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  1. When I was a child the only vacation we went on was a camping trip every summer for about 3 years. I survived. It seems like they have taken 4 vacations this year.
  2. Because of things like this we will never know if Josh would have ever been ' normal ', how much of how he is now is due to home being born messed up and how much was caused by the way he was raised.
  3. I thought HFC was going on an extended road trip/ vacation? I missed her but didn't think much of her not posting because I thought she was running the roads and having fun.
  4. The only thing I would be tempted to buy antibiotics on line for is a UTI and maybe pink eye. The UTI I can use a home test strip and at 65 I know when I hve one. It irritates me to pay for an office visit when I know what is wrong. Pink eye I would be tempted to but still would probably go to the Dr. and be sure because that could be other things.
  5. I was not aware you could buy antibiotics on line. How does that work? BTW, I am not asking on how to break the law just curious how you would even do that.
  6. I am getting them also, like you very pretty but not paying that price.
  7. I really enjoyed the Ghost Brothers if I remember correctly they did not scream like little girls when they found something.
  8. So I am watching tge opening ceremony, the parade of athletes, and I wish the music was not so loud I can barely hear the announcers. Also it may have been a mistake to have two flag bearers it looked like a couple of them were about to get in a fight as to who should be carrying their flag.
  9. How did you find that? All I see being shown is soccer, I have not been watching just checking the schedule guide, I have Dish Network.
  10. I wanted to watch that but could not find a exact time. I woke up at 4 this morning and it was not on or listed. I will watch it tonight but was disappointed that since I couldn't sleep I wasn't able to make good use of my time..soccer was on and while I usually keep the games on as background noise I do not care for soccer or baseball.
  11. I personally do not wear clothing with a Christian message. I am concerned that I would inadvertently do something wrong and be a ` bad witness `, however it does make me smile and encourage me when I see someone else wearing shirt with a Bible verse on it. I also to not witness to people because I do feel my life should be the witness. As I told Cinnabon I would have no problem with a Church of Satan t-shirt, I may be inclined to ask them about their shirt. I do enjoy talking to people about their beliefs. Sometimes I get tired of the dismissive comments about Christianity, usually when I a
  12. It would not bother me. I do believe in freedom of religion.
  13. Well some people feel that wearing that shirt is ` God bothering ` heaven forbid we express what is in our hearts.
  14. In Texas the one near me the dining room is closed. Only drive through.
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