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  1. I think Jessa and Jinger would have been okay at college if they hadn't grown up fundie. It's hard to tell how being raised not to question things, not to trust the world, etc. warped their personalities. I think both Si and Lauren would be happier if they weren't fundies and got more of a chance to grow up.
  2. Hopefully they get licensed and since they're unmarried with no kids to support, they'll be okay.
  3. I also grew up Catholic, and some of the people who remind me of the Duggars are Catholic.
  4. David and Priscilla Waller welcomed their 6th child yesterday January 19, 2022. It's a girl named Deborah Joy! Video on youtube, just go to youtube and type in David and Priscilla Waller. She is their smallest baby 7lbs 5ounces. Both mom and baby seem all right.
  5. Happy Birthday @Turquoise! Sending thoughts to all y'all. I hope you will send me some good thoughts. Nothing major/major, but I need to get a lot done and I'm bad at doing. I'm 2022 is a better year and I will get a lot accomplished.
  6. Small plane crash always seem pretty common imo. I don't know if it's the pilots or JB's buy-used-and-save-the-difference mentality. Those planes always seem a little antique. If I want to buy an airplane, I would the safest plane with a good rating. They are lucky no one was hurt. I think Nathan Bates can fly a helicopter; maybe he was involved.
  7. Scientology isn't Christian, but it was originally interested in taking over the world. Actually the reason the Duggars fooled so many people is because while their practices are extreme, they are more extreme version of a religious experiences that are common for many folks. I noticed similarities between the Duggars and people I knew and those similarities are what got interested in them.
  8. I'm now on the something is brewing in Batesdom train. There is no way they scrapped a whole season of work just to cancel less than a month before the season premiere! Thank You @Albanyguy for letting us know that the season premiere was scheduled on February 10th. There's no way they would have scrapped all that work and filming without a reason
  9. I think there's a bigger scandal or fallout coming. If they had announced this cancellation after the season aired or before the filming of a new season, then it could be almost anything including money troubles for the network. But to cancel a show when the show is almost ready to be aired makes no sense unless some sh*t is about to hit the fan. Canceling the show is leaving money on the table. No corporation does that unless they have a good reason. I doubt it's just an Instagram story.
  10. That doesn't necessarily mean anything other than that she's a woman, who needs to see an OB/GYN. It could easily mean she's pregnant and it could mean anything else. There a myriad of reasons a woman might see a doctor, and bring her husband.
  11. Gil and Kelly encourage young marriage and being quiverfull even in the face of severe health injuries for their girls. Most of them have the clotting condition that makes pregnancy risky and yet Gil and Kelly encourage their daughters to keep getting pregnant even if with all the risks. I don't think the parents worried about the girls safety. That being said I don't think Travis has been physically abusive.
  12. Danielle is a hair dresser. Both Michelle and Jessica are married. Jessica remarried after her divorce.
  13. The Caldwells were visiting the Bontragers and their friends. They posted a picture on Instagram.
  14. Thank You! If she committed a crime, she deserves consequences. People are going easy on her, because she's fan favorite and the child seems to be fine. Imagine if something had happened to that child. If she agreed to babysit, she's responsible. She's 31 and able to look after children. Many, many people in this country have relatives watching their kids. There's nothing criminal about it. We also don't know that it was one of Anna's kid though that seems most likely. No! I think the cops found a small child in a dangerous situation.
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