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  1. She grew up in a White immediate family, save her sister. It's a different experience than being someone who had an Asian parent/extended family as a steady influence in their lives. Also, I don’t know if the show forbid Abigail from talking about being biracial, but reality shows like to box people into one thing, and for her, it was being deaf. There were other women of color who were shown discussing their racial identities with Matt, sometimes, so it wasn't like that was off the table altogether.
  2. The former, I've always known as "passing for white" and is something I personally associate with crossing the color line in older times, like during slavery or Jim Crow. "White passing" is more about the way a person looks vs. someone actively hiding their non-White background. Some prefer to call it "White presenting" because of the negative associations with the word passing. IMO, it can be a nebulous concept because everyone's idea of "looking white" isn't the same. There was a contestant on The Bachelor last season who was the subject of much speculation about her racial ident
  3. I watched one of those Hallmark movies Meghan made: her ex was marrying her best friend in a July 4th themed wedding and her parents had a fireworks company struggling in sales. Two white actors played her parents. Maybe there were lines about her definitely being their biological child that I missed, but it really wasn't that kind of movie. So anyone could think she was supposed to be white, or not, and that she was adopted or there was a step-parent situation that a mid-2010s Hallmark movie wasn't going to get into. Now, if they were making that movie in 2021, hopefully, the casting is more
  4. Bobby Bones hosting the show would be a terrible idea, but when has that ever stopped TPTB? He's probably telling the truth about the concept being on the table.
  5. It's confusing because many of the classic MGM titles were sold decades ago and the rights are with Warner Bros. To bring up The Wizard of Oz or Singin' in the Rain in the context of the Amazon deal wouldn't be an accurate representation of it. Shark Tank episodes would be very valuable to a streaming service at the moment (hours upon hours of unserialized content), but seeing it held up as a flagship property of MGM is strange.
  6. I think it depends. The story goes that a different person was going to be the wife/mom in A Quiet Place until Emily Blunt read the script and asked John Krasinski to cast her. The difference is that she was critically acclaimed before they ever got involved and was well established by 2018. So, Emily Blunt having a starring role in a movie seemed perfectly reasonable to the general public, even if she was married to the director in this case. A couple of the "Space Race" movies that I like each feature the director's wife in a small role: Kevin Costner's secretary in Hidden Figures is p
  7. Overboard with a Christmas twist? I guess there have been worse holiday movie premises...
  8. There are more photos and some video online. I wonder what the rest of the cast is thinking, or if they'd already picked up on a vibe...
  9. Lil Nas X tweeting during the show:
  10. Dejana

    Respect (2020)

    Another trailer:
  11. FYI, if anyone recalls the infamous Best Picture mix-up, Marc Platt gave the second acceptance speech: in between the one who eventually announced Moonlight as the actual winner, and the "We lost, by the way" guy. It isn't like Ben doesn't have the talent, but it would've been pretty tough for Dad to tell his son that he was over the hill (so to speak) and the movie was going in a different direction, even if he sucked. If the plot goes the way the trailer and (overly detailed) Wikipedia entry, an actor who still came across like a 17 year old would make the character's actions sligh
  12. It's so specific! He hasn't been in daytime TV for years. It's like Rod Stewart and blonde models, except Justin only has eyes for brunette soap actresses. * Even before the articles alleging that Melinda Gates was alarmed by Bill's ties to Epstein and that there were affairs/unwanted advances with other women, that annual vacation with his ex-girlfriend would have been a big red flag for many:
  13. Wedding News: They got engaged last December and started dating in January 2020. * They were on The Young and the Restless together (Chrishell Stause, too, I think). It's Justin's third marriage.
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