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  1. I see nothing wrong with her foot. I have seen a lot worse.
  2. I just checked with Kroger ( though AnyCart) and they had Blueberry jam for 8.50 for a 8 oz jar. The Smucker's jams were around 4.00. I do not know if this is high I don't eat jams ot jelly..to sweet. What area do you live in?
  3. If you are depressed or have dementia you do not need a firearm to hurt yourself.
  4. Thank you for reminding me about Proof Bread. I used to watch their YouTube videos and then fell out of the habit.
  5. Can someone please tell me how to watch the show? CBS is not on Dish anymore.
  6. So a question, will he be able to get time off for good behavior? I think that whatever time he gets will be twice as hard on him than other people because he thinks he is the best ever and most people around him (his parents) seem to treat him that way. He will be in an environment where no one cares who he his and he will literally be a number. I was told once ( and have no idea if it is true) that people in prison do not talk about what put them there because this is their new life.
  7. I wish I could get the recipe for her chocolate coconut candy. Everyone raves about it.
  8. I wonder if they would give me the fill strength shot or refuse because O have already had two? I am going to call Walgreens tomorrow about something else and I will ask.
  9. I was in Walgreens yesterday and ask. I was told there was not a Moderna booster. Were will you get it?
  10. Most redneck men I know would be more likely to take him in the barn with a baseball bat and have a ' Come to Jesus ' moment..literally..they would send him to meet Jesus. They will protect children.
  11. Her mother said she was at her sisters. I guess she did not think about how her post could be read. I am not sure why she did not answer her phone but am very relieved she is ok. Thank everyone for their response. This is a great group.
  12. Hey I would like to request prayers, good thoughts ect please. Earlier to day my cousin's daughter made a Facebook post. She said she just wanted to say goodbye and love y'all. My aunt her grandmother, made a joking reply of ' I didn't say you could go anywhere, love you. ' She did nor reply. There were other posts requesting her to reply.. One saying " Answer the damm phone. Her father ask for a response and received no answer. I ask if someone could go check on her and her dad replied that they were. At this time I have not heard anything, they live out of state so we just have to wait
  13. Hot coffee with Bailey's Irish Cream added?
  14. Well, I can understand this. I have IDS-D and if I eat certain foods they will give me diarrhea. These foods include a lot of fruits and vegetables. High fat foods do not have the same effect.
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