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  1. Artsda

    Spoilers And Shockers

    Aww Jennifer & Peter, they were great. I wish the person Kristen reached out to was a Peter recast.
  2. Artsda

    Jumanji: The Next Level (2019)

    Who is Bethany if it's not Jack Black?
  3. Artsda

    The Media Kingdom

    Interesting, it's still going on. She's been doing that since the start of the season, when the guys did that promo without her.
  4. Artsda

    S06.E09: What You Take With You

    Sad to see Kane go. 😞 I was so happy to see the old characters again, Lincoln, Indra even Pike who I blame for Lincoln. Reminded me of how good it was.
  5. Why is Chelsea wandering around getting coffee in the same place she attacked Sharon? Has Sharon seen her yet?
  6. Artsda

    S21.E06: Whacktivity Competition #2; Nominations #2

    I felt sad for Nicole saying she'd have nobody go to Figi with, she'd go alone. Does she not have friends or family?
  7. Artsda

    S04.E04: Skin Transparent

    Nova is so disgusting that Davis looks better in this episode and Michah's blindness towards her just makes him as bad. Let him see Vi and Darla bawling their eyes out and then think she's the bestest? Also Nova basically just outed bodies on the land? Wouldn't that cause reason for the police to go and get a warrant to dig the entire thing up? Does Nova not have any logic, a brain or sense at all for anyone? All she does is preach to others about how their story will help others without giving a damn that it's not HER story to tell. Nova wasn't in that room with Darla and Blue, who is she to write about anything about it and use words like the "stench" she's acting like it's first hand knowledge and shes just writing based on other peoples story that they never gave her permission to tell. The whole lot should sue and stop the book. Why is this not in the book? Wouuldn't it be a powerful story to help others like she keeps telling everyone else? 🙄 She cares to protect Micah but not Blue?
  8. Artsda

    S16.E12: Aftershock

    I think all we can fault her with is not asking which lip kits which didn't sound like it mattered. Based on what was said, all the old packaging was on sale to get rid of the inventory and she approved that and it's been on sale 2 weeks. She could have asked when they came to her for approval which lip kits are left, but I doubt she would have expected all this. I don't think it makes her not hands on, the old packaging inventory had to go, it didn't matter which ones they were.
  9. Since she's back shouldn't Chelsea be arrested for stealing from Fenmores? She's wandering around the parks and going to carnivals. Chelsea doesn't know her husband at all considering he showed up pm Adam's doorstep. And how old is he?
  10. Artsda

    S16.E12: Aftershock

    All that episode did was make me think Kylie is the most sane and mature, she definitely has more self awareness that her older sisters. The others should be disgusted and ashamed of themselves. Go Kylie! I also sympathized with Kris, she was kind of in the middle and trying to keep her crazy daughters calm to not go off and do things like they did was exactly why she was trying to reign them in. All she got for it was attacked from them all. I don't blame her for siding with sane Kylie, Kris was probably very motherly to Jordyn. Kimora Lee really? People see them as weak, people have always seen them as a joke. lol Kim needed Kylie to call her out and the trying to spin Khloe's tweets as because Jordyn didn't talk to her first. Khloe's always been a mean girl bully, her tweets blaming the girl for yet another guy cheating on her is to be expected. Not to mention who were they trying to fool with this narrative? Tristan was renting his own house and clubbing/partying in LA when Khloe also had a house in LA and claimed Jordyn was breaking up her family. They were already done, Tristan hadn't been seen with her but he had been seen with other girls before and that week, when all these texts and threatening to kill himself was happening. He was living it up. lol Wasn't Tristan seen with that model having dinner in NY before the Red Talk with Jada even aired? LOL Yes Khloe, Tristan was texting every minute, trying to kill himself and dying for you back.
  11. Artsda

    S04.E03 Where My Body Stops or Begins

    So true! With everyone in the book, the only person she got a side from was Jimmy? She totally didn't go to Darla for her side on her substance abuse, she didn't go to RA or Charley for sides on anything either. So the only person she cared to get interview from was that abuser?
  12. Artsda

    S04.E03 Where My Body Stops or Begins

    Not for all of them, just for RA's case they're making that point. Because he hasn't gotten to the part about Darla yet. There's nothing in the book by the end that makes what Nova wrote redeemable.
  13. Artsda

    S04.E03 Where My Body Stops or Begins

    So Micah has no issues with the book? He instead attacks his mom over it, but doesn't care he outed Blue's paternity or all the other things Nova wrote against her family? Bringing that abuser back to Vi's doorstep. Micah & Nova are both the worst. I hope Vi sticks to her guns on never letting Nova in again.
  14. Artsda

    S04.E02: I No Longer Imagine

    Nova really was so stupid to think that Blue wouldn't find out anything from school? Then she had the audacity to offer herself to sit down and talk about it with Blue? He has parents who it was up to them to tell him about his biological father, not her. She is so full of herself and thinking how her soap opera she published will help who? If Micah defends her, I hope someone slaps them both.
  15. Artsda

    Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw (2019)

    Neither of these 2 are 'Fast & Furious'. Shaw killed Han. Him being anything with the others is ridiculous.