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  1. topanga

    S09.E11: Secrets of the Past

    Didn’t Greg say their anniversary date is 3/20?
  2. topanga

    Flip Or Flop

    I loved everything except the fireplace. The black and white marble slab seems dated. Reminded me of the 1980’s. Oh, and the barn door on the master bathroom. Can this trend just die already?
  3. What's sad is that he was sending racist tweets at 14 and thought that was okay. Where did he learn this stuff?
  4. topanga

    Share Your Simply Beautiful Songs

    Donny Hathaway and Art Garfunkel. I like your diverse (yet strangely similar) picks. Thanks to the Patrick Swayze documentary, I was inspired to watch Dirty Dancing three times in 3 days. So these songs have been on my mind:
  5. topanga

    S09.E11: Secrets of the Past

    LOL. Way problematic now, but at the time, that was one of my favorite scenes in the movie. This little old white lady stands up: "I talk jive." I think Jamie and Beth are competing at this point to see who's the worst. Yes, Beth is loud, rude, and impetuous, but Jamie's anger is calm and cruel. He reminds me of a serial killer. I'm loathe to say that Jamie and Beth are better than the other couples, but at least their toxic, dysfunctional crap is out on the table for them and everyone else to see. I think Keith's growing frustration, and at least some of the problems between the two of them, come from lack of communication. They say things very clearly and succinctly when they're alone with the experts, but around each other, or when they're together with the experts, they don't work on their issues. Their marriage is doomed if they continue this pattern. Didn't they used to do "3 things I hate about you" every night? I wonder what happened to that.
  6. topanga

    Movie remakes and sequels you'd like to see

    I loved Angelina Jolie in Salt and would rush to see her in the sequel if someone came up with a good story.
  7. topanga

    Homespun Marketing: Local Commercials

    Local radio ad in Philadelphia/Delaware/Southern NJ: Springfield Mitsubishi's spokesperson does a wonderful (terrible?) and exaggerated impersonation of Marisa Tomei's Mona Lisa Vito from My Cousin Vinnie. The car dealership's claim to fame is that you only have to pay one dime for a down payment on a new car. "One. Doime." --in Mona Lisa's voice My mother hates the commercials, but I love them. The actress is all in and doesn't care how ridiculous she sounds. And I guess the ads are working. There have been several versions of the commercial, and they've been running a while.
  8. Thanks for the explanation, Somuchtv. But the way the women were staring at each other happily... I thought it was a new online dating app. I never paid close enough attention to catch the sounds.
  9. topanga

    Property Brothers

    I don't see a separate thread for Forever Home. I liked the master bathroom reno a lot. But the rest of the house was very dark--dark gray paint, black faux-brick walls, black barn door (blah!), dark counter tops, etc. But JD and Annalee loved it, and that's all that matters. I do hope this is their forever home, however. If they ever decide to sell, they might have to brighten it up a bit. And having a laundry closet in a hall is never my idea of fun. Although it's just the two of them right now, so it might not be a problem.
  10. topanga

    S09.E11: Secrets of the Past

    I totally agree that Iris's secret sucked...pick your favorite genital. But I'll ask again, where is Keith's openness and vulnerability? He has concerns, but he has to give something, too. After Quartergate, why couldn't Keith share a secret with Iris and then tell her that's what he believes Dr. Viviana meant? And then he could prompt her to share a real secret. Keith is really kind, and he's sexy AF, but it's clear that he's used to women doing the heavy emotional lifting in relationships. He gets to be the nice guy-- which I'm not criticizing -- but doesn't take any emotional risks that might jeopardize his "good guy" image. I actually think it's the other way around. I don't think Matt has ever felt an emotional connection to Amber. But he knows she likes him and desires him, so all along, he's been having sex with her despite knowing that he doesn't want her. And she has no idea (or she's refusing to accept what his behavior is screaming loud and clear). For example, when Matt came home after being out all night, and they talked about it, Amber asked him, "How about a hug?" Even though she shouldn't have had to ask for a hug. Matt was the one who stayed out all night and didn't communicate. Why didn't he initiate the hug? Anyway, at that moment, Amber was asking for affection and reassurance. Matt's answer was "Just a hug?" So he wanted to have sex with Amber but didn't want to give her affection or reassurance. That's just cruel. I completely agree with everything else you said. This show was not a good move for either her career or her dating life. And she needs therapy. Bad. I would suggest that Matt get therapy too, but I can imagine his sessions: Therapist: So Matt, how are you feeling today? Matt (bug-eyed stare): Um... [scratches his beard], Um...
  11. topanga

    S09.E11: Secrets of the Past

    Well said! Keith can't just sit back and wait for Iris to act the way he wants her to. Especially when he won't even talk to her about his wants and needs. Where is his openness and vulnerability? People have been posting from the beginning that most posters are harder on the women than the men. And I agree.
  12. topanga

    S09.E11: Secrets of the Past

    I know I'm in the minority, but Amber's hair doesn't bother me. It's a little shiny, but maybe that's just the way her hair is. Then again, I know nothing about styling hair. I have Sisterlocks so that I won't have to worry about styling it. But yes, I do wash my hair. LOL
  13. topanga

    S09.E11: Secrets of the Past

    Thank you. Yes, Iris is a twit. But Keith is just as bad for not communicating with her. Why didn’t he say, “That really wasn’t a secret.” She thinks she told him something heartfelt. Keith obviously didn’t, but rather than saying that, he said goodnight. How is that helping? And why didn’t he share a secret himself? I don’t think he makes himself vulnerable to Iris, either. Matt said he doesn’t like Amber’s personality. Damn, that’s harsh. But IMO, it’s better than saying she’s doing something wrong that’s making him feel the way he does. Amber is who she is. I do think she’d benefit from lots of therapy, but she shouldn’t have to apologize for being alive. This was a bad match all around. Yeah. I don’t get it at all.
  14. topanga

    I Am Patrick Swayze (2019)

    Hmm... I believe Lisa on this one. For one thing, she never tried to make it seem like she and Patrick had a perfect marriage. She was fairly open about their challenges, including her moving out for a year. His alcoholism probably played the largest role. But I also wonder if their inability to have children contributed to their strain. I know I'm stereotyping, but when a woman has trouble conceiving or carrying a pregnancy, to many man, she's utterly useless as a woman. And her not taking his last name meant she didn't want to have anything to do with their family? In what world? C. Thomas Howell hinted at but didn't talk extensively that Patrick's mother was intense and maybe even borderline abusive. I believe he called her intense and said something along the lines of "rightly or wrongly, she focused every ounce of her energy on him being a success. She was hard on him."
  15. topanga

    I Am Patrick Swayze (2019)

    Do you know why there was tension. I think Rob Lowe would've been beautiful as a woman--but he wouldn't have been good in the role. I agree with whoever was talking about this in the documentary: Despite being tall and muscular, Patrick's physicality and dance background allowed him to move like a graceful woman. It was a sight to behold. What's funny is that I remember nothing about the plot of To Wong Foo except for the appearance of the leads: Patrick wasn't very attractive but had great body language. John Leguizamo was beautiful, and Wesley Snipes was downright fugly.