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  1. topanga

    Tennis Thread

    Great first person article about Taylor Townsend. It reads like the transcript of an interview. I never knew much about her tennis story. She talks about being fat-shamed from the time she started playing tennis, when she was around five years old. And I didn’t know she had direct conflicts with the USTA. I know we’ve discussed Taylor on this site (or maybe it was TWOP). I don’t remember any of us saying she was too fat to play tennis. But I remember posting myself that while she was a great tennis player, she almost definitely would be faster, more agile, and have better stam
  2. I want to watch, but I feel awful about Ellen Barkin being written out of the show that revolves around her character.
  3. This has been the weirdest season in terms of airing of the episodes. If it’s a production issue, I would’ve preferred a mid-season hiatus vs. all of the starts and stops this season. I’m always exited to watch it, but if it weren’t set up on my DVR already, I’d never know when this show was airing.
  4. I saw it and really enjoyed it. I think I’m one of the few people who still like Pete Davidson. Bill Burr was good, too.
  5. They were an intriguing couple, but I'm not sure they were a good couple. First, during the introductions, Eugenia went on an on about how David was full of integrity, she was proud of him, yada, yada. He said nothing about her during that exchange. All he said previously was that he liked her and hoped to find a house she liked so she would move in with him. But he was super-worried about having a somewhere to play video games but wasn't nearly as concerned about her having a place to study. And then she said she was in Chicago to visit her mother, but they met on a dating app. Why wou
  6. But it wasn’t just appearances. It was Rachael participating in an activity that Matt found offensive and hurtful. And she didn’t understand why he found it offensive and hurtful. Of course it’s a moot now that they’re back together.
  7. I won’t even open the link. This makes me so sad. I loved iCarly because my kids watched it and loved it. What is wrong with people?
  8. I agree. Nice couple. But do you really want to buy property with someone you might marry? But I’m a crotchety GenXer, so what do I know? At first I was like, “who the heck is moving to Los Angeles unless they’re in the entertainment industry?” Then the wife saId she was from California and wanted to go back, so I understood. But I think I read too much into what people say. She mentioned wanted to be near friends again. She doesn’t have family in California anymore? Are they estranged? But the couple was beautiful, and they seemed to like each other. Nice to see. I’m
  9. I caught a new episode last week, and the 4 hosts really have a good relationship. I wasn’t feeling much chemistry when Garcelle first joined the show, but the camaraderie within the group is great now. And I didn’t know about Tamera having a new show. But that’s why I almost never believe the “spending more time with family” excuse. I am tired of the Zoom shows though. Can they get back into the studio soon?
  10. That could be part of it, but I’ve also heard from more than a few people that she’s hard to work with on set. The Sklar Brothers, two of the nicest guys on the planet, guest-starred on Grays, and while they’ve never directly bad-mouthed her, the have implied several times that they had a great time with every cast member except her. That being said, there are plenty of male actors that are tough to work with, but they don’t get villainized the way Heigl did.
  11. I’d never heard of Tiffany before Rock the Block. She has a good personality for TV, but she’s one of those super-energetic people that would exhaust me IRL. Yeah, that wall paper was fugly. It was funny watching the home owners try to hide their disdain.But I liked the kitchen and laundry room. Oh, and the family originally had their TV mounted on the wall instead of over the fireplace, which I loved. Why did Tiffany move it over the fireplace? That is way too high. I liked the basement—except for the Dijon mustard-colored bedroom. Why do designers on these shows keep telling the
  12. That’s a constant game for me—trying to match up old episode airing dates with PreviouslyTV comments.
  13. I thought Zoey was going to question Simon about his code-switching. When he was coaching/yelling at his cousin, he definitely used a more “black voice.” Loved that scene. Best song of the night.
  14. This was the first time I felt chemistry between Luke and Emily. I found their previous relationship unbelievable on an emotional level. Same thing with Robin. He and Lola were cute this episode. But yeah, Amy. Let Mark grovel and apologize but never admit your own betrayal. I can’t wait to see how this plays out. I don’t like her much, but Mark does. So I’ll root for them to work it out.
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