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  1. (1) As did I. I mentioned to my husband that for people who don't appear to have a lot of money, they all dress pretty well! (2) True - but this IS Lovecraft Country.
  2. I think one of the movie versions of the story was playing on a TV in at least one of the scenes.
  3. Maybe these things are obvious and I'm missing them, but (1) who is "real," Christina or William? and (2) did her/his father know about them being the same person?
  4. I realize all of this - maybe it was just supposed to be honoring his name? Someone who was a fan?
  5. In another possible slight nod to history, didn't one of the men helping Leti move in say that his name was James and his dog's name was Baldwin?
  6. Small point of order: Leti was wearing panties before she and Tic got it on. There was a very quick shot of her pulling them down. And if she were bleeding, she would have put them back on, probably with some kind of protection, like a "feminine hygiene" pad.
  7. Agreed 100% on both counts. I hope, at least, that Lucius and Bitsy had a happy ending. (Pun intended!)
  8. Just a small point of order. The kidnappers used a ladder to get in through a bedroom window. It was shown clearly one of the times they showed Emily talking on the phone with George.
  9. Does anyone besides me think that Hearst may have set up the whole Violet-seduces-John-and-then-"gets-pregnant" scheme in order to avoid the mess it would have made for John to break off the engagement?
  10. Weren't Charlie's eyes sewn open so he would look alive? I don't think I have "The Alienist" left in me tonight. It'll have to wait until tomorrow. I also loved hearing the RBPM theme music.
  11. "Sara Moore"? Looks like a lot has happened! 😉
  12. Is anyone besides me really bothered by Dakota Fanning's posture? Is it the clothing/hat styles that make her posture so awful?
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