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  1. My Church lifestreams service to keep the amount of people in the building low for safety. What's wrong with doing that? I am not mad just don't understand what's wrong with it.
  2. I don't think she will be allowed to have that emotion.
  3. The first picture, for one reason I want to cry when I look at it. If I did not know better I would say it was a picture of two young girls who's dear friend had passed and they were trying to some for the picture when they really wanted to cry.
  4. Sadly a lot of people had no one to teach them " flag".
  5. That is what I use them for in addition to carrying random stuff from home to work.
  6. Is she the one that was diagnosed with failer (sp)to thrive? If so maybe some brain damage?
  7. Welcome Sweeneyswt, I am lonely also and this forum is a lifesaver for me. I have been without a car for three years and just go to work. As others have said we talk about almost everything here and people are respectful.
  8. I don't either. I think it just comes down to "I don't want to" which reminds me of a toddler having a tantrum. This is different than the people who cannot wear a mask for different reasons. I keep on saying this because I would think if someone who could not wear a mask and was reading this may feel that I did not understand the difference. I am not judging them.
  9. Thank you Suzn that was helpful. It also backed up what I was thinking Anything is better than nothing.
  10. I want to say at the start that I know there are some people who cannot wear masks or it is very hard for them. This is by no means about you. So our governor ( Texas) made it a requirement the most everyone had to wear masks in public. I was checking out Facebook and one of my friends posted something about this. Well I started reading the comments ( you would think I would know better than by now but ... nooo.. ) anyway there was the typical comments about liberty being taken away, I wanted to ask .so is it ok if the person making your hamburger doesn't wash his hands because that is his right?, but I was good. Anyway what I came here to ask is some people said the did not work they filtered 1.33% of particles. I know they are not perfect but does anyone have more info on how good they really are?
  11. Hopefully she is keeping quiet because she has learned something, not just because * mean people made her stop*.
  12. So the "older" child can take care of the younger. The two young children would have no one to "help" them. Not you again posted the same time I did.☺️
  13. Yep, I'm with you on that. I live outside Houston so it has not been fun. I have allergies all year round but this week has been crazy.
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