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  1. jenrising

    The Spoiler Collection

    Sadly it seems only the tiniest detective is on the case so far. But we can hope there's a hot dog that needs eating.
  2. I'm sorry the show is ending but happy with how they are ending it. Masterson's victims deserve to be heard and giving them such a public hearing is the best of what this show has done. I can't wait to see what Leah and Mike do next freed from the constraints of commercial television.
  3. She would have if she could even remember Kelly's name. "No! Take the other one... what's her name? The first one who only naps and goes to the doctor. Take that one!"
  4. I really hope this is the B&B "law" they go with because I don't want Hope and Liam to have their 75th wedding. This show plays so fast and loose with laws that I'd like them to use it for good just this once.
  5. Can't blame baby Beth. I wouldn't want to go near anyone engaged in that much demented screeching either. Giving JMW basically 2 episodes of strong emotion to portray was mean.
  6. jenrising

    The Spoiler Collection

    Unwrite this, please. I don't even want the idea in my head.
  7. The only constant in the decade of Hope/Liam/Steffy is that Brooke and Ridge make everything 1000% worse whenever they try to "help"
  8. But what does that even mean? She's a baby. Everyone involved is rich and perfectly capable of giving her everything she needs. But Hope and Liam are her parents. They didn't give her up, she was stolen. She belongs with them. If Liam and Hope were strangers, sending a baby to a random place with people she's never met hastily would be a reason to move slowly. But Liam lives with her now. She's calling Hope mama. I spent the first seven months of my life in a single foster home before I was adopted. I don't have memories or yearnings for the woman who took care of me before my mom adopted me because I was a baby. I thank her and appreciate what she did much like Liam and Hope do to Steffy. But Beth isn't hers. If Beth never saw Steffy after today she's never remember or miss her. Beth and Kelly are sisters and they're all family so there can be a relationship but Beth's parents decide what's best for her and those parents are Liam and Hope. Not Steffy. Not Brooke. Not Ridge. End of.
  9. Listen, I almost smacked her through my television for uttering that nonsense. The sadness and confusion is one thing but to go right to that suggestion? Even through her shock Steffy is slime.
  10. jenrising

    B&B : In the Media!

    Thanks for sharing this. Scott handled this very well. And called Liam a tool.
  11. jenrising

    BH: 90210 Anticipation.... It’s so Meta

    I can definitely agree about feelings of nostalgia about the time of the early seasons of the show but I don't think they were more innocent times for the world. When I think about the outside world from that time I think about the AIDS crisis, LA riots, the first gulf war, the first world trade center bombing etc etc etc.
  12. Amazing recap as always. That scene with Liam and Hope was incredible. And that he had to tell her their baby was gone on Catalina and today got to tell her Beth is still alive - beautiful and horrifying.
  13. I really hope that Thomas finds time to murder Flo for ruining his plans. She's so disgusting. "Oh I finally have to tell the truth right now!" By which she means run and cry in Wyatt's arms. Not go find one of the parents of the child she helped traffick. Cry about how sad she feels to her boyfriend.
  14. jenrising

    From Across The Pond: Royal Weddings and Scandals

    Amazing how embracing the world the way it exists now is a smart business decision too.