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  1. Am I just out of it? Who is this guy pointing at? Who is the pointing guy?
  2. Apparently one of the highlights of the book is that Jeremy was a party boy in college. He was arrested for some drunken behavior and that made what to change his life around. We already knew that. He says that he realized he "wasn't living for Christ." So he sent his entire college an email to tell people he is a Christian.
  3. Jill's mama only had four kids then seemed to make the decision to stop (after four kids in 3 years.) Her own parents become fundie later in life and raised their girls to be quiverfull even though they stopped at 4 kids. Her daughters have all had bigger families and since Jill has the biggest family she deserves to post to herself. The biggest family wins. Jill may have always been an attention seeker, but Mama and Papa Noyes made the decision to go fundie. Screw the Noyes parents. They deserve to be the parents of Jill.
  4. I doubt Michelle knows what's going on. If there's any true to the Xanax theories, she's probably using it to cope. Personally I never thought she had any Xanax and that's just the toll having so many kids had on her health. Michelle probably thinks Josh was busted for Watergate and blames Nixon.
  5. From what everyone has said about Michelle on the show, she seems somewhat loopy and out of it. If she really had COVID, I doubt that improved matters. She probably doesn't what's going on most of the time, let alone now.
  6. Chelsy Bontrager Maxwell also did a write up of her brother Denver's wedding. At the end, she says "there are 2 more [family members] on the way." Her sister Allison Bontrager Helferich is pregnant, but no one else is known to be pregnant. Chelsy is probably pregnant too. She has two kids already who are very young. She's like Kendra only older. Kendra is 22 and Chelsy is 30.
  7. If Joe is acting as their real estate agent, then it doesn't matter if they're friends. It matters if he's actually showing the house, etc.
  8. I hope Hannie doesn't marry into that family. They're very Patriarchal, even more so that the Duggars.
  9. The Bontragers put up behind-the-scenes photos of son Denver's and Praise's wedding weekend. Mainly this blog post seems to be the teenage Bontragers hanging with some teenage Duggars.
  10. I actually posted about at the time. Lemuel Reber got married last year. Some of you might remember these people.
  11. Judging from the brief excerpt I read, Jinger's "doubts" seemed less about Jeremy and more him causing friction with her family. We saw how Jim Bob and Jeremy originally clashed when they were in Laredo. It's less she had doubts and more she wasn't sure her entire family liked him. They're trying to be Romeo and Juliet, and by Romeo and Juliet, I mean that Taylor Swift song.
  12. I don't believe that was an announcement. Anyway I was feeling sorry for Justin when he got married and I still find that shady. But now I think he's lucky to be in Texas. It makes me happy he's out of Arkansas.
  13. Actually from what I've seen his family has been getting ready to throw him under the bus. None of them have said they thought he was innocent, just that they wanted the "truth to come out" and "justice be done". They didn't say he was innocent when he pled not guilty. JB and Michelle, Ben and Jessa talked about Josh, Anna, and "their family". He's part of his own family, not theirs. "Leave and cleave, baby." I need to stop now, but fuck Josh forever. (I'm shaking so it's hard to type. Sorry for any errors.)
  14. finally at the end, and I assume it will be just as long as tomorrow with the news. I can't believe his lawyers are arguing he should be with his wife... and kids. Most of the Duggar households include children under 12 including the TTH. I doubt they would let him leave the state of Arkansas even though they're federal charges. That let Justin and Claire out. I hope Deanna wouldn't take after all the crap JB has given her for being unwed mother. JB "her life is filled with challenges" don't add to them. That leaves Jed! and Katey and they may not want him around.
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