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  1. Those mixed pattern dresses are in style. Two big reasons are LulaRoe and Matilda Jane. Matilda Jane sells clothes for little girls and adult women. Joanna Gaines dresses her girls from Matilda Jane.
  2. I seem to recall her saying nice things about Ben before, but I can't remember. Check the last few posts for his birthday, their anniversary, etc.
  3. In case people don't know. Sailor/Saylor is a name. I just had someone tell me that met a little Sailor/Saylor (sp?). In Alyssa Bates Webster's case, her girls all have name ending in an ee sound: Allie, Lexi, and Zoey.
  4. I get the sense that Jeremy will be happy with either a boy or a girl. On the one hand, I think he wants a boy to carry on the Vuolo name. (That's big with both fundies and non-fundies). I have no idea how many male Vuolo cousins Jer has. His old brother Chuck Jr. hasn't had any kids. (Nor has older sister Valerie for that matter). Jer is most likely interested in having at least one son. On the other hand, girls tend to be more appealing and be more picturesque. There's more of an interest in the Duggar daughters/daughters-in-law. Same with the Bates girls. And the Kardashians have more girls than boys. Jeremy is a man and he married a Duggar girl. I get the sense he's happy with whatever as long as they take pretty pictures. If they keep having girls, he can easily get Jinger to keep making babies until they get their boy. I doubt he wants double digits, but I could see them with anywhere between 3-6 kids, maybe even 7 or 8. I've suspected Jinger was pregnant since October. I now think the announcement will either be Monday or very early January.
  5. If it's a medical facility, then it's not a home birth. It would be a birth in a birthing center. A homebirth is either at your home or someone else's.
  6. I don't where Joe and Kendra are living. I agree with you about Jessa's or John's home. Maybe it's Jed!'s house though? Seems likely to be Joy or Jed!.
  7. The people I know who love homebirths tend to be fundie, although I know one person who isn't. Fundies love homebirth, because they tend to be poor and not have insurance. Also God wants people to procreate so childbirth will be easy, especially for them. Anna Duggar's family (the Kellers) are big on homebirths. The Maxwells also like homebirths although the oldest daughter-in-law Melanie gives birth in a hospital since she's higher risk. All homebirth is Russian Roulette imo. Even if you think it's safe, certainly the risks went up with the first hemorrhage and blood transfusion. Jessa's been playing Russian Roulette for a while now.
  8. Jana (Duggar) was reading or listening to one fo their books (Girl Defined). (I think she was listening to it in order to say she used Audible to listen to books. Audible is an digital audio book retailer.) Yes the Girl Defined sisters are hypocrites. They seems to have been raised fundie. It's hard to tell but they seem to have had ties to non-defunct Vision Forum. Vision Forum was a Calvisnist fundie sect that broke apart after sexual abuse accusations against fugitive sex pest Doug Phillips. Interestingly the video that proves the Girl Defined sisters' involvement with Vision Forum is of Doug Phillips giving out a Mother of the Year Award from Vision Forum to Michelle Duggar! The Girl Defined sisters are watching in the audience. This was a long time ago and the Duggars had no real ties to Vision Forum. The Duggars are IFB and members of IBLP/Gothardism. The Seewalds (Mike and Guinn) are believed to have been somewhat a part of Vision Forum.
  9. And they've always been careful to wait for the wedding when everyone is at least 19. It's possible they will change their minds, but it's also possible that they will continue with this trend. Snarkers said Kendra and Lauren would be married before their 19th birthdays and that didn't happen. Snarkers said John David would marry an 18/19 year old no matter how old he got and that didn't happen. (His wife is 2 years and 3 months younger than he is.) I could someone getting married 18 and particularly the grandchildren getting married younger. I wonder if part of it is TPTB of TV prefer everyone to be at least 19 on television. The youngest Bates brides have been at least 19 (Josie and Alyssa.)
  10. She's 10 and the Duggars have never married anyone off in this generation before 19.
  11. While a rough birth may (hopefully) slow down the baby train, I would be surprised if Si and Lauren were willing to anger all the parents and give up their Quiverfull beliefs. It would be nice if they waited like a full year before C shows up, but even that seems unlikely. Given Lauren's dumb, uninformed comments about it taking a long time to get pregnant with Bella, I think she will be pregnant ASAP.
  12. For @cereality and others: Jessa has had three births(kids) all at home. The first one went the worst. She delivered the baby (Spurgeon) fine, but hemorrhaged horribly. She was taken to the hospital and required a blood tranfusion. She could have bled out and died. She should have stopped with the homebirths then. She next had a homebirth with Henry where everything went fine. This is her third homebirth. She again hemorrhaged,but avoided the tranfusion Once you hemorrhage during a birth, it increases the chances you will hemorrhage during a later birth. If you hemorrhage twice, it increases the chances even more.A friend of mine was talking about a homebirth, but changed her mind last minute. My friend hemorrhaged and since then has wisely given up on a having homebirth. As far as I know, hemorrhaging only puts the mother at risk. The babies are fine. Jessa needs to stop giving birth at home, because she could hemorrhage and not get to the hospital in time to save her life. Her kids are better off with their mother alive.
  13. I get the feeling Jill loves to get bad reactions from people, because it feeds her persecution complex. I also worry the Rodlets see it as evidence their mother is right.
  14. They released this wedding video on Wednesday December 4th. The Duggars are boring and this video was interesting and somewhat snarkworthy.
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