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  1. Was she the one in a blue shirt? I think she got a side hug?
  2. That broke my heart. I wanted to hug him and then adopt him.
  3. What's odd is he was a fairly nice looking young man. Somewhere here there is a wedding picture of both of them. He was not movie star handsome by any means but still nice looking.
  4. Ok, I mean this in a non sexual way but I doubt he has had a chance to touch that many people. No holding hands with his girlfriend when he was 12. No cuddling with the same girl watching T.V. probably very few hugs from his parents . He is probably ' touch starved ' if that is a word
  5. Yes, I am obviously doing something wrong also. I am 62 and have no car so I walk or use Lyft.
  6. Yes but some people are just low energy. I was even as a child. Most outdoor stuff I do not do well nor enjoy doing. Now I will walk with you as long as you want but I cannot walk as long as I used to but I do enjoy it. People enjoy different things.
  7. This is one of the times I am glad I live alone. No one to see be sobbing over a commercial.
  8. Well you have that at least. Hope you feel better soon.
  9. I am sorry you are ill. Will you be off the next few days so you can get better?
  10. Happy Thanksgiving. I hope everyone has a good day and is able to do something that gives you joy.
  11. Yes my teeth are discolored because of Tetracycline.
  12. It he may not be good with languages. I have problems with pronunciation. I live in Texas and know very little Spanish I have customers who know very little English. We manage to communicate.
  13. I know some people who put grated cheese in their pie crust for the apple pie.
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