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  1. I read a book where the author used " they" as a personal pronoun which after I understood who in the story she was talking about was fine. Someone else came into the room and then she used " they" for both of them. I lost track of the story trying to figure out who was there. Honestly I am not comfortable with the new usage, but I am old so that may be part of it. I will call anyone what ever they want me to call them.
  2. Yes that and Dead Files. I know it is not a ghost hunting show but still...all demons, native Americans ECT wanting to do you harm.
  3. Thank you Churchhoney for explaining it better that I could. Funny story one off my priests told. He was invited to lunch by a family after church. The kids were running around and the grandmother told them to stop that or they would fall and bleed Christ, right Fr. Jim? Well he could not say yes but then he did not want to disrespect grandmother. So he just said ' Mind your grandmother.
  4. I like the Bounty slo-mo one where the kid loses control of his wonton and the yell noooo and the dog is going yesss and get the wonton.
  5. Thanks for the explanation of the sling I thought it was her robe which made less sense because I could not figure out how the baby was supported .
  6. It just looked so odd. I finally recognized the ear but couldn't figure out what the lump was on top of the head. I guess it's her breast pressed up? I am not mom shaming her I just couldn't figure out what was going on. It looks like the kid can't breathe.
  7. Ok, so I think we are all friends here so could someone please answer a question for me? What the h*ll is that on her chest? Is she breast feeding her baby? Why does it look so odd? What way is the baby facing? I have never had a child but I have cared for a few, I have also seen friends breastfeed their children ( and they were all very modest) and I have not seen anything that looked like that.
  8. Hugs and prayers for you and your family.
  9. Just because you are not celiac does not mean you can eat wheat. As I have gotten older I have developed IBS-D. I cannot digest flour well as well as a lot of vegetables.
  10. Sometimes it takes more than cutting back on sugar.
  11. I must be odd I like Robin's house. I would repaint but that would be all.
  12. 9/11..I was getting ready for work with the T.V. on. They announced the first plane hitting the tower and I was confused how a pilot could make that big of a mistake the the next one hit and we knew it was not a mistake. I grabbed a very small portable t.v. went to work and watched the news on that. I received a call from the home office saying to go home this was a day when we needed to be with our family. After getting home I watched T.V. as long as I could. What I remember most is the quite I live a few miles from the Houston airport you always hear planes. On that day no planes and very few cars. And for the people we lost..May their memory be eternal.
  13. So you missed where everyone was talking about James Garner's butt? I wish I could remember which one it was...I am old and I forget things.
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