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  1. I totally get the notion of crushing on someone you've never met. When I was barely out of my teens, I had a major crush on the Pirates' Richie Hebner. I don't think I ever claimed to "love" him, though.... If I ever had, my friends would have said "don't be an idiot."
  2. So unless he was planning to hoist Whitney in his arms and carry her off* When I read this, I envisioned LeBlur trying to recreate the final scene of "An Officer and a Gentleman" and collapsing under her heft.
  3. Whitney gets a tooth pulled??? Omg, alert the media.
  4. Maybe Todd does. Maybe that’s part of why he's Sammy Snark. 😄
  5. Oh, I understand why. But it's still not his circus, not his monkey.
  6. Her extreme reaction to the question made me think she secretly believes there's something *wrong* with being gay. And she uses the LGBTQ+ community as mascots so people won't suspect her bigotry.
  7. About that question about firearms.... First time my doc asked that, I gave him The Stare of Death(TM) and said "You don't seriously expect me to answer that....." He hasn't asked since.
  8. Can't speak for Babs and Glenn, but when I have my annual "wellness visit " with my doctor, among the litany of questions asked is "Have you fallen in the last x months? Have you felt unsteady on your feet?"
  9. Who goes to the airport --- or for that matter, even buys an airfare ticket --- without first checking to see if said travel would be allowed? TLC wants us to believe that this "twu wuv" is so stupid that he bought a ticket, packed two weeks of clothing, schlepped to the airport (DeGaulle? Orly? Heathrow?) and THEN discovered he couldn't travel to the US? My Eema didn't raise any stupid children.
  10. OK, this is next-level asshole on her part. Hey Whitney Way Thore, we know you read this forum, so let me just say you should bathe in Preparation H, because you're a raging asshole.
  11. I'll just say that IF this guy accepts (extremely unlikely), I will be the first to loudly call him a manwhore.
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