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  1. Even if you discount everything else about Woody Allen, he let his partner find out he was sleeping with her daughter by leaving out naked pictures for her to find. And then married that daughter. 100% Creep.
  2. "It is entirely unseemly for a member of the royal family to boogie-oogie-oogie 'til she just can't boogie no more."
  3. I don't recall Katie being involved in anything approaching human trafficking. Flo knowingly signed forged documents. She posed as the birth mother of a child without finding out where it came from. She took $50k. And she spent half a year covering up her crimes. Lying to her new found family who embraced her while she was stabbing them all in the back. Every single person in LA who wasn't part of the conspiracy to cover up what Flo and Wayne Shady did has every right to go over there and read her the riot act for it.
  4. Exactly. I mean I watch this show, obviously realism isn't that important to me. But some vague nod to consistency would be appreciated. It's the laziness that bothers me. There are a million ways they could have made Thomas fixate on Hope. A knock to the head turns to insta-love - runs in the family. They could have had an actual letter from Caroline saying nice things about Hope that put the idea in his head. Or seeing her once with Douglas. Hell, they could call back to when KM and LG used to joke about not being able to tell which one of them was in a shot. Almost anything would be better than this braindead retcon of a love that never even got going.
  5. Yes, somehow he's mad from grief after losing the woman he was just co-parenting with while still completely in love with Hope (who he was never in love with) for years.
  6. TK is always at his best with DD. The two of them are magic together - amazing chemistry. It doesn't have to be romantic (not that I would be opposed if it went that way) but the show should really lean into this and put them in a lot more scenes with each other.
  7. No we did get an update that they found him. He's in custody in the UK.
  8. Just so you know, you don't get to define someone else's race. Nathalie has talked repeatedly about her white and black heritage. Caribbean is not a race and being Latina (I have never heard her refer to herself as this) does not preclude being black. She's talked about how her natural hair is connected her her black heritage. Also, in reference to someone wanting her to play Disney Princess Tiana, she said "“Nah, that part has to go to an even more melanated sister” so she's Black AF.
  9. Guys, I think we're forgetting that Flo is the one really suffering here. I mean she's in jail. Fully clothed without wide expanses of skin visible. How can she stand it? Where's the sympathy?
  10. I know it would look suspicious but Brooke, just consider shoving your husband right off the same cliff. He deserves it almost as much as his son did.
  11. Mike's blog mentions the explanation for some of the scheduling confusion:
  12. I feel exactly the same way. I just adore her.
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