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  1. limecoke

    Season 16 Discussion

    I kind of feel sorry for next week’s contestants. Unless they win the battle, there’s not much chance they’ll survive. Which stinks. Was there some serious Adam Levine backlash in the voting? Sure seemed that way.
  2. limecoke

    Season 16 Discussion

    I don’t like this and I think the Knock-Outs were better. Some of these people hit awful notes tonight...Celia comes to mind. Some were totally mush mouth. Didn’t enjoy it much.
  3. limecoke

    S23.E10: The Women Tell All

    Even if you are, who tells the whole world they’re promiscuous? Demi has no filter whatsoever and that voice of hers sends my cat running for cover. And she thinks she’s mature? Wow. She’s perfect for Paradise, especially after announcing her...availability. I sort of feel sorry for Colton. He seems a little lost. Best part? Break ups. That was great. There was a Jane????
  4. limecoke

    S17.E01 : Auditions (1)

    “It's been reported that Katy Perry is paid $25M. Luke (and Ryan) $12M, Lionel $10M.” Seriously? They should dock about 20 mill of Katy’s salary for the annoyance factor alone. My least favorite, by far, of these judges. Does she ever give it a rest? I didn’t think anyone could bug me more than Lopez, but, lo, there’s a new champion. Lionel, no disrespect, but these are young kids so give them a break for not knowing you or your music. It’s not personal. Lighten up. Poor Kai. She seemed so sweet and vulnerable. But there’s no way she should go to Hollywood. In the old days they’d have told her she wasn’t ready and to try again next year.
  5. limecoke

    Characters We Hate

    As for characters I hate, mostly Maggie and Meredith. Maggie because she is simply not believable to me as this super-genius, amazing head of cardiothorasic surgery. She looks 20 and acts about 18, with the nonstop chatter and incessant gossip. Meredith is tougher for me. I can’t quite put my finger on why she annoys the crap out of me but she does. She seems self-centered, unlikeable and clannish with “her people” to the point it clouds her judgment. How many times have I heard someone tell her a secret only to hear her tell everyone the secret around the operating table. She’s unpleasant. What I hate more than some of the characters is the endless judgmentalism. Just watched the prison episode for the first time and the judgmentalism was off the charts. Made me almost put Arizona on the hate list. Unbelievable and unpleasant.
  6. limecoke

    S23.E04: Week 4: Singapore

    How so? He didn’t name her and Aly herself has been very vocal about it as well as being an upfront spokesperson for all the women victimized by Nassar. I’m not a big Colton fan but I thought he handled Caelyn’s story pretty well.
  7. limecoke

    S04.E11: Who Can You Trust

    Only if you’re April. I think she’s breached HIPPA before on this series, IIRC. While I agree Will seems to need some kind of help, I found myself watching this episode and yelling, “Go Will!” Mainly because he was finally standing up for himself instead of being continually cowed by St. Natalie. I won’t debate the rightness or wrongness of what he did because the whole storyline was ludicrous. “Shazam! Just in time, I remembered an experimental treatment that will make everything hunky dory.” Right. I knew Ethan would jump right back into April’s web so no surprises there. I guess he deserves whatever happens even though I like his character and I love how hard he tried to save the veteran, April and her interference notwithstanding. I’m not sure “chain of command” means you bypass the doctor in charge to go whining to his superior, but real world doctors and nurses would certainly know more than I do. It wasn’t as annoying an episode as last week but occasionally we need a break, I guess. Whatever happened to Little April Brother Doctor??
  8. limecoke

    S04.E10: All The Lonely People

    I doubt very seriously that a psychiatrist would have an office and mill about evaluating potential mental issues in most emergency rooms around the country. If needed, they would be called in to consult. Certain shows on TV are watched for their comedy value. I consider The Bachedor/ette to be that type of show. Unintentional comedy. But it’s pretty sad when a TV drama set in a hospital ER becomes almost funny. I don’t mean be callous to the tragedies of hospital ER’s, but this show is becoming so ridiculous it’s laughable. I never thought any TV character could outdo the insufferable Gabby Dawson on Chicago Fire but April and Manning are coming up on the outside and about to take the lead. April tells a doctor how to doctor, decides who should live or die and Manning brings virtue-signaling to new and amazingly annoying levels. Choi and Will need to grab what’s left of their manhood and run for the tall grass. Then there’s Rhodes (who started out quite likable) and Bekker, arguably the most boring character I’ve ever seen. Please. Make it stop. Do the actors ever read these lines and roll their eyes?
  9. limecoke

