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  1. ribboninthesky1

    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    I'd watched bits here and there of previous Star Trek episodes before I got into Star Trek: Discovery. I read through the forum once, and knew I would not EVER engage in discussion. Because I'm not a Trekkie, I enjoy the show (and the lead) for what it is. As a side note, I'm grateful that this season has shifted Tilly to the background, as I found her supremely annoying and would skip past her scenes whenever possible. I don't watch GoT, but agree with the bolded.
  2. ribboninthesky1

    A Discovery Of Witches

    I watched the rest of this series on SundanceNow awhile back. The writing was still lacking...a lot. It's too bad, there was potential for intrigue within world-building. The production values are fantastic. If I was interested enough, I'd watch (presumably) S2 just for the scenery. In an unexpected twist, towards the end I found myself tolerating Diana more than Matthew. I found Goode's performance kind of weak and unintentionally funny through the entire series. I didn't find him charismatic, but perhaps he wasn't meant to be. Mostly, Goode didn't have much to do beyond intense staring and a clenched jaw. Maybe the book Matthew has more depth that doesn't translate well to a TV adaptation. As it was, the character fell flat to me. And that was largely the case for me with Diana as well. Maybe book Diana doesn't translate well to TV, either. Teresa didn't bring much to the character, but as written, maybe there was only so much she could do. I'm not as familiar with her work as Goode's, so maybe she's been great in other projects. Palmer and Goode didn't have much romantic chemistry with each other, so I didn't care about the Diana/Matthew relationship. The most interesting characters to me were the aunt and her spouse.
  3. ribboninthesky1

    The Passage

    Technically, she was in the mostly closed trunk, so she heard it. Still, she just saw Richards shoot the woman turned "viral" at very close range at that cabin. I'm pretty sure she witnessed Brad shoot down some men at Lacey's house. She may have even witnessed him shooting Winston. And again, it's not like Brad shot an unarmed man. Maybe it was just the way the actress played it, but Lila didn't seem shaken up in general - she seemed explicitly upset with Brad in the immediate aftermath. That's not at all how I read her reaction. To each their own, though.
  4. ribboninthesky1

    The Passage

    I was more confused that Lila got upset with Brad after he shot one of their assassins. I don't know what she expected him to do. They're presumably as well-trained as he is, so it was either kill or be killed. And yet, she was cool as a cucumber about his "I lied to the police, then stalked and shot down our daughter's murderer" confession. I mean, if anything might give one pause....
  5. ribboninthesky1

    The Passage

    Touché! Hell, she might be able to teleport or fly by the end of all this, so anything is possible. On a really shallow note, kudos to the casting of the military redshirts. I've noted some very attractive men before they were killed. I was a wee bit disappointed that we didn't see more of Lila's kidnapper before he died. He was a literal and figurative snack, heh.
  6. ribboninthesky1

    The Passage

    Listen! I watched this on Hulu, and the scene opening with Amy breaking down into tears after Brad killed Winston? I was crying with her. Amy is only 10, and she had been through a lot even before she was kidnapped (speculation on my part since her mom was a drug addict). And then all this craziness with the vampires and doctors playing God. Then Brad's voice kind of breaking when he told her, "I don't want to lose you" and I cried some more. I confess that I did chuckle a little bit at Brad's hurt face when, earlier in the episode, Amy was all, "You're not my dad, you're just some guy who kidnapped me!" because she was upset over the book and not being listened to. Whew, kids can cut to the quick when they're in their feelings! Kudos to Saniyya Sidney because usually kids being kids annoy me on TV shows. Although everyone was rightfully called out on their shit in this episode, I still feel sympathetic to Sykes because she seemed to be the doctor who wasn't doing this for personal gain or ego boost. I assume all of the death row inmates were of age, so they had the right to consent to being part of the experiment. They were persuaded, not coerced. Was it deceptive, absolutely. But, while I disagree with them being guinea pigs, it's hard for me to feel that sorry for them. At least Carter is innocent of murder, but he still consented to be experimented on. Amy didn't have that choice, and even if she did, she's not old enough to consent anyway. To me, the person who made a really stupid move in the episode was Lila when she saw her kidnapper murdered. I assumed the keys were still in the ignition when the guy got out because the headlights were on. All she had to do was hop in the driver's side and drive off. I sure as hell wouldn't have gotten out of the car, at least not right away. As for the vampire science on this show, it seems to go however the episode plot decides, so I don't think too deeply about it. I'm interested in this show for as long as Amy and Brad are the center (with Lacey supporting). If that ever changes, I'm happy to move on.
  7. ribboninthesky1

