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  1. Nathan has announced an private courtship, but this one might work. I, too am baffled it's the youngest underage son. I was also surprised he was in Texas for the reveal. They have to live in AR for the show right?
  2. I'm mad I didn't get to suggest a title thread for Claire and Justin thread. I thought it would be good to watch the episode first. I wanted to suggest something about Texas.
  3. This episode was stupid. The show barely spent anytime on the courtship. He announced in the last 2 minutes. If he's living in TX, I would have like to have seen more. Also Jordyn and Josie named all of JB and Michelle's granddaughters except MacKynzie and Meredith. Why? Then Jessa mentioned 2 losses within the last year (Joy's still birth and Jinger's miscarriage.) If they were really filming on Ben's birthday, then Grandma Mary died within the last year. Grandma Mary was a big part of their lives, she should have been biggest loss; how do they not remember her?
  4. It looked fine to me. I also like Lauren's hat.
  5. The weird summary leaves out the most interesting part: the new courtship, but there's a new courtship. I've put off making this thread in hopes of avoiding spoilers. If you need a spoiler there it is: Lonely J spoiler thread
  6. Does anybody have an idea how real the construction business owned by Claire's is? Mr. Swanson had a lawncare business and side ministry. I pegged him right away as someone who dabbled in lawn care. He eventually left his business, (and family farm?) to pursue his dream of marrying his oldest daughter to a Duggar boy. He now has an LLC set up by JB and lives in Arkansas with his family. I'm wondering if Mr. Spivey is the new Dwain Swanson.
  7. She also had her own son last year. She became a mother about a year ago and that seems to have made her more outspoken. Her son is getting to the age where blanket-training would start. It may have more to do with that than Mary's passing.
  8. Allison Bontrager's family held the family camp this weekend. Lots of people from all over gathered together. In her Instagram stories, she shows pictures of herself with various guests including Michelle Duggar and one of the Duggar girls.
  9. They're certainly not lower middle class. The house in PA sounds fine for a family with 3 kids. I think it's Jeremy blueblooded-taste. Claire's dad (Mr. Spivey) owns a construction business. It's hard to say if they're wealthy, it depends on how much the business is real and how the business is doing.
  10. Some fundie-lites I know moved to California, and they became fundier which surprised us.
  11. They also can't move out, go to college, or get an appartment, decide to work at say a grocery store, and have to have an accountability partner to sleep.
  12. According to Internet sleuths, Claire is born in February. So it's almost 2 years, but technically less. Justin turns 18 in November, and Claire will 19 until February 2021. I actually would be more bothered if she were younger. Maybe it's just bias, but it's also that he is the headship and I'd worry a 19 year-old guy might feel the need to feel in charge and lead his partner. (Joshua Bontrager was older when he started courting, but he's a good example of this kind of mentality.) It's a smaller age gap than Ben and Jessa. The biggest age gap in an underage Duggar courtship goes to Joy and Austin. Austin later revealed that they started courting when she was 17. He was 21 when she was 17. They didn't go public until she was around 19 and then they got married about six months later.
  13. Seventeen is too young male or female. I know it's a Boy this time, but it would be no better for a girl. Girl don't necessarily mature faster. The fundie world has plenty of examples.
  14. Although all of these guys were fundie, right?
  15. Is Missionary pilot a real career? I've never known anyone with that job and it seems dubious to me. He'd be the pilot version of David. As mentioned this is a common problem for fundie boys, not just the Rod boys.
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