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  1. limecoke

    The Voice in the Media

    Good. I was ambivalent about the guy until I watched what he did to DeAndre in season 15. That was unforgivable. Besides I think he’s just pissed that he can’t win anymore. Good riddance. Not thrilled about Gwen though.
  2. limecoke

    S17.E19: Season Finale (2019.05.19)

    Katy Perry is a horrible judge and extremely annoying personality. But the show thinks she’s great and will probably give her a raise next season. Maddie Poppe should have been given the honor of singing on the finale and being interviewed with no mention of Caleb. She won. Last year. I’m fine with Laine’s win. At the end of the day, he’s going to be one of those AI winners who goes on to do his own thing and, hopefully, has a fulfilling life while doing gigs here and there. Much like Kris Allen. At risk of being flayed alive, I actually liked him and while he was never going to be a superstar and will be forever tarred and feathered as “The Guy Who Unjustly Won Over Adam Lambert,” he seems like a happy guy who’s enjoying life and doing some good along the way. No one who wins American Idol will ever, in this lifetime, achieve the success of Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. Won’t happen. Those days are over. This season was exhausting and I fast-forwarded through most of it.
  3. limecoke

    S15.E01: Week 1

    So John Paul Jones said that he gave up a promotion to go on the show. How does that work when your job is John Paul Jones? Assuming John Paul Jones is the one giving out the promotion, it shouldn’t be a problem.
  4. limecoke

    Season 16 Discussion

    Well, I don’t actually hate God Bless the USA but I’m tired of it. Really tired of it. I don’t particularly think Gyth was pandering but he was off-key in parts and it didn’t seem to work with his voice. I’m also flat tired of country singers winning this so all my money is on Maelyn. She’s been consistent since the audition and that voice is fantastic. Don’t really care about the rest of them. Yes , yes, yes, this show needs serious revamping, fresh judges and only one season per year.
  5. limecoke

    Masterchef (AU)

    Monica. Monica?? We had no idea she was there and now she’s gone. I’m in the US and I frequently cook carrots with roast but don’t bother with the green thingy. I think that’s a restaurant thing and it’s done mostly for appearance on the plate. I don’t have feelings one way or another about Abbey but her Nigella-gushing annoyed me greatly. Really. Sometimes the cooktestants need to simmer down a little in the presence of the pros. All the adoration feels a little unseemly.
  6. limecoke

    S7 E20: Try Like Hell

    Well, if you watch Med, you know that they ARE miracle workers. So it all makes sense, right?! In both these shows, everyone recovers in five minutes.
  7. Laine had better win this. That’s all.
  8. limecoke

    S15.E16: Blood and Water

    Wow. Maggie let something slip. I’m SO shocked.
  9. limecoke

    Characters We Hate

    Maggie. Maggie. Maggie. Maggie. And finally, Maggie.
  10. limecoke

    S17.E08: Blame It on Rio

    I had high hops for this new series but the judging is ridiculous. The fix is in and I’m done.
  11. limecoke

    S17.E03: All the Rage

    All Hester’s look needed was the model to stick a wine bottle with a candle in it on her head. No thanks. Italian restaurant chic isn’t my idea of high fashion. Still astonished that the guest judge was gushing over it. They are also always banging on about “taste level” - where was the good taste in that thing? Sebastian got robbed. I liked Nadine until this episode. Bagging on her model was cringeworthy. Tim who? I really like Christian as mentor.
  12. limecoke

    Masterchef (AU)

    Is it wrong that I laugh every time a panacotta goes flat? Personally, I don’t think that Tim guy looks all that much like Harry. Harry’s cousin, maybe. Pet peeve: everyone who goes on and on with “But I’ve worked soooooooooo hard.” Everyone has worked hard, ok, so let it go. Leah and the other blonde seem nice but so far nothing but dessert. Curious to see how long they can keep doing it. I’m glad to see this show back. With any luck I can manage to see every episode here in the US before the whack-a-moles on the internet can shut them down. It’s a struggle. Derek is my favorite so far but I agree totally about the dead animal pelt hairstyle. A fad that needs to end.
  13. limecoke

    S17.E16 : Top 8

    This season has fallen completely flat for me. I like Walker but his song choices the last three weeks have been strange. He lost what he showed in his audition. Still, he wasn’t the worst this week and should have stayed. I hope he goes back to school, gets his degree and keeps singing. Very talented young man. Alyssa’s neediness turned to desperation. Nice voice but I’m glad she’s gone. I always said there was only one place for that kind of voice and Madison was far and away the better vocalist. America got that right. Jeremiah has tons of talent but I’m so weary of his backstory. Still, he’ll make it to the end. Still not feeling Laci but figure she’ll be top two. Laine is predictable and is staying cemented to his wheelhouse but he does what he does well so I’m ok with him in general. Wade. Wade. Wade. That, right there, is who should have gone instead of Walker. Awful voice, fake and not in a good way. Seriously, can Vote For the Worst still be a factor? Nothing else explains this. Then there’s Alejandro. Nice guy and very talented on the guitar but I’m not hearing what these judges (and, apparently, America) are hearing. He doesn’t seem to want it that much either. What are the judges hearing that make them think he’s some sort of vocal genius? I think I may be done with this season and if they don’t replace Katy Perry, I’m done entirely. She wears me out.
  14. limecoke

    S17.E14: Disney Night - 2019.04.21

    Uche entertains but I find myself fast-forwarding through his performances. It’s kind of an “all hat and no saddle” thing with me. I want to like Laci but I just don’t. All her songs sound alike to me and it’s boring. As a singer, Alejandro is a terrific guitar player. For me, Alyssa and Madison kind of cancel each other out. Madison clearly won the night as she’s a much better vocalist. Her performance made Alyssa’s forgettable. How on earth did Wade make it to top eight over Demetrius? Who is voting for this guy? In spite of his distracting outfit, Demetrius did a good job. Wade annoys me so I hit the FF. Oh, Walker. I like this kid so much but he’s making me nervous with his latest song choices. Extremely talented, funny and likable so I hope he picks up his game next week. In spite of the obvious audition fakery, Ole’ Laine is winning me over. It started when he sang my all time favorite Elvis tune and “Oo-De-Lally” sealed the deal. Great, fun song choice that reminded me of Maddie singing “Bare Necessities” last season. I’m ok with a Laine win if that’s what happens. Speaking of Maddie, I was disappointed she wasn’t singing on her own. No offense to the lovely Caleb but that duet didn’t work. I would not have dreamed that any AI judge would make me miss Jennifer Lopez. Congratulations, Katy Perry, you achieved the impossible.
  15. limecoke

    Season 16 Discussion

    I kind of feel sorry for next week’s contestants. Unless they win the battle, there’s not much chance they’ll survive. Which stinks. Was there some serious Adam Levine backlash in the voting? Sure seemed that way.