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  1. My DVR says this nonsense is on now. But there's an episode of Catfish on instead.
  2. I know this was all editing but Cait and Tyler have 2 healthy daughters and are wining about a boy....then cut to Cheyenne at the conference for families with sick children. Are they trying to point out that C&T should simply be grateful they have had healthy children so far ? Maybe. Amber weeping over Belgian Matt. Please. She has never wept like that or expended that much energy over her own children. We saw her with Leah at the end but something tells me that visit was arranged by Gary. Amber has not mentioned her son in WEEKS. I travel a lot for work, or I did before Coronavirus, and I'm surprised Amber could park at the airport curb and walk in. Here in Chicago, post 9/11 there are packs of angry cops yelling day and night if you so much as evrn slow down near the curb. They'll tow ya lickety split. I felt bad for Cheyenne at the end but it was odd that she said she wouldn't widh this experience on Taylor. Hmmm. And Cheyenne, in the future, please cover up. Blah.
  3. No family is perfect but I get the feeling this is not a very happy household.
  4. I hate how Maci, in between bouts of congratulating herself on every aspect of her life, chews the inside of her cheek. Cait does it too. Very annoying. I have 3 sons all older than Bentley and all did sports growing up, some more advanced than others. I don't think it's healthy for an 11-y-o boy to restrict calories to lose weight. I'm with Ryan on this - or at least, I think I am, he was starting to lose me in his rambling. Bentley is gonna be growing, hopefully until about age 16. He should be learning healthy eating habits and aiming for a balanced diet that includes vegs, fruits, meats, dairy and yes fats and some occasional treats. McKenzie snd Josh should be ashamed of themselves. I give her a pass but only over the past month since she lost her Mom. These attendance issues sound like they have been going on longer than a month and Josh should be able to pick up the slack while McK was grieving. Tyler and Cait leave their children with a girl who was it only last week or the week before was showing behaviors of an irresponsible drug addict. And yes everyone at Vaeda's party was under the influence of something. How old are Dmitri's kids ? Amber will literally never grow and learn from her mistakes. Cheyenne is headed down a bad path here. They are trying to be all friendly, blended family but we all get along and all that but she really should not have been at that reveal party. If Corey and his family could not watch Ryder themselves during the party, then he should have hired a sitter to bring her to the party at the right time and then bring her to Cheyenne afterwards. With both babies being girls, there may be the inevitable comparison of Corey's time, the girl's development, and other painful issues. Cheyenne 's crack about Taylor looking like a surrogate really sounded like jealousy to me. This will not end well but that's what happens, Corey, when you impregnate 2 women, neither of whom are your wife. Speaking of,Taylor wearing white almost made me think they were having a surprise wedding.
  5. She and Tyler in that NYC restaurant before her 1st ever business mtg - I have never seen 2 more uneducated hicks. Every other word was "like"and "passion". Does she really have 3.5 million followers ?
  6. No one has ever asked me to take a lie detector test. I wonder if Belgian!Matt even understood the questions. Tyler, another reason your prices went up is because you told the Detroit Sewn team how you could not do any of this w/o them. They saw you coming a mile away. Where exactly is Corey ? I know he's on a reality show but where ? Should Cheyenne rely on Corey for support ? He's Ryder's dad but not Cheyenne 's partner. Mckenzie and what's his name are sadly learning that its hard being married with several young children. It's a free country of course but I dont think I would ever take one child on a vacation and leave the others. Did she really fly down to FL to work out for an hour with 8 people ? My DVR cut out the previews for next week. What happens ?
  7. I think Maci and what's his name are not gonna be in the same financial situation when their younger 2 get to grade school age. Belgian!Matt lol.
  8. Boy, Dmitri doesn't look crazy at all, Amber, with the big crazy eyes...isnt this how we got Matt ? The 2 fools met online and then he showed up one day with all his belongings...Amber cant think of another word for comfy. I need $ too but I would never allow anyone to film my child learning of my parent's demise, or my parent's final moments. Shame on MTV.
  9. "Oh, there's math.....?"
  10. I would never let Cate care for my pet.
  11. Great post above. I was thinking about Andrew and his releasing proof of the abuse. If he was a girl with proof, would people be upset ? Abuse is abuse.
  12. Agreed. Cant they just go to Chili's or something ? Maci is trying to look smart with those glasses.
  13. I wish I had the $ to go to Thailand. I think I said the same thing a few weeks ago when Cate and Tyler were in Hawaii. What is with these girls allowing these unrelated adults to live in the same house as their minor children ? Cate with Ashley, Cheyenne and her sister with whatever his name is.... Does Geary own the house Amber is renting ? I have always wondered if Bentley really is Ryan's child. They look nothing alike, and Maci was probably tarting around in those days. Maci, WTH ? I know its probably editing but why invite Ryan to the party if you are just gonna glare at him the whole time ? Is Ryan's wife pregnant ? Cheyenne 's daughter's father is expecting with his gf ?
  14. Being a healthy birth weight is not a guarantee of a good outcome, not by a long shot, IMO. And vice versa. My oldest was low birth weight (4lbs and some change...oligohydramnios) but had good Apgars, was in the regular nursery and went home with me as planned. I think that as soon as something was detected on the ultrasound, plans should have been made for a hospital delivery, just in case. Also, is it safe for a laboring mom to be squatting in a filthy bathtub ? 🤮 Love all the Gabe comments. It was on the tip of his tongue to tell Kody to hit the bricks.... Kodi ? Maddie, please.....
  15. I hate that scene of young Cait with Mullet Butch and April. Such an ugly scene. Oh good, another clothing line, thanks Cheyenne. I dont care at all about Rodeo Girl, whatever her name is. Amber looked like a deranged lunatic sitting on her couch, when Gary visited. I'd be afraid to be alone with her. Amber blames her psychotic behavior kn these nickname conditions she claims to have, "post partum" and "borderline ". She is incredible. And Maci, Big Foot could not have recorded all this if it didn't actually happen. While Amber was being tended to by paramedics, Gary looked ready to bolt. He was late for dinner ! Maci, in general I dont see why there would be tension with an ex-boyfriend and his family, unless you feel there is unfinished business or unresolved romantic feelings buried there.
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