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  1. wrong couple. They don't like the spotlight.
  2. It's too soon for an announcement. They haven't even been married two months. We won't get an announcement before 3 months or the tv season starts. I also think Claire isn't necessarily stupid. Young people love making dumb faces.
  3. It wasn't discussed here by us. I didn't know that.
  4. I didn't understand what exactly they were looking for with the "PetGala" challenge. I think it could have been a little more specific. I also think they act like the Met Gala is something everyone knows, when it isn't relevant for a lot of people.
  5. Lauren's parents are moving. It's unclear where they're moving or if they'll stay in Arkansas.
  6. That's what I said, but who is he to judge people on their "deathbeds"? It's not his place to tell people how to die. He comes off as jerk for saying that.
  7. He seems to be mocking people for being on the deathbeds with the television on. How does he know whether people are on their deathbeds? And who is he to say they can't watch television even if they are dying?
  8. I think you should tell her the broad strokes of what happened to you. Not details just that you were abused in multiple ways by her father and her mother was complicit. She needs to know at least some of it to understand why you don't her mother. It's possible she knows more than she's saying and is playing you. I think there's still a chance she's trying to reconcile you with your mom and her motives are questionable. I wouldn't necessarily believe everything she says. Yeah, fundies make bad friends. This person was using you so they could "save you".
  9. Yes Jill had a picture of Michelle sitting on JB's lap kissing him on the cheek.
  10. That would definitely be really soon for Joe and Kendra. Brooklyn will be five months in July. Kendra usually announces at least 2 months. If she announces in July, that be a faster turnaround then ever before. She would be due in February at the latest and Brooklyn and the new baby would be almost exactly one year apart. So far none of Kendra's kids are that close together. Brooklyn is 15.5 months younger than Addison and Brooklyn was born over 1 week early. tl:dr It's unlikely Kendra would announce in July. Christmas is more likely.
  11. She can let the youngest play for a few minutes while she looks at her phone. I didn't mean she could go out and see a movie. 🙄
  12. Claire? Actually all of her kids are old enough she can leave them alone for few minutes while she's on social media.
  13. How the Duggars anti-prosperity gospel? Baptist churches historically embraced prosperity gospel, for a long time. It's designed to get rich people in the pews. As for the Caldwells, I can't blame them for moving to Arkansas. It's a lot cheaper than northern Virginia and I would think they were more likely to find like-minded people there.
  14. His wedding isn't scheduled until November, but you could be right. I'm kind of hoping the young woman runs in that case.
  15. It's probably for the best they're taking it slower than Kendra considering she has the same clotting disorder as the Bates girls.
  16. That women are supposed to be obedient to men. Maybe he decided after his divorce, that his ex was too independent, too vocal, and opinionated. Technically he's remarried.
  17. Considering Katey's gay half-brother was in attendance, I doubt Jill wasn't there. She went to Justin's wedding. I didn't see her, but the video was poor quality so it was hard to make out who was there.
  18. By badgering and whining, do you mean Katie or her equally immature mama Kelly? I don't think she'll have choice in moving back. Maybe she'll like being farther from the family. Travis's sister got married earlier this year, and his brother recently got engaged and is getting married in August. The Clark parents appear to want an empty house before the year is over.
  19. I assume Tim gets a goal as the only adult male. On the other hand, Phillip will be an adult in the summer, and Sam and Gabriel are in their teens. The girls' goal is to get married and have a family. I assume that is the only goal for most fundie girls.
  20. Grace Annette Duggar shares a middle name with Michelle Annette Ruark Duggar. Also all of the Ms were inspired by Michelle. Michael James Duggar is named after Mike Keller and Jim Bob. I'm missed that you posted the same thing. MacKynzie, Felicity, Addison (Joe and Kendra), and Bella all share middle names with their mother. Israel and Samuel Dillard both have middle names from Derick's side of the family. Abbie's middle name is Grace. Maryella's name was inspired by Grandma Mary. Mason's middle name is also Garrett for Garrett Ruark.
  21. Everly is one of the fastest-rising popular names for girls. It's spelled many different ways Everly, Everleigh, Everley, etc. Everly is the most popular spelling and it broke the top 50 in 2019.
  22. I believe wearing light colors is traditional for Easter. It doesn't bother me and Nurie's dress is great.
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