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  1. Yes, Foghorn is an excellent reference to Craig's accent in this film!
  2. I don't know how this goes in real life, but within the show logic, I assumed that Vic not being a direct report of Ripley's made a difference. Plus, Vic wasn't up for a promotion that I can recall. I still like Maya. I don't care about Jack, and I was actively rooting for Andi's temporary replacement to punch him in his boy band face. I never cared about their pairing, but I had forgotten the show went out of its way to establish their "deeper" connection last season. Which went the way of Travis' arrest - the place where it doesn't serve the current plot, so it's forgotten. Grateful that the episode had all the male firefighters introduce themselves to the new chief. I think I'll remember their names now. Fingers crossed.
  3. Owen is a FATHER, you see, and could empathize in a way that Judd could not. Never mind that he could have tried to persuade the father to get checked while they were looking for signs of life from his children. This episode made me realize that Rob Lowe annoys me more than Liv Tyler. Don't care about cancer vanity or the possibly alive sister.
  4. Yeah, I was like, "what fool in the writer's room wrote this mess?" For Owen and Michelle to be leaders of their teams, they are rather annoying and immature. I can't believe the show had Dustin and Michelle "bond" after Michelle's 3-year harassment and Owen's physical assault. I kept waiting for Owen to be arrested. #justiceforDustin I have zero desire to see Dustin and Michelle be cordial, and certainly not friends. She hasn't earned it in the least. Agree with others that Liv Tyler is a miscast. That and the terrible writing so far for her just makes Michelle an asshole. I think the same of Rob Lowe. I don't buy him as a leader of any team. I think Peter Krause is one of the weaker links of original recipe 911, but he's much more convincing as a captain. Yes, the filter for this show is odd. I assumed the Owen/Dustin assault was to showcase Owen as a badass. Can't say it was successful. I don't have strong feelings for Buck either way, but I've disliked TK from the jump. Feels like this comes down to the actors. I didn't dislike S1 Buck the way I dislike TK, despite the shenanigans. I didn't care much for Judd in the first two episodes, but I liked him here. Perhaps Rob Lowe will quit after this season, and the show can make Judd the captain. Carlos is hot, and can do much better. It's awfully fast to have him hung up on TK already, but eh.
  5. 'Tis! I watch on Hulu, and I've seen maybe 2 episodes of Grey's ever. I was watching the previouslies like, "Wait...when did Vic hook up with Jesse Williams? Jason George's wife was pregnant and lost the baby...when? And who are these other people at the bar?" As the episode progressed, questions were generally answered. I only remember the female firefighters' names. I always have to look up the names of the male characters, heh. True. And yet, I was still rolling my eyes when earlier she said something like, "I fell in love with you, and you didn't discourage it!" I get the power imbalance and unfair, inherent sexism that puts her career at risk. But I mean...how did she think that was gonna work if he hadn't put a stop to their coupling? I don't think Vic is completely okay, but I appreciate her sentiment about leaning into grief in order to move forward. Andi barely knows the man, and all they did was some kissing and dry humping. Yet, she's all heartbroken. Whatever. Plus, for someone so sensitive about being judged who she's sleeping with, Andy certainly came off judgy about Vic and her hot doctor lover. I appreciate Maya being direct: "Sex was great and all, but it's time to end this. We have nothing in common and this was never going anywhere. Friends?" Yes, girl, cut to the quick! I don't care about...*checks imdb*...Jack, he's always come off as sort of an asshole. He'll be alright. I thought the freckled firefighter entering the home of the couple from the car was more creepy than heartwarming. Good thing the dog was friendly, I guess.
  6. Original recipe 911 has a few weak(er) actors, so it all comes down to cast chemistry and this cast doesn't have it. Yet. Maybe it will develop. Perhaps I'll let a few episodes pile up and check back in later. Right? I was truly perplexed why the catering bill for pasta salad and sandwiches for *maybe* 15 people was that much. If that was the common pricing, no wonder they didn't tip the man. Pretty much.
  7. Agreed. I thought Meg came out the worst of them all because she was such a fair weather "friend" when it came down to it. At least Ransom didn't pretend to care about the staff. Chris Evans' performance reminded me of his role in Fierce People, so I wasn't surprised by the reveal. I have to confess - I wasn't 100% on Marta's side until she helped Fran. It was for naught, but I didn't completely trust Marta's perspective for a good bit of the film. Especially since I felt Marta reacted a bit too slowly about calling 911 when she realized the drugs were "switched" and the Naxwhatever wasn't in her bag.
  8. Indeed, and it is most often unfair and sexist. Sometimes, though, it's apt. I can definitely see this angle. We didn't see much of Roger, who was an orphan as well. But he seemed less impudent, perhaps because he had to work for his keep. I also prefer Sam Elliot's Scoresby.
