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  1. The Maxwells also have EXCITING NEWS. They did a huge blog post announcing: Anna and Mary Maxwell in college Sarah moving into her own home. Steve and Teri are empty nesters. Good for them!
  2. Jacob/Jake Wilson was a friend of the Duggars for a long time. It started publically when he and his father and brothers were helping JimBob build the TTH. The Wilsons have been hanging around the Duggars for while. Jacob is one of the many non-loves of Jana Duggar, meaning the tabloids linked them together. He posted on social media denying the relationship in way some of us thought was tacky. That was a few years ago. Jacob's dad Clark Wilson died a few years ago from cancer. Last year he was a relationship with a fundie young woman named Lundyn Smith and they had a baby toge
  3. I think JB wants her to wear pants so for positive publicity. If Jana was married, she would be living with her husband and not traveling the country without him.
  4. I don't think Anna has had the baby. She wasn't due until 'fall" and it's not fall yet. I think she's out of the picture, because she's trying to avoid the publicity.
  5. I have known people like that too. They're not necessarily "hillbillies"; it's more just obsessed/desperate to be pregnant.
  6. Joy looks exhausted. I don't like pets as gifts and I don't know it was two kittens. Joy and Austin are jerks.
  7. I think Steve will let his daughters marry if they find men to marry. If Steve wanted them to be permanent babysitters, they'd be home helping John with his young family and not living out-of state at a bible college.
  8. I'm happy for Anna and Mary Maxwell that they get to move out of state and away from their family. This way they can focus on their studies and won't be called over to babysit for their brothers. I'm hoping that everything goes well for these girls. This college is also accredited. Compare that to the Bates girls, who got to the unaccredited Crown College in the same state. Of course if Anna and Mary were Bates girls, they'd be married with at least 2 kids and pregnant while dealing with their clotting condition. The younger two Maxwell girls are going to college out of state
  9. I mean there's no picture. A tweet is much smaller than Instagram post and it's just feels more direct. I never said they couldn't read, it's dealing with all kinds of trolls, haters, and vile comments that seem more intense on twitter.
  10. I agree we don't need to update the thread titles. If she really found out this week, then it took a while. I've heard that she is due early April and she mentions the test turned positive right away in the video. She's more like two months along vs one month. Generally most women who are hoping to be pregnant find out the first month. (Historically it was 2 months, but these days it's one month.)
  11. Actually the various social media platforms operate differently. I have heard a lot of other people (not fundie or fundie-adjacent) say they're tired of Twitter in particular. Something about the way it's mostly talk and the comments can feel more direct with no post to sort-of buffer them. It actually makes a lot of sense to me.
  12. They're not "showing her face", but she's clearly performing on stage. It wouldn't surprise me if this event was broadcasted to the world. Even if it's not she's still performing. It seems a little hypocritical.
  13. I'm not sure where, but she said somewhere she's due in April. They were married April 3, 2021 and they're supposedly due right around the anniversary. The only good thing about these two is at least she is 23 and not 19. We may have to start courting.
  14. JB and Michelle have always cherished their image as America's golden family. This will hurt them. Although I find somewhat hypocritical for people to be condemning the Duggar family while paying the Bates family for their announcements.
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