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  1. You make a good point. Andy will probably work better with a cast of amateur cooks and we can all hope that’s what they cast next year because I don’t think I can handle another season of all-stars. I could not be happier with the outcome this season. It washes away some of the bitter taste of Larissa’s win last season, a finale I simply could not bring myself to watch. While I would have enjoyed Laura’s menu, for me, Emelia’s was more appealing-especially the dessert. Clearly going out on a dessert in season six has been a cross to bear over the years so it’s great that her dessert won the thing for her this time. I honestly didn’t like Emelia much in season six but this time she was so much more real and has a seriously wicked sense of humor. I love that.
  2. I was finally able to watch Callum’s elimination but it was hard. He looked gutted and it had to be hard knowing that first dish was perfection. It also looked more appealing than either Laura’s or Reynold’s. Oh well. While I’m sorry Reynold’s family business is struggling, this is happening in food establishments everywhere. It’s an awful situation for everyone. I sort of felt like Reynold was his own worst enemy in this challenge. He simply could not bring himself to follow the recipe and it was his undoing. Emilia was proof of that. I saw where someone on FB was indignant that Reynold was forced to follow someone else’s recipe. “He should have been able to do one of his own,” was her complaint. Most of what he’s done this season are his own recipes or slight variations on something he already created. Without the guest judge he might have been able to slide by again. I truly hope Emelia wins as I’m still bothered by the fact that Laura worked for Jock. But I’m fine either way. Unpopular opinion: I’ve enjoyed Andy this season and hope he’s back next year. Melissa was very good too but Jock I can do without. He just can’t seem to hide his feelings for certain people and, yes, I’m thinking of Tessa and Callum.
  3. I’m trying to watch the episode with Callum’s elimination but I’m not sure I can do it. What an amazingly humble, classy and talented guy. There is no way anyone can convince me Reynold is a better and more well-rounded chef than Callum. Anyway, this whole season reminds me of Top Chef in the US. It’s a pretty good show but after several seasons they created an All-Star season with the sole purpose of giving Richard Blais a win (he’d lost in a previous try). This feels the same. I will be over the moon if Emelia (or Laura) can pull this off but Jock seems to be driving this train and we know what he wants.
  4. I’ve suspected all along that this is the plan. Would be thrilled to be wrong.
  5. Tessa’s gone, Reynold makes a weensie pile of dessert bits with a shard and Reece makes a tart. The only thing keeping me here is Callum and Emilia but I may be out. And, yeah judges, keep telling Reynold what he’s doing wrong or not doing or whatever.
  6. I know, right? It’s so frustrating especially since she was totally robbed in her season. I really don’t need to be ranting about that so I’ll stop now. I’d also add that it bugs me the way Callum is being dismissed, especially by Jock. Reece is just plain annoying. Another tart...really?? So over him. Still love sweet Brendan, who sadly probably won’t last much longer.
  7. I hate to say it because it sounds mean but Poh and the obvious judge bias are ruining this season for me. Three out of four made desserts and, of course, Jock gets his way and Tessa loses out to...wait for it...Poh. Of course. It is indeed The Poh Show.
  8. Didn’t really like this heat but the linked recap was hilarious. This.😂 Yeah, I’m kind of over Khanh but he’s not going anywhere so I choose to FF through his frequent, lengthy blow-by-blow narrations.
  9. YAY!!!!! So happy Callum won especially when I thought he probably didn’t have a chance. Loved him in season 2 and he seems to be the same sweet, humble guy. His dish looked amazing and generous compared to Reynold’s decorated scrap of fluff. I don’t know anything about Reynold’s controversial statements but I’m put off by his air of arrogance. Having said that, I expect him to be final two with Poh. But sincerely hope I’m wrong.
  10. That’s a bummer. I was really liking her this season. I was fearing Callum would go because of the baby at home edit. Very surprised a dessert did Jess in. Agree. That’s the second time Andy has questioned Khanh on his choices causing Khanh to regroup and make changes. Are they doing this for all the contestants or is this just editing? Feels sketchy, much like the whole Laura/Jock connection.
  11. Absolutely hated this cliffhanger. As others have noted it made no sense with the way the writers have structured Nolan's character. The Rookie has a lot going for it but this was just lazy and stupid given that Fillion is the star.
  12. As someone who didn’t care for Jess all that much in her season, I find her delightful this time around. She’s become a favorite of mine along with Tessa and Brendon. I’m not sure any of those three have a chance of winning but Jess just might get there. She’s pretty amazing. Simon seems nice too but I can’t get all excited about his plates of limp veggies with purée and sauce. The judges seem to love his food so what do I know? She does have a very genuine smile but, man, you could drive a truck in there. The only annoyance I find with her is the obvious over-the-top favoritism in editing. Not her fault, though.
  13. Had I set that, I’d have them divide into teams before knowing the nature of the challenge. Then I’d have them draw knives (or similar) to see which team does savory and which does sweet. I knew from the get-go that desserts would win so skipped to the part where they served the dishes and, of course, the inevitable happened. It’s ok, but I’m afraid someone I like will go home.
  14. When she actually takes the time to seriously evaluate the contestant’s performance, she’s often very good. However, her antics during the rest of the show are so over-the-top it’s exhausting. If you ramp up what you saw on MCAU about 25 notches, you’ll just about have some idea of why I’m not watching American Idol this season. She’s also somewhat inappropriate with young males auditioning, especially if they are very good-looking. Sometimes it’s just good fun, other times it’s icky. I can guarantee that if Luke Bryan or Lionel Ritchie treated young girls the same, they’d be fired. I have nothing against her and like some of her music, but her act wears thin. While I thought everyone going nuts when they saw her was amusing, I tried to think of one living person who would cause me to react like that and I can’t. I really can’t. Sad to see Hayden go but he seems a bit out of his league in this group so it was inevitable.
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