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  1. The first thing that came to my mind was Christine Baranski as a teacher in The War. That was a movie more than twenty years ago about 20 years before that. the donald is bringing the wayback machine way back.
  2. He probably avoided paying income taxes for much longer than that, otherwise he would have released some tax returns. We only know that he didn't pay income tax on the years that he had to submit to the New Jersey gambling commission, and the state tax returns for that one year show the nearly billion dollar loss that would have allowed him to reduce his taxes for 18 years. That billion dollar write off is most likely something different. Bill Kristol said it was probably "debt parking". Mark Cuban said that the donald's income at that time wasn't even large enough for the write off to be u
  3. The funny part about this was that when I first heard this story, Donna Brazile was Donn Brasil.
  4. John Dean was on AM Joy over the weekend. I'm going to have to upgrade by pop up blocking software to view NYTimes articles. I get the article for two seconds and then it disappears.
  5. "Baccardi, because there might be more fucking Clinton emails!" I loved the picture too. "farting in a crowded elevator just as you're stepping off of it." "she's just a homies and a baggy pants away from dog whistle bingo"
  6. Thank you @MulletorHater, for my first big laugh of the morning. drumpf is more likely to solicit funds from the mistookers, or to try to get them to enroll in trump "university".
  7. One thing that I didn't like was the segment with LOD, because Joy had very little to say beyond agreeing with him. I ff'd Cortez, but hear the others laughing at him.
  8. I was wondering if they were going to show the 1795 episodes, because Victoria was talking about being so connected to the past after Barnabas gave her the music box. The blue candles were transported back to 1795 with her.
  9. The President needs to thank him pre-emptively for his support in the past. I'm not looking forward to the interview.
  10. It's becoming clearer to me that Comey Fitz-Ashcroft thinks that he is the Attorney General.
  11. It was probably written by the same person who made the sign that said Nixions The One back in 1968.
  12. The Comedians have become the newscasters this year, or have been in the case of Jon Stewart for many years, where the fake news show turned into the real news show, while the media pretends there is some equilvalence between: I think it was Lewis Black who said that the reason that the Hillary hatred never subsided is simply because she never went away. She went from The White House to The Senate to The Secretary of States' office to the campaign and now she's going back to The White House. She wasn't a child who went away to her room when she was scolded by the drunken or doped u
  13. When he loses, little donald still wants the attention to be on him. I hope the media stops playing along, but I have no hope for them. The news media have been a disgrace this year, with a few bright spots here and there, but they absolutely have to stop having campaign spokespeople on their broadcasts. Why on earth do they think that the American public has to listen to people telling them that up is down?
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