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  1. Bella Milagro is cute. The way that Lauren accents her name will get old fast.
  2. I wonder when Bella's birth VSE will air. I'm sure it'll be on TLC's website soon.
  3. I hope Smugs helps out with the kids. But, I'm sure Mack is the sister-Mom.
  4. Maryella Hope has been born. https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-moms/news/anna-josh-duggar-welcome-baby-no-6-a-daughter/
  5. Let's start a Go Fund Me for Josh to get snipped. Anna shouldn't have to procreate with him again.
  6. They're nothing but seat fillers. These girls act like they're going to the VMAS because they're something special. Also, if MTV is going to fire Farrah for doing porn, they should fire her for good. Instead of this 'We need Farrah drama, so we'll fake fire her, because she does porn'.
  7. I don't know what could be a worse scenario. Jinger and Jeremy using Dr. Jill Medicine Woman, or the midwife that Jill apprenticed under for pre-natal care. I hope she is getting proper care.
  8. Jessa cannot stand it when others are in the spotlight. And she can barely raise the kids she has, and keep her home clean. What does she do all day? She certainly doesn't have a job.
  9. Sounds like Michelle Duggar. Even though you barely raised the child you're sending a birthday/congrats message to, we know you're the mother.
  10. Glad that Jinger and Jeremy waited before having kids. Now we have three pregnant Duggars
  11. Way to ruin Christmas for your kid, DerWeed. He's such an asshole
  12. JoeKen: From Side Hugs to sex in no time flat
  13. JoeKen: And Baby Makes 3. We will have to think of new names for this thread.
  14. Let's send JinJer a Congrats you're still not knocked up gift. They deserve something.
  15. They're expecting https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-moms/news/joseph-and-kendra-duggar-expecting-their-first-child/
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