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  1. I'll say this for Ed. I don't he would abandon his child. A few people have suggested Rose might get pregnant and Ed will ditch her, but I doubt he would ditch her if she was pregnant.
  2. Will there still be coronavirus? Isn't the peak supposed to be these two weeks?
  3. The wedding is supposedly going to take place in Ohio. Lots of fundies in Ohio these days. Or maybe Kansas (where the Maxwells are).
  4. Breaking News! from Maxhell Jesse Maxwell, age 25, is engaged and supposed to get married next month. He is the fifth and final brother to get married! He is getting married before older sisters Sarah and Anna and younger sister Mary. He is Anna Maxwell's only younger brother. His bride is Anna Craig. Yes a third Anna! What will they do? His brother Christopher is married to Anna Marie Maxwell, who has breast cancer. Anna Maxwell is one of the daughters. Maybe Steve should let his daughter Anna get married so she'll have a different last name! His official wedding date is May 23, 2020. Far enough out to take place or will it be postponed? Her full name is Anna Patrice Craig and she's the youngest Maxwell bride ever at 19/20 years old. I wonder how Jesse's sisters feel. Her family's blog is called Heritage Hill Music.
  5. Ed did he didn't want more kids, but he clearly knows Rose is a single mother and that she is not going to abandon her son for him. So Prince is clearly part of the fantasy Ed has of their lives together. I think Ed actually does want kids, but not the work involved. I think he wants kids, but will use his previous statements of "I don't want kids." to get out of things like changing diapers. Even if Ed is telling the truth, he accepts that Rose is a single mom and Prince will probably come live with them. I hope none of these ladies gets pregnant. Avery and Ash have enough drama with kids and partners and multiple continents. Ed and Rose are awful together and Geoffrey is awful.
  6. I was watching TLC again. There was another commercial where TLC stars thanked essential workers. Ben, Jessa, and Ivy were in this one.
  7. This makes me mad. Please report the hamburger place. Things are bad enough as it is.
  8. Si is a pilot and maybe Jeremiah as well? If they flew, the pilot could be Si or Jer. I think that they'll find a new courtship in the summer and that will be most of the season. I'm speculating the show will come back in the fall.
  9. I'm sure being super special fundies with a tv show and everything, the Bates don't understand how everyone does feel blessed that their daughter has been chosen to be a broodmare for one of their studly young sons.Money or not how could any young lady not jump at the chance to be the mother of their son's quiver? 🙄🙄
  10. I think the Seewalds seem to be taking this seriously as far as I know. The Dillards are taking this seriously, but they're off the show. The Vuolos are taking this seriously. I have no idea how seriously John and Abbie are taking this. Everyone not mentioned doesn't seem to be taking this seriously. I wish they had more negative publicity for that.
  11. I saw this photo a few weeks ago. This picture was definitely not taken this week or last week.
  12. There is research and evidence to show that the consequences of being born premature can be long term. There can be health effects lasting into adulthood. The risks seem to increase the more premature a baby is. Josie was born around 25 weeks. For a long time, the Duggars downplayed any longterm effects of her being born a preemie. Then in 2015, TLC aired an episode in which Josie had seizure. JB and Michelle were away. They said this had happened before. Jana and the boys were handling it along with Grandma Mary and even to some extent the TLC crew. There have been no updates about this condition which causes seizures, but Josie would have been around 4/5 when this happened. It is not clear that Josie has any serious issues. Fortunately she's ten and seems healthy. However if she were my child, I would be more concerned given the unusual circumstances surrounding her birth and the fact that prematurity can cause issues into adulthood.
  13. I would be surprised if Anna or Abbie is seeing their family considering they're several states (or a continent) away. As far as I know Abbie's family are all in Oklahoma. Anna's family is in Florida, Texas, North Carolina, Zambia, and maybe some place I forgot. I hope the Seewalds are smarter than that. Especially since Jessica and her husband are essential personnel (cops). I'm sure Lauren is hanging with Swansons. We know from photos that she was at the same family night as Anna. It wouldn't surprise me if Kendra was hanging with the Caldwells and we know about Joy and Austin. The parents are more likely to be seriously sick than the kids. I agree that all those pregnancies likely took a toll on Michelle. I worry about Josie, since she seems so fragile. I don't want anyone to die and I hope the kids don't get too sick.
  14. The problem is these guys all want their wives to pop out a quiver and they have no job plan. A two bedroom house is plenty for a nice young couple with birth control. It's too small by the third kid in five years. The Bates, like a lot of young fundie boys, need more of a solid job plan before they get married and maybe they can wrap their heads around having a quiver isn't realistic. I think Zach has done both and that's why he's happy.
  15. Although all the eligible lonely J boys were running... so it's not a distinguishing hobby.
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