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  1. This whole think of fake Phyllis acting like she cares and is there for Sharon is ridiculous. She is the last person who should be in this story. Summer, yes bc she's Faith's sister.
  2. So I'm guessing he'd have returned alone for next season. Ending felt very open. It should have been Danny on the plane or should have ended the show at the house. 1 week after Danny almost dying and Steve takes off seems not right.
  3. Liam being in on the grand theft auto I didn't expect, good twist.
  4. I think it may be new manager Jonah.
  5. They killed Melandez. of all the stupidest I've seen. Kill him, but force Lea and Shaun and Lea lives? How awful.
  6. That was a good ending if the show isn't picked back up.
  7. Fallon wanting to fight custody was a good twist.
  8. I actually preferred Pinstripe than Jane. She'll be even more insufferable trying to start a new relationship. Sutton plans to have a long distance marriage? Great plan to start a marriage on.
  9. I like the show actually going there with Michael and Maria!
  10. That fight was harsh. It hurt. I like Mary Queen of Scots being Kate and Toby's daughter. Madison, not surprised. Twins, thats my surprise.
  11. It was obvious he was lying, welcome Jane to figuring out something we did episodes ago!
  12. The baby being born now could add it to her not being Bens? Jared undercover, glad it was that, I prefer him to Zeke. The proposal flashback was sweet.
  13. Faith should have told Rey you're not my father or mother. He doesn't even live there.
  14. Ryan doesn't deserve to get the heat for this one, wasn't his place especially when the brother wanted to tell her himself. Had Ryan said he probably still would be in trouble.
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