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  1. In the flashforward to their 40th birthday in August, Kevin said his fiance had morning sickness. People thought that meant the Kevin/Madison hookup couldn't have led to the pregnancy, because she'd be pretty far along for morning sickness by then. Perhaps that was a hint toward hyperemesis gravidarum, which can persist throughout a pregnancy and is more common with multiples. I was looking back through the forum yesterday and read the episode thread for "The 20s", which showed Randall as an anxious dad-to-be eager to be the perfect parent. It also featured a storyline where Kevin tried horning in on his roommate's audition opportunity, and there were comments... Also stumbled across the site's "It's Time to Boot Kevin Off This Is Us" article. LOL, the worm has turned, but we have two more seasons to go and Sterling is a brilliant actor. Remember when Kate said that only she could carry on a piece of Jack Pearson? That was a "yikes" moment that didn't go over well. Anyway, it's really interesting how many of Jack and Randall's actions were shaded as heroic/noble early on but as the series continued, their behavior got cast in a harsher light.
  2. I feel that movie star "maintenance" would allow Kevin to look closer to how he does now, and that they've made Randall look closer to early 60s than 50, but the show needs to differentiate this timeline from the present day one in a pretty instant way. I think the show could have avoided so many complaints about Rebecca not looking old enough, circa Jack's death, by introducing the glasses at that stage. I watched one of those episodes on a different device than normal and noticed some attempts at aging that went unnoticed on my normal TV. I agree it's pretty likely that we saw Kevin and Madison's twins at Rebecca's bedside. When the flashforwards were introduced, I was really leery, because this isn't some alternate universe sci-fi show and there's no way to know the ways in which the real world will change. Baby Jack's future in 2049 or whenever looks an awful lot like the present day...
  3. More revelations from Colton's upcoming book: I've read a couple of these Bachelor books before, got them from the library, and they were entertaining enough for what they were. What I remember most from Andi and Courtney Robertson's memoirs were the Fantasy Suite revelations, and obviously Colton won't be able to deliver on that front...
  4. Adults can still live at home with their parents, have reasonable boundaries with respect to their love lives and not recoil from making tough personal decisions. However, it doesn't seem to have happened with Peter, and IMO little will change if he continues to live at home. Still, he should only move out because he wants to or because his parents say, "Enough!" (that'll happen) and not because of peer pressure. Barb being chummy with Kelley at AFTR makes sense now... A lot of very unimpressive behavior from Bachelor Nation in the wake of a pandemic...
  5. Unsure about when everything is happening? Have the timeline(s) all worked out? Here's a place for questions/comments about the chronology of this very nonlinear story. Please move/lock, mods, if there's already a topic like this in the forum. Shoutout to @greekmom for the thread idea.
  6. Jack Damon, successful singer/new dad, is happening many years beyond Rebecca's death. When Rebecca is on her deathbed, he'd be a teenager at most. Kevin and Randall got in some low, low blows. That fight wouldn't have happened if Randall hadn't emotionally manipulated/blackmailed Rebecca into changing her mind about taking part in the study, but sometimes it's up to you to be the bigger person and just walk away before saying something you can't take back. The toxic dynamic between the brothers is really Jack and Rebecca's fault, but it will be difficult/impossible for either sibling to see it that way.
  7. Yes, his parents' house isn't very far from the Bachelor mansion. I think Peter is saying he'll either get his own place in Los Angeles or will move to New York for a year.
  8. LOL, even in these difficult times, there's still Peter news: https://people.com/tv/bachelor-peter-weber-plans-to-move-out-of-parents-house/
  9. Update from Cassie about Colton: https://people.com/health/cassie-randolph-colton-underwood-coronavirus-update/
  10. AMPAS is already thinking about next year's ceremony:
  11. Maybe Kevin and Kate will have their "What If?" episodes in the next two seasons and they could ponder different alternate realities than Randall. Kevin seems like the prime candidate for a "What if Kyle had lived?" episode given his issues with Randall and being the least favorite child growing up. I'm not really surprised Kate wasn't thinner in Randall's AU version of life, not only because it ended up being a pretty self-absorbed exercise, but he has always accepted her as she is. If TPTB ever even portray a "Thin Kate", it would probably be within Kate's fantasy and they would send out Chrissy Metz on the mother of all "I am totally okay with this!" PR tours. The show doesn't have the time/budget for Irishman-style CGI to make someone hundreds of pounds lighter or to put Chrissy's head on someone else's body. Also, I'm not an actress, but can imagine how it would get under my skin if my bosses trotted out an "after" version of me right under my nose, to do my job! Especially if it were their idea vs. mine. If Chrissy herself had lost weight and the writers wanted to work that into the show, that would be fine, but a totally different circumstance than supposedly needing to "fix" Kate's appearance in an episode where she was a tertiary character at best.
  12. A profile of Barb that ran back when the season premiered:
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