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  1. Ummmm. On Twit, a string bikini would most likely LITERALLY become butt floss.
  2. Or this.... https://h2owear.com/suit-n-shorts-unitank-black-w-sunset-28285.html Unfortunately for Twit, the largest size in this suit is a 4X, which would be snug on her hips.
  3. Yes, apparently "body shaming" only applies to the morbidly obese.
  4. Must not be getting many takers.
  5. It's interesting. I just went back and read some of the posts from season 1 episode 2, and people were saying lots of the same things we're saying now. (1) Why is she still living at home at age 30? (2) She's a slob (the garbage in her car) (3) Her "dancing" isn't dancing at all. (4) Her diet is atrocious --- mayo and banana on white bread? And she complains when daddy cooks eggs and turkey bacon for her, a much healthier alternative. (5) Why doesn't she wear appropriate clothing? (6) She seems to be stuck at age 14 (the poster asked if she fell into a coma at 14 and just woke up at age 30, LOL). Amazing how nothing seems to have changed.
  6. Yes, but at her weight, she could still have a paycheck for at least two more seasons before she was no longer fat.
  7. Well, so much for any notion that she might have lost some weight. Although I'm sure the fawning masses are making comments like "gurrrl, u look so skinny" "wow, how much weight have you lost" etc.
  8. I'm so blessed to NOT have IG.
  9. From Wikipedia: Life & Style magazine is said to be a platform that promotes speaking on behalf of a healthy body image including one's perception of their physicality as well as that of others. It's a gossip rag.
  10. Who in the world does she have in her pocket from People Magazine that she's getting all these articles about her? Or is People just struggling to be relevant? Or are they owned by TLC?
  11. Exactly. I have a hunch that her thighs are nearly as large as my waist, and I'm 30# overweight.
  12. No. 13..... 30 going on 13.
  13. According to his FB page, Chase graduated high school in 2008 so "30 or thereabouts" sounds right.
  14. Well, according to @3girlsforus, it's usually used in reference to strippers. The "dance" moves Twit uses (caressing her boobs, sticking out her tongue, etc) are reminiscent of strippers and porn, so I'm guessing that her "vocab" comes from porn movies.
  15. Colleenna

    Hired Friends: Whitney's Social Barnacles

    I have a feeling that if Jon had his "druthers," he'd "druther" Tal distanced himself from Twit and her barnacles.