    The Passage

    I look forward to Lacey's reunion with Amy and Brad, though I still don't have much confidence in her survival. Amy and Lacey's interaction (however brief) are just as good as Brad and Amy's. Brad and Lacey were pretty entertaining together as well. Also interested in Carter's angle. I'm sure Lila will be rescued (likely by Lacey), but I'd be okay if she's not seen again. I just don't care about the character, but if she's in the mix with the aforementioned three, it's fine. I'm not sure why I'm so annoyed on behalf of the guy she was supposed to marry, someone we've never even seen on screen nor heard about after the pilot. But I am. I assumed that Fanning's memories of Elizabeth were of the unreliable narrator type, so I was surprised with Lear's confirmation. Elizabeth certainly recovered quickly, but whatever. I didn't think she was anywhere near that campus, and it didn't register even when Fanning approached her telepathically. I thought it was an example of how powerful he'd become (he can reach out to someone miles away!), and it was, only not in a way I expected. I like Sykes, so hope she comes out of this alive. But I don't know how much we'll see of her moving forward. She doesn't organically fit into the main relationship dynamics, but the actress really sold the "I really thought I was doing this for a greater good" perspective so I'm still rooting for her. The Richards actor has that perpetual "smell a fart" performance style, so he can expire at any time.
  8. ribboninthesky1

    Serenity (2019)

    I saw the trailer for this and assumed the twist would be Vanilla Sky-ish. Grateful I didn't waste my free Regal Cinemas ticket on it. On the plus side, it appears that McConaughey has finally started to look healthy again. It took him a long time to recover from Dallas Buyers Club gaunt.
  9. ribboninthesky1

    The Passage

    Glad it wasn't just me! I'm glad Lacey is alive, I didn't have any faith at all that she would be. What I am confused about is the ex-wife's approach to getting the story out there. When Lacey said she would get the story out there, I assumed it would be through more...seemingly anonymous channels? Seems kinda reckless otherwise. The season previews have shown
  10. ribboninthesky1

    The Passage

    Episode 3 is available to watch on Twitter (and you don't need an account.) I may need to watch the first 2 eps again, because it sure seemed like Saniyya Sidney went through a growth spurt between the 2nd and 3rd episode, and it makes me wonder when the eps were shot.
  11. ribboninthesky1

    The Passage

    Whoever cast Saniyya Sidney opposite MPG did a great job. That relationship is the lynchpin, and the actors are great together. As someone else said, Saniyya Sidney is great interacting with other actors as well. I really liked Lacey and would like to see her again, but I have no hope of her survival. Her only purpose was to give shelter and provide a place for Brad to reunite with the ex-wife. Who I don't care about, and isn't she getting married to someone else? David doesn't deserve this! If she actually saves Lacey, I'm willing to change my mind about being annoyed. Plus, I don't think the actors have much romantic chemistry with each other. MPG has about as much chemistry with the goats as he does with Chriqui. I see Dr. Jonas as more of a "villain" than Dr. Nicole. He kick-started ALL of this, while apparently ignoring his wife's pleas. You know, the person who was directly impacted by Alzheimer's and just wanted to be with her spouse. I know I'm supposed to think it was out of some devotion to her, but he apparently had as much of a God complex as Fanning did. Jonas having some regrets about involving a child doesn't make him anymore sympathetic to me. Please shut up all the time, Jonas, unless you're actually gonna start to pay attention to what's really going on with the vampires. I have seen Cusick in only a couple of other roles before this (Scandal and Lost), but I'm realizing that he bugs me each time. So I probably would have the appropriate reaction to Jonas if it was a different actor. Agreed.
  12. ribboninthesky1

    S01.E10: Bluebeard's Castle

    With regard to adrenaline, so did Peach, who was quite slim herself. As for Candace, of all the murders, we never actually saw that one, implied (as in showing a body bag) or otherwise. I didn't think Joe set up her new profile, as that would have taken considerably more work to fool others. But we were supposed to handwave all manner of things in this season (for example, Joe's blood should have been all over the Salenger house - in the bathroom at minimum), so I guess that might have been another one.
  13. ribboninthesky1

    Aquaman (2018)

    No, I hadn't heard of Aqualad before the Young Justice series, and the character just reaffirmed my assumption about Black Manta. Thinking on it further, beyond my ignorance of his comic origins, I assumed it because I rarely saw Manta without his helmet on, and thought he couldn't breathe on land without it.
  14. ribboninthesky1

    Aquaman (2018)

    Ah, thanks, @SeanC. I guess I always assumed Black Manta was from Atlantis, and now I'm not sure why!
  15. ribboninthesky1

    Bird Box (2018)

    I agree that the little girl was really good. It was really a shame that Tom survived for 5 years, but couldn't make it the two days to get down the river. And hells yeah, Trevante Rhodes is eye candy and deserves to be in all the things.