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  1. This is an interview with Bryan Fuller and Hugh Dancy talking about Hannibal. I've only watched 15 minutes so far but it's good and they talk about the potential for the future right from the start which I appreciate.
  2. So exciting. I'm really glad Janice Poon is included, I loved following her weekly blog posts about the food.
  3. This is a really great interview too. In particular It's nice to have confirmation again that it helped her that viewers could see what was happening.
  4. In an interview about her new film, Nicole Beharie talks a bit about Sleepy Hollow and how that all went. It's a really good interview that mentions a lot about her process and how having to take time off when she got ill changed her.
  5. 18 episodes of Jane is way too many. But just imagine the top notch writing for her vertical this situation would inspire.
  6. Kate was also photographed out shopping for books this week. So yeah, I agree. If that "rule" ever existed, it hasn't for a long time.
  7. Maybe it's that he already got a deal for his next book, but it's about a guy who is dating the most self-centered human being in history but can't break up with her because she'll just write about it for the rest of their lives.
  8. When Jane was on the phone with her dad he said, of her writing, "you are always looking for the personal angle" and I couldn't stop laughing. The show writers have to be trolling at this point.
  9. I was really hoping Sutton or Kat might suggest that if she was going to kiss another man to fix her relationship perhaps there was a larger problem. Or that Pinstripe might tell her he realized the problem with them was that she's the most irritating person on the planet. Alas. I guess the breakup will have to wait for when Jane really needs a story idea.
  10. Also I'm sure they'd be able to relive the experience with everyone else reading the 12 part series on the Jane's Breasts vertical (not to be confused with the Jane's Ovaries, Jane's Uterus, Jane's Back Acne, Jane's Weird Toenail verticals that are soon to take over Scarlet).
  11. I agree with so much of what you said but want to pull this out in particular. Wolfgang and Rajan go through a lot together in the short period of time they have. They bond quickly. Who know what might happen long term with the three of them but love for Kala, mutual respect and affection make it totally believable to me that Rajan would be willing to at least explore it. And I think in some ways this is the real beauty of the show. That Rajan and the other non-cluster characters can, through the existence of sensates, be more like our sensates - opening their hearts and minds to things they never thought possible. To me, this is what the show challenges its viewers to do as well.
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