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  1. Wow. Powerful episode. Jessica Camacho was amazing. I hated to see her fall apart like that, but I'm glad she (and her friends) suspected that she isn't as "fine" as she thought she was. Way to push Luke away, though. I do say, I wonder what he sees in her besides her beauty. Maybe it’s me, but their relationship seems very one-sided in her favor, and I find her unnecessarily brusque with him. It usually has to do with a personal or professional issue she’s working through, but she almost never lets Luke in on it, which leaves him stuck wondering what he did wrong. He’s extremely patient and loyal, though. I just hope she returns that one day. Granted, she didn’t want to date him initially, and he continued to pursue her. But she decided on her own to date him. And she seems to like him. But Emily takes Luke for granted, IMO. Hmm. I wonder if he was turned down for the LA job or if he turned it down? And I know I'm in the minority, but I still ship Lola and Mark. The problem is that most TV writers are good at writing friendships and UST, but they're not good at writing actual relationships.
  2. I’ve enjoyed the show, although I do miss the audience (non-canned) laughter. I wonder if extrovert Trevor misses it, too. And I don’t mind the scruffy beard, but my two teenage boys point out that Trevor is in desperate need of a haircut.
  3. I don’t know. I think he’s trying to make the best out of a bad situation. When actors want to leave, they usually talk about their character arcs being complete. And Melendez’s clearly was not.
  4. This. Arggghhh. So sad. I did like the final scene with her an Melendez.
  5. I wonder how many episodes they’ve filmed? I’ll miss this show the new episodes run out. I suppose they’ll re-air older episodes, which could also be fun.
  6. I do think Cameron and Lauren love one another. They’re definitely the most normal couple in the group, but they’ve both said they’d be willing to do a reality show about their lives. Why? That’s when they stopped being totally normal to me. Who would want cameras following them around constantly? Cameron doesn’t seem like a fame whore. Lauren, maybe a little bit, but I still really like her. Carlton was an asshole from the first episode. It had nothing to do with his sexual fluidity. I’m surprised Diamond actually liked him enough to accept his proposal.
  7. That Realtor was correct. DC lady was a piece of work. I wouldn’t attend a game night at her house.
  8. I loved watching Lola stand up judge Bennett (?) about her unethical behavior. I wish we were inside Lola’s head more. We see what she says and what she does as a judge, but I still feel like I don’t know her. And she’s the main character. Maybe it’s because we don’t see much about her life outside the courthouse unless she’s talking to her parents. And even then, she’s usually talking about a case. In contrast, I feel like I know Luke and... his public defender girlfriend much better as people than I do Lola.
  9. Whoever shot Tyrone made several calculated, precise shots. I don’t think—at least, I hope—Coop doesn’t have that kind of history with firearms. I’m learning that Jordan isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. He certainly didn’t inherit his mom’s brains. LOL.
  10. The family in Rochester, MI was fairly normal, but the house they chose for them and their 3 teenagers was huge—-6000 ft. Makes me wonder how long they’ll end up staying there once the kids grow up and leave home. I raised an eyebrow when the wife said she had ‘ways’ of getting her husband to choose the house she liked. She said, “I’ll be...kissing some butt.” And I thought, “Oh, do you mean, ‘sucking some _____’?” I’ll show myself out now. The Atlanta couple was gorgeous. I just couldn’t stop staring at them. I was surprised they chose the older ranch home over the new construction, but maybe they’re planning to do renovations. Is the “Jaxson” spelling of their son’s name based on a movie character (ala Jacen from Star Wars)? If not, I find it cutesy and annoying. Oh, and she also said she had ‘ways’ to get her husband to agree with her. These House Hunters are starting to get freaky on camera. LOL.
  11. I do think that’s true for most of the people on this show, but my heart bleeds for people like Mindy and Amber (from last season) who genuinely seemed to be looking for love and marriage but were purposely matched with men who are all wrong for them. Granted, they should have known from past seasons that for most people, going on MAFS is a piss-poor way to find twu luv. I also think Meka is genuinely looking for love. I do agree with other posters that she can be overly-critical—although I give her the benefit of the doubt and see it as a failed attempt at making sarcastic humor. Like her comments in the spice store about Michael saying he loves spices but not having any in his home. Sometimes the way she says things, her tone of voice, makes her sound abrasive and humorless. But I don’t believe that’s true about her. Meka wouldn’t continuously reach out to Michael and Pastor Cal about her marriage if she only wanted a lap dog to boss around. She craves clarity and communication from Michael. She craves consistency. Hell, she craves a kind word from Michael. Seriously, has either of them complimented each other lately? They talk about being committed to the marriage and growing in friendship, but has Michael ever told Meka he likes her natural hair—a trait he previously said he loves on a woman? Has Ms. Ambition ever told Michel she’s proud of him for being promoted and getting the offer to be a principal? I agree with other posters that all of these couples need to do more fun activities together that would give them opportunities to talk and get to know one another. In the DC area, there are tons of museums—besides the Smithsonians, there’s the International Spy Museum, for example. I’m sure most of them haven’t been to that one. And I don’t know what the weather is like, but there’s a Six Flags amusement park less than 30 minutes away.
  12. You’ve got me curious... so whom DO you consider some of the most attractive people (male or female) that have been on the show?
  13. Well said. You can’t force yourself to be attracted to someone. But Zach needs to stop feeding Mindy his bs lines about “building and attraction” or needling to be away from her so he can miss her. And she needs to stop kidding herself that he’s the man for her. Is she even attracted to HIM at this point? I think he’s socially awkward which is why he rambles using corporate-speak. But if he can’t communicate clearly with his wife, what hope is there? They are both extremely annoying, but I guess I’m siding more with Meka because Michael drew First Blood.
  14. Agreed. Watching this season makes me miss Greg from last season (Mr. Two Ovens). He’s been my favorite husband of this entire series. It was a slow build. I didn’t find him drop-dead-gorgeous at first glance, but the more he displayed how mature, kind, patient, committed, and funny he is, the more I liked him. All of these dudes are immature and selfish. Michael won’t wear his ring until feels they’re progressing? Yeah, okay. And Brandon doesn’t like to talk things out with people? So WHY DID YOU GET MARRIED?
  15. Same here. The episode had some typical pilot clumsiness, but I found it funny overall. Mixed in with “Millennials who need to figure themselves out and get their shit together” storylines. And I like Awkwafina . So I’m here for more episodes.
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