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  1. I think it depends on the show/network, whether I want them to acknowledge Covid or not. Hallmark showed a movie last month that was made earlier in the summer. It had a lot of outdoor scenes and some of the extras were unusually inert (as they were mannequins) but it was not a world in a pandemic. I think that approach is fine for the sort of PG, escapist romantic comedy that is Hallmark's bread and butter, though they could have movies ending with cutesy Zoom weddings, too. I never thought a socially distanced awards show would mean traveling presenters in tuxedo hazmat suits to hand out the Emmys (or take them away, if you lose):
  2. An inspirational and not at all gloating post from Tarek El Moussa over the weekend...
  3. The franchise was able to move on from that because it wasn't Corinne going to the police about DeMario. The show could say some producer overreacted and there's no tape out there to contradict that point of view. A former Bachelor having a restraining order filed by his final choice on the show... The legal system is already involved and there's evidence available to the public. If Colton goes for some sort of treatment and never bothers Cassie again, TPTB may be able to get away with saying the bare minimum about this. If it escalates even further... * It's not really a competition. Gia's death is sad, as is the untimely death of any former contestant. My point was more about the show's culpability in pushing a one-sided relationship that has since turned toxic. Colton made his own choices after the season ended, but got major reinforcement on the idea that he deserved Cassie's love regardless of her feelings about it. The Colton/Cassie situation isn't over yet. Stories like this often end very badly. * Even after the restraining order news broke, Colton (or something close to him) was still trying to make himself look like the good guy in the media ("She's talking to her ex. She didn't stay with him 4ever and ever, even after he had Covid!"), while not actually denying the substance of the allegations. It says a lot about his mindset concerning Cassie, none of it good.
  4. Secret Life of a Celebrity Surrogate was pretty entertaining, though our heroine was entirely too trusting. The personal chef tried to warn her, but she was broke and naive. How much work is someone even doing as the personal chef for a vacation house? And that celebrity couple was wild! I guess it's okay on a Lifetime movie to show someone shooting up between their toes, as long as you don't say what's being taken? Her Deadly Sugar Daddy premieres tonight!
  5. Cassie seems like a people pleaser and Colton's actions on the show were sold as romantic. He was a nice guy who was really into her, and she was somewhat attracted to him, so she gave things a shot. She could probably tell he was the type to take a breakup very badly (not that she could anticipate this, but he seems very clingy), so she put it off. Even now, his defenders are saying she should be more accommodating, he's just brokenhearted, and why did she have to go embarrass him by making all this public? Ugh. * Reality Steve said he heard the show was Colton's idea that he introduced to Cassie, that it hadn't been picked up by a network, not much had been filmed and her family wasn't involved. Cassie's sister also posted that she and her parents hadn't signed any contracts or spoken to any PTB from this supposed show. And Cassie backed out, apparently, not him. It now seems like it was Colton's delusional way of trying to stay in her life. * A breakdown of the restraining order details: Colton's fake stalker texts to himself...projecting much? It's all of his worst thoughts about himself, out loud: you're too square/awkward, she needs a bad boy, her family never liked you. * I really wonder how the show is going to address this. Will TPTB hide behind it being a legal matter and just never reference Colton's season again? It would be awful for any Bachelor breakup to escalate into stalking, but it's one thing if they'd seemed like a perfectly happy couple on their season. In this case, the show encouraged Colton in not taking Cassie's "no" for an answer from the start, which only fueled a dynamic that only got unhealthier from there.
  6. Chris Harrison narrates: "We first met Tayshia on Season 23 of The Bachelor [cut to: solo shot of Tayshia]. Although she didn't find a match, she gave love another chance in Paradise..." It sucks for Tayshia, who already isn't getting the usual lead spotlight.
  7. I really liked Elf, but it's probably for the best that a sequel never happened.
  8. They have a one year old together and other children from their prior marriages.
  9. I wonder how Tayshia's time on Colton's season is going to be addressed now. It was her introduction to the franchise and she was his Top 3, but... At least TPTB can focus on Paradise?
  10. Reality Steve has Jason and Molly on his podcast for the first time. They were the first big Bachelor story he spoiled: He writes about Cassie and Colton in his column and discusses it on the episode a bit. Steve now says he thinks Colton reached out to him to appear on the podcast this summer as preemptive damage control. He's hearing the reality show they were supposedly doing about the breakup was Colton's idea and Cassie backed out of it. The full temporary restraining order is online, including screencaps of all the incriminating texts Colton sent to Cassie and her family/friends. It didn't leak: as Reality Steve pointed out, anyone who creates an online account with the LA court system and pays the fee for the document (under $15, I believe) can download the whole 20+ page thing for themselves. There's a link to it TheBachelor Reddit and probably other places on social media where the franchise is discussed.
  11. Rachel Lindsay Reveals She Spoke to Peter Kraus for 1st Time Since ‘After the Final Rose’ (US Weekly):
  12. What could be real story here? Cassie, who refused to dish about the breakup on her Bachelor GOAT appearance this summer and has continued to pursue her Masters degree post-show, has since decided to do a 180, fabricated evidence and filed a false police report against her ex because...she just wasn't getting enough likes on Instagram? There wasn't a non-criminal way to get her name out there? Or, Colton, the virgin who was fixated on one woman during his Bachelor season and wouldn't take no for an answer... Colton, who, in response to having a restraining order filed against him, says he hasn't talked to her in a month (as if you have to speak to someone in order to stalk them) and gets "sources" to "remind" US Weekly that Cassie dumped him after he recovered from Covid and started seeing her ex (even if true...so?). Maybe Colton (himself no stranger to mutiple reality shows) was always more into Cassie than the reverse, so when their relationship ended, he coped badly and crossed the line? The details are leaking because TMZ got hold of court documents. They find out a lot of things that celebrities would rather keep private. TPTB liked selling the fence jump like some grand gesture out of a romantic movie. Their "wholesome" Bachelor from last year having his F1 file a restraining order against him because he's (allegedly) a stalker? Contrary to the old adage, there is such a thing as bad publicity. In a couple of weeks or so, when promo for Clare's season really ramps up, does anyone think Chris Harrison is looking forward to questions about Cassie and Colton, not to mention the show's role in pushing a happy ending on them (despite the expressed lack of interest on her part)? I think TPTB can make ethically dubious decisions for the sake of drama, but operate under the hope that nothing too bad will actually happen with the contestants in the long run, that can be tied directly back to the show.
  13. Cassie was never that into Colton, but the show framed him as the hopeless romantic nice guy who deserved a chance at true love.
  14. Maybe there's some sort of super secure, secret Celebrity WhatsApp. Judging by all the celebrities who get caught out on regular old social media all the time, probably not. I could see it, if it's multiple employees and she’s paying their benefits/medical, too? The budget would make a little more sense for someone with a much higher social media higher than Nicole Young. ****** Does travel fall under "entertainment" or is it a separate line item? I can see how $900,000 a month might not be enough if this is how your contemporaries are living: Obviously, Beyonce and Jay-Z aren't the only celebrities (or rich people) vacationing extravagantly right now. I just happened to see this story being discussed in conjunction with Mrs. Dre's spousal support and thought it was interesting.
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