    Season 15 Discussion

    I base my feelings that Kennedy will win on a three-way country vote split in the finals, her placement last night notwithstanding. Country voters have to choose now and that forecasts well for Kennedy. However, I’m not good at predicting winners on this show so my opinion is not worth much.
  10. limecoke

    Season 15 Discussion

    Pretty sure Kennedy has this in the bag but I still hope Kirk can pull it off. Congratulations, Adam. You successfully shot your team in the foot. Good job. As far as I’m concerned, you got exactly what you deserve.
  11. limecoke

    Season 15 Discussion

    Not sure what it means but the only ones I listened to throughout the entire song were Cevel and Kirk. I did not see the weakness in Kirk’s performance. I actually thought it was gorgeous and filled with emotion. I ff’ed throigh everyone else.
  12. limecoke

    Season 15 Discussion

    Yes. It was Philip Phillips and, as I recall, the show said next to nothing about his physical condition during the competition. He was older, for sure, but he was a trooper because kidney problems are...well...pretty awful. Reagan is a child and I can cut her some slack for her emotions but I absolutely blame the show for dealing with the situation as they did and manipulating the girl by sticking her in a freaking bathrobe - dressed underneath or not. For me, the bottom line is this, if you can get to the studio, then you can struggle through a 90 second song. I can't count the number of contestants on both shows that have struggled through with laryngitis. America is generally understanding of vocal issues and at least the vote would have seemed more legitimate. Adam's actions and comments are indefensible in my opinion and that's all I have to say about that. DeAndre was visibly completely gutted but acted like a gentleman and I hope he does well after this mess because he's a talented guy and deserved to stay. He slayed that last song which makes what Adam said so completely inexplicable. The other guy conducted himself well too and I'm sorry I can't remember his name right now. The whole thing leaves a bad taste and ultimately will probably hurt Reagan more than anyone else, fair or not. It will be interesting to see how the public votes next week. This could just be a social media kerfuffle that won't affect her vote all that much or she will be out, Adam notwithstanding. It never should have happened.
  13. limecoke

    Season 15 Discussion

    There isn't much more to say but that was awful...really, really awful. The show couldn't have figured out a way to make this work without trotting this kid out wearing her bathrobe and crying on mommy's shoulder? Her bathrobe???? She could manage to slap on some make up and get to the studio but couldn't put clothes on??? There's something really icky and manipulative about the ending last night and it didn't do the show any favors. Then there's Adam. I can't add anything to the disdain already expressed but I now officially despise him and I hope he has trouble getting anyone to pick him next season. DeAndre sang beautifully last night and watching his face just about killed me. He got stabbed in the back, plain and simple. Then he got bussed and freight-trained for good measure. I've watched competitive singing competitions since AI, season one and over and over I've seen contestants OF ALL AGES sing with a variety of physical ailments from flu to laryngitis to poor, desperately sick Bo Bice who competed in the American Idol, season four semi-finals while puking up his guts every time he was off stage. And he sang flawlessly. The man had surgery to fix his insides right after the competition was over. One guy competed to the end with a roaring kidney infection. I don't know what Reagan's problem was but if she was well enough to be in studio, she could have sung onstage for two minutes. Anything would have sounded better than "Cry" sounded on Monday night. Kelly Clarkson is pure class. Full stop.
  14. limecoke

    Season 15 Discussion

    So according to Adam, Reagan took "Cry" a half step higher and thought that was a GOOD thing??? Seriously? That was the worst she's sounded in the competition so far. It was wavering off key in the low range and shouty in the upper. I'm afraid I had to fast-forward through most of it. The wonder was the judges reaching for positives when they all had to know it was terrible. To be honest, I fast-forwarded through a lot of the performances. I hate to be so negative but I absolutely hated Sarah Grace's rendition of "Amazing Grace." Honey, if you're going for votes from that particular demographic you do not sing THAT song like your torch-singing in a smoky basement club at the seedy end of Bourbon Street. I don't mind Kimberli Joy (sp??) doing gospel because that's what she wants to do as a recording artist and she does it well, so good for her, but if a contestant is doing it for votes, at least do it respectfully. Good grief. I thought this season would be better than it's turning out to be. It's a snoozer.
  15. limecoke

    S09.E01: Biscuit Week

    My first thought was Moonpie...except for the jam. Other than that, I don’t think so. I’m late to get started on this season but am enjoying all the bakers so far. Love this show so much.