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  1. Did they blur Kody's midsection ?
  2. I'm so ashamed and embarrassed that I still watch this band of fools.
  3. Hailey2 is so stupid, I actually feel sorry for her. Who would like to have a 2 at the end of their name ? Chris2 ? Never !
  4. I'm a married woman, more than double the ages of these stupid girls, with 4 children of my own and I'm ashamed to admit...I want to know if Hailey2 is pregnant !!!
  5. Rilah and What's His Name at the beach = the most bizarre conversation ever. He finally made sense when he decided not to propose. Seriously, wth is wrong with Alex's mom ? Is she disabled ? Or is she on drugs ? I'm rooting for Tyra, but she and her sister need to support Layla 's head. Even Shannon knew to do this with McKayla's newbie. Chloe, your "prom situation " will be forgotten about in a week. I don't think this will be Max's last stay in rehab. Preview for next week - Hailey needs to drop that bum Matthew. Dont waste any more time or energy on that loser ! Same for always a bridesmaid Hailey2.
  6. Same, I'm very jealous of the hair in that family. I felt a little bad for Tyra not being able to just come out and tell the gym girls that her feelings were hurt. But then again, she is just a teen and may not have the courage to confront them. It's a strange situation for all these girls - they are moms yet still so emotionally immature .
  7. Don't like the name. Reminds me of Graceland. I agree with Caelan. She's screwing around with the name because she's mad, otherwise she wouldn't have told us her whole Rosanna Rosanna Danna name. Why would Timothy have a different last name than his sister ? McKayla wasn't married when either was born. I didn't get what she was saying about Caelan signing over his name. And does Caelan think her name is Gracelynn Lynn ? I thought her middle name was Ann. Shame on McKayla for saying those nasty things about Shelly. Tyra is a cute girl and may possibly make something of herself.
  8. Me again. I dont know how Chloe rhinks she can even afford all that - 1/2 rent + daycare + college tuition ? She will be making peanuts .
  9. Rosa is like a high school bully. Alex's mom and gma are truly bizarre. I wouldn't let them watch my dog. I would never want to stay there myself and I certainly wouldn't allow my child to be there without her father. I like Nate. Chloe's perfect world is about to crumble. She's way too immature to have a child. She is about to be confront about her dishonesty and the clip makes it seem like she starts to bawl. McKayla and her people are such trash. She said over and over that she didn't care at all about Caelan but then pouts and whines when he's not there. Oh, and Tim - you really have no room to talk about bad behavior. And the push present she bought herself ? I have no idea how much that bag costs but shame on her for throwing away $$$ when she is an unemployed, uneducated single mother of 2. Disgusting.
  10. Right, she did nothing at all to help. Someone else pointed out in last week's episode that Grandma Cindy wanted to talk to Caelan and was asking if anyone could mind Timmy for a few minutes, and "anyone " apparently did not include McKayla ! Unbelievable. This show is so depressing. These girls are looking at hard, poverty stricken lives full of minimum wage jobs forever. Certainly nothing wrong with that per se but it will be damn hard, so hard they may not be able to scrape by without govt assistance. Sad. Chloe is positively delusional to think she and Psycho are gonna live happily ever after.
  11. I wouldn't have brought Layla by at all. They couldn't get themselves to the hospital and are not providing any support at all, so why bother. I couldn't believe how trashy and awful they were. What kind of a lunatic tries to wake a 2-day old baby ? Seriously, is she disabled ? "Granny said HER can !" Umm, what ? I admire Tyra's positive attitude with a newborn and hope she keeps it up. But Tyra, change Layla before nursing so she can easily fall asleep. Max's problem is more serious than I thought. I thought he was just an idiot but he is very troubled. I agree with his Dad seeking professional help.
  12. Carly sure hit the adoption jackpot. Good god, seeing B&T on the couch next to cheap Cate and dimwit Tyler, ugh. I still to this day am shocked they let Tyler walk out of the hospital with newbie Carly just resting in his arms like a loaf of bread. It looks so dangerous. He could trip and seriously harm her. When I had my babies, they always had to be transported in some type of carrier. I liked Ryan's description of his descent into drug abuse. Maci IMO still cannot get over the fact that Ryan left her. I don't think she cares that much that Ryan acts like an uncle. He doesn't appear to care that much about her but she literally cannot shut up about him.
  13. I cant stand Cindy. And Princess McKalya, who literally pays for NOTHING, gets up and walks out so she can go home and "relax ". And Shannon is the Queen of Trash.
  14. Chloe is lucky she has her friend. Her one friend. Is it possible to do a paternity test before the baby is born ? Because Anthony's mom's bf, who talks a mile a minute, is trying to get Anthony to wake up. Anthony has his whole life ahead of him - he shouldn't throw it all away for someone else's child. Can you imagine raising someone else 's child thinking it was yours ? Did Max and his dad recently move ? There is no furniture in their house. Is the dad married ?
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