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  1. Why did they announce so soon? Also... I guess this puts the rumor that Jill had a hysterectomy after Sam's birth to rest.
  2. Carlin and Evan have their dog back. I hope she's not traumatized from what she went through.
  3. I cannot believe they posted the video of the cats in the box! This is reminiscent of Michelle putting kittens in a pitcher, and Dillweed sledding, and almost hitting a cat. These people need to learn how to properly care for children, before they can care for animals.
  4. How do Carlin and Evan feel about Brandon and Michaela who have prayed for a baby, but cannot conceive? Why won't God bless them?
  5. Both would have to admit he did something wrong first.
  6. Smugs knocked Anna up after "Four long months". Jed got it in at five months of marriage.
  7. The "She tested positive... And not for Covid" thing is super insensitive. But I expect nothing less from the Duggars.
  8. It seems like most Fundie kids have been around longer than they have. Announcing before the pee stick is dry, does that.
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