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  1. I am teaching an adult how to play guitar. She is highly motivated, but the struggle is real, and the fingers are not wanting to make the right shape at the correct angle to make a fairly simple chord. However, she is determined to stick with it and keep practising slowly, consistently, every day until it starts to stick. All that to say - Janelle will never learn to play a few chords. 🙄
  2. I wish I could like this twice. It was INFURIATING to see them fall all over themselves to praise his idea for a podcast (Amber\Trent - he is waffling. He doesn't want to work. He doesn't want to go to school. He doesn't want a job. This is a stalling tactic. Omg how can you not see this). There is a lack of high-quality sports podcasts out there, so they have that market all to themselves, he and his friends should be rolling in the dough in no time. Podcasts are so easy, all you have to do is put it out there, listeners and advertisers will be smashing down your door to give you
  3. When Tiffany was telling her dad the story about Ronald 'borrowing' a friend's jacket with drugs in the pocket? If I were here father, I would have reached over, slapped her in the face, and said 'I am trying to slap some sense into you. Because you are telling the story as if it were true. You are an idiot if you believe this is what happened."
  4. So now we have the TRUE story of why Rach fell for Susan - it was Susan's name in gold leaf on the side of her CJ7. 🤭
  5. There's really one only lawyer who can get Josh out of this:
  6. A thousand times this. I would like to add to this list of watchers Boob, Mullet, and the TLC executives who are hoping this blows over. Put them in a dark room, their eyes held open Clockwork Orange style, and let them see what dear precious first born prince has been watching. Edited to add - too many people are giving TLC a pass on this because Josh is no longer on the show. As others have said but I will say again - TLC IS FUNDING THE PEOPLE WHO ARE PAYING FOR JOSHUA DUGGAR'S DEFENSE. I wish no ill will to the siblings, but TLC allowed the parents back on the current show - can
  7. I hope decades from now, after all the wives have left Prince Jackwagon, that it is Ysabel that drew the short straw to stay behind to take care of her aging father. I hope he falls, and breaks a hip. And when he begs and pleads for her to take him to the hospital, she takes off her glasses to look him straight in the eye and says 'it will have to wait six months'.
  8. LOLing at Andrew's little tantrum. I think the producer was mainly thinking 'dude. Nobody wants to hear from you. Everybody wants to hear from Amira. The only reason I am gently asking you to return is because it's my job, and I'll get fired if I don't try to get you to stay. But really - we all just want you to go. I absolutely will call you a cab and help you with the door when it comes.' And agree with upthread - the only reason he wanted to stay was to over talk Amira. She totally did the right thing to demand to be free of him during the discussion. He is the worst.
  9. Gawd, he and Sabrina are insufferable. And bonus points for outing someone (Sabrina, wtf? This is your baby daddy. wtf is wrong with you and it's not just the drugs, you are trash). I kinda like Carmilla (sp?) - but why oh god why did she hitch her wagon to Jeremiah?
  10. I know what you mean! I am thankful I wasn't born into this, or any, cult. I totally agree! And just to note - Janelle was not raised in a polygamous family. She chose this shit. I truly don't understand how anyone can consider her the 'smart' one. I know it is a pretty low bar with this group. But still. 🙂 Janelle also divorced Meri's brother to marry Meri's husband. It's quite the tongue twister. Speaking of which, one of my favorite things said on this forum back in the day (I am so sorry I can't give a shout out don't remember who) - their family tree... is
  11. It definitely isn't his style, and I agree that he will try his hardest to remain in the spotlight. The biggest difference - he no longer has his biggest platform, Twitter, from which to yelp. Most of his blathering will be in the void of whatever rises up to replace Parler. Hopefully the muzzling will hold.
  12. The lovely older lady that she had on last night, who said 'I believe in science' twice? I love her! And so does Rach from her reaction. I also adored the handoff from Chris last night, Rach giving him and Fauci props. Another loooooong night is ahead for her tonight, it is so nice to have our Rachael back!
  13. lol I DID put a question mark after that, as I wasn't sure I heard that right.
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