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  1. I think Wissman is pronounced Wise-man. It's not the most phonetic pronunciation, but then the Forsyths pronounce Forsyth "For-site". Anyway, the Wissmans have quite a few children to pair with the Duggars. Maybe enough for the single adults left!
  2. I googled the quote without attributation and google attributed it to Marcus Aurelius.
  3. I get the sense Abbie is pregnant. The photos they've been dropping seem to carefully obsecure her middle. I could be wrong of course. This is speculation.
  4. Fundie women aren't suppose to know anything about money. That's the headship's responsibility/role. They just pop out babies. Of course Abbie had a real job before she married, so she has some worldly experience.
  5. The Pearls are terrible, but they don't beat adults or near adults. Actually Michael has radical idea that adults should live their own lives. He probably treated Nurie and Kaylee like they were nearing adulthood and not like little girls. The Pearl kids all grew up to be crazy fundies like their dad and yet they run wild in ways the Duggars/Bates etc. never will.
  6. Joy is good-natured. She's trying to make it work. She probably is joyfully available when she's not recovering from giving birth to their babies. She seems game for a lot of his ideas and desires, like hiking, fishing, etc. I'm still not over him taking her ice fishing while 3rd trimester pregnant with Gideon. Later she admitted she doesn't really know how to swim.
  7. Why would Jana want the TTH? Anyway JB will leave it in his will to whoever has the most kids.
  8. When they're all married 20 plus years let me know. Most of them haven't been married 5 years. There will probably be divorces in this family; it just might take awhile. Especially once the money runs out.
  9. I disagree that the age difference is a problem. I don't think just under two years is a big deal. I don't care how it looks. To me, they're two kids who were both failed by their parents. Her future is just as bleak and sad as his. Worse as she's the one who will be pregnant. In some ways trying to hide the age difference makes it more noticable. Starting today all of the tabloids will point that Claire is 20 and and Justin is 18 the same way they did with Ben and Jessa. When they announce a pregnancy, she'll be 20 and he'll be 18. Nine months from now I think will be just after Justin's 19th birthday. Talk about trying to make it look good.
  10. yes Justin is the youngest so far to get married in this generation. Kendra and Lauren were barely 19. Kendra technically was a week younger than Lauren when she married. Ben was almost 19 and a half. Joy was over 19 and a half. Josh and Anna were 20. I agree it's very sad. JB and Michelle are such lousy parents.
  11. A good interviewer could have a field day interviewing Erin with all her contradictions. "You say women should be keep sweet and modest." Cue a montage of Erin not being sweet. "You say women should submit to their husbands." Cue a montage of Erin telling Chad what to do. "You say you'll have as many kids as God wants." God tries to limit her to four and she's going to have ten anyway.
  12. I get nervous with babies and pools, but otherwise good for them. In other news, Alyssa is bragging about how good she looks. Maybe I'd brag too, but I never claimed to modest.
  13. A friend of mine is scheduled for surgery before her second dose! She says she thinks it's fine. The doctor says the surgery only takes a day to recover from. She has her second dose a week later. The good news is that her condition is not life-threatening.
  14. Especially when the school probably has real social distancing policies in place and that wedding does not. I don't think missing your brother's wedding is a big deal when you have 10 of them plus a cousin your parents are raising and 8 sisters. With as big as the family is, it's inevitable that not everyone will make every wedding. They even said that at one of the weddings. I can't remember if it was Jill's or Jessa's. She might have been there, but skipping the out-of-state, COVID spreading, teenage wedding sound likes okay to me.
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