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  1. There were some nice things in there. Overall it was way too long and I didn't really get the point of it.
  2. I originally thought it might be a fan who inserted that image as a joke. I think that's what the poster meant.
  3. Baseball on the field is theoretically safer but all of them have locker rooms, benches etc. That's where the problem is.
  4. Interesting. Where do you see that? The stories I have seen have mentioned these specific limitations.
  5. So I was just wondering what you all think about some of the filming limitations even if they resume. No fights? Hugs? Kissing? It seems to me to so clearly change the complete arc of a show - any show - that it might not even be worth filming. Just a bunch of people standing around talking?
  6. I've seen a lot against Jensen but nothing for Jared until this. There is no connection to ongoing issues except that a black guy who beat up people in a bar and pulled out a wad of money to show police would have had consequences by now.
  7. I know this is completely off topic but I really want these earrings Helen was wearing and can't find them. I took this pic off my kindle lol.
  8. It is set for July 8. It gets moved each month. So nothing new. I saw that chatter too and was confused.
  9. Let me ask you a few things before I send a list that I think might help you? Do you enjoy MOTW or mytharc more? Who are your favorite characters? Dean, Sam or Cas girl ?
  10. During quarantine I watched a bunch of firefighter shows and just finished this one. Gotta say I won't be coming back. The producers have made all of these characters unlikable. And they kill off WAY too many people. And highlight the worst characters - Sullivan really? Why is he still there? They turned Maya from a great character into an ass. Jack is just there - constantly screwing up. What a mess.
  11. It's a different house than the home tour one. They sold it and bought a new one - downsized a bit. Though it is still a cool house.
  12. I liked it. Have discovered this show during quarantine and I like that it is over the top and I don't have to think - just enjoy. It would have made a million times more sense if it had been a diamond heist - something easier to move on the market. But other than that I loved how all the 911 people worked together. JLH doesn't bother me at all. I enjoy her scenes.
  13. Listening to Elena scream at her children was rough. The way she told Izzy she never wanted her. And then shrieking that Lexie is perfect. Great acting scene. I could live with everything except Bebe taking the baby. That was downright horrible. If I was forced at gunpoint to choose either Elena or Mia as a mother I think I would choose Mia. Even though she is a hypocrite and lies I never doubted her love for her child. And she lets children be who they are.
  14. They shoot out of order so I get not understanding a specific scene when they haven't shot another one yet and are just trying to remember the overall episode.
  15. If they didn't pay her the $12,000 then there was really no reason for her to be on the run. It only makes sense if she took the money and the baby.
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