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  1. Re: Fenna's coat. Malinois are double-coated. Fenna's undercoat will actually help her stay cooler in hot months. Sort of acts like a barrier to the skin so the heat is kept off her. My daughter has a husky, so we became very familiar with double-coated dogs. I once met a couple at the dog park who had a husky they traveled the states with. They shaved her when they were in Texas. I didn't have the heart to tell them they really hurt their dog's ability to regulate her temperature. Double-coated breeds 'blow out' twice a year and should never be shaved.
  2. The guy who posted on Reddit that ran in the same circles as the Duggars had something interesting to say about Anna's behavior after Josh got out of Jesus jail. He said that he was at Fort Rock Family Camp the same time that the Duggars were there, including Josh and Anna. Josh was jovial and joking. The guy posting said he went fishing early one morning at the pond. Anna was there, walking around and around the pond, sobbing. I think he said she circled the pond about fifteen times, crying the whole time. I don't know how she can keep sweet for the sake of her children. It must be exh
  3. I just finished watching God is Grey's latest YT video, with Jen from Fundie Fridays as her guest. I was surprised that Brenda (God is Grey) didn't know very much about the Duggars. Jen had to bring her up to speed on the past abuses by Josh, etc. It's well worth a watch. Much of what they cover has been discussed on here. One thing Jen pointed out was that Josh's iPhone had to be seized and they would not let Josh use it (to call his attorney) as perps have 'kill switches' on phones that will erase material they want hidden.
  4. It was mentioned that his MacBook and iPhone didn't have images of CSA. Maybe that's because he knew how to do the split screen division with TOR on a PC, but couldn't configure an Apple product in the same way.
  5. So similar to Princess Beatrice's being forced to have a small wedding after her father, Prince Andrew's disastrous BBC interview. But, it seems that is really what she wanted all along. It is her publicity-pushing parents who wanted the big wedding similar to what her sister and Harry and Meghan had.
  6. My son and 22-weeks pregnant DIL began house-hunting south of Denver. They made an offer on a home last weekend. Another couple got the house with a similarly priced offer, because they waived an inspection! My son's agent (and my husband and I) think that is crazy to buy a house without an inspection being a contingency. Then yesterday, one of the homes they saw, which they liked more, fell out of contract because the prospective buyers couldn't qualify for the financing. The only reason our son and daughter-in-law didn't make an offer on that one originally was they were told the
  7. Okay, I'm very shallow, but Claire's aunt (one of her bridesmaids) needs a supportive bra STAT.
  8. I bet you're right. JD must have a food baby they're hiding too. There is a picture of him from the Claritin wedding where he looks very big.
  9. That would make a lot of sense, but they're actually based in Center, Colorado. Pretty close to the Great Sand Dunes National Park.
  10. Maybe Nurthan needed the RV for their stay so Timmy has to sleep on the twin mattress in the boys' dorm.
  11. Ugh - she has to finish with wording that ties into their stupid brand.
  12. I may have done some snooping on Matt Coeler's social media... there's a post on the deck of a house in Lake Arrowhead that looks exactly like the one covered in snow.
  13. I love what one person said to Jason on his IG post: You don't need to call it a business trip and expense it! Your daddy would pay for it anyway.
  14. I've become less and less enthusiastic about decorating for Christmas. My adult daughter loves to do it, so she has taken my tree and decorations to her house to continue the tradition. It includes a lovely set of Simpich carolers that my mother bought in Colorado Springs in the 90's when we lived there. My mother passed a couple years ago, and I inherited the set. They are the only Christmas decorations I really love (so I may take them back from my daughter!) With adult children, I've scaled back on gift-giving too. The only thing I go overboard on is stockings. I love to shop at
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