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  1. What happened over the summer between Olivia and Spencer? All episode I wondered why they were acting so weird around one another. I was worried that Simone’s dad was going to steal the baby. I’m glad the show didn’t go down that soap opera route. And what’s up with the principal still being bitter about something that happened over 30 years ago? I can understand if he doesn’t like Billy, but he’s acting like such a child.
  2. With that huge house and 5 kids, does this couple really think they can take care of farm animals? They’ll probably hire help wherever they can, but do they really need goats and chickens? Those donkeys were adorable, though.
  3. They paired the party girl with the older (than her) divorced guy who wouldn’t even drink at the bachelor party and thought a white tux jacket was too racy? These producers go for the drama. Paige and Chris don’t seem compatible at all. He’s too narcissistic and superficial. And Paige says she wants to submit to her husband, but I don’t think Chris is the right guy for that And I initially liked Vincent and Brianna, but why was he chatting up one of the cage dancers? Should we blame it on the alcohol? All of the to-be spouses have pretty cool friends. I always find them more interesting than the people who are actually getting married. Except the always-a-bridesmaid lady. Her friends annoyed me. “I didn’t think she’d ever get married.” She’s friggin 28! I know Clara is nervous on her wedding day, but she has turned into a Bridezilla
  4. He’s acted a lot. I know him best from A Different World.
  5. I found that scene very touching. How often has Shane referred to himself as trailer trash? And now he’s saying that he’s only good for sex? Oh, Shane. I want him to find love. He’s my favorite character. Oren is supposed to be overweight? When he was shirtless in the steam room, he looked thin but muscular to me. My favorite scene of the episode was Nabil’s dream when he and Cassie were dancing. The actress/dancer who plays Cassie is an amazing ballerina. I totally get why Cassie used to land all of the lead roles. She’s head and shoulders above everyone else. Monique is doing so much shady crap—the arrangement with the club, being involved with an underage dancer (or several, so it seems)—when the school gets exposed, she’s going down.
  6. Same here. I totally agree with him. At the same time, I'd hate to be one of his kids who does something wrong and has to hear a Tom Cruise lecture. "Okay, Dad, I get it. I'm sorry." "I'm sorry again." "*sigh*"
  7. Makes it seem so real. But I'm not going to watch it b/c I like to enter the seasons blind.
  8. Thailand--I think this was a new one. The woman from Houston who moved to LA then to Thailand to teach--I'm always happy to see POC on HHI, but man, this lady was exhausting. I don't think I could stand being around her for more than 5 minutes before I'd have to escape somewhere quiet to recharge. She was very nice but, once again, exhausting. I'm glad she finally accepted that she doesn't need to live in Bangkok. She's not going to be partying 24/7, so it's better to live closer to her job. I do wonder how she's going to manage with just a hot plate and a microwave. Then again, if she doesn't cook much, then that's probably all she needs.
  9. I really liked that family. The mom with the 5 kids and her...boyfriend? I couldn’t tell if he was moving in or what. But I liked the mom, and I like the final house they chose. When the Realtor said, “It’s clear there’s a power struggle going on...” I thought, “It’s clear these two hate each other.” I know couples say the drama on the show is manufactured, but can you really manufacture contempt and disdain for your spouse? If so, these are some great actors. Give them their Emmys now. She doesn’t want kids, but the husband said, “We’re still talking about it.” He doesn’t want more dogs, but wife said that she’ll wear him down. Why are these two together? I like the house they ultimately chose, but what was that extra crap they added? The family room had these long open shelves that weren’t there before, and they were covered with random trinkets. And in the kitchen, the couple was hanging plants on a picket fence/wooden ladder that they’d nailed to the wall.
  10. I’d forgotten about that.
  11. I must admit that this entire season has me confused. I still like it—it’s a courtroom drama with a diverse cast, but the episodes seem to be all over the place. I understand having A, B, C, etc. plot lines, but I feel like the show keeps jumping from scene to scene without spending enough time on the emotional impact of the previous scenes. Or maybe I’m just slow, but I always feel like I’m playing mental catch-up trying to figure out what happened off-camera. Simone Missick probably has a reduced work schedule because of her pregnancy, but I think the show suffers when Lola has less screen time. And why is Amy jealous now about Mark and Lola’s friendship? That seemed to spring out of nowhere. I want to like Vanessa, but she’s annoying and doesn’t to take suggestions from people.
  12. It sounded to me like the parents were going to pay for the mortgage and just let her live there. Whenever the very vocal dad would talk about the mortgage, he would never say "your mortgage" to his daughter. And she didn't mention working during grad school, but who knows? I did appreciate their honesty. A lot of HHs aren't open about the financial assistance they're likely getting from parents or other relatives. My DVR recorded two tiny house episodes. Were these new? In any event, at the end of one of the episodes, the couple decided to buy a tiny house then backed out of the deal when the construction wasn't going well. I've never seen a person or family on this show not end up with a house. This was a first.
  13. Thanks for the update. So I guess she isn't sure yet about the show. In terms of building a following--the original season had to do just that. Kayla was the oldest dancer in the main cast--I believe she was a high school sophomore or junior, and Sunjai was a year younger. I think Chrystianna was only 10 years old, and Camryn was 12. The show was most pure back then IMO because it focused on getting to know Dianna and the girls as dancers and people, and there was less manufactured drama. But that's the nature of reality TV, I know. You mentioned Princess--she's someone I regret not knowing better. She'd just show up at practice to work hard, no drama, and she seemed really nice. She's more introverted than some of the other cast members, but that means the producers just needed to work a little harder to bring out her personality. Sadly, we never got that. So it might not happen instantaneously, but if the show returns to focusing on the dancing and the girls themselves, and less on the Real Housewives of Jackson, I think it can build its following again. And I agree with you about IG live broadcasts with Mimi and Rittney. Both were cussing like sailors but were saying NOTHING.
  14. I'm confused also--did Dianna say that the show will or will not film in Atlanta? During the last season of Bring It, there was a lot of behind the scenes drama in Jackson with parents and some of the dancers. I believe that's one of the reasons Dianna moved her family to Atlanta--she actually said that there's nothing left for her in Jackson. I thought the Jackson Dollhouse was in danger of closing, but the website says it's still open. And Dianna's Instagram still shows clips from the dance teams in Jackson, Atlanta, and Birmingham. And I never new Dianna had written a memoir. I heard her talk about it during an interview--sounds she had a challenging childhood. I definitely want to read it.
  15. Ha. I was giving you the benefit of the doubt, and I read your "Read the article..." in John McClain's voice: "Come out to the coast, we'll get together, have a few laughs."
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