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  1. Something off with Evan and Carly, when you look at them versus Jade&Tanner sitting next to them. I don't even think they hugged each other when they heard it was a boy.
  2. Jenni wanted her new bf on payroll on MTV fast. Is it a way to keep him? She's a celeb with money, he's 24. Wouldn't be surprised if he's got something to promote. And break up #73566966
  3. Yes, they'll probably be a joke line that she looks different today. Ever see when Fresh Prince changed the actress playing Aunt Viv? lol
  4. Congrats to Chris&Melissa!
  5. Micah still a brat, made no attempt to tell Charlie anything until the worst possible time. I hope RA refuses to forgive Nova, she deserves no forgiveness.
  6. It's getting serious with going to Holland. Good for him! So much better than Hannah. They look good together.
  7. Rachel had to shade Bachelor Nation in her wedding article. Selling her wedding to People but not televising it doesn't make her more "real." It's no different than Jarret and Ashley.
  8. That was a good promo. Totally gives away Gina is back.
  9. 3 of them in that small bunkbed room at The Flamingo? Is that the only hotel left that lets them in? I also found it funny, Ron stayed outside on the street while they ate dinner at Ballys. Is he not allowed in? Angelina is the worst, she's making money on "swipe ups" of Mike and Lauren's personal business that's not even true in the tabloids? Lauren never going to Vegas is what surprised me the most of this episode. Never? She's been with Mike so long and he never took her, he went so many times with the others.
  10. Is Hope switching back to Gina?
  11. Love Jordan reproposing without all the tv and just a normal way with his own ring. She really has no right to shade Tyler.
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