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  1. In 2012 Pennsylvania enacted a similar law. https://www.thereporteronline.com/news/new-pennsylvania-law-affects-child-actors/article_1bcc1ea4-ba22-5fac-8c41-beb1aeb54b1f.html
  2. The days of the week vary. Each year it begins on May 6th , and ends on May 12th, Florence Nightingale's birthday.
  3. Derick posted last year about the BARBRI Bar Review course.
  4. I’m thinking Israel and Sam will attend. So that makes 3 available tickets.
  5. He gets 6 tickets for guests, so we’ll see.
  6. It’s not. The house is in an area with many businesses. The lot is 0.24 acres. An example of that (not knowing the shape of that lot) could be a lot size of 85 x 121.
  7. The Rebers live in Fayetteville. There’s a little bit of everything very close to them.
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