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  1. Jordan is out of control. Hopefully he’ll start acting right. I understand that he feels hurt and anger towards his dad, but that gives him no right to disrespect his mother the way he did. I thought the kid from Vegas going to be Spencer’s brother. I’m glad he isn’t. The show already has enough family drama. And is it just me, is or Billy spending a lot of time with Spencer’s mother? That’s the whole reason his marriage is on the rocks in the first place. I’m not saying they’re going to have another affair, but hanging out at her house and having her be his sober companion isn’t a good look if he wants to get back together with his wife. And Olivia is my favorite character. Followed by Spencer. But the other wide receiver — Laila’s ex— is growing on me. He’s not such an obnoxious bro this season. Where is he living, though?
  2. Yeah, I’m enjoying the show and Carmichael, mainly because of the cast. I love the diversity, but race only rarely comes up as a central issue, eg Luke getting arrested because he was jogging while black. I do think the writing could be better, so hopefully that will improve.
  3. I loved it, too. It shows that he knows about nuisance and reverse psychology—or he’s learning, anyway.
  4. This. I long for a pot filler every time I stand at the sink to fill up a pot for pasta or potatoes and have to carry it to the stove. Not even in the expensive, million dollar homes (like this one!) is a pot-filler even discussed. I wonder why. That floor made me dizzy. I can't imagine how it looks in person. Call me crazy, but I kinda missed Christina.
  5. Great episode. Although I do hate that Claire always has to lose something on this show. I like that she’s showing everyone that you don’t have to be detached and neutral to be an efficient surgeon. And she doesn’t take extra time with every surgical patient — only certain patients like Michelle who clearly need someone to intervene. And in terms of Claire and Melendez— I know a romantic relationship between an attending and a resident is highly frowned upon in medicine. Still... I like the chemistry between the two of them and always have. Melendez and Lim, not so much.
  6. I liked this episode primarily because of the looks on the faces of the builders when the woman kept saying she couldn't get rid of any of her clothes or shoes despite wanting a tiny hose. Oh, and she wanted a full-sized kitchen but also wanted a full size closet, a bathtub, and room to paint. Oh, and she didn't like the tiles in the one bathroom because, "I'm an artist. I don't want tiles that someone else painted." Oh, brother. All I saw her paint were straight lines on a canvas. Rembrandt, she wasn't. LOL
  7. And to me, that's okay. I wouldn't want to live in "perfect," post-modern looking home. I'd want the design to reflect me--a little bohemian and casual. With lots of bookcases. No bookshelves filled with nice-looking Wayfair knicknacks. Just books and bookends. Except the kitchen. That can be high-end and shiny!
  8. I see Abishola as a no-nonsense woman who's focused on work and her son. Sometimes it makes her seem cold or unfeeling. Yes, she could be nicer to Bob, but I don't find her mean or soulless. A little humorless, perhaps. But that can change.
  9. Good premiere. The show had a lot of story lines to address, and it handled them well. The scenes with Billy and Spencer are always my favorite, but I'm glad Spencer's mom also played a pivotal role in this episode. But Spencer and Olivia are both correct. Billy wasn't dealing with the issues with his family or his job. He was throwing himself a pity party and soothing his wounds with alcohol. I still like the idea of Spencer and Olivia better than the actual relationship between Spencer and Laila, but I get that Spencer and Olivia are supposed to have more of a sibling vibe. The actors just have great chemistry together. And I'm the one who kept calling Laila boring last season. I know it's a trope that a "nice" character has to experience a tragedy to make them interesting, but in this case, it's working. Laila IS more interesting with her fears and feelings of abandonment. And it's sad that she feels she can't confide in anyone about what she's going through--not even her BFFs Spencer and Olivia. I hope she talks to someone soon. Before she has another breakdown. And living in a hotel can't be cheap. I'm also glad to see that the show's ratings have almost doubled since last season. That exposure on Netflix really helped.
  10. The poor man’s life was ruined. I hope it’s better now
  11. Philadelphia couple. They moved into a 4 story rowhome? (5 if you count the rooftop deck). The design of the interior was nice, but that home was extremely narrow. I suppose you could get used it if you lived there long enough, but sheesh. I love the one husband who kept shooting down his husband about family staying there. No, everyone doesn't have to stay there when they visit from Kentucky. (Kansas?). No, they don't need a huge bedroom--they're staying in a guest room, not the Presidential suite. And my favorite was him saying that if the guest room is small, maybe they won't stay too long. But the real estate agent had a really loud, disturbing laugh. I felt like I was watching a clip from "Joker."
  12. I've been watching a few reruns from 2017 and 2018. The Shanice and Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam episodes were really good. I can't believe Lisa Lisa went on tour while getting chemotherapy for breast cancer! The woman was dedicated. And I didn't know she was only 16 when the group was formed.
  13. I liked the original trilogy because there were characters and stories that held my interest. And it is an unpopular opinion to like the 2nd one--Lost World. I loved it even though it was universally panned. I find the recent Jurassic World movies, OTOH, to be very forgettable. I just don't latch on to any of the characters the way I do the originals.
  14. I think it suggests a deeper psychological struggle for Amber. Any distance from someone she cares about suggests abandonment. Which the producers already knew, which is why it was cruel to match her with Matt. She needs therapy for sure, but this show loves to play mind-games with its cast. Pretty messed up. And yet I keep watching... I'm surprised she didn't talk to her twin sister more. I always imagine twins as lifelong best friends who know each other better than anyone else. Amber seemed to get along with her sister. I wonder why she never called her for support and encouragement. (at least we never saw it).
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