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  1. No. With the miscarriage that Anna had, 'Asa' and Annabel. They'd have 22
  2. They'll have 19 when Baby Joystin and Baby JinJer arrive
  3. It seems like the woman always moves to where the husband is. Hope Nurie escapes to Florida.
  4. Didn't Rebecca Keller die in a car accident? Whoops that was Rebecca Waller
  5. Where in the Bible does it say you're not supposed to kiss until your wedding day?
  6. Jessa may be carrying Blessing no. 4. Or JimBob thinks that every parent will announce their child's gender at the birthday party of the other kid. Nah. Only JoKen do that. https://www.tvshowsace.com/2020/07/26/duggar-fans-suspect-that-jim-bob-confirmed-jessas-pregnant-again/
  7. I hope that Nurie gets to see the Keller's who have escaped that way of life. There's hope, Nurie. Don't be like Anna and put your husband first.
  8. Jenni and Jordyn have been over the Duggar life since they were born.
  9. Joy would be a fool if she tried a home birth. I'm so glad that she's getting real prenatal care by a dr. Her sisters should follow suit.
  10. I'm sure that Jill will find a way for Nurie's Transfer Of Authority Day to make her money in the long run. She'll probably post the whole ceremony on their one year anniversary. Like we will care about it by then... We know that Nurie will be knocked up in no time. Also, does JRod think she's Michelle Duggar? Being pregnant at the same time as your daughter is creepy.
  11. Didn't know you could get motion sick, by doing nothing.
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