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  1. Did anyone else picture Robyn and Kody linked arms with Meri in the middle, letting Meri SLAM into that tree ?
  2. OMG I cant listen to this discussion about building again !!!!!!!!
  3. Tyler kept emphasizing OBVIOUSLY, didnt he, and rolling his eyes when discussing this. I think they consider 30 as ama, advanced maternal age, which I believe is 35 +, and which I was when expecting my last baby. It wasnt easy, I will admit.
  4. Ok sure, Tyler, you dont watch the show ?!?! He probably turns off his phone, draws the blinds and records and analyzes every episode.
  5. Right and I may be giving Cate too much credit but I was thinking maybe Cate deliberately did not drink a lot of water that day and held it in because they say concentrated urine is best for early pg detection. That may be an old wives tale, but I am an old wife.
  6. I agree, Josh is a complete jerk and the sooner MacKenzie drops him, the better. She seems to have plenty of people around her who love her. She can easily find another bf. Not sure about a new husband though with her 3 children but its not impossible. I am still firmly in the camp that the truth about MaciRyan is somewhere in the middle of their stories. Yes Ryan and Mac badmouth Maci but Maci and Taylor do exactly the same thing. Actually I think spouses Mac and Taylor should not say anything on camera. Maci and Taylor in their stupid TTM shirts are so sanctimonious, I can barely watch. Cate, I feel bad for her. Having had trouble getting pg, I can relate to testing early, buying lots of tests, etc although I never collected my urine in a Tupperware container (that I know she rinsed and used again). Biting the package with my teeth is also not something I ever did. But you all are right, Cate has nothing else to do. Hanging my loser head in shame, I sometimes google these people to see what is happening irl. I am afraid to google Amber and Geary, because you all know why.
  7. I was wondering about that when Christine said they get no handouts because they cannot register for anything without calling attn to their situation. Come on Christine, do you really expect us to believe Kurly and Janelle provided for 13 children and 4 adults with no help ?
  8. Do the opening credits still have their nonsense about how their lifestyle makes them better or whatever, and love should be multiplied not divided ? I fill like it is now just music and pictures of them then and now. Robchins is quite startling, imo.
  9. Oh good, just checked the clock, its almost over. Joe Darger thinks Kody is a fool.
  10. Cant Christine live on her own and the others all live together ?
  11. Agree. Such a bizarre thing for JanellE to say, and she knows it.
  12. Did they say how long this drive to Utah is supposed to be ?
  13. Why does Amber wear a mask when she's alone outside in her yard ? Cheyenne has a nice family. I think Cory has a right to question and give the ok for Cheyenne to bring a new guy around his daughter. I'm too old to watch The Challenge but Cory seems ok. I like that he interacts with Cheyenne's nephew. I still think the truth in Maci's storyline is somewhere in the middle. Ryan's other children look well cared for, and his family seems close with each other. Maci imo is inventing this Bintley boundary storyline. And Taylor, shut up ! Cate and Tyler need to learn who is the boss in their family, Nova or her parents ? Stop begging her to do chores (Novas Chores) and bribing her with $. Child, we are the parents and you will pick up your toys. There, done. I dont care about McKenzie.
  14. Who are we talking about here, Gary ? Gary is a reserve officer ?
  15. I read that Reanna amd Taron did not show up for the reunion episode. Because of that absence, they had violated their contract so now cannot appear on the show at all so they need to be removed from not yet aired episodes.
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