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  1. I'm confused myself by the two Mike Ss. After looking into the man in the photos of "our director' is Mike Schadt. He both looks like Mike Schadt (in other photos) and commentors on the Facebook post say it is Mike Schadt. Mike Schadt is the guy who married Ben and Jessa. I'm not sure what Mike Schrader looks like. Adding Mike Schadt's wife's name is Sandy and she is the one giving updates.
  2. The Duggars have Jana to watch their kids. And they are somewhat hypocritical to talk about social distancing when there is proof all over the internet they are not social-distancing. Joy and Austin Forsyth made their own video about Coronavirus. I'm not if it's still up, but they weren't as sympathetic.
  3. Has he ever appeared on the show? Do we know anything about him? I think he's doing okay if he's not intubated, but that could be naivete.
  4. It's probably safe to get on the table barefoot than with flip-flops, which is all the girls wore on their feet back then.
  5. Yes I heard rumors that she had her third child this week, but I couldn't confirm. Meagan Ballinger gave birth to a boy named Robert Ballinger the III. Since he's the third, they're calling him "Bear" (as a nickname), which he can change when he's older if he wants. She has two girls and will be married 5 years in November.
  6. Is he whining or making fun of wearing a mask? I'm sick of people complaining about masks. Also it would slightly better if his date were wearing a mask. If they both had masks, Jeremy's mask would look like less of a prop. This picture is also not funny. Get over yourself Jeremy, you're lucky to have her. It's not that different from all of the pictures they took in the marriage where she's looking at him and he's looking into the distance. It might be funny if more of their relationship wasn't like this and this wasn't Jeremy prefers Jinger. Right now Jeremy looks like a total jerk to me (including the first photo).
  7. Lauren Andregg is a family friend of the Duggars and she is getting married today. She lives in Arkansas and it's possible it's her wedding. There may be some other friend getting married today. I have a feeling Anna and Josh won't go to the Rod wedding, but I could be wrong.
  8. I'm not sure that's prop background. I think that's a Sunday school room in some church basement. I know they homechurched for a while, but they also did speaking engagements at churches, etc. I don't get the props and that no one is smiling (which means they were probably told not to smile). I don't think Jackson is in the picture, but it's hard to tell.
  9. I'm so sorry for your loss @Ijustwantsomechips. Losing an uncle or aunt can be hard. I'm also sorry your uncle suffered so much. On a happier note, I know a few people who adopted out of foster care. One checked the older children box, but her four adopted kids were all younger and several were babies. (The oldest was about 3 or 4 when they got her.) I know two families where the adopted family were given babies (eventually), because they started with slightly older children and they were able baby siblings.
  10. @Scarlett45 I'm so sorry for you loss. I'll keep you and your family in my prayers. One of my friends is having trouble sleeping and seems depressed. If y'all could send good thoughts his way, I would really appreciate it.
  11. I keep thinking they'll announce a courtship. Probably Jason or Jeremiah? If I keep guessing him, I'll be right eventually. My gut is Jason, because of Instagram. On the other hand, Jer seemed to be dropping hints. I think I know who either one of them is courting, but we'll see.
  12. So I saw on another forum that people think JD is holding the plans for RV park. It could be an old picture or the RV park is back on!
  13. I'm not sure who any of the boys in the first picture of the boys on the table. I'm not sure which one is missing (assuming the oldest four aren't in the picture). Second picture: Assuming I can tell Joe and Si apart, Joe seems to have the same hair! -Iah twin on the left looks Gideon and -Iah twin on the right looks like Israel. Also Jill is taller than Jana.
  14. Jed! said he wasn't engaged and Jer said he wasn't pregnant.
  15. Jim Bob and Michelle have been part of the cast for a long while. It started with the weddings. They had to be at the weddings and these are the biggest moments for the kids and the show. It started with Jinger's wedding (first wedding after Josh left). There's a reason JB and Michelle used to or still prominently display a photo from her wedding where they are both kissing her. By the time JD got married (last married as of now) Michelle was doing long voiceovers and they were both there. As for Josie, a few years ago she had went to eat something (not finger food) and she went to eat it with her hands. Someone had to tell her eat with a knife and fork. It's hard to say if she has delays or if it's just what she's used to. Jessa was the fiercest of her sisters and now she's playing nice in the cult. I'm not really comfortable with parents sharing their kids' pottytraining either on television or the internet. Both of Jessa's son should be old enough to use the bathroom by now, hopefully only the youngest is in diapers.
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