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  1. Don't forget about the bloggers/influencers who want nice kitchens as a backdrop for their pictures of food (that they might or might not have cooked) , flowers, children, pets, etc. I suppose it's okay if someone doesn't cook, but I don't understand how you can brag about never cooking but still demand a state-of-the-art chef's kitchen, all in the same breath.* I have seen men ask for 5-6 burner chef's stoves, but they are usually the main cooks for the family. *Serious question: many of the non-cooking HHs (men and women) have young children. So does this mean the kids eat take out food every single night? Or do the parents simply mean they don't cook much from scratch, but they'll bake chicken nuggets or cook simple pasta recipes for their kids?
  2. At least her story line has some gravitas. Last season I found Layla boring because she didn't do anything important besides being the pretty girl in a love triangle (Quadrangle?--I forgot about Olivia). And I'm glad she's finally getting help. But yeah, where's her dad? I don't think Layla would've been able to check herself into the hospital without him. She's not 18 yet. Right? When Layla finally put on the brakes instead of driving over the cliff, I felt myself exhale. I didn't think she'd die, but the scene was tense. And when she stopped the car, I start yelling, "Call Spencer! Call Spencer!" I'm glad she did. I'm fine with Spencer not feeling excited about football and wanting to take a break-- although I agree with you that I hope it's short-lived. I like the dramatic plot lines this season, but the football scenes remain the most enjoyable part of the show for me. And why is Spencer all of a sudden saying that he was playing football for his dad? He hadn't seen his dad in years. RE: Jordan, I know three guys who've been lied to about being a woman's baby-daddy. And they were hurt when they learned the truth. Even though they were eventually happy they weren't having an unplanned child with a woman they were no longer dating, they'd already started getting used to the idea of being a dad. So the way Jordan played it was very realistic.
  3. I'm a week behind with the eps. Forgive my late posts. This one was a tear-jerker. But the medical professional in me couldn't stop wondering why Corey didn't look sicker. I know they couldn't force the actor to lose 30 pounds in a few weeks, but they could've done something with make up to give him a haggard appearance, or give him a limp because of joint aches, or something. Anything to make me believe he was that close to death's door. Unless there's an assisted suicide plot the show doesn't want to explore. My scrooge-like opinions aside, Daniel Ezra knocked it out the park AGAIN. His dramatic scenes are always heart-wrenching and believable. I hope Hollywood is taking notice and gives this kid all of the opportunities he deserves once this show is over. And yes. Olivia's art was great. I wish Laura had someone to confide in--a friend or own therapist, for example. Because all I see her expressing to everyone is her anger -- to Billy (who deserves it), to her children, and even to the therapist. But there's got to be more going on inside of her: hurt, sadness, feelings of betrayal, feelings of embarrassment, feelings of insecurity. But I never see or hear her express any of those emotions.
  4. Someone else posted this opinion, but I can't find their quote: I am not excited at all about the reboot. I love movies with important female characters, and I liked the novel, but I never loved it. And I never loved any of the film adaptations. I can't articulate why. Agreed. Now I loved, loved, loved The Shining. But I don't enjoy his other films. I've heard many film critics declare A Clockwork Orange a masterpiece, and it makes me sigh. I couldn't even get through 10 minutes of what I consider a confusing, self-indulgent movie.
  5. I disagree that people didn't care about Rihanna. When the story first broke and TMZ published those pictures of her bruised and battered face, all of the sympathy was for her. I thinking it's more a matter of society being quicker to forgive men for violent transgressions when the victims are women. Especially if they're women of color. See: the NFL, Brock Turner, and many other high profile rape and domestic violence cases.
  6. You sound like Tori’s cheerleader boyfriend in “Bring It On.” Uh-uh, not cool. LOL. And I agree with your assessment of J. Timberlake.
  7. First, I wish I could’ve watched you and your daughter sneak each other those little glances. Second, what’s the difference between the two terms? I think I know, but...
  8. I know Diana has said she’s been emotionally done with the show for a while. But she never sounded ungrateful for the exposure this show brought to her and her girls, so there’s that. I wish I could’ve seen the Atlanta studio also. Princess with her quiet self had become my favorite. Did she move to Atlanta also? Or is her mom still making that 3 hour commute every day? 🙄🙄
  9. They met 10 years ago. I know I’ve gotten some wrinkles and put on a few pounds in the last ten years, but sheesh. I’ll give the guy the benefit of the doubt and speculate that he’s on steroids or some other medication that made him gain a lot of weight and thinned out his hair because he looks like a totally different person now.
  10. Poor Coop. She’s always the sidekick and never the star. I hope her lie of omission doesn’t come back to bite her in the butt. But of course it will. I’ve never heard of this either. But my football playing kids were happy to see Some football again. No, I don’t like the creepy booster. But I like Rochelle. I haven’t totally figured her out yet, but she’s trying to redeem herself and become a friend to Spencer. Yeah, I like them better together than apart. I’m glad Laura finally spoke and said that it isn’t her fault Jordan was having unprotected, casual sex with multiple partners. He needs to be screened for HIV and STIs. And she good be cruel and remind Billy that this was also during the time he went AWOL and and abandoned his kids.
  11. I think whoever said that doesn’t know what that word means— and they’re probably snowflakes themselves.
  12. I loved the scene where Lopez lost her temper and yelled at Judge Carmichael. "With all due respect!" followed by whatever else she said. Well done by both actresses. Yes, that social worker was useless. The scenes with Mark and Luke were great.
  13. This is also based on book, correct? I want to read the book before watching the second season.
  14. And I agree with you. Plus, in the first episode, she had "tests" at the hospital, which I'm sure included a physical exam, head CT, and blood work. So unless Abby is in on the deception, which I highly doubt, Piper's internal workings mimic human physiology. I don't get romantic feelings from Jo about anyone, but she does care about everyone. In Emily's fantasy? Alternate reality?, it was creepy watching her taking Jo's place in the family and in Piper's mind. But it's interesting that Emily included Alex in her design. Is that because she grew up without her dad and wanted to know what it was like to be part of a nuclear family? As others have said, I really wonder why Alex and Jo separated. Could it be her job hours? Although she spends plenty of time at home now. I don't get vibes that there was infidelity. Maybe they just grew apart, as couples often do. But they get along so well. I just don't feel romantic chemistry between them.
  15. I know. Gross. It was red and floral. And there were two of them. But it wasn't a flower. Was it ever addressed? I usually fast forward through the home renovation portion of the show. I was surprised they chose to list it. They seemed so proud of the renovations. Maybe that's the trick. If they're too excited, that's fake. When a couple is subdued about the renovations. they're going to stay. Hmm. I'll have to test their theory. I love Hillary and David, too. They're mature (NOT old), and I like their banter. But because they aren't a couple, they don't have to get all schmoopy and borderline inappropriate with one another.
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