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  1. I wish they would have charged him for every person there instead of 6 charges.
  2. So the one person every nine minutes is true? I read about that somewhere but I don't believe anything on social media unless I hear about it from someone who lives there. I wish some of these people who are going about as nothing has changed would pay attention to those numbers.
  3. I wish I could give you a big hug and a place to come where you could have some peace and relax.
  4. Our company said we could use our PTO ( paid time off) or use what is called work share, which I think is unemployment you can get when your work hours are reduced. They suggested we use PTO but said we could do what was best for us.
  5. I just went online and my local Hobby Lobby is listed as temporary closed. Our county is stay at home till April 3rd. We have not had the National guard show up in town.
  6. I have a strong faith in God ( at least I think I do) however God also wants us to use common sense which means STAY AT HOME if you have a choice.
  7. It depends on the time of year also the year some years we have a mild winter some years a cold winter. This year has been mild.
  8. Yes, as they leave you want to say" Thank you for coming in and sharing your germs with me today."
  9. My company had decided not to shut down or change our store hours. I am in Texas and have not been told told to lock down. However, even in the area they have been told to lock down they still have the employees go to work. They lock the door and call customers to buy and do curbside pick up. I have not decided if this is good or bad. We have a paycheck but still have a small chance of getting the virus. We have been very slow maybe two customers a day. They have told us if you are uncomfortable working you can take time off but no paycheck. They have said if you are sick to not come in. They do seem to be trying to take the pandemic serious but still make sure we get paid.
  10. So I went to Kroger this morning. I was there at 7 . They had no paper products, no chicken except the expensive natural chicken, no ground beef in fact the only beef I saw was brisket. I bought some chicken breasts and pork chops. They had no frozen veggies except snap peas. I bought the last package of dried beans which will be a last resort because they tear up my stomach. I figure if my company shuts us down for a short time I can eat that and get to the bathroom. If they do shut us down I will go back and see if the still have the brisket. In our shopping center the restaurants are doing pick up or delivery only. TMobile has decreased hour and the dress shop next to me has shut down for an unknown time. Our company is trying to keep the doors open if we close I have no idea if I will be paid. I have to admit I am worried. I have no savings and no family to help .
  11. I would hire her in my store. I do not care what her belliefs are not to hire her for her beliefs is wrong. However I would make it very clear she could not talk about her beliefs to the customer. That would get her fired.
  12. I just spoke with a friend who's daughter is a prison guard here in Texas. No visitors and when she goes to work tomorrow she stays. They have a separate section where she can sleep. How long this will last I do not know.
  13. I received an email from the management of the apartment complex I live in. They said because of the pandemic they would be cleaning the public spaces more often, the club room and kitchen would be closed, no gatherings would be allowed. They also said the staff will be wearing masks and gloves, this does no good but they probably think it will make people feel safe. All of that is good but included in that is any repair request will take longer to be scheduled. Now I do not understand why they would delay repairs. We were given no time line are they going to wait till the crisis is over? Of course I received this today and no one will be in the office till Monday.
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