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  1. I wish I could go to Maui. Psycho Amber absolutely did the right thing by going to the 1st day of school although I am sure she doesn't know why. She should be terribly ashamed of her behavior and remember this awful feeling of embarrassment both for her and for Leah, the next time she smacks someone around. My back hurts just looking at Cate.
  2. Totally. Janelle doesn't appear to care but after Robyn's original 3 are over 18, he should divorce her and marry the long suffering Christine. As it is now, Christine would literally get nothing if he died now. She is legally nothing to him.
  3. And wasnt Curtis the name of Kody's late brother ? You would think he could remember the name.
  4. Robyn is dumb as a post. Her magical thinking that a rental is gonna drop from the sky....Sure, Robyn, you should wait 27 more days and you'll be out in the street. Her stupidity really is shocking. My parents had 5 kids in 6 years. We had one bathroom. ONE ! I lived to tell about it. Shame on her for her low earnest plan. She's a bum. Aspyn is beautiful. I will let Janelle slide on her comment that she wished she was a better mom. My 3 children are all teens, still at home, and there are things I wish I had done differently when they were little.
  5. Tonight on REELZ with Dr. Michael Hunter - Alan Thicke ! And then the 2-hour Breakfast Club Behind Closed Doors ! Both immensely more entertaining than these fools. I'll watch them later while doing laundry.
  6. I liked that show and I remember that lady. Her at home dentistry looked ao horribly dangerous and painful. They had some real nutcases on that show, but then after awhile, I think people made up stuff just to get on the show.
  7. It was on the REELZ channel Sun from 8-10 pm. Tbh, I didn't learn anything new about the Bunch. It was still time better spent than Kody & Co. And lol, my name Chris Knight is not in reference to Peter Brady, but to Val Kilmer's cool character in Real Genuis ! I felt rilly bad for Christine when she said her children got the shaft in Lehi. Very sad. I myself can handle almost anything but I would never let my children get the short end of the stick. No way would we be living in the dungeon apt while the other fools have more acceptable living conditions. I can't believe she allowed that to happen, just so she could get every 3rd night with Kody. On the bright side, Christine looks terrific these days. Trim and healthy. Further down the couch, Robin the Drama Queen is looking like hell lately. Damn the weight gain and bloated neck. Remember when she was thin and claimed she used to forget to eat ???😁😁😁
  8. Sorry, I wont be snarking tonight. My future husband Dr. Michael Hunter is back on Autopsy tonight, followed by The Brady Bunch Behind Closed Doors. Ill be back tomorrow to snark about Robyn sobbing, Kody's stupidity, Christine 's hypocrisy, etc etc etc.
  9. I saw that House Hunters caused a stir by featuring a throuple (2 women and 1 man). Lets not give Kody any ideas...
  10. This is the funniest thing I've heard all day !
  11. Robyn, the business scholar. I am reminded of when she "minused out" expenses for her iconic jewelry venture. How old is her youngest non-Kody child ? When that child turns 18, will Kody divorce her and marry Christine ? If he doesn't, Chrstine better hightail it outta there, if she has even an ounce of self respect. Plan One House is stupid beyond reason. As some else said, why build a hotel for the adult children holiday visits ? Insane. Except for Aspyn, I dont think any of their children will have plural marriages so how will they resell that monster of a house ? I have the same question about the Duggars and their tin mansion with the dormitory bedrooms.
  12. Did Robyn or any of the other fools ever tell us what happened to her stupid Closet business ? I remember Kody talking about the "iconic " pieces lol.
  13. When Kody was talking about having more children, I didnt think he meant with Robyn. I thought he meant with a 5th wife.
  14. They all look bad in the opening credits. Robin cant have a dog because of Kody, but Christine can ? More proof, as if we needed it, that most of his time is spent at Robin's.
  15. Did they blur Kody's midsection ?
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