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  1. This will not be popular but he’s giving me Bob Guiney vibes & based on the previews I could be right. Two episodes in & the endless face-devouring & smacky noises are annoying me greatly. For a guy who is supposedly smart he seems pretty dumb. Maybe as we go on I’ll change my mind.
  2. Not a bad episode but I’m so confused about a couple of things. I thought the young mans organs were smashed to smithereens so wondering how, what was it, 63 organs could have been donated? Also, the young boy had a heart transplant and yet comes out of anesthesia in his room, sitting up, no O2, no tubes coming out of everywhere, no IV, no ICU nurse hovering while pulling out a vent??? Really? Come in, show, at least try. I absolutely do not like Salen or anything about her. May her story arc be of short duration.
  3. Well, it was part of the centerpiece so not meant to be eaten and judged. Considering Crystelle used a candle, it must have been within the rules of the challenge. Based on the season in general, Jurgen probably should be in the final but someone had to go and on the day, it was him. Good flavors but not visually pleasing. Guiseppe beat him out on the visuals and in the Signature. Probably fair. I was ready for my favorite, Chigs, to go so yeah, really happy.
  4. No. No. No. Sausage rolls that hit the floor should not have been served. I’m sorry, but that was gross. It’s one thing to have it happen in your home and quite another to see it on a TV cooking show, and if something happened behind the scenes making it acceptable we should have known about it. Not good, GBBO. The opening was cringeworthy. Paul’s a judge-keep it that way. I was embarrassed for him. So sad to see Lizzie go. What a delight she was.
  5. This episode is the bottom of the season two barrel. Just awful. Only redeeming feature- brief moment of Gilbert O’Sullivan singing “Alone Again, Naturally.” Sadly, post season one, I think this show got drunk on it’s own success because two is just mediocre. Sad.
  6. Having a Caesarean in the late 60’s was very much as portrayed here. The nurses treated you as a surgical patient, discouraged breast-feeding and often kept the baby away from mom for the first 24 hrs. at least. I suppose it was just how it was done but it wasn’t good. Thankfully, it changed in the next decade and today is completely different. I’m still impressed that CTM is pretty accurate about this historical medical stuff. They rolled it into the gestational diabetes storyline but it was fairly standard for all C-sections at the time
  7. This ☝ Singing the original (DP) is actually harder. More textured and nuanced. With all due respect to Whitney’s considerable talent, her version was the one that made me cringe while my ears bled. However, it made Dolly a lot of $$$$ so there’s that. I’m sticking with Girl Named Tom for now but I hate “Creep” & generally leave the room when I hear it coming. Their harmonies were amazing though. Hailey Rae, I couldn’t understand a word of your song. Enunciate.
  8. Wichita Lineman was gorgeous. That’s it.
  9. Do they really expect us to believe Mer will leave a hospital named after her and where she is actually worshipped? Sure. I do like the Winston character apart from Maggie so he can stay. Teddy is a horrible person. If Owen wants that, we’ll, it’s on him. I’ll join the others who would run away screaming if Schmitt showed up to do my surgery. I might have other thoughts but they’ll have to wait till I’m over the headache caused by the giant anvil that fell on my head.
  10. Chicago Med has improved hugely this season. I keep waiting to hate it again and it hasn’t happened so fingers crossed. The new doctors are both likable-so far so good. Natalie who? April who? I always liked Choi so maybe when he returns he’ll be less annoying with April gone. I liked the “glass child” storyline as it seems like something that needs to be addressed. I don’t mind Vanessa apart from the relationship with Maggie so we’ll see how this one goes. Still don’t like the Halstead character and couldn’t care less about the boring Vas-Com thing but he’s a wee bit more tolerable with Natal
  11. Yes! I so identified with Shaun’s discomfort with the scrubs. I have to be extremely cautious with fabric & wear a lot of 100% cotton. Same problem as you and nothing to do with ASD. Good for him standing up for himself and Lea, he doesn’t need you helping. He does fine on his own. The nonsense with two residents involving prayer annoyed me no end so good for Lim putting a stop to it. She wasn’t forcing him to pray against his will so he had no business demeaning her beliefs. Thankfully the singing at the end made it all ok. Loved that. (Great voices, btw.) HIPAA has become pre
  12. The Blake/Kelly nonsense is getting unbearable. STOP IT! It’s not entertaining. It’s not funny. Enough. Other than that, contestant-wise it wasn’t bad but we’ll see how it goes. For me, the jury is out on Grande, but she seemed fine, at least at this point.
  13. Still a ridiculous show but I really like the new doctors. No April...no Natalie...huge plus! I could do without the Maggie & her daughter stuff but we’ll see how it goes.
  14. Thank you, Rootbeer, for clarifying the Carter/ med student thing. Very helpful and exactly what I wanted to understand. I just rewatched “Love’s Labors Lost” & it still makes me squirm, but I still contend that ER is miles, maybe eons ahead of any medical drama produced today-even with all its mistakes. At least it didn’t thoroughly beclown itself it like Chicago Med & Grey’s Anatomy do regularly.
  15. In season one, Carter is introduced as a 3rd year medical student. My understanding is that at the end of 4-year medical school (post-bachelors degree), the med student earns the title of “Doctor of Medicine.” Yet as a 3rd year student Carter is referred to in the ER as “doctor” and even as a “resident” at times. He also seems to be in the ER every day, thus never attending classes at whatever University he’s associated with. I just watched an episode where this 3rd year student is allowed to intubate a patient. Am I confused on this or is the show the thing that’s confusing me? I’m re-watchi
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