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  1. Do you mean the Moroccan tiles? Yeah, those are cute but overused. Or are you talking about the busy, seizure-inducing black-and-white patterned tiles that Tarek likes to use in bathrooms? I would hate those in my house.
  2. Did you notice that when Greg and Deonna were interviewed on the show, you could clearly see his double ovens in the background? I sure did. Oh, and color me shocked that they used a clip of Dr. Jessica ‘counseling’ Jon and Molly. And she was lecturing Molly about not being honest. Pot, meet kettle.
  3. I agree. As a woman in her 40s, I wouldn't mind dating someone with Ben's awkwardness. He was funny and charming once he got his words out. He's like a poor-man's Quentin Tarantino, except Tarantino is a millionaire and a pretty good writer. But as a woman in her 20s or early 30s, I would have written him off as 'too weird.' Young people are just dumb. was, anyway.
  4. I'm assuming you mean Jessica? LOL. Although Giannina is also confusing at times--but I don't think she outright lies. That's it! I couldn't figure out who he reminded me of. Similar coloring and face shape. Yep, it fits.
  5. I think that was it. I just binged the season recently. David being surprisingly cool about his bloody sheets was the end of that plot. At least I think it was. That's the conclusion I remember, anyway.
  6. I don't know why I keep watching this show--the last two seasons, especially last season, were so bad, so sad, that I could barely watch them (I skipped the last few episodes of the most recent shitshow, in fact). There's reality show drama, and then there's cruelty and inhumanity. This show walks a fine line. But yes, I will be there for season 11.
  7. I never saw one ad. I don't watch ABC much, but given my social media and Internet searches, it should have been all over my feeds. I would've watched this show (The Baker and The Beauty).
  8. Thank god this wasn't on HBO. I will admit I found "Flowers in the Attic" titillating when I read it, but I was what, eleven? Bleh! Logan was very mopey throughout Season 4. I couldn't figure out if he was depressed, suffering from PTSD, or was angry/dissatisfied with Veronica but didn't know how to express it. That third choice is a stretch--Logan was always able to express how he felt, even if the truth was heavily cloaked with sarcastic humor. Yes, their relationship made me yawn. But Veronica's interactions with Leo? Hot! It made me almost regret shipping LoVe back in the day.
  9. Ah, you didn't enjoy it at all? Or were you disappointed with the ending?
  10. And I would say the opposite. They certainly get along better than they used to, but I think Bryan undermines his wife too much. He almost always disagrees with her design choices, and he freely admits that he doesn't communicate his plans well, but he expects her design timeline to fall in line with his renovation timeline. Even though she usually has no idea what his timeline is because he doesn't communicate it or write it down for other people, like his renovation partner.
  11. I “borrowed” my mom’s HBO login to watch it I really miss this show. I liked that the humor that wasn’t always about race, but in the various sketches you saw the complexity and diversity of black women just being themselves. Sometimes they played into stereotypes and made them smarter, but often they did not. Classy, bougie, ratchet, you might say.
  12. Tash? Her full lips don't seem natural to me. And there is a lot of fake boobage going on. Some of that cleavage looks unnaturally round and large and out of proportion. I know that thin women can have ample breasts (e.g. Tyra Banks), but her always looked natural. Yes. I can't keep them all straight. Too many dark-haired women and sandy-blonde men. And I think all of their stories are getting the short shrift. Tash and Amanda are sad. I remember Tash saying early on that she felt bad because she wanted to be attracted to Amanda since she considered her a great person. And Amanda basically kept trying to bully her into liking her. But you can't make someone be attracted to you anymore than you can force yourself to be into someone. I think the two of them need to give up on being romantic for now and focus on having fun together as friends. Romantic feelings might grown out of that. Then again, they might not. Who knows?
  13. I do the Kondo folding method, and my clothes are way less wrinkled than before. And I hate ironing—I avoid it at all costs.
  14. I agree. Trevor is still great as an interviewer, but there’s something about the delay in the conversation that makes it less enjoyable. But, hey, we’re in a pandemic, so I’m not being judgy. What I hate is when Trevor says, “Welcome to the Daily Socially Distancing Show,” and the guest laughs like “Aww, that’s cute.” Have they never bothered to watch an episode? Even worse, they don’t name of the fucking show they’re appearing on?
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