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  1. Anna was pregnant with Maryella when Josh was doing this.
  2. From courting to conjugal visits: The Josh Duggar story.
  3. Joshy gets no bail. That makes me think it's something big. His mugshot is gross. Anna... How will you explain this to your kids?
  4. Smugs... Please get snipped after this one.
  5. Baby no. 7 is coming this Fall. It's a girl. Per Anna's Insta. https://www.instagram.com/p/COBy2TFsoK0/
  6. Who wants to bet Kendra will announce baby no. 4 when Jessa has her baby? Brooklyn will be five months by then. If not, definitely by her first birthday.
  7. Ben is too busy thinking he's the s*** to help Jessa with the kids. Raising kids is women's work.
  8. Saw this topic was hot. Wondered if Boob and J'Chelle were finally shown as the horrible parents they are.
  9. I wonder what'll happen when the fame train ends for Jing and Jer.
  10. Bets on when Clartin will announce Duggar spawn no. 1? I bet by Easter. Mother's Day at the latest.
  11. Kids getting married and having babies. Nothing new, but still ugh. Justin should be living the life of a man in his 20s. Married before he can even legally drink.
  12. Yes. Her daughter's name is Brooklyn Elise.
  13. Remember when they were going to name Vaeda Tezlee? I hope they don't go back to that.
  14. Brooklyn is a nice name. It's also Josie's middle name. What are you and Joe praising, Kendra? The fact that you have sex 24/7?
  15. I bet Ty won't get his boy.
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