it just made me remember Sarah Brown and the good scenes with her and Steve in those scenes. I prefer BL as the mother. Maxie's just out of line.
  12. Johnny wants to take this seriously why is he running around to all his relatives for money? EJ is right, earn it then he could make his movie. He doesn't want to work for it. Tripp should dump Allie. He doesn't need this triangle. So Gwen is now coming up with a lie to cover her lie.
  13. I want to like Davis, but they just did so much against him. If it was just cheating ok. But the secret child, if we're supposed to forget she exist then I guess ok. Lol I want Charley happy and I think Davis is her one. Nova had no idea what she was doing and lost control. Then called the cops. She should have thought of security from the start. Prosper better be ok. With the Covid plus the unvaccinated crowd, pregnant Darla being so involved seems bad idea. She should stay home. So Micah is with a teacher? How old is his new lady? Lol
  14. She's not. They should let her go and try to steal back Tamara or someone else. This Jarly rewrite would have been more believable with anyone but LW. Jax was great.
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