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  1. Still here. I think there’s still a lot of us.
  2. And everything works! Like, what a concept! I really resent being allergic to Benadryl. It’s good for so much.
  3. A lot of gay people who live in repressive cultures have a someone!charming in their past so they “can’t be gay” but who knows? It would not surprise me.
  4. The 3rd was my mom’s birthday; mine is the 6th. So Joy, the first week of August is off limits. Just sayin’.
  5. Both Jill and Jinger have toned the eyeliner way down. It’s a good look on both of them. If only their views were so easily amended.
  6. Facebook is definitely eye opening. I don’t use mine much, mostly reading to keep up with cousins, almost never posting. And I mute obnoxious family. I don’t have the emotional bandwidth to encounter horrors in my feed! And welcome! Hope you’re comfy here!
  7. Nice! it looks so sleek! I also bit the new car bullet this spring, retiring my 2003 Taurus for a 2017 Ford Escape. There were two absolutes that had to be met: it had to be a car that I didn’t have to climb into or climb out of (because arthritis) and it had to be a car I wouldn’t klunk my head getting in because I am tall and long torsoed; it can be very tricky. I really love it. I was privileged to be able to pay cash for it; when my sister died October the balance of my mom’s estate settled on my brother and other sister and me. I’d been debating a car for a long time but I was really nervous about a car payment at my age (69 next month) because I wasn’t sure how long I’d be able to keep working. I’m glad I waited; I got laid off a week before Katie died and it would have been a disaster without a pay check. Now, of course, I’m dying to road trip. Damn you, coronavirus! I’ve put 300 miles on it in nine weeks. At this rate it should last me forever.
  8. Texture is my biggest deal breaker when it comes to food. Then smell.
  9. That kind of tonal memory at that age is really remarkable. They need to encourage some kind of music when she’s old enough.
  10. @Scarlett45 love to you and Mr Norris. He’s so lovely and you’re a wonderful kitty mom. I’ll be holding you in my heart. @Mindthinkr I love that artwork. Thanks for sharing it.
  11. I think you’re right. The UCC especially can vary greatly congregation to congregation due to the way it’s structured. I’m just surprised, I guess, since I’ve been taught about ecumenism since I was very young and have never seen it.
  12. I’m from a mainline denomination (UCC) and I’ve never heard of the Christian flag. Ever.
  13. The only question I want Jana to answer is what the fuck are you doing still living at home?
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