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  1. Jaleesa! I wouldn't mind seeing Dawnn Lewis back again. Athena might as well be a detective. They could be partners! With Sasha Roiz too. Seeing adorable Nia was a great surprise. He was great. I like JLH. I half expected Maddie to have a breakdown between Chim and Buck under sniper threat plus the postpartum depression. It will be interesting to see if the show really explores PPD. Albert has been more or less sidelined this season, so making him a firefighter makes as much sense as anything else on the show. I laughed out loud when Athena slow-mot
  2. I've always liked Delilah. There was a shot of her and Robyn in the hospital, when she was leaning into her, that made me realize that the actress was good casting - she looks like she could be Latifah's daughter. And I thought the actress held her own in this episode as well. The last few episodes were off-kilter. I think that was because the attempt to put Marcus (did we know his 1st name before?) and Robyn at moral odds was clunky. In other news, I hated Latifah's hair, heh. But I get it, no-nonsense ponytail when you're scorching the earth.
  3. I'm glad Vi knows about Robyn. Leaving her in the dark never made sense, and the actresses are so good together. The family scenes were the best part of the episode. I watch this on paramount plus, so I don't see the previews. But I'm guessing next episode or so will put the family in peril. They were having too much fun. The ex-husband may also be former military, but not necessarily CIA. I'd be tickled pink for the stunt cast to be someone like LL Cool J or Method Man. Didn't care one whit about the case of the week. I think Harry summed up my sentiment: "Why is it when you
  4. I'm not even sure it's sudden, as you mention, the issues have always been there. Maybe it's not fair, but I felt more sympathetic to Bobby's point of view. I'm all for independence and self-reliance, and Athena and Michael's divorce was initially rough. I've never been that invested in their marriage, and I have sometimes wondered why Athena got remarried so quickly. Maybe Bobby jumped into the marriage because he got a ready made family, but didn't think through whether he and Athena were really compatible. It feels like they could just be friends, and none of the relationships would c
  5. I quit the 1st season about 4 episodes in because Owen (and TK) annoyed me immensely. Love Sierra McClain as Grace, but she and Judd weren't enough to keep me watching. Gina Torres was the reason I tuned into season 2. She carried this episode in such an amazing way. The ambient silence in her scenes was so much more powerful than overpowering music. I just hope Charles was killed because the actor got cast in something else, and not because the showrunners/Rob want to eventually pair Owen and Tommy. Please no. PLEASE.
  6. I've watched both seasons of the show, and it's so apparent that the wheels have fallen off the bus in this season. I would be surprised if it's renewed. Shame, too, since there was some great black talent behind and in front of the camera. Spottiswood sounds like a real piece of work.
  7. I don't think that is a reason to avoid (non-1st floor) balconies altogether. These days, it's reasonably simple to add additional security measures to deter crime (camera, high railings if the apartment doesn't provide it, etc). I've lived in mostly first floor apartments as a young single woman living alone. I've never had a break-in, but I also followed one of Athena's recommendations - finding places in low crime neighborhoods. Still, I totally get why some prefer to live on higher floors. Nothing is full-proof. I will always only be as safe as the inherent decency in the peop
  8. Agree with all on Sasha Roiz. I looked him up in IMDB, thinking maybe he's cast in something else and not wholly available for this show. That doesn't appear to be the case. Roiz eye candy is always welcome! May's reaction to all that paperwork had me rolling. No 1st floor apartments seem reasonable. No balconies - hope that one is negotiable. May can't even sit outside, Athena? 😄 Never change, Athena! Karen Malina White as the kidnapped woman's mother was a pleasant surprise. Of course Charmaine as mom would block in and hold her daughter's ex hostage with
  9. I was into this episode until the end. Two things bothered me: I was okay with Robyn having a back-up plan if she couldn't talk serial killer down. But to have Mel shoot to kill rather than disarm made zero sense. The show has demonstrated multiple times how adept Robyn is at reading people. That she didn't consider the ramifications of killing said serial killer in Dante's home and NOT by Dante's gun also made zero sense. That's just not something he can explain away. I'm fine with Dante and Robyn being at odds, but the way the writers went about it was strange. Don
  10. I preferred this episode to last week's. I watch the 911 Lonestar episodes only bc of Gina Torres and Sierra McClain, but something about the way THIS cast (main and supporting) interact together just works for me, even when the writing is absurd. There were plenty of tears from me watching, particularly the black mother/daughter scenes - the guest stars and Athena/May. I really like Hen and Chim's friendship, so it was nice to see a wee bit of their bond in this episode. I know nothing about being foster parents, so I didn't have a strong opinion beyond it felt like the writers wanted
  11. Ha! I don't know why the phrase "touched hookers" amuses me so, but it does. Also plot armor that True had no ripplings about Mary's death at the park. But one doesn't even have to be touched to divine Bidlow's hand. She was the only one who knew about Mary and the park and with the power to get Machine Gun Kelly out of jail. Not sure if I'll tune in next episode, but with her all special insight and perceptions into people, I hope True gets a clue. I have HBOMax, and this show has been HEAVILY promoted there. I knew nothing about the show going in, but finally decided to wa
  12. After barely showing Albert and Chim interacting most of the season, I thought Albert being part of the accident wasn't really necessary. Felt like overkill with everything else in the episode. That was such a nice, refreshing touch. Great way to show inclusion and diversity in a meaningful yet subtle way. Yeah, I like Bobby well enough. But I never did understand why he would knowingly live with his family in a building that wasn't up to code. Even beyond his professional duty, that's pretty terrible for a spouse and parent that is a fire chief. He has some accountabili
  13. Did I miss an episode where we found out if Robyn didn't work at the CIA, Delilah would have no shelter or food? I got the impression that due to the nature of her CIA work, it wasn't just a case of Robyn working late nights or weekends. There are all kinds of jobs that don't fall under generic covert spy operations or whatever the TV version of the CIA is. Also, I don't recall if the show has stated how long she and ex-hubby have been divorced - he may have been the present parent. It's like that sometimes. Plus, at this stage, what Robyn does is a choice. Not like if she stops
  14. This is the first episode where Mel and Harry felt like spouses for me. There was even physical affection! *clutches pearls* As for Delilah, as far as TV teens go, she doesn't seem particularly obnoxious to me. I don't think we've met the dad/ex-hubby yet, so not sure what kind of parent he was. But based on what we know so far, Robyn seemed to be a rather absent parent until recently. She's decided she wants to be a "full-time" parent when her daughter is closer to an adult than a child, and um....I don't really blame Delilah for side-eying her about that. I assume Vi has been more o
  15. This series was a mess. I can't recall a series where I found 90% of the main/supporting characters annoying. At one point, I was actively rooting for The Linen Man. Spike was the only character I could tolerate, but he also had no purpose besides propping the other teenagers up. I kept watching mainly to see if his character would be further developed. Alas, no. The adult characters weren't much better. Alice, Sherlock, and John were all uniquely insufferable, so it wasn't just the teenage element. I FF'd quite a bit of this episode because they took FOREVER to do anything. The
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