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  1. For baby names, I am guessing Nathan and Nurie will stick with an ‘n’ theme. A while ago, I guessed on this thread that they would name their first girl Noyes Jill. Even though it is silly, I’ll stick with that or maybe Noyessa Jill. For a boy, I’m guessing Nehemiah David.
  2. Jill’s kids are buying her tons of gifts yet she won’t even buy them shoes. Someone from a church on their last Feed My Starving Children tour had to buy them.
  3. I’ve had an autoimmune disorder since I was in my teens. What Danielle is describing sounds a lot like my symptoms. I would think that would be one of the first things her dr would test for though.
  4. Taking a page from Jill Rod, how about: Hilaria, Justin, (and Claire)
  5. Like when Joey tried to pretend he was 19 on Friends “That’s wack.” https://gfycat.com/plaindependentchicken
  6. Dear Jeremy, Catalogs for overpriced sneakers, pens, and pocket squares are not picture books. There is a reason to look at catalog pictures first. Also, just to let you know in advance, websites and online catalogs are not ebooks.
  7. Do you think Jill believes she has tons of followers who would be interested in her book, or do you think she is actually savvy enough to try to profit from curious snarkers? Maybe both? Or maybe I’m giving her too much credit. She definitely is narcissistic enough to think people are actually interested her “wisdom”. I think she expects to sell copies to her family and then guilt people at her church into buying it plus people at the churches they visit for their traveling “ministry”.
  8. Perfect! The pictures of the girls are almost as embarrassing. At least Jill chose to do this to herself and photograph it. Those poor girls didn’t have any choice in letting Jill style them so awful and then forcing them to pose for those pictures. I’m guessing one of those pictures of the girls will be the cover.
  9. Maybe Lawson plans to use the dog as an unofficial rescue dog with their MediCorps company. (Is that the right name?I get them mixed up with the legit company which is why I’m sure they chose the name.) I have no idea if that would be allowed but I’m guessing that is what he is thinking.
  10. I wish I could like this post more than once. I also wish it could be posted somewhere where that sanctimonious hypocrite would be forced to see it over and over again.
  11. My husband, with whom I have not shared my fundie obsession, walked by as I was reading this post. His first comment: “She looks high whoever she is.” Then he paused and said, “Actually, she looks like (our friend) Mary on crack.”
  12. Here is my golden mix when she was a puppy. She is an old lady now but doesn’t act like it. She has rarely left my side since the day we brought her home. I joke that we should have named her Velcro. Recently there was discussion on Jill’s thread about whether it is ok to call pets ‘boy’ or ‘girl’. I affectionately call this one my “needy bitch”.
  13. Sorry, I forgot to include a link. It’s a private group. The link is in the news article. https://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/hundreds-join-chicago-facebook-group-searching-for-leftover-covid-19-vaccine-doses/2436891/
  14. For those who are still having trouble getting the vaccine, have you tried the Dr B waiting list? It connects extra doses with people nearby. Anyone can get on the list regardless of eligibility, but it does prioritize who it contacts first. Sorry if this has already been posted. I’m very behind and couldn’t read all the posts I missed. https://hidrb.com/ Eta: Also, if you are in the Chicago area, there is an amazing FB group called Chicago Vaccine Hunters. People post tons of helpful info in real time and some are helping others get appointments. My family got our appointments thanks to
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