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  1. Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain have amazing on-screen chemistry. I know they've been friends since they were at Julliard together 20+ years ago, and they've worked together. They're both in relationships (with other people), and I don't think there's ever been anything romantic between the two of them. Nevertheless, you can feel the love, the attraction and previously the anger and hurt that bind Mira and Jonathan. I wonder if they plan to continue their "affair" indefinitely. I don't think they'd ever get back together as a couple. They were so awful to one another by the time they si
  2. Or in the words of Alan Thicke, "It takes Diff'rent Strokes to move the world. Yes it does. It takes Diff'rent Strokes to move the world. Hmmmmmmmmm."
  3. I like their mother-son relationship. They banter, but none of it seemed mean-spirited. And the son was 15-16-I like that the mom trusted him to drive. It was like he was taking care of her. But the mom. "You call this a walk-in closet?" Yes. There are 3 people comfortably standing in this closet with plenty of room to spare. "You did well with the first floor, but you didn't knock it out on the second floor." Did the real estate agent build the friggin house? No, he did not! I liked the mother at first, but she got more annoying as the show went on. I wonder if that's what happene
  4. I just saw a commercial for The General auto insurance. I'm sure the insurance is terrible, but the commercial is hilarious. Montell Jordan (R&B singer) is following Shaq around his house, and whatever DIY project Shaq is trying to complete, Montell does it faster and better and sings the tag line from his hit song, "This is how we do it." It's one of those commercials I could watch over and over and never get tired of. At least not for a while. And Montell still sounds great.
  5. I yelled at the tv, “Wrong movie!” But I was happy to see the clip from the movie. And I laughed at the GOT reference. Probably because of the blank stare Kit gave his brother. I liked it more than others seemed to. It was no “Before Sunrise,” but the characters were enjoyable. And I’m glad the brother turned out not to be a jerk. He was just messy. And horny.
  6. That was David’s vision, correct? I wonder how he’s processing that. It’s not the first sexual/sensual dream he’s had about Kristen. And that shot was beautiful, but Michael Colter is a big dude. His body was completely splayed over Katja’s, and all I kept thinking was that he was crushing her. And I love the hug they shared—IRL. It was tender and mostly platonic but also insanely not. I’m glad no one tried to go in for a kiss, though. That would have ruined the moment. Yes, some parts of this episode were truly scary. But for me, the scariest scenes from this show a
  7. This show has gone off the rails, but I still get excited when I see an episode pop up on my DVR. And I always watch it right away. So there's a part of me that's still drawn into the story and the characters. The show lost a lot when it fired Ellen Barkin, just like the Codys are lost without Smurf. I just can't figure out how they're going to get their shit together. They keep pulling these jobs, but everyone keeps saying how broke they are. And yet Craig can throw parties and get all of the cocaine he wants. And no one ever complains about not having gas money. I wonder where R
  8. This first episode was really good. During the couple's interview with the grad student, I kept trying to figure out: do they actually like each other? Do they hate each other? Why is Oscar Isaac mansplaining Mira's pronouns? Was she not speaking fast enough for him? Why is Mira being so cagey about simple questions? The pace was a little slow, but the excellent performances more than made up for it. Nicole Beharie's character could have been silly or melodramatic, but she played it perfectly. Nicole also went to Julliard, by the way. But Corey Stoll? He's a straight-up dog. I'm sorry Ni
  9. I think many people with clinical depression would disagree with you. But I agree that's another discussion. The thing is, I like the couple, but I feel we haven't gotten to know them deeply at all. Especially Ben. Or are they not deep people? But I do think their story is underdeveloped.
  10. I guess I'm in the minority because I'm enjoying the series--more than I did the novel. Sometimes the episodes drag a bit, but the cast is great.
  11. Did the HH belong to that church? I agree that the wife was awful. She lost me when she said the bathroom had too many doors—the entrance door, a shower door, and a door to the water closet. Did she think she’d get lost in there?
  12. Same. I read the novel and found it just okay. But I’m really enjoying the cast and the series. Everyone is bringing humor and interest to their roles. And it works for me that Nicole Kidman has a surgically-altered face and a bad Russian accent. Is Masha really Russian? Is she really human? Nicole makes the character sufficiently creepy. Even her loyal staff is a little afraid of her. Those female actors. Either they get too old-looking, or they get too much plastic surgery. Why do they even bother acting after they turn 30? *insert eye roll here.* BTW, the sarcasm is in
  13. I can see J’s appeal to teen girls. He’s cute, and he has that quiet, mysterious thing going on. Plus, he’s supposed to be wicked smart. That being said, what I don’t get is why adult women were dropping their panties for him when he was still underage. His teacher—I can’t remember what happened to her. And didn’t he also sleep with the detective who was trying to get him to flip on his family?
  14. Have the experts talked to any of these couples? I remember Shawniece and Jephthe having multiple FaceTime sessions with when they had problems on their honeymoon
  15. She pronounced Peyton with a hard T and put stress on both syllables, as in “She’s gonna pay (a) ton for that Irvine house. Subtle, but it sounded pretentious to me. Yes, they were small. Then again, he’s the only one living in the loft (for now). He probably won’t stay there long. I liked the couple and the house they chose. I still cringe whenever a HH says they want a house that shows people they’ve “made it.” I know it’s a common feeling—although you usually hear people say things like curb appeal or resale value. Did the couple just retire? Had they still b
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