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  1. I'm just relieved for Hardison that the fleet of Lucilles means he doesn't have to suffer the heartbreak of losing her anymore.
  2. I enjoyed this so much. It really felt like Leverage which was my biggest fear. I knew it would be fine, but the first episode really felt like finding the show again after a long break. Like others mentioned, that "his father's son" comment hit me so hard. Largely because it was just thrown away, the show trusted its audience to be gutted without emphasizing it. Parker being more open and mature but still so, so Parker is delightful. The real problem for me is going to be not watching all of the other available episodes immediately.
  3. On Netflix, launching July 13, 2021.
  4. Season 2 is starting August 6, per the trailer:
  5. Some info about the next season, expected to launch in June 2021. They're going to do weekly episode releases.
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