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  1. I really liked this first episode, can't wait to see where it goes.
  2. Nick as Rey's best man is one of the most ridiculous writing I've every seen. Rey has not one real friend? The Sharon/Nick history would never have him as at the altar to help hold rings to marry another man.
  3. Mariah usually has better instincts with people, she's so blinded by being "Team Ray" that she thought Sharon was beaming and happy over this rushed engagement?
  4. Artsda

    The West Wing

    I loved this so much and seeing them all together again.
  5. There's obviously real dislike with Corey and Kendall. Kendall's face at the Ferrari dealership showed she had no part of him and it continued to be obvious in Palm Springs. Kourtney also was quick to side with Kendall. Good for Kourt for her reaction to Khloe's baiting her with her not bring present comment. Her kid was hungry and she got up to get him some food. Shows how much a parent Khloe is if that's something to attack Kourtney over.
  6. Vicky shows no remorse for the Faith part of the article, way to be a good aunt.
  7. Renewed for Season 6. https://deadline.com/2020/10/billions-renewed-showtime-season-6-corey-stoll-series-regular-1234589401/
  8. Dani did nothing for the summer and going to give that speech like she's suddenly playing?
  9. The sweep was amazing and best part of the awards. Also loved how they were actually all together for the awards.
  10. Artsda


    I totally thought that was going to happen and then Matt would be free to "move on." That they'd think they never made it.
  11. I'm on season 1 from CW. Totally wasn't expecting the car accident/affair/Abby twist.
  12. So Octavia is just ok with Clarke killing her brother and hugs her? WTH. I thought that whole hugging scene was an alternate reality that couldn't be real. Murphy cared the most!
  13. Wow didn't expect them to kill off Bellamy and by Clarke? Should have been reverse.
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