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  1. limecoke

    S12 Talk

    I need to apologize. I don't know how all these multiple posts happened and I can't seem to fix it. So sorry!!
  2. limecoke

    S12 Talk

    Just finished my first rewatch of this season since it originally aired. Amazed at how much I enjoyed seeing this again and it's (mostly) tolerable pairings. This season's winners are among my top three all-time TAR winners so that was fun to see again. Highlights include, the first elimination - so very satisfying. Grandpa's underpants. The patient and long-suffering grandson, Nick. Ron's hernia and impressive Arc of Redemption in his treatment of Christine. Two older gentlemen among the finalists for the million dollar prize. Don't think that happened before or since. Two of the most deserving winners I can remember. Even with all their mistakes were was no screaming, no fighting, no drama and it certainly paid off. To top it all off, (even though we didn't know at the time), two racers from different teams were destined to fall in love and marry. Ahhhhhh... The only two low points for me were the early departure of A & H and the totally ridiculous and thoroughly awful Nate & Jen.
  3. limecoke

    S11 Talk

    Rewatching season 11. Heinous winners but mostly enjoyable, Rob & Amber notwithstanding. Besides I’m endlessly entertained by Mirna & Charla and their ridiculous accents.
  4. limecoke

    S10 Talk

    So I read an article interviewing Sarah and it seems she and Peter were never a couple, before, during or after the race. It was a fiction made-up in order to get cast as the show was looking for another "dating couple." She said it was hard to have people reach out to her because they thought she was in an abusive relationship and it was never a relationship to start with. They kept up the fiction during talking heads and in interviews after they were eliminated. Dumb. They both worked for the same company so I can't see why they weren't cast as "Co-workers"?
  5. Dear CBS Reality People, When will you finally understand that the entire world is not enchanted with Rupert? Nor do we want to see him on our TV screens ever again. Ever. In this lifetime or the next. Thank you, Limecoke
  6. I'd have to pick Colin and Zach. In fact, I'd love to see Zack back for another season racing with a real partner. Maybe Victor. They both raced with whiney partners (though Nicole was marginally more competent then Flo) but it would be fun to see them dominate an All-Star season.
  7. Ok, I'm really late to the party because I just finished watching this season (thankful for my DVR). SO happy that Colin and Cristie pulled off the win. I watched season five when it aired and while I found them entertaining in a perverse way, I could not stand them. I loved the redemption arc and their joy when they reached the million dollar mat. The collapse of Leo and Jamal was my favorite moment of the double episode. I don't think I'd mind them so much if they weren't so loud and obnoxious in every single episode. Great finale and is it just me or does Phil get better looking every season?
  8. Jed is a rat. Sitting right there lying through his teeth. Good job, Hannah. You dumped two great guys for this chucklehead. I was also screaming when she got on him for sleeping with his girlfriend the night before he left for the show. Need we remind Hannah about the WINDMILL??? But Jed is still a rat. And his singing sucks. Tyler...run away from this woman. You deserve better. Go be on DWTS or just go back to Jupiter and live your life. Love will come. Just please don’t jump back into this Hannah thing.
  9. Other than being totally gross with the Hannah and Peter and Peter's alternatively bawling and celebratory parents...this episode was enlightening. In that it gave me the total clarity (LOL) I've needed as I've strived to figure out the mystery that is Hannah. She. Is. A. Spoiled. Brat. Coddled by mommy and daddy and given her way in everything as long as she posed prettily. Windmill Peter is either a good actor or he doesn't yet realize just how lucky he is. Hannah is a woman who needs to be taken care of and expects it. Sadly, Jed is a guy who also needs to be taken care of so it's a match made in Hollywood. I can only hope she dumps Tyler tonight and picks this Nashville loser because the fallout is going to be fun to watch. Must see TV. Please note that I thought her parents seemed very nice and were refreshingly perceptive. Dad looks like Kenny Rogers so I immediately liked him. I'm a bit skeptical there's any big, unexpected ending based on the show's history of nonsensical hype, but if there is, I hope she picks Jed and on the "live" show dumps him in a far more spectacular way than she dumped Luke P. She's capable of it. Hannah has been well-styled throughout the show but she looked bad tonight. The RC dress emphasized her slumpy shoulders and the hair was just not flattering. She looked tired. If Tyler is the next Bachelor, so be it. He'd certainly be enjoyable eye candy. Peter's adorable but I wouldn't be quite as enthusiastic about him in the role. Too bad Mike went with BIP (which I do not watch because there's skeevy and there's REALLY skeevy.
