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  1. So did anyone else pick up on this? Oscar was going upstairs while everyone was going down and then he said he heard the gunshot. Why were they being evacuated already then if he wasn't dead yet?
  2. I am really having trouble following the storyline this year. Is it just me? It seems convoluted.
  3. Wow if I was the author of this book I would be annoyed. They have basically destroyed all but the very basic premise - throwing in so much over the top drama that it's insane.
  4. Every person on this show is a fame whore so I guess I have a problem distinguishing between the good ones and the bad ones. It's okay if you don't talk about it?
  5. Sure. But he is still in control of the decision. I understand producers try to ramp up the drama but they don't have to agree. He could have said no.
  6. The guy giving that big ole necklace right after the small bracelet was just to "whose is bigger" and cringeworthy. Why would he even do that? It makes him look petty.
  7. Mari looked super bad in this. She says one thing for herself but then expected Kenny to just sit around and not explore anything? There seem to be more couples that formed immediately and now are just hopping around to other people after realizing they moved too fast. It's not interesting viewing.
  8. I gotta be honest. I don't like any of the profs except the chair. The drunk one whose life is a complete mess is not entertaining at all. And to think this accomplished, smart woman would be interested in that? Also am I supposed to be rooting for the three older profs on the chopping block? They clearly have no desire to connect with their students at all; don't listen to feedback and are terribly stuck in the 1950s. No wonder enrollment is down. Get rid of them all.
  9. This one really dragged. Not sure I can hang in. I read the book and sort of just want to see how they handle the end but man this is SLOW.
  10. I'm going to go with Maurissa is a grown ass woman and if she wants to have sex fine. Not sure why he is getting made out to be a villain. I don't know him nor care anything about him but it seems like a lot of hate against him for made-up reasons - nothing we saw at all.
  11. What is up with all these people being personally affronted when someone arrives and takes someone out or talks to someone. You don't own them. They can say no. You expect someone to walk in and just be like, oh okay I'll just go.
  12. Am I the only one not feeling this season? I'm just over someone always being sick and/or needing healed. I need something new. Just seems repetitive.
  13. I think Serena is lovely but I think her personality draws people in. She seems sweet and intelligent and funny.
  14. All the cohosts are men. Come on! They aren't even trying.
  15. I have never understood the fascination with grocery store Joe and still don't.
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