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  1. It took me a minute but I finally said that’s Randall’s wife. The hair definitely through me and I wish she could have worn her natural hair. I hope we see Rachel again and am I the only one who thought there was something between her and Mark when he took her home?
  2. I was actually floored with their reactions, especially the mom. I thought you just discovered your child is found and found alive and that's all you've got?
  3. I smiled from ear to ear when I saw that Judd's dad is Brenda Leigh Johnson's daddy LOL I loved him on The Closer and I am loving him here. I love that Dad calls Grace Gracie. It was good seeing Grace and Judd present a united front when dealing with Dad. Judd taking Grace's hand just before broaching the subject of Dad's living arrangements was a small thing but it was another example of how they are in this thing called life together. Dad having is own personal 911 operator is the bomb! LOL And Grace is definitely made for the job. She was so calm when dealing with him. I expected to see some level of panic but Grace remained steady. Dad saying Judd doesn't have to know about this was hilarious. Poor Dad didn't know there are no secrets in the Ryder marriage . I do like that Judd accepted that he can't control what his dad does but did what he could do. I feel him there. My mom is 82, lives alone and is over 400 miles from me. She's as stubborn as Dad and insists she can still take care of herself. I appreciate that Stuart accepted Grace and Judd's terms. I wonder if my mom would accept a medical alert bracelet if I offered.
  4. Judd and Grace are why I decided to check this show out. And I really have fallen for Grace and I love their dynamic as well. I like that we see them communicating and we even see Judd listening. I too love the way they are portraying Grace as a Christian. She wasn't beating Judd over the head or being judgmental. She spoke the truth in love and sadly that is what is missing too often.
  5. I binged this show this weekend and now I'm caught up. As I was watching, I kept referring to her as She Elf 🤣 I liked that too. And I referred to him as Rob Lowe, not Owen. 🤣
  6. I think at the root of it was the fact that Ghost left them for Angelia especially since they showed him saying it in the previously on Power. I can buy Tariq's resentment at it and Ghost making them meet Angela which makes me think Tariq felt they were being forced to accept his mistress. I can buy that this festered with Tariq. I agree about Tariq's "love" for Kanaan. It's much harder for me to buy this "love" and "loyalty" devoted to Kanaan. Maybe it was all about getting back at Ghost. Am I recalling correctly that Tasha said something about Ghost being slow about signing the divorce papers? I'm like others who don't get why Tasha point her finger at what's his name. Yes Dre was dead but what made her think Dre being dead meant he couldn't have possibly killed Ghost?
  7. Tommy and Elisa Marie. That is all.
  8. The thing for me is Ghost needs to lead by example. Tariq needs to turn himself in yet Ghost doesn’t? I mean really? I don’t see how Ghost said that with a straight face or maybe I do. He’s so full of shit, so full of himself.
  9. Apparently so. I rolled my eyes during most of the episode.
  10. I think in Tasha’s mind Keisha was a threat to Tariq especially when she found out Keisha signed those papers. Once she recants on the Tariq alibi its the beginning of the end for him or so Tasha thinks. Wonder what she’s gonna do when she finds out there is physical evidence tying Tariq to Ray Ray.
  11. What HBO stuff? I'm so glad the writers know this is the last season so they can wrap things up. The last few shows I've invested in ended up being cancelled with bonafide cliffhangers which is the worst.
  12. This is probably my favorite Closer episode, along with the Terrell Baylor episodes. I loved that in the end Detective Curt Landry proved to be just as smart if not smarter than Brenda. She had all the advantages over him but he ended up getting what he wanted ... the killer back in Texas where we can try him and fry him. Or as we might say in this day and age, "Collect him and inject him"
  13. I didn't think Ghost knew Tommy killed Proctor. Didn't he say something like that "Tommy did it" to Tasha after seeing Tommy's reaction to Ghost telling Benny who ever did it?
  14. 🤣 Tommy and his crew are the comic relief and Tommy remains the MVP. I hope Herc doesn't cancel Christmas on him.
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