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  1. I have seen a few cast also tweet congrats - Lisa Berry and Ruth Connell.
  2. Kripke congratulated Jensen. And Jim Michael. The CW was silent on their only win. Nice.
  3. I'm late to the game but I wanted to say that Matt's group of women are so beautiful. So many stunning women - best crop in a while. I find Matt very attractive but in a boy next door kind of way, not model kind of way. Except the body is a model lol. I noticed a lot of green dresses and enjoyed them much. A few women I really am excited for. And the location looks cool. So are the women sharing rooms but not one big suite?
  4. Okay - a show I loved - Justified. Wouldn't show much difference from first to last. But clearly it was amazing to watch.
  5. Eh. ER for instance, or most procedural shows, would be similar.
  6. Couldn't you say that about the pilot and finale or pretty much any show?
  7. The word "moving" I think means way more than just for the holidays. It would make sense if they moved somewhere in Canada that is still drivable to/from Toronto for him so he can still be with his family. If not with the quarantine issue he would go six months without seeing them likely.
  8. There is plenty of blame to go around in the marriage of Diana and Charles. One tiny thing I was annoyed at though was when the Queen asked Diana why she had broken her vows. Fair question. But why didn't she ask Charles the same thing?
  9. Dean definitely grieved in Lost and Found - but he had lost Castiel, Mary, Crowley and Kelly all at the same time.
  10. Yeah he clearly pointed out they had never met with the writers before and that the decisions were already made. He laughed but it was pointed.
  11. My only hope for a reboot is maybe five years down the road. And they could easily put it between defeating God and Dean's death. They left the timing ambiguous. Was it a few days, months, years?
  12. Only ones I saw were respectfully criticizing the episode. Only when he shot back did it ratchet up.
  13. I'm glad he recognizes the issue. I said a few times all he had to do was not respond but he kept doing it and it got out of hand.
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