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  1. Today was the season 7 debut with Garcelle. It was okay. They're still broadcasting from home for safety, so the group doesn't feel cohesive yet. But that's not the hosts' fault. And their chemistry will improve. And I really miss Tamera's energy and sincerity. I like that Loni addressed Tamera's and Amanda's departures and wished them well. Unlike some shows that pretend like old hosts never existed.
  2. There's only episode (that I recall) where people make a joke about the name of the town. Eh, comedy is subjective. Even if a show is popular and critically-acclaimed, it might not touch your funny bone. What are your favorite comedies (shows or movies)?
  3. I'm trying to resist, but I sooo want to go onto their website and look at some of their overpriced merch. Especially things like the grey, textured keepsake boxes. Which I know I can get at Target for half the price-- or TJ Maxx/Marshall's for even less than that. At the very least, I've gotten ideas on how to better organize my storage spaces and maximize them for function. I liked the way the classroom/community center looked at the end, although it was fairly organized to begin with. The HE sisters were able to sell a lot of their merch, and the couple got a colorful classroom with see thru boxes. So, win-win? I hope they at least got a discount for going on TV. They run a non-profit, for goodness sake.
  4. Last season was painful. I couldn't even finish watching the season--I came here for updates. The amount of hurt and anger spewing from 4 out of 5 couples was downright depressing.
  5. That's fair. Thanks for your insight. *no sarcasm here*
  6. I think Amani’s involvement is producer-driven for sure. You asked if something is off with this season. I don’t know if something is wrong, but it’s certainly boring as hell. With a few exceptions, the contestants don’t come across on TV as interesting people. Not every couple has to have toxic drama like Brandon cursing out everyone on the party bus or Matt staying away for three days. I’m not even saying that couples have to have heated arguments followed by heated—or basic Caucasian— make-up sex, ala Jamie and Beth. But when we come here to discuss the episodes, I feel like we’re basically saying the same things week after week because there isn’t much to discuss. And it’s not like the couples are happy and boring. The majority of them are miserable and boring.
  7. Ellen made that statement as if things were happening behind her back that she didn’t know about. But she’s personally implicated in like 95% of the complaints!
  8. It's a gritty drama about adolescent life. I watched the first episode and decided it wasn't for me, but I thought Zendaya was excellent. I have teenagers who watched it and enjoyed it. Agreed. I loved Schitt's Creek, but I also thought the early seasons of The Good Place were smart, funny, and well-acted. But it barely got any critical acclaim until recently, when the show wasn't quite as good, IMO. It seems there's definitely a bias now against network shows now. Are there any besides This Is Us that are consistently recognized by the Emmys?
  9. Totally agree. I’m still watching the show because I like Clea and Joanna’s friendship, and I always like being a voyeur inside other people’s homes. But I hate that they gloss over the importance of editing, especially with celebrity clients. For example, I recently finished the Khloé Kardashian episode, and in terms of editing, they only thing they talked about was the mystery green bicycle. First of all, how is there a bicycle in your house, and you have no idea who it belongs to or how it got there? And second, you're okay getting rid of it if you're not sure it's yours? Beyond that, we never heard the conversation about what needed to go or stay. Why were there still 5 baby strollers, for example? Maybe some of them belonged to Khloé’s sisters or her brother, or maybe she has different strollers for different needs. But no one talked about it. Which make me fixate on those damn strollers. Similarly, I have no right to tell anyone how many toys their children should have, but I would’ve loved to hear a throwaway line like “Yes, True does drive all of these cars.” Compare this to the kitchen episode, where Clea and Joanna talked to the family about getting rid of blenders and appliances that no longer worked or didn't fit their needs. Which is a very important step. But it leaves me with the impression that Clea and Joanna want "regular" people to get rid of excess junk, while celebrities can hold onto as much extra crap as they want because they're rich and have the space for it. And is The Home Edit office really that stark white? I can't decide if it would be soothing to work there or if I'd feel like a patient in a mental institution.
  10. topanga

    The NBA

    Thanks. You sent me down a YouTube rabbit hole watching Miami Heat interviews. The team seems to have great chemistry, both on and off the court. I’d like to see them in the Finals.
  11. topanga

    The NBA

    Totally random question, but who was the white player doing an interview after Thursday night’s game? He was talking about not being afraid to step up in big moments. If I hadn’t seen his face, I would’ve thought he was black. Not a white guy trying to sound black, but someone who’s obviously spent a lot of time around black people. No connotations—he just sounded black.
  12. That’s great. I haven’t watched Black-ish in about two seasons because I can’t stand Andre anymore or the way Junior and Rainbow have been written lately. Hair Day sounds like the kind of episode I loved in the early seasons.
  13. There’s going to be an entire teevee special about Tarek’s proposal to Heather? How much attention do these two people need? Two caveats: Tarek looks handsome in a tux, and I like Heather on Selling Sunset. But a TV show?
  14. Right? I can’t believe someone is going to pay over $700 k for that 1600 sq. frío,e—if the deal goes through. It still had that ugly retaining wall in back.
  15. Wait, Brad cheated on Angelina? I thought they got a divorce because he was a violent alcoholic.
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