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  1. The women are definitely a step down from the Bachelor. A bit more made up and skankyish. The lips my god. But there are a few more normal ones. Honestly I like having two guys and seeing them bounce the experience off each other. Neither of them is super hot but also not ugly. And even Kurt - the not millionaire - seems to have a good life going.
  2. I can't believe I forgot to say how annoyed I was at Dee. And I don't understand why they didn't slap him down a little. Dude, you don't have to be flamboyantly gay. You can just smile like a normal person instead of looking like a sullen asshole.
  3. I really am not a fan of the Emily flashbacks. And they desperately need a strong female character now that Micki is gone.
  4. At the end I felt the most for Gillian, who is clearly going to blame herself for the rest of her life for not winning.
  5. I thought this episode was far better than the first. But still not great.
  6. Even if I could buy Kidd wanting to slow down the Lt. train, her not communicating with her bosses and fiance is crazy. And I lost all respect for her when she pulled that arrogant crap with the new lieutenant acting like she gave him the spot and if she wants it it is hers. Terrible.
  7. I don't really understand why Micki is leaving (I mean I understand that the actress is) but didn't feel I really got what made her leave her job. What Liam did made absolutely no sense whatsoever. Are they trying to be stupid. He is a prosecutor and the deer mask was in plain sight. Call and get a warrant. It all could have been handled above board. It's all due to this mythical rivalry between this family that was just laid out but I have never understood or felt moved by.
  8. Really makes no sense to kill him - other than shock value. and they have killed a number of firefighters. too many. we get it, it's a dangerous job.
  9. I thought the actress playing Micki is leaving before the season? I wonder if they knew or are having to rewrite on the fly. I felt her reaction was a bit over the top for a character we just met. Didn't make a lot of sense.
  10. Just watched the first episode and I was so excited for Michelle but the issue with them going through his notes is just too much for me. The cohosts were already too involved and mean girlie and this just put me off completely. I am going to skip it.
  11. Maybe Natalie will live in the basement as a hostage for a while, ala boyfriend dude of Beck I can't remember his name.
  12. Jensen Ackles did a panel and talked about The Boys. Said producers and writers hazed him by having him "in all his glory day one." aka naked. He said streamers you can get away with anything and everything. Also on the superhero sex party set said people looked traumatized and you can't unsee it - sex toys and lube everywhere. Sometimes people would get confused between the lube and the hand sanitizer.
  13. So why was Lennon the one everyone loved? She seemed shitty to me. What exactly was wrong with Allison?
  14. I wonder if they are setting up a depression/mental health storyline for Cruz. Because he feels not himself but can't pinpoint why etc.
  15. Overall a good opener. But am I the only one who didn't understand why the ambulance just went up on the grass and went and got the injured guy. It's a big freaking PARK. There weren't rocks etc.
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