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  1. Jeremy has removed the orgasmic post on his IG for the Earl Grey fonut.
  2. Here it is. She has a YouTube channel, and her videos are posted there, including the one of eating healthier.
  3. The following is one small example of the favoring of Sam over Israel when Derick was putting up the tree: Derick: We've had this since we've been married, right? Jill: Yeah. Sam, are you excited? Sam: Uh-huh. Jill: Jay-Jay [not sure what nickname she was using for Israel here], are you excited? Israel: Yeah. Jill: Yes ma'am. Israel: (Smaller voice) Yes ma'am. If you're going to teach children to say Yes ma'am and Yes sir, you need to enforce it with all children of talking age. And you don't get to use 'Yeah' when you immediately tell your son not to say the same thing. Idiot.
  4. I just looked at myself since you said that. You're right - I read so many negative comments over the weekend. There is this recent post: "Oh - you erased all your 'even bigots like your donuts' comments - hard to look in the mirror huh?"
  5. Here's what I found about the helicopter landing in a neighborhood in Lowell: The home is in a residential neighborhood on E. Monroe Ave., just west of Ward Nail Park.” But they also noted that it’s “not illegal” to land in the neighborhood.
  6. Many times we've seen Paul ask a pointed question about a technique, but not provide an answer when the baker is puzzled. This time, he very obviously let Alice know that whisking with a wooden spoon was not what she should be doing.
  7. Joy has posted a few IG stories today about heading to Colorado. The second story showed them with some of the older lost boys in tow, eating at Braum's and shopping for "all things camo" at Bass Pro Shops. So, if a lot of the family is in California visiting Jing, and the lost boys are with Austin and Joy, where is Hannie?
  8. Shaun Cassidy was the only teen heartthrob that I fell for. I fell HARD. My sister reminds me that I made our family leave our weekend cabin in Big Bear Lake for home (2.5 hour drive) early enough so we could make it home for Hardy Boys. I think it started at 7:00pm PST? Bought all his albums.
  9. Here's an article from USA Today about this season emphasizing style over substance. https://www.usatoday.com/story/entertainment/tv/2019/10/04/great-british-baking-show-bake-off-season-10-train-wreck-netflix/3851083002/
  10. Did they say it was Jana? Because it was actually Lana Swanson 'competing' against Michelle. Just looked at the article - the Daily Mail did indeed say it was Jana blindfolded next to Michelle, but it was Lana. You can tell by what she is wearing, especially with the long necklace. She does look like Jana, though!
  11. I’d forgotten that it’s only recently that college stadiums have allowed alcohol sales. We were at Vandy when visiting Georgia was upset. We were surrounded by very drunk Georgia students/alums who had done lots of pre-game drinking on the bus ride down. Fun to needle them - they were good sports about it!
  12. I looked on the Razorback Stadium website, and couldn't find if there is a designated 'family zone' which would be free of alcohol (some stadiums have those areas). It would make sense that they would want to sit there, if available. I am delighted that U of Arkansas paid the visiting team, San Jose State University, $1.5 million to come play. Arkansas expected to beat up SJSU, but instead, lost to them 31-24. SJSU plays in the Mountain West Conference, not a powerhouse conference, but still, it does include BYU and the Air Force Academy, among other colleges. SJSU has played in 15 'revenue' games since 2010, going 0-14 until the win against Arkansas. They have generated $10.4 million, which has gone into their sports budget. I love the humiliation Arkansas has to feel.
  13. Jinger posted a story today and held up a card that said Universal Orlando Resort.
  14. I was actually impressed by the choice of song for Jinger's birthday port for Jeremy. Not a hymn or anthem by a Christian artist, but an interesting song called Nine Million Bicycles by Katie Melua, a Georgian-British singer-songwriter.
  15. There's a really good documentary called Tim's Vermeer which shows one man's attempt to recreate Vermeer's photo realism by using optical devices. It's available to rent on Amazon for $2.99. I saw it in the theater a couple years ago - it is fascinating.
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