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  1. jenrising

    The Spoiler Collection

    I'd love it if Phoebeth and Douglas are the ones who stop this madness once and for all.
  2. jenrising

    S04.E04: Heads You Lose

    I think the timeline is a little hinky because if they graduated in 2006 (at the end of the second season) the reunion should have been in 2016 (not 2014 when the movie actually came out).
  3. This is exactly it. This Ridge only cares about Steffy so he was happy to call Bill a predator for sleeping with poor vulnerable Steffy because she was sad after, but doesn't even think about his son's creepy behavior if it has even the slightest chance of being a benefit to her. Nothing else matters.
  4. jenrising

    The Spoiler Collection

    That is so foul. Why? Why?
  5. Also not watching but thanks for these.
  6. Hope: nothing in her entire (often self-righteous, stupid, immature) life comes even remotely close. Steffy: I guess an argument could be made that Cousin Killer is in the ballpark. But killing Aly was self-defense and she never actually succeeded in killing Ivy. Maaaaybe her clear intention to pass what she thought might be Bill's baby off as Liam's but that didn't happen (as far as we know). So no. For all her despicable behavior, she's never done anything as bad as Flo.
  7. Yeah. Flo's been a scammer and a liar from the beginning. A party to human trafficking. And she has spent months helping to continue traumatizing people who have been nothing but kind to her in order to save her own jumpsuited ass. Nothing Steffy and Hope have done in this situation even comes close.
  8. jenrising

    The Spoiler Collection

    SC now should have told SC when they were shooting these episodes that. Because Liam is expressing no interest in Steffy and still looking at Hope like his beloved wife.
  9. Yes. She'll sing an original song, "Beth is alive and so am I!"
  10. Maybe Emma will play dead and then come twirling back in to tell everyone what Thomas did.
  11. jenrising

    The Spoiler Collection

    I think it's Emma. Especially because of the spoiler about Pam and Brook. Pam's the one who knows Thomas was with Emma.
  12. I'm still holding out hope that the combination of a partially open door and hero of the people Loading Dock Guy will blow this thing wide open.
  13. Probably buried with whoever was investigating that guy Quinn murdered to get her hands on it.