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  1. I'm conflicted. One part of me groans "Geeze Louise, another season of this dumpster fire." But another part of me would miss snarking with my imaginary friends here ! I know I can snark with some of you on Dr. Now's show, but other shows don't interest me in the least.
  2. Nah. She posted the picture with Buddy and her dog during Pride Week, and she appears to have acquired the Corona Thirty. (I'm trying to be kind. In truth, I think she looks like she's gained 50.)
  3. Pretty sure they had a few episodes in the can before Rona --- her trip to Wilmington, the trip to the mountains to pick the venue, etc. I think I've also read that there were some TH segments filmed during lockdown. Perhaps it will be a short season.
  4. According to USSEARRCH, she's 53. Yeah, she's sent ALL her plastic surgeon's kids to Harvard.
  5. More bullshit. https://soapdirt.com/my-big-fat-fabulous-life-whitney-thore-confesses-struggle-to-fans-asks-for-help/ Awww, she's struggling.... to fall asleep. Well, Shitney, here's a hint: don't nap during the day.
  6. I'm sure it's "just too painful " for huhWit to be around Ryan and be constantly reminded of yet another failed relationship (even though it was fake.) So she'll spend all her time with BooBear sabotaging *his* new relationship. The word "asshat" describes her perfectly.
  7. My thought was that the restaurant where she ordered her giganta-pasta accidentally included a salad in her order. And rather than eat the salad herself, she fed it to the dog. Wonder if she drowned it in ranch first?
  8. Well, supposedly she's due late September. But yes to your point about Nashville. I noticed in Ryan's pictures exactly ONE mask and no social distancing. Plus, all these outbreaks in NC, SC, FL are being tied back to parties and bars. And what's that in the hands of most of the bros??? Duh.
  9. According to this rag, she's not contributing. https://soapdirt.com/my-big-fat-fabulous-life-whitney-thore-leaves-ryan-andrea-in-lurch/
  10. So, I was thinking .. do you think Chase will post pictures on his IG when his baby is born? Or will he refrain "out of respect for huh-Witney?" I think he'll post a few.
  11. An open letter to Whitney Way Thore: Dear Whitney, We know that you and your disciples lurk here, so I know that you will get this message. Please, for your own sake as well as those whom you CLAIM to love so much --- GET. PSYCHOLOGICAL. HELP. Your slovenly behavior, your juvenile antics, juvenile vocabulary, and emotional reactions suggest that somehow, you got emotionally "stuck " at around age 12. A 12-year old is not emotionally ready for marriage, and neither are you. Even if you met your perfect mate tomorrow, such a marriage would not work. ::climbs down off soapbox::
  12. I lost track of the people I went to hs with the day after graduation. As far as I'm concerned, I didn't like them when I was in school with them, and neither time nor distance has made the heart grow fonder. Can ya tell I haven't been to any reunions? 😁
  13. Well, they BELIEVE her bullshit, so that means they're not the sharpest crayons in the box.
  14. Maybe they're written by someone whose first language is not English.....like, Asian? Whatever the reason, they suck.
  15. OMG these articles. I swear Twit writes them herself. https://soapdirt.com/my-big-fat-fabulous-life-whitney-thore-shows-off-bikini-body/
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