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  1. Hannah was so weird and awkward after her night with Peter. So either she was disappointed in his skills or his gushy I love yous were making her uncomfortable becaise she didn't feel the same way and never wanted to see him again. She couldnt even fake a smile. Hmm.
  2. In what universe would anyone believe or care what the biggest loser Matt has to say? I doubt Andrew planned this from the beginning. Amber has never been a good mom nor will she ever be. I think he wanted her money and to live rent free somewhere and not work. Andrew also wanted fame. I hope he really does love his son and wants what is best for him and that he doesn't get back with the hose beast.
  3. I thought Luke was just socially awkward but he's an abuser imo I think If this was Paradise and these guys had other women to choose from, only Luke would be interested in Hannah. She just doesn't have an appealing personality. She wants to control her suitors. The guys only want to win because it's a competition or becaise she's their only option. Jed doesn't seem into her. To me, he seems fake and only there to promote his lame ass music. Garrett is just strange and doesn't seem to have a connection with her.
  4. I loved Hannah on Coltons season. I thought she was pretty and quirky and cute. Now I can't stand her. She's a drama queen who thinks being real is throwing hissy fits and demanding these guys act a certain way. I lost all respect for her when she told Luke P she didn't evenijd that he attacked Luke S. What an asshole thing to say. She seems to enjoy pain being inflicted on others (she thought the labor stimulator was fun) and her group dates are the guys gettufn hurt etc. She wants all these guys to be falling over themselves praising her but based on what I've seen, aside from her being attr
  5. Yep I agree. Colton had me fooled thst he was just a simple nice guy. Nope he's an asshole. For someone he seemed to have cared about he was as cold as ice to Hannah G. I don't believe for a moment that Tayisha was hurt but I believe Hannah was genuinely hurt and blindsided I think she had devoloped feelings for Colton and he had led her to believe she was the one and that when Cassie ran off he was laser focused on Cassie and now that I'm guessing he's won her back he could give a shit less that this was very real for hannah and that she's still traumatized by his rejection.
  6. I love Cailynns hair and she's got a great body but her face is so plastic looking. Cassies sister was stunning. I hated the stunt Tayisha pulled. Colton was genuinely terrified. He seems most into Tayisha and Cassie. I can't believe he todl each family the exact same thing!! I mean I'm not sure what you are sup to say in that situation but not verbatin to four families I'm Fallin in love with ur daughter. Lol. I get that he's smitten with Cassie and wants her to be the one but is worried and frustrated with her lack of feelings. Interesting he really wants the two who challenge him. He wasn't
  7. We~Colton has suprised me. He's not as boring and I expected. And it's very easy to tell who he's really into. He definitely has a type, tiny cute blondes. He was 100% never into Tia in the slightest. He is totally different with these women than he ever was with tia Colton didn't look at her with even a quarter of the interest he shows some of the ladies. He is a smitten kitten (tm one of the ladies) with Hannah G and Cassie. He's attracted to the one girl whose is drop dead gorgeous but her name escapes me right now (she's divorced) . She is clearly not into him but is playing nice. I'
  8. Catherine reminds me of Camille Grammar, Kelsey Grammar's ex wife. She even sounds like her when her talks
  9. Still can't stand Danielle. I know Bobby will adore his baby girl though and be the best daddy! I'm not rooting for jephte and shaniece. For Shawnieces sake I hope they split up. Any man who can cheat on his pregnant wife (and give rhe excuse that it was because his feelings were hurt by the big mean people on social media) can never be trusted again. Jephte is a grown man. He acts like a child half of the time. Shaniece will spend her life wondering if hes being honest and if he's going to cheat again. She will never be able to trust him and she deserves better than that.
  10. Im on Roger's side and think less and less of Jennie the more I read. In sorry but unless you or your children are in danger you don't file a restraining order against your husband just to get him out of the house. Absolutely ridiculous. And it makes a mockery of women who truly need a restraining order. If the two Jennie is by far the more unstable one who flies off the handle at the drop of a hat. She is not doing herself any favors. Those poor kids. She is textbook using them in a ploy for a more favorable divorce settlement and I think that is sickening and sad.
  11. One of the other teen mom famewhores posted on Cates IG saying she's an amazing mother and most people can't say that about themselves. Made me laugh. Yeah the bar is so low that an amazing mother doesn't even spend the holidays with her child. (not counting mothers who have to work holidays) and amazing mothers usually know their children because they are around them daily and don't abandon them to "focus on myself"
  12. I put way too much thought in this but Danielle and Bobby were only married two or three months when she got pregnant. So Bobby has only gotten sex for let's say the first eight or twelve weeks and none since. Aside from some kind of life altering illness or accident who in a relationship only has sex for two months and then abrubtly stops and expects that relationship to last? Once the morning sickness stops her excuse is goijg to be she's too big and it makes her uncomfortable. Then when the baby is born it will be that she's too tired (even though Bobby will be doing most of the work taking
  13. Cate is gross and wow Tyler hates her. He has resentment boiling over. I can't say u blame him and I would actually applaud him for leaving her!!! His daughters woukd be better off with him raising them. I think he wanted to live separately so cate would see what it's like to be stuck taking care of nova and all those animals by herself while trying to maintain their web business and running around putting out fires started by amber and butch. I used to think Tyler was lazy but my opinion has changed. He's lost weight, he's worked on his houses and his daughter looks bathed and her hair is bri
  14. I just watched the Friendsgiving episode. So funny that the guys basically all look exactly the same aside from mikes weight gain. The girls are seriously unrecognizable. Angelina needs to go. She's annoying and a hanger oner. She adds nothing and tries way too hard. Loved that vinnys mom called jenni out about what a snot she was and Jennie was genuinely embarrassed.
  15. Danielle is one cold bitch. I feel terrible for Bobby. Hes such a good guy and she's going to ruin him.
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