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  1. No way Bin has a degree. Jessa would be on the rooftops screaming about how smart her man is.
  2. Isn't the picture that Jinger posted, by the same artist that did the one for JoyStin? I bet Jing will announce Baby no. 2 soon.
  3. I wonder what JillRod looks like without a ton of makeup caked on her face. Does she ever go without it?
  4. I've heard that Siah and Lauren were set up to tame them, because they were both difficult children.
  5. Bella is a doll. I wonder if Siah and Lauren will be the first couple to divorce. I doubt it, because I'm sure they have the iron-clad covenant marriage like the rest of the Duggars.
  6. I wonder what'll happen if they ever question why Daddy is so fabulous.
  7. Don't Mackenzie and Josh know that renewing your vows on TV is a sure sign of divorce?
  8. Mackenzie.... Josh is being a parent. Stop saying he's watching the kids.
  9. Anna is due for a baby in 2021. I can see an announcement by year's end.
  10. I hope the latest Smug and Anna news is that he either got snipped, or she grew enough of a brain to leave him.
  11. Jessa is praising the man who hid the abuse of her and her siblings. She's brainwashed, and I wonder when she'll see the truth. She's probably doing damage control, because Derick is exposing what we already know.
  12. Jill... You're an idiot. Stay home! No one wants to hear you blabbing about Plexus and being saved.
  13. Derick should've had some idea about what he was getting himself into. Was the show something that he and Jill didn't talk about before he started appearing on it?
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