  10. So much I want to say but I can't seem to get a lot of clarity (see how I did that?) on how I feel about this whole season of The Bachelorette. It started out well and I thought Hannah was going to be a better 'Ette than I thought she would. Nothing but downhill from there. I do think there were some good guys among the 30 but the show became so wrapped up in Hannah's personal narrative which was, "I'm special, I'm important, I deserve to be loved, I deserve to have the best." It was an ongoing theme. Enter Luke P. Aside from his looks, I'm guessing the initial attraction might have been the "shared faith" thing but neither one recognized they weren't talking about the same "faith." Luke seemed to be all words plus that big 'ole cross he wore around his neck. Neither of which make you a Christian. That might sound all judgy but I'm going by how he treated the guys in the house. Allowing for editing, there seemed to be universal agreement that no one could stand him. Even Jonathan said at TMTA that he was a man of faith but went off Luke P eventually. You can say it but if you don't live it, it doesn't mean much. Hannah's "faith" seemed to be her own interpretation of Jesus and the words He used in scripture. I'm not an expert but even I know you can't pick and choose where scripture is concerned. Indeed Jesus used the "Let him that is without sin cast the first stone..." He did. What Hannah conveniently forgot to mention was that Jesus also told the adulterous woman to, "...go and sin no more." I think this was the worst TMTA of the entire show. It was uncomfortable, skeevy and entirely too much focus was given to Luke P and then Hannah's wounded pride. Frankly, I ceased to care about either one of them. As a Christian, I found Luke to be an embarrassment throughout the series. He either hasn't a clue or is painfully immature in his faith. He came off as a stalker, a manipulator and downright creepy. As for Hannah, she's a child. Far less seriously, I have always been disturbed by the gorgeous Tyler's little boy pants but at that Rose Ceremony, I could clearly see his "panty line". Not a good look. Maybe he should try and size up a bit. Too many of these guys look like Wally trying to wear The Beaver's suit. (Only the old will get that reference.)
  11. Sadly losing interest in this season as any same-old dessert with a wacky ingredient seems to send the judges into raptures of joy. Something tells me I’m not going to be happy about the eventual winner. Not the most impressive group of finalists they’ve ever had. Five course meal at at George’s place. First of all, the judges probably found it pretty easy to guess who cooked what. I don’t get the pre-dessert thing but maybe it’s my ignorance of fine dining. Two desserts is one too many. Larissa wins again. Yawn.
  12. Oh yeah, there was some gamesmanship going on with Larissa. I haven’t seen her in a team challenge where she wasn’t super bossy and intense. She seemed to yawn her way through this one in spite of what she said in her talking heads and it was obvious when she saw how things were going. It’s greatly to her advantage to go against Tim and Anushka rather than Simon. Of course, Simon has only himself to blame for the screw-up. I don’t look at it as some kind of conspiracy, it’s just the way it looked to me. It was a weird episode.
  13. Which is exactly why I specified “early seasons.” All tv shows go stale eventually. The Brits figured this out ages ago and their better TV shows always leave you wanting more. Grey’s went past it’s sell-by years ago. Rewatching is interesting. I haven’t changed my dislike of Meredith (she’s insufferable), but some of the other characters seemed more tolerable and showed some growth. I always regret that Grey’s lost Burke and George. They were both really complex. It’s a shame that whole thing happened.
  14. I’m rewatching and it’s sort of amazing how some of the characters have changed over the years. I’m in the early episodes of season 10 when Maggie comes on the scene. It’s funny how she seemed almost mature and above the nonsense in the beginning compared with the silly gossip she turns into by season 15. This will probably be an unpopular opinion but I’m also watching early seasons of ER. Even with the technology of the 90’s as opposed to the slick nature of Grey’s, I’m just amazed with what a superior show ER is, especially in the beginning. Tighter stories, better acting, more realism and doctors that aren’t constantly screaming what astoundingly great medical gods they are. I cannot tell you how much that annoys me.
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