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  1. I disagree about Carly. They should not contact her at all. She has her own life with her own family. I assume she knows she's adopted, so in 6 years, she can decide if she wants C&T in her life. I also assume B&T are providing a great life full of good people and good opportunities, but maybe not - maybe they have their own family issues. Why pile C&T drama on top of any other stress she may be experiencing ? I alsoam only semi-convinced Amber has severe mental illness (es). She sure seems fine when she meets a new dude.
  2. They dont really need Vanessa on this show. Taylor is a punk. Challenging a 60-y-o man to a physical confrontation-and yes Larry also appeared ready to fight - just crazy. Also Taylor, lots of kids are nudged into taking pics and spending time with relatives. I know I will get flamed for my anti-Maci opinion but I don't care. Is MacKenzie 's hair gray ? I hate her voice but I think she has a lot of trouble in her life and I give her credit for trying to improve her life. Cait is genuinely pretty but looks so cheap with the claw nails, purple hair, huge earrings, heavy makeup.
  3. I really hope what I am reading there is not true. Good grief. The comments on this news item are hilarious.
  4. My oldest had some development issues do we allowed a nighttime paci until just over 4. He's 18 now. He did have braces, but so did our other 2 children, 1 of whom never took the paci. Robyn was thin at one time but not anymore. I think Janelle and Christine are prettier.
  5. Kody, should you send Aurora across the country by herself ? Such an asshole. Why cant the asshole go and see Robyn a few weeks later ?
  6. Meri looks a lot better lately.
  7. Poor Christine. She has a lot of good qualities, but if she were to leave the family, Kody would not lift a finger to stop her. He's such an asshole.
  8. I read that the father of Julie's baby, is Alex's father, whoever that is. Does Alex's grandma have a fast food job ?!?! It looked like she was in a Burger King uniform. At least Tyra has come to her senses and transferred to a nearby college. With Covid, I wonder how a teen can have another teen as their one support person. What if during delivery, a medical decision needs to be made ? I would not want a life or death decision to be made by...Aden. Same goes for all these teen couples. Dumb as a post Lily should rush that guy to the altar, stat ! Her goal in life is to
  9. Christine doesn't feel important. 😥😥😥
  10. Cant believe he's helping Christine's daughters. And referred to them as his own daughters. Shocking
  11. There are some shows like This Is Us that I let pile up on my DVR because I have no time to watch, and then I binge watch several episodes in one sitting. I couldn't do that with SW. The season is like one lloooonnnggg episode.
  12. Youre both wrong ! Alex's mom is or was pregnant.
  13. Zach's brother was smoking hot for sure, wow !!! In all seriousness, Gary needs a security system at his home to protect his family from Psycho Amber. She is insane and her mom and brother know it, too. Carly will not want her lazy slob birth parents at her wedding which hopefully happen for at least 10-15 years anyway. I agree with Ryan about the counselor possibly not being neutral. Maybe Bentley 's pediatrician, assuming he didnt find Dr. Ed, can recommend someone both Maci and Ryan (not Maci and Taylor) approve of. Ryan is also right that sometimes a counselor just isnt a
  14. I haven't watched the whole ep yet but in the "previously on TM" segment, I finally remembered who Amber reminded me of when she was yelling at her brother...Kathy Bates in Misery ! "WHAT'S THE MATTER? I'll tell you "what's the matter." I go out of my way for you. I do everything to try and make you happy. I feed you, I clean you, I dress you, and what thanks do I get? "Oh, you bought the wrong paper, Annie, I can't write on this paper, Annie." Well, I'll get your stupid paper but you just better start showing me a little appreciation around here, Mr. MAN."
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