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  1. I just watched this episode this morning and it may be my all time favorite Cold Case because of the music. Man this episode took me back. Good times, good times!
  2. Yep. These CPD criminals need to go to the school of Snoop and Chris at Baltimore by way of The Wire lol. There is a scene when they are "training" the new guys and they make a point of talking about a head shot because the person might be vested up.
  3. That's how it came across to me too. I expected some sense of urgency from Kevin at least given his relationship with Kim. Maybe it was the writing, directing and/or acting. Just last episode, they saw Hank not doing what he does and presumably the Chief's son was murdered because they were "doing this the right way". Was any of that going through Kevin and Jay's minds? Did they pause even for a second and say Kim could die while we're doing it the right way? Even with them sticking to their guns, it would have been nice to see them pausing for a moment because it was one of their ow
  4. I did like seeing them low key make up. LOL So very happy it was Kevin calling Adam. Exactly!!!
  5. I said now that's how you do it. The guy came in, shot the other guy then Kim. No long drawn out conversation. Come in, do the deed and move along. I didn't think Kim was dead since she wasn't shot center mass. I initially thought she had a vest underneath her shirt but then comes the blood so I had to accept she was shot. I loved seeing Kim fight but it was brutal seeing her get beat down the way she did. I also loved that she played a major role in her rescue. She pulls herself over to the guy to get his phone, only to find it broken. Then she gets the key to uncuff herself, drag h
  6. That too. I really hope they begin to incorporate cop stories otherwise I can see Carlos becoming Major Crimes Rusty level hate for me lol
  7. I wish they would give him cop stories because it's feeling like he's shoehorned in just because. Also the idea that Tommy would leave her children with someone we haven't seen her develop a relationship with had me rolling my eyes. It's like this episode of Fraser where he met this woman and was going on a first date with her. She gets called into work and she asks Frazer, a man she just met to watch her daughter. Overall I enjoyed the finale. I was glad to see Mateo being able to handle the crisis. Grace's call creep me out so I was very happy that the caller was able to dig herself ou
  8. I just caught up with season 2. I have enjoyed the show but episode 6 had me saying really show? So Bumpy is the reason Goodman, Chaney and Schwerner were found? Really? Also, the show doesn’t seem to miss the chance to tell the audience how black people are oppressed by white police yet Bumpy threatens the while policeman’s family and he doesn’t get payback for that? That was so weird to me.
  9. Totally agree. Can someone tell me what was up with Atwater’s attitude? When his brother was caught up didn’t he get special treatment? I am at a loss as to why he had a stick up his butt. Miller wasn’t asking for special treatment. She wanted things done above board so again what was Atwater’s problem? And Kim. You’re sitting there with the window down?! Really?
  10. They called them Ms Grace and Mr Judd
  11. I'm Southern too 🙂 Sorry if I was not clear. I don't like it when kids call adults by their first name without putting a Ms/Mr on it LOL I'm really old school. When I was growing up, we called adults by their last name. When I was in my mid to late 20's, one of my college professors came to work for the same agency I was working for. We actually worked together but I could not bring myself to call her my her first name. I still called her Mrs Stockland LOL
  12. Rob Lowe being the logical choice or not, it still grated LOL When he strutted up to the SWAT team I thought here we go. He's the only one who can save the day and stop SWAT.
  13. Why show WHY????????????? This was a very good episode except for ... ugh!! WHY?????!!!! I wondered if the guy's son would come out of the coma and he did and that was finally the breaking point for Tommie. GT was excellent. I like that they didn't have any sound, only Tommie's silent anguish. I wonder if they will show her telling the twins. Man this was so sad especially given Tommie reaching out and helping the dad in the mist of her own tragedy. One nitpick. Why did RL have to be shoehorned in LOL I was pleasantly surprised hearing the twins calling Grace and Judd
  14. I was looking forward to this despite the fact that I think MBJ is a bad actor. I was disappointed because I knew the second Guy Pierce showed up he was the bad guy. The storyline and flow felt meh and I wasn’t excited about the action scenes like I usually am. If they have more of these movies I hope the writing is appealing to me because I really like these types of movies.
  15. The way I took this was Grace definitely buys into the "God helps those who help themselves" (and so glad Judd pointed out that is not in the bible). She may have missed out on her angels because she thought she would be like the man at the pool of Bethesda who was lame for 38 years. When Jesus told him to "Rise, take up your bed and walk”, he immediately took up his bed, and walked. Maybe Grace wanted her "pool of Bethesda" moment instead of relying on angels.
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