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  1. Why does Jill think we want a close up of her, when she's talking about RV reservations? I'd rather see their RV. Jill is so full of herself. It's disgusting.
  2. Rachel did not just leave her baby on a couch alone, to get formula with her friend? Can someone please Save Hazelee?
  3. Jill is saying she missed someone she's never met? That's odd. Let Derick be the one to miss his father. You weren't even in the picture then.
  4. Ugh! What did they see in Robyn? She's so annoying.
  5. I agree. I hope she did too. If that was her only one, it sure was a sad affair. Also, were any of her family there?
  6. The kids weren't vaccinated for chicken pox. They got it just before Josie came home from the NICU. I hope the second generation of Duggars are vaccinated, but I doubt that'll happen.
  7. When will Jill or Derick tell us the punchline of this law school joke? There's no way he'll be a real lawyer.
  8. I hate that they exploited her death. She deserved to be mourned in private.
  9. Of course, Jordyn, Kenzie and Josie are best friends. They don't socialize with anyone else.
  10. I don't know that Jinger should be punished because of her family, but who knows? Her family will always be how they are. Jinger is now her own person, with her own family. Should she always have to suffer because she was born a Duggar?
  11. Bella Milagro is cute. The way that Lauren accents her name will get old fast.
  12. I wonder when Bella's birth VSE will air. I'm sure it'll be on TLC's website soon.
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