  9. Right? I guess our memories are meant to be short, ha! I struggle with Lyra because it's clear the show (and maybe the books?) intends to show her as wise beyond her years, but still a child. And okay, she's special. No problem with that...in theory. The execution is less than ideal. Dafne Keen is getting a lot of acclaim for her portrayal of Lyra, but I think she veers into obnoxious territory more often than not.
  10. Yeah, I can understand why intermittently showing them disrupts the narrative, though I confess it doesn't bother me much so far. Funny that you reference the black female character, as I had similar thoughts. I was hoping she would be a significant character, but nope, just a cipher for Magisterium cruelty. I assumed it was intentional that the Magisterium characters we've seen so far have reptiles or bugs as daemons. I went and looked up a summary of the other books, and well...my interest in the show has waned a bit. I'll continue to watch to see how it plays out.
  11. Not a book reader, but did watch The Golden Compass. One thing I don't recall from Nicole Kidman's version of Mrs. Coulter compared to Ruth Wilson's is how the latter's daemon constantly turned away from her. I know the show made a point of how far Coulter's daemon can be from her, but I thought it was more striking how even when close by, it was wary of her. I didn't mind the film version of Lyra, but this version is kind of annoying. I want her to reunite with Roger, find Azriel, and learn to use the alethiometer, but I also want her to shut up sometimes (same with Billy Costa's mother). I was partially rooting for Coulter to send her back to Jordan College.
  12. I think Nick was fully clothed when Jeff found him. Agreed. She deserved better writing, as did most of the cast. I chuckled when he asked to take a shower there. Dude was looking for a reason to hang around, lol. At first, I was like, "When did this happen?" Then I remembered that I've been FF through any Yoli scenes (unless she's interacting with Jessica) for several episodes.
  13. I am confused. I wasn't surprised that Bobby was there the night of Diehl's death. I'm not even surprised that he's capable of murder. What I don't get is this so-called misdirection for the sake of plot twist. We were shown Nick confessing to a priest about murdering Diehl - a scene that was entirely unnecessary given this "revelation." Although I gotta say - if the argument is that Nick was too small to beat a 220 lb man to death, I'm not sure why I'm supposed to believe Bobby the toothpick is that much stronger. As for Jessica and the Feds, I don't understand why she was under surveillance. If it had to do with that file that Jeff stole, then that's nothing to do with her. If it had to do with the death of that man from the file, that still had nothing to do with her as it happened before she joined the mayor's office. Is Bobby under surveillance as well? Also, Jessica likes the thrill of being the biggest, baddest operator there is, apparently. Yet she's threatening to quit on Bobby after the McGann stuff because...? Then there was the final scene between Stephanie and Bobby. Apparently, the show forgot that they established the two of them were separated at least five years ago. Before Bobby and Keri got involved. So they were clearly having issues then. This bullshit about Stephanie believing in Bobby all this time or whatever. Please spare me, and just leave the man. This was so patently absurd. Angela has been railing and sabotaging herself, her family, and the neighbors, all because she wanted the mayor to make an empty promise? With Jessica's deal, everyone could have been put up in decent housing, rent-free, for a YEAR. She let that Carlos dude talk her and them out of it; he quickly disappeared. Then the mayor came up with a deal to put them up for 3 months. She turned that down. But she finally capitulates because of some half-ass speech that guaranteed NOTHING? Only a promise that they can vote him out if he doesn't deliver? The same speech where the mayor admitted that politicians make promises they don't deliver on to get elected and re-elected. Girl, what? I'm so glad Derrick quit. I was sick of Bobby's "I'm not racist, but I treat you like my lapdog" attitude towards him.
  14. Girl! TRIFLING is what that entire family is. I figured Sam had his own angle when he was so willing to give up the goods on Frances. I did not see the Parker angle coming, though. It might be interesting to watch the clash of the biracial titans next season. Charley might have met her match. My sister watched the show for the first time with me, and as soon as she saw Calvin, she was like, "Who is that?" 😄 As for Jacob, I think the show has written itself into a corner with him. I'm still halfway convinced that Davis might be redeemed somehow - the redemption of messy characters, men in particular, is what this show is all about.
  15. I fully support this theory. I thought she felt guilty about dropping the lawsuit for the job with the mayor's office. I think she wasn't upset about Angela not signing the deal because she knows a grift when she sees one. And she saw just that in Salazar, who we did NOT see at the City Council meeting. I'm fairly convinced that Angela is a narcissist - she's very invested in being seen as the hero, the savior. Whether it's "saving" her mother and her boys, or her neighbors. None of those people are being served by her actions, which is what Jessica was trying to tell her. She's gonna mess around and lose her job, and it'll probably be one more thing for which she blames Jessica. I wish her mom would take the boys back to Jessica's and leave her dumb self on the streets. Not sure why the boys have to suffer due to her hubris. I chuckled at Bobby expecting Keri to continue the affair now that it is out in the open. I'm glad she didn't buy that "ILY" crap from him, but I doubt it lasts. It would be sweet poetic justice if Stephanie AND Keri leave him alone.
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