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  1. For me, Ainsley killing Endicott wasn’t surprising, but the viciousness of it was.
  2. I have no idea where Show will go from here, but I sure hope they get the chance!
  3. Didn’t Carlton/Alfonso always wear a bow tie? I think the cockiness fits, too.
  4. Thanks, @Sterling - I stand corrected. That being said, having seen what I saw (both here and on those Catfish clips), she certainly appears to fit the criteria for BPD.
  5. I'm curious about why people are saying that Lola isn't qualified to diagnose mental health conditions. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor and as such, diagnosis is part of her job. In Ohio, we have both Licensed Independent Social Workers, which I was, and Licensed Professional Counselors - both professionals that diagnose. If you can't diagnose, how can you treat? Also, writing a letter to someone (or to your younger self) to express your feelings, and then never sending it, is a long-standing, well-accepted therapeutic technique.
  6. Does anyone know is this was a true depiction of ballet culture? Is the prima really that powerful?
  7. I’ve suspected this for some time. It looked like they were going in for a kiss in the preview.
  8. I’m a nope on this one. There’s just something about her I don’t like.
  9. It's a little late to be posting this, but I think maybe the long line they referred to was at a homeless shelter, not a place to apply for housing. The shelters have only a limited number of beds, so you have to be near the front of the line when they open for the night in order to get in.
  10. Maybe she recognized the bracelet (necklace) that Jessica displayed on the news? Don't remember if we saw Malcolm tell her anything about the box.
  11. Best line of the episode! Is there any chance Gil will get the LeMans back in at least some of its glory?
  12. I was just thinking about this, regarding Rebecca after the fire. Where were her girlfriends to offer her help and support? Did she really not have any? That doesn't seem likely.
  13. In Ohio, that's the law. If she were a widow without a written POA, it would go next to the eldest child. (That's if I remember correctly from my time as a hospital social worker.)
  14. Actually, according to the Google, Henry is 6'1" tall.
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