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  1. But didn’t Layla and Spencer break up? Or are they just taking a break because Iof Layla? I still don’t understand why Spencer quit football. I don’t buy that it was because of Cory. Yes they were rebuilding their relationship, but Cory was out of Spencer’s life more than he was in it. And Spencer became great at football without his dad. So why is he now associating Spencer with football? And I’m glad to see Olivia getting some happiness. It seems she’s always worried about worrying about others’ happiness and taking care of them. So it’s nice that she’s having her own minute. And, yeah. Poor Coop.
  2. She’s been working steadily, but there’s not on anything I recognize.
  3. I watched Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist because I’m a musical theater nerd, and I liked the premise. The show was pretty good, but yeah, the “sassy black friend” trope is very tiresome. And lazy.
  4. Taylor’s mom Is questioning Brandon like she’s a prosecuting attorney.
  5. Michael’s friend Matthew is hot. He has that sexy nerd look I love. Too bad about that Great Gazoo head, though. He needs some hair.
  6. Same. And I hate labeling another black woman with that stereotype. But Michael isn’t as laid back and flexible as I thought he was either. Yeah, they might butt heads. Both have very strong personalities.
  7. I do like Amanda now, much to my surprise. I was one of the people who didn’t like her as a guest host because she tended to dominate every conversation. But this week, while she’s still been her usual outspoken self, she seems to have made a conscious effort not to over talk everyone.
  8. The chemistry of the group seems way off this week. They keep accidentally talking over each other, there are awkward pauses in the conversation, and then Loni and Amanda got really passed at each other about something and actually stared each other down. I don’t think it’s because there are 5 of them. They aren’t like this when guests hosts are on. Maybe it’s the seating. I miss Tamera being on the end with Jeannie sitting right next to her. Tamera seems squished where she is, and Jeannie seems lonely on the end.
  9. Right? I love you, Sandy, but comb your hair!
  10. To me, he seemed socially awkward and uncomfortable, and it comes across as phony and deliberately weird. Just my opinion, though.
  11. The couple was on the show Rock The Block as guest judges.
  12. Oh. I’d never heard of it till Rock the Block
  13. topanga

    NFL Thread

    I’m only a casual football fan, and even I see the multiple holds NE has been getting away with. I guess the officials were properly paid this time.
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