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  1. Remember when they were going to name Vaeda Tezlee? I hope they don't go back to that.
  2. Brooklyn is a nice name. It's also Josie's middle name. What are you and Joe praising, Kendra? The fact that you have sex 24/7?
  3. Do Bin and Jessa think they'll be able to keep Spurge and Henry's lips sealed, if they let them know the gender of the baby? I doubt it. Just announce it. You only keep it a secret because Smugs bet that you couldn't.
  4. TLC has filmed births in hospitals before. I bet Jessa does home births because she and Ben are cheap.
  5. If they use a T name... Can we rename the thread to: The Seewald Shit Show?
  6. Boys don't have to be buddies. The baby raising will be Ivy and any future daughters job.
  7. I wonder if they'll use a T name.. to be able to spell out shit. Ben seems like the immature type to do so.
  8. They don't need jobs. The TLC train is still feeding them. For now, anyway. Also, do they think that we really want to watch another pregnancy of Jessa's? This is no. 4. It definitely gets repetitive. The Duggars will never have anything new for us.
  9. Ivy will be two in May. Also... I bet Jessa and Ben will move out of the mold house, and it'll go to Justin and Claire. No way they'll be able to fit four kids in that space. Also... Which buddy will announce the gender? I bet they'll move on to Spurge, Henry, Ivy etc doing it from now on.
  10. She wouldn't know that. Her Mom was too busy teaching her that bankruptcy doesn't mean you go to the bank.
  11. Isn't Ma Keller the one who scheduled 15 minute sessions a week with each child? Yep... That's pouring into their lives.
  12. Spurge doesn't have time for Ben's Bible lesson. He needs to be learning things on his level.
  13. Jess and Ben were at a wedding. No masks in sight. Of course. *Insert Eye Roll*
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