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  1. Chris Knight

    S08.E12: The Weight of the World

    How ridiculous. Cate and Tyler, WTH ?!?! Get your head outta your ass and get to the damn zoo ! My gosh. So dumb. And I have never seen Nova get so much attention. I dont want to see this story about McKenzie and her sick mom. I work all day and look forward to my Mon night snark. Sad reality is not entertaining. I also dont want to know about Bentley seeing a counselor. Lots of kids do and there is no shame - but its still none of my business. Kristina is a simple and decent person.
  2. Chris Knight

    S03.E03: Two Haileys And A Baptism

    I thought he said patriarch on purpose to imply Jessica's husband is not the man of the house and that Jessica wears the pants in that family. Maybe I'm giving him too much credit. In general, I am on Jessica's side. Max is a punk and I would ban him from my house too but the Have a Nice Day comment seemed very innocent to me. Are Max & Chloe still in a dating relationship ? I mean on the show, not in realtime. If they are, it will be over soon based on the baptism alone. Hailey2 and the loser bf - ugh I cant even watch H1 literally sobbing that this bum is not attracted to her anymore. And then after all this with him hitting on H, H1 APOLOGIZES to him !!! Rilah looks 40.
  3. Chris Knight

    S03.E02: Five Generations of Teen Parents

    I also thought she miscarried at 5 months.
  4. Chris Knight

    S08.E11: Handle with Care

    "We are taking Nova to lunch to explain Carly coming to visit. We are not sure if she remembers Carly". Didn't they just have a birthday cake for Carly in absentia last week ? Ryder needs a nap. And I think we've seen the last of Matt now that Cheyenne said she just wants another baby, doesn't matter who the father is.
  5. Chris Knight

    S03.E02: Five Generations of Teen Parents

    Matthew and his sister - what the hell is going on there ?!?! Team Caelan here. McKayla doesn't know how good she has it. She has a hardworking guy who comes home every night (I assume) and would probably love her if she wasn't such a lazy psycho immature loser. The girl who was on last week, missed this week, but was shown in the preview for next week- she looks 45 not 16.
  6. Chris Knight

    S03.E01: We're Back, Baby

    Diego looks like he is going to a dance but Emilie is not his date, based on her attire. Good for her. He's a bum and its not too late for her to get herself back on track. I cant believe no one has mentioned the bizarre scene of the boyfriend and his gf's mom sharing deodorant !!! I may need therapy to get over that image.🤮
  7. Chris Knight

    S08.E09: Ready When You Are

    Seriously. Towards what I thought was the end, I started looking at the Direct TV guide to see what to watch next. Turns out it was only 8:32 pm. Yyaawwnn.... Why is so Cheyenne so desperate to land a man ? She's pretty and very young, loads of time to shop around. Maci, Taylor is looking to his post-MTV days, and you may or may not be in his plans. Dont push the vasectomy. Did Cate go partying on a Tues night ? Not many people at that club. In all seriousness can you feel your liver when its swollen or whatever term Amber used ?
  8. Chris Knight

    S08.E08: Don't Give Up

    Maci and Taylor need to stop with those stupid TTM shirts. So obnoxious. Cheyenne needs to clear her schedule...? What schedule ? They should retire this girl since there is really no storyline there. I missed last week about the panic attacks. I do think overall Gary and Kristina are decent parents, and I side with Gary on not making a huge deal out of Leah's issues just yet.Big foot should not comment on Leah. Amber has no place calling herself Leah's mother. What is with Catelynn's new look ? She even looks like she may have lost a few lbs. Tyler's mom has a new hubs ? April's house is so cluttered, ugh.
  9. Chris Knight

    S08.E06: Momcation

    I think this, too.
  10. Chris Knight

    S08.E06: Momcation

    I always thought of Boca as a retirement type community.
  11. Chris Knight

    S08.E06: Momcation

    Ironic that tonight's episode is an Andrew love fest. IRL Amber whacks him with her shoe while hes holding their innocent child. Also Amber is so full of it, talking before the trip about how much she will miss James. She literally went for months without seeing Leah - a whole summer once, if I'm not mistaken.
  12. Chris Knight

    S08.E06: Momcation

    Cate is a jerk. She almost looks like she enjoys springing this news on an already upset Nova.
  13. Chris Knight

    S08.E06: Momcation

    "First trip together in 10 years"? Didnt they just go on a trip last year ? Or did i dream that ?
  14. Chris Knight

    S08.E05: Baby Fever

    Amber calling Leah a butthole is positively reprehensible. Nice of Kristina and Gary to attend the boy's party with nice gifts. I couldn't count all the "like"s Catelyn threw in her last speech there. Shes such trash, embarrassing her brother about his sex life. And April laughed too. Such losers. Dawn is slimy as ever. I watched Cheyenne today for the 1st time ever. I have always ff thru her segments. She has a very weird relationship with Ryder's dad. She should not be so concerned about what he thinks of her life. Of course , she also wants a baby with Matt, a guy she seemingly just met, who would probably not have that conversation at all if Cheyenne were not on tv. Matt will become the west coast Taylor. Maci is so full of herself.
  15. Chris Knight

    S08.E04: One Big Happy Family

    I was just reading about India Hicks scam going belly up. Is Amber's Forever Haute crap now defunct also ?