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  1. The thing for me is Ghost needs to lead by example. Tariq needs to turn himself in yet Ghost doesn’t? I mean really? I don’t see how Ghost said that with a straight face or maybe I do. He’s so full of shit, so full of himself.
  2. Apparently so. I rolled my eyes during most of the episode.
  3. I think in Tasha’s mind Keisha was a threat to Tariq especially when she found out Keisha signed those papers. Once she recants on the Tariq alibi its the beginning of the end for him or so Tasha thinks. Wonder what she’s gonna do when she finds out there is physical evidence tying Tariq to Ray Ray.
  4. What HBO stuff? I'm so glad the writers know this is the last season so they can wrap things up. The last few shows I've invested in ended up being cancelled with bonafide cliffhangers which is the worst.
  5. This is probably my favorite Closer episode, along with the Terrell Baylor episodes. I loved that in the end Detective Curt Landry proved to be just as smart if not smarter than Brenda. She had all the advantages over him but he ended up getting what he wanted ... the killer back in Texas where we can try him and fry him. Or as we might say in this day and age, "Collect him and inject him"
  6. I didn't think Ghost knew Tommy killed Proctor. Didn't he say something like that "Tommy did it" to Tasha after seeing Tommy's reaction to Ghost telling Benny who ever did it?
  7. 🤣 Tommy and his crew are the comic relief and Tommy remains the MVP. I hope Herc doesn't cancel Christmas on him.
  8. It's funny when I see my Wire guys on the opposite side of the law 😂 Tommie is just extra. He's always been crazy but this feels like crazy x 2. I think part of the reason he riddled that apartment with bullets is because of what Tasha said about not being allowed to be there and she worked to make that place a home. I'm still team Tommie but he has to go down, he has to. I thought Tasha was going to end up on a pole but instead she's going to return to the drug game. Keshia needs to have several seats. I'm looking forward to her going down. This "I'm gonna change for you" Ghost is so cringe worthy. The writing and acting is bad. The Ramona/Ghost/Tate story is 🙄 as well. I think I'm hating watching every Ghost scene 😂 I have a feeling everyone will go down except Damascus Road Ghost. What a pity.
  9. I don’t know how to articulate this other than to say that may have been the worst Power episode I've seen. Tommy is still the MVP but nearly every thing else was so cringeworthy, especially every Ghost scene. I now hate Proctor too. Saxe is making his way there because I think he was OK with Ghost killing the witness as long as he caught him. I really hate that there isn’t one person on the “good” side who wants to bring Ghost down but isn’t obsessive about it to the point where they are setting witnesses up to be killed. Note to Q, run boy run!
  10. She did. So how long before Tommy and Ghost kiss, make up and take Jason out? Tommy remains my MVP and he and Tasha smoking weed and bemoaning their financial situations was gold LOL I continue to hate Ghost and good lord I don't need Naevia falling for him. Where is Crixus when you need him. I officially hate Dre now. Hoping Saxe has him twisting in the wind for as long as possible. I hope you are right! LOL
  11. I was hoping she would stand strong and so disappointed she caved. When she came to Tariq I though oh so this is Ghost & Tasha: The Next Generation. I am enjoying Tommy so much. He needs to go down with the rest but lawd if he don’t make Power enjoyable.
  12. I love everything about this post. Er'thang! Is it really pessimistic of me that even when they unzipped the body bag, I said "She ain't dead"?
  13. GodsBeloved

    Shaft (2019)

    Finally saw this and it was HORRIBLE! Hate that because I enjoyed the first movie.
  14. Born, raised and live in Florida!
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