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  1. Absolutely hated this cliffhanger. As others have noted it made no sense with the way the writers have structured Nolan's character. The Rookie has a lot going for it but this was just lazy and stupid given that Fillion is the star.
  2. As someone who didn’t care for Jess all that much in her season, I find her delightful this time around. She’s become a favorite of mine along with Tessa and Brendon. I’m not sure any of those three have a chance of winning but Jess just might get there. She’s pretty amazing. Simon seems nice too but I can’t get all excited about his plates of limp veggies with purée and sauce. The judges seem to love his food so what do I know? She does have a very genuine smile but, man, you could drive a truck in there. The only annoyance I find with her is the obvious over-the-top favoritism in editing. Not her fault, though.
  3. Had I set that, I’d have them divide into teams before knowing the nature of the challenge. Then I’d have them draw knives (or similar) to see which team does savory and which does sweet. I knew from the get-go that desserts would win so skipped to the part where they served the dishes and, of course, the inevitable happened. It’s ok, but I’m afraid someone I like will go home.
  4. When she actually takes the time to seriously evaluate the contestant’s performance, she’s often very good. However, her antics during the rest of the show are so over-the-top it’s exhausting. If you ramp up what you saw on MCAU about 25 notches, you’ll just about have some idea of why I’m not watching American Idol this season. She’s also somewhat inappropriate with young males auditioning, especially if they are very good-looking. Sometimes it’s just good fun, other times it’s icky. I can guarantee that if Luke Bryan or Lionel Ritchie treated young girls the same, they’d be fired. I have nothing against her and like some of her music, but her act wears thin. While I thought everyone going nuts when they saw her was amusing, I tried to think of one living person who would cause me to react like that and I can’t. I really can’t. Sad to see Hayden go but he seems a bit out of his league in this group so it was inevitable.
  5. Discovered this recently after watching Unorthodox. It might be one of the most brilliant series I’ve ever seen. Subtle, poignant, often hilarious, beautifully acted and so respectful of the orthodox culture they’re portraying. I’m on my second time through and with the subtitles missed some of the subtleties the first time. I read that a third series is on its way and I certainly hope that’s true. There’s a great interview with the actors playing Shulem, Akiva and Giti available on YouTube. Lots of behind-the-scenes information.
  6. Fun episode with some really yummy-looking food though the editing made it pretty clear who would have the top dishes. Not sure what I think about Poh's zen dish and the lack of cookery but it looked pretty. Katie Perry is the reason I no longer watch American Idol (she's alarmingly annoying) but I'll watch anyway if only to see everyone go nuts.
  7. Unpopular Opinion Warning: I’m getting tired of the constant Khanh/Sarah narration from the gantry. I like them both but are the other contestants mute? Do they have nothing valuable to contribute? Besides, they both sound a little preachy. You can throw the bricks now.😁
  8. I’m behind in watching so forgive me but I just have to say that I am still gobsmacked at potato chips on toast being this “amazing”, gantry-worthy dish. Really? Seriously?
  9. I tend to agree with the Tweeters. Hayden opened a bag of chips and dumped it, Laura opened a package of tofu and sliced it. SarahT was dinged for wanting to use the greens instead of the root veggie itself but Laura was given a complete pass on doing nothing to transform the tofu. I like Laura but she’s getting a lot of passes. Makes one wonder. It’s funny, Jess annoyed me a bit during her season but It was fun to see her take obvious dessert ingredients and do the unexpected. Good for her.
  10. Good grief, I'm getting weary of the Poh Show of Woe. Every stinking time she plans big, whines that she's never going to get it done, whips it out at the last minute and is praised to the skies in the end. It's getting old, show. Looked like more than a 35 minute pie but... I'm sorry to see Harry leave but was hoping Hayden hadn't completely blown it with his dish. Beats me why he'd decide to try that in a pressure test. Do what you do best, Hayden. It's certainly working for Laura who seems to make variations on the same dish every single time. But that's what Jock likes so why not, right?
  11. Yes, but there's still the whole issue of Laura/Jock and Poh having been a guest mentor on previous seasons. Not a good look for MCAU. The plate Sarah served up for immunity must have tasted completely fantastic because it looked like something my neighbor's dog leaves along the sidewalk. They say you eat with your eyes, right? I was delighted to see Tessa and Brendon get some love for their dishes in the elimination challenge. Still, I found myself a little bored during the episode so sort of fixated on the wild differences between cooks who serve up tiny, fiddly dishes and the ones who plate up enough to feed a hungry family. Some cooks get criticized for too much on the plate and others don't. No one gets dinged for the weensie servings. Interesting. I was excited to see a season with returning contestants but find I'm not enjoying it as much as I thought I would. The people that annoyed me in their original seasons still annoy and the ones I like are dropping like flies. Besides, I want more Callum, please. Too much Poh and her last minute rescues that are praised to the skies. Then there's Reynold who seems to be in a class by himself, which makes me think he's a slam dunk winner. I think I prefer all new cooks but maybe this will get better as the ranks thin out. Lastly, my personal pet peeve of most of these delightful Australian and British cooking shows. Folks please, for the love, it's not "Hala-pee-no," it's "Hala-pain-yo."
  12. Maybe it’s just me but a brown smear on the side of a dish is never going to be a winner for me. Other than that odd choice, Khanh seems like a terrific guy. The sooner the ice cream guy disappears the better. Oh Brendan, you came so close. His dish in the broth-off certainly looked more appetizing.
  13. Crushed that Lynton was first out. Maybe not the best time to “risk it for the biscuit,” whatever that means. Oh well. I admit I have a super soft spot for Brendan, as I did on his season. I suppose he won’t last that long but I just think he’s kind of awesome. Poh and her amazing 90 minute cake was annoying. Five episodes in and I’m already sick of her. She bugs more than Rose and that’s saying something.
  14. It’s quite early in my part of the US but thanks for this, my first huge laugh in over a week! Now I’ll start scouring the interwebs for episode 2. Always fun.
  15. I liked it. Liked the new judges and didn’t miss George, et.al., as much as I thought I would. The only things that annoyed me were Jess (why is she there?), Poh (she always annoys me), and as much as I like Reynold, I’m afraid his amazing desserts and all the tongue baths he’ll receive will annoy me too because he’s there for the long haul, that’s for sure. I love Tessa, Callum and, yes, even Lynton. Good start.
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