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  1. Wow no more blanket baby on both YR and Days. Chance is driving and meeting people all over town, Jill is publicly telling people he's alive in a restaurant then saying shhh its dangerous security risk. Abby wants a welcome bank party now? Lol what part of security risk and dangerous does she not get? Victoria is caring more for Billy when this entire thing started because of his jealous over Ashland.
  2. Wow Sonny treated Spinelli bad. How would he know about Jason and if he did you call him over to give him an errand. Spinelli should be wondering why he gave up his relationship for. I enjoyed the Cassadine family drama with Alexis. Her answering the door everytime was hilarious. Sam was going to the Q's, TJ is at the club, where's Molly and Kristina? Their mother's Thanksgiving after jail. Shouldn't they be there to he thankful? Alexis treats Nik the worst but he at least shows up for her. Spencer finding out Valentine is a Cassadine was great. Also liked Victor trying to ra
  3. Artsda

    S01.E10: Topanga

    I don't want Gavin in 10,000. He and the Izzy were annoying and should have stayed there. Josh gone is fine in 1988. Did anyone else make it through to 1988. I am actually sad to see Marybeth die.
  4. Monica said she wished Jason was there, but he was spending it with his children? Since when does he care to spend time with his children. Jake would be with Liz, Danny would have been at the Q's. Jason would have been with Carly. Sam's worried about telling Danny, how much of a relationship did Jason have with his kids? I forgot he had more than one when Monica said children. Danny also had him die before, he'll be fine. Jake had more a relationship to Franco. Yes Olivia, poor Carly and Jason. Not Jason's kids were her first thought. Carly goes to Robin and Jason's bridge to
  5. The teachers plot has gotten even worse with all these new ones added.
  6. Liam has audacity to say he's thinking of the kids. Where was that when he was jumping into bed with Steffy. Hope should be throwing her forgiveness into his face. Hope allows Bill in their lives. So Brooke betrayal is why Ridge wants Deacon gone? Ridge looks worse than Deacon at this point. He's punishing Hope because he can't get over Brooke and Deacon. Leave is not what we do? We talk things out. Really like mannequin night?
  7. Ridges comments today was so over the top. He doesn't care about Hope or even if Brooke loses her daughter. Liam is lucky that Hope even forgave him. He should be doing nothing but being on her side.
  8. Anna goes to Sonny first instead of his family? His mother? His children? Yeah Carly go to Greece and find him. When you rewind the tape remember Jason would be dead from the prison breakout if it wasn't from Britt. So now we just suffer through the entire town mourning Jason, funeral for Jason. Is BL shocked Valentin voided the contract? After she lied, used him and had his daughter thinking she was a sister. It makes no sense she wouldn't tell him the truth. He'd keep the cover to save from Peter. Drew leaving Sam his number, where did he get a number and phone from?
  9. Lloyd is that obsessed with blonde girl he's willing to fight people and lose his position at the ranch? His obsession with her and the fact she and the other one is still there is ridiculous. Now they're bringing in another younger blonde as the protester. What happened to John and the Mayor? Jamie's baby plot is back, if Randall is pulling strings with hits to the Duttons he easily probably knows about the baby to use him to keep Jamie in line. John's moved back into his house, good. Hopefully that means Monica is not returning.
  10. I watched a Kind-hearted Christmas and found it sweet. Feel good movie on doing others outcome from the good Samaritan starting the trend. I'm guessing Jennie Garths had a lot of money.
  11. I liked the reminiscing about Screech, but thought it was missing some emotion. They should have had an end card. Also were we to assume how he died? Because since the show started with Covid I'd think that's hos he died.
  12. Christmas At Castle Hart I enjoyed, I'm assuming they stay in Ireland in the end. Since they're still jobless at the end and found love and family.
  13. I hope this final nail for Gwen. She has no purpose and shows no sign of change. Xander I hope finds Sarah but who knows her brain damage at this point, she got the drug that Gwen gave and tried to keep giving Abby.
  14. They had good chemistry in Unexpected Christmas. I liked the family more than Jamie. Lol I the family preferred Emily than Jamie too.
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