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  1. starlightlost

    The Pioneer Woman

    https://radaronline.com/exclusives/2019/07/pioneer-woman-ree-drummond-daughter-alex-once-had-warrant-out-for-her-arrest/ Radaronline so take it with a grain of salt
  2. starlightlost


    Oh for sure, they definitely weren't there because they cared for him at all. All shitty people tbh
  3. starlightlost


    The NDA was probably for hospital staff but definitely for visitors.
  4. starlightlost


    Kris was only interested in protecting the Kardashian brand. "It was always about her brand. I was nothing to her" Remember that blurb and pic of him and Khloe in front of a gym during their divorce? I think tmz or something got it... It was a set up by Kris. In Las Vegas, his heart stopped twice, 12 seizures, 6 strokes, lungs collapse, kidneys ruptured. He claims cocaine, cognac and cannabis. Anyone who entered his hospital room to see him had to sign nondisclosure agreements to protect the brand. The end.
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  6. starlightlost


    3rd child, 6 month old son died of SIDS. Meets Khloe. Talks about how hard being in front of a camera constantly was. Paparazzi drove him crazy. He had a man cave in the basement he spent most of his time in. Increased cocaine use, more difficult trying to hide his drug use. His trade to the Mavericks "destroyed him mentally". Edit: Mark Cuban was really an asshole.
  7. starlightlost


    Chapter 21. Admitted cocaine and sex addict. Dropping names like flies.
  8. starlightlost


    Chapter 16 now. Read about his high school basketball career, college basketball and making it to the NBA. His first girl Liza and 2 children so far. Prozac and marijuana.
  9. starlightlost


    Hey guys. I'm reading Lamar's book. I'm on chapter 4. So far it's about growing up in Queens and losing his mother to cancer. I'll keep ya updated on anything juicy.
  10. starlightlost


    That's a lot of pink. A lot.
  11. Um, People Aren't Sure Where Kim Kardashian's Internal Organs Are In Her Met Gala Look https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/um-people-arent-sure-where-174300335.html
  12. starlightlost


    Jordyn Woods has moved out of Kylie Jenner's home amid cheating claims, apparently https://www.cosmopolitan.com/uk/entertainment/amp26440235/jordyn-woods-moved-out-of-kylie-jenners-home/
  13. starlightlost

    S07 E28 Deven & James

    Deven just led that poor guy on for 5 years!
  14. starlightlost

    S07 E27 Nique & Alice

    Well then. . . I agree, caseysgirl. On a positive side, I liked Elle as the guest co-host and would be happy if she came back.
  15. starlightlost

    S07 E26 Aubri & Brian

    Slick with her weird mumble, breathy voice. I can barely understand her and I'm only 17 minutes in