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  1. I like Harry, yet I'm not invested in his redemption storyline. I was perfectly fine with the "morally questionable hacker with a heart" characterization of the 1st season. I also have never had a problem with Delilah - as TV teenagers go, she's normal to me. Robyn set her straight last week, but it seems appropriate that there's still tension in the house. I did chuckle when Dante was sitting smug when Detective Antagonist returned the station with no Robyn. I would like more Bishop, but I see zero romantic chemistry between him and Robyn. I think the actors play against
  2. I've watched both seasons. This is one of the few shows where I found season 2 as interesting as season 1. I always liked Paris, but I am surprised she lived as long as she did. What I don't get is what Kane is going to do with her body. The other murders were easy to cover up. But Paris would be missed. Paris and Toad as a couple would have been interesting to watch. Oh, what might have been. I think Mahgra's a decent leader, but it cost her the family, at least for now. It's not being royalty per se, but she lied by omission for nearly 20 years and her husband and children
  3. Ezra Miller's attire in that video is...something. I'm not that interested in his version of The Flash. I watched it to see if he would have that absurd posture when he's running like he did in original recipe Justice League. Smart of the editors to not show him running at all. I wasn't remotely interested in Black Adam, but the teaser sparked my interest.
  4. The trailer makes it seem like the villains will be more interesting than Batman. Which, I guess is a return to the 90s films? Also, I've never been impressed by Robert Pattinson. My feelings could change, but ambivalent indifference is where I am.
  5. I assumed that was why she was absent. She loves her some May, so Claudette's attitude would definitely not fly with her. Their eventual interaction will be interesting. It's too early for me to call what they do with Claudette - she might die a horrible death, or she and May might be friends. Or maybe they become friends, then she dies! Never really know with this show. Maybe she's there (from a writer's perspective) to give May some steely resolve. Also, #justiceforLinda (the other recurring black dispatcher). Claudette threw unnecessary shade towards her too. Wasn'
  6. Memories! I forgot about this angle. I feel for Chim, especially since he had no idea about the ER visit. I know Maddie is struggling, but it was horrible not to tell him about that. I mean, she had ample opportunity in the video, not like she had to tell him face-to-face. Yet, I still laughed at the visual of Chim hanging out the driver side window yelling for Maddie while the baby looks on confusingly at her father from the back seat.
  7. There was also a band playing loudly. I wondered how the driver didn't hear that. The brakes suddenly failing when they apparently worked behind the elderly woman driver was a bit much. Harry brought up something I wondered myself: how Michael didn't notice an unknown adult male taking his son. I know he threatened to kill his family. But the house doesn't look that big. The one time we saw the two of them interacting together at the house was downstairs and outside. Somehow Hudson slipped out with him while he wasn't looking? I know it's unfair to judge, given the number of peopl
  8. This episode was...not good. And yet, I am still glad to have the show back. I like Delilah, but she absolutely deserved being told off by Robyn. Teen misbehavior is handwaved a lot on TV (by writers AND viewers), so I appreciate that Robyn shut it down when she got out of line. I also chuckled at Vi being offended. This was the best scene of the episode. I wonder if we ever get to see the ex-husband, or is he meant to be a Wilson variant (hat tip to Home Improvement). I speculated last season that Robyn wasn't hurting for money, and she confirmed it this episode.
  9. Same. I wasn't keen on how the show fired the Jackson actor, but I also felt like they never knew what to do with the character. So I wasn't quite sold on 5 minutes/poor man's Amanda Knox/sit 'cho azz down. But Harper is my favorite, and their scenes together in this ep have changed my mind. I am not looking forward to inevitable "why didn't you tell me what was going on" showdown between this two. Because I feel like Angela would cut him a bit of slack if he told her what happened. I really hate the "don't communicate because...plot contrivance" trope. Ha! Also, agreed.
  10. Jenna Dewan looks her age to me. Not seeing a woman in her 20s at all. Maybe mid-30s at the youngest. I did not watch Castle, but I believe the lead actress was tall-ish, yes? I'm sure the tall man/short woman couples are common in real life. But it's awkward on camera. Dewan looks all of 5'2 on a good day, and Fillion looks 6'2-ish. He seems to be physically awkward opposite the petite women. I noticed the same with Sarah Shahi. But he seemed okay opposite Ali Larter. I don't think we've gotten a lot of Bell and Bradford interaction on the show in general. They were my favor
  11. Yes, pissed off Bobby is a Bobby I am on board with. I just wish that it was due to something like fatigue from working several 24 hour shifts. Because I know first responders get tired of people's shit sometimes. I shall miss the hotness that was Buck-with-a-clipboard. I hope we hear about Maddie in a facility next episode, assuming there are no more scenes with her for awhile. I thought Eddie and Ana had chemistry, and yet I didn't care about the break-up. Yes, he should have spoken up earlier. OTOH, Ana knew that his panic attack was about her and didn't want to face it
  12. Albert was barely around last season. I assumed the previous season finale was setting him up to be more of a supporting character this season. There's still time, I suppose, assuming the actor hasn't been cast in something else.
  13. He did. Hopefully, Lou living = more screen time. I was 200% on Buck's side when he was concerned about what animals they would come into contact with. I know the scenes were played for laughs, and it was funny. Still, I think animals are anthropomorphized too much, so that colors my perspective. Poor Maddie. She is really struggling. This multi-episode arc would have been a good time to showcase Albert being a firefighter. Ah well. Buck-with-a-clipboard is kind of hot.
  14. I'd argue they never really knew what to do with Jackson, but it was particularly acute last season. Not just you. Never been a Chen fan. Too whiny. It's why I never cared about Bradford/Chen. Bradford would seem to benefit from someone who is self-reliant, confident, and not easily intimidated. If there needs to be a pairing, Harper makes more sense. But we all know that ain't happening. It would be interesting to rotate rookies while keeping the seasoned TOs and Grey, but that ship sailed long ago. Agreed. Right? But I knew that would never last. I re
  15. I mean....this is hilarious and accurate. I binged the 2nd season during a free SundanceNow trial. The fashion was the most interesting thing about the 1590s. It took them FOREVER to time spin or whatever the hell back to the present in the last episode. I giggled a lot over Matthew's blood rage. The Book of Life seems pointless for all of the focus on it. I thought the modern day stuff was much more interesting. I particularly appreciated the direct, angst-free relationship and actual chemistry between Marcus and Phoebe. They meet, they like each other, he tells her the
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