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  1. And I came back to agree with you ! "Social butterfly" probably would have been a better term.
  2. I agree, Ari is a brat. Shame on Asshole Kody for that ridiculous bday party. Poor Truly. Poor Ysabel. I wonder if Janelle is being intimate with Asshole. I doubt it,but I also wonder if Christine knows. Christine looks lovely these days, IMO. She's an attractive woman who deserves so much better than the basement wife treatment. I have the blushing problem too. She's blond and fair. I used to be blond, now Im mainly gray. Blah. My covid attitude is more similar to Christine's than to Asshole and Robyn but even if it wasn't, I just cannot get over the fact that they have a nanny
  3. Laurakaye, my blood pressure and I vaguely remember this. Was Bitch Robyn afraid the XL would be too small ? Again, when I typed the word "bitch" my phone predicted the word "Robyn". 😁
  4. Robyn, your daycare provider=nanny ! No one knows why you have a nanny with all the adults sitting around your mansion.
  5. Meri's enormous house...for one person.
  6. After the funeral, why does Asshole have to hurry back to Robyn ?
  7. Right, which seems insane. I cant imagine someone who can afford an expensive house, schlepping to the laundromat. Flipping 101 had a house that didn't have a dishwasher !
  8. Gosh, I hate Robyn. I don't care enough to look into this but how did the Dargers do during Covid ? They live together but must have young adults who have jobs and bf/gf.
  9. The backsplash looked like it was installed wrong. Agree about the putting green - I felt like I was baking myself just watching Hipster Tarek put. The more this show goes on, the more I feel like Tarek could carry the show himself. Christina needs more to do besides bringing the gray and white backsplash, floor and cabinet choices. I like Izzy but where is Jeff ?
  10. I love, love, love that Janelle's kids are being loyal to Christine and not Kody. YEAH !!!! Go to hell, Kody and Robyn.
  11. 100% this. I absolutely hate Kody and Robyn. I didn't even have to type that last sentence - my phone predicted my words.
  12. A nanny. Seriously. My word. Shame on Kody and Robyn. Really, I am flabbergasted at this revelation. I absolutely hate Kody and Robyn now more than ever. I am afraid next week, contrary to what the preview implied, Janelle will actually be in Robyn's corner, saying she needs a nanny because of whatever, when really Janelle is just trying to stay on Kody's good side. I just cannot believe they can justify a nanny, both financially and from a covid perspective, yet Kody cannot be there while his biological child and her mother endure a horrific surgery and recovery. Fantastic of
  13. Madison and her husband had a very difficult decision about the surgeries vs amputation. My heart goes out to them. Janelle seems like a very good and supportive gram, and I think Madison's brother was also there in NC. It must have been so hard weighing the options, while also nurturing Evie as a growing baby, plus her older brother needs to be supported and loved. Nice to see their family come together to help and try to remain positive. Of course, Kody was nowhere to be seen. Ysabel is a beautiful girl and I hope she's doing well, no thanks at all to Kody. I say this every week bu
  14. Oh thank you for coming back, Amber ! Thank you ! Gag. I still don't know why Maci was mad when Taylor asked her friend to pickup their child. I know Mac has had a horrible year but she shouldn't pay so much attention to social media esp not for opinions on her marriage. I will not watch that family reunion show. This is where I draw the line. These people need to grow the heck up and get real jobs.
  15. Robyn and Kody are the biggest assholes who ever lived. Robyn at the end saying that the other wives are making life so hard for Kody by not obeying his Covid rules, made me want to smack her. So she's admitting that she and Kody are one unit together and the others are on their own. I hope Ysabel never talks to Kody again. I know I wouldn't.
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