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  1. How can Justin know that she's 'The One' when she's probably the first girl he's been with?
  2. Claire looks way older than 18. One more J flies the coup. I wonder how long before the engagement announcement.
  3. I feel bad for Josie, but I always feel worse for Michaela. At least the other girls can get pregnant.
  4. I wonder if TLC will use Joy and Austin's YouTube footage for a birth special. No way a camera crew was allowed.
  5. I doubt Jill has ever seen an NFL game. The cheerleaders would defraud her precious husband.
  6. Why does Briana think that Luis is suddenly going to become Dad Of The Year... When Stella is two, and he's hardly done anything for her? Also, her and her friend going to the club just to yell at Luis was stupid. Kail would care if Chris got someone else knocked up. So she got pregnant by him... again. Chelsea and Cole are meh. Leah. Why does Germy care what Corey is doing? Unlike most of them... Corey has a real job.
  7. Why do these people think we care so much about what they've named their children? There's no way that Joy and Austin don't have a name for her. I wonder what family member will slip first.
  8. I hope she's also had the baby. Maybe they wanted to spend some time as a family before announcing it to the world?
  9. Kendra and Joe: Get Off My Jock, Honey!
  10. Joe & Kendra: Babies... Babies... Babies... C Is Not For Condom.
  11. Joe And Kendra: Breeding Like Rabbits... And Giggles Galore
  12. No. Kendra has had two hospital births so far. She's definitely in the running to beat her in-law's. Also, how can she say they weren't expecting a pregnancy this soon? Is she breast feeding? Does she think that's a 100% effective form of BC? Oh, sweet, naive Kendra. Maybe get off of your husband, and read a book about birth control.
  13. Meredith and Mason will be split up just like Hannie and Jackson were.
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