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  1. I am so happy to hear this. I really thought he was enamored with her, but hoping he really isn’t. Honestly, I want to see her get the boot. She’s too full of herself.
  2. Between BH, OC and now no Bethenny, who was the N.Y. Show, what’s there to watch anymore? Just my opinion of course, before the bullets start flying.
  3. I agree. These housewives shows are supposed to take us away from the problems of daily life, and to relax. Instead, it’s watching them knock each other, fight, scream and yell and act like idiots. It’s also falling down to us posters who are testy and come back at one another which isn’t enjoyable or nice. The best scenes are when they go on a nice trip, see the sights, eat in nice restaurants and go shopping without all the screaming. Bravo should send them to Europe so we can enjoy different meaningful sights. Not jumping on bars screaming the Three Amigas. Yuk.
  4. Apparently, he got offended that she had the floor for five minutes. That is so petty. It’s a woman’s dream day come true since she was little. He’s a wuss. As long as they will be together, there will always be competition.
  5. I could understand Elizabeth looking at her pictures for the first time. Her hair, her makeup, her dress. It’s complicated dressing a bride. A guy looks the same with a suit or tux, right or No? Plus, he didn’t even give her a chance to look at everything. But, I think she is extremely spoiled, probably from her father.
  6. Haha, you are too much Chenoa, in a GOOD way. You make everyone comfortable. CynicalGirl, everything is good. No one knows what’s going on, where to post, etc., but Who Cares. As long as we have a good time. I don’t even know what I’m doin at this point. Who cares, right? All I know is now I realize who was running the show correctly. Kelvin, that’s who. Now, everything is going down south. She just can’t keep it together. I am loving Jerry O. He needs a chance after all these years. He’s trying so hard and i hope he gets his own show wherever it will be. 😍
  7. I just tried again 3 times. It said Reality Police not receiving messages. Maybe someone else can try? Tried 4 th time. It sent, but who knows if u got it.
  8. Maybe ole Vikie is getting Dementia. She seems to forget every bad thing she says.
  9. These names crack me up. One poster called her “Brown Stone”. Hilarious I thought as N.Y, City has hundreds of Brownstones. I will now call her that if the poster doesn’t mind.
  10. @Mindthinkr .. What do u think of Jerry O ? I’m liking him.
  11. Real News, no shit. Bethenny Frankel not coming back. She’s gonna “ explore new things”, whatever that means. On a serious note to Reality Police .. A while back, I tried to send a personal message but it was blocked. I wanted to see how you were doing as I didn’t see you on the boards for awhile, until now. I’m so sorry you were in the hospital all this time. I’m sure they are pumping you up with antibiotics. Miss you too and saying many prayers for your recovery. I hope you can at least watch all this crapola on Bravo.❤️😍🌹🌷😸🙀😻. Get WELL soon ! Which reminds me also, How you d
  12. Yes she is as she’s now the breadwinner for that whole bunch. I don’t believe she bought that house. Maybe she shows the house on t.v. advertising it for Coto Real Estate, and they let her live in it for a small fee? Just a thought.
  13. I’m thinking production is giving her a pass since she had her “ problem” ten years ago. Plus, she doesn’t like to answer questions. This, to me, should have been spoken about when they hired her. It’s not fair to the others, if it’s true.
  14. It ain’t working .. all of it. Throw them all off and start anew. They have exhausted every trick in the slobbery book.
  15. Tell me about it. When you’re on 3 threads at once, it’s so hard to read everything and keep up. Lol.
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