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  1. Aradia22, don't give up. I've been in a weekly Scrabble group for 4 years and it's a lot of fun (except for the new people who take 10minutes a turn and then put down a 3-letter word...lol) I slipped on the ice & broke my leg in 3 places at the end of the year, so I haven't been able to go for the last 3 months. So FINALLY when I'm able to walk again, social distancing happened. Ain't life a bitch!
  2. When I went away to college, I was so lonely and I loved getting letters. (This was back in the day before texting; even before e-mail. OK Boomer..) And the only way that one received letters was to send them. My mom would tease me that I spent more time writing letters than on my coursework. I still have a shoebox full of letters from back in the day.
  3. I just watched the latest episode of this show about the chiropractor and his girlfriend looking for an apartment in Split, Croatia. Gorgeous locale! But I did have to laugh because every place they went to, he had some comment about his back (the mattress was too soft, the drawers were too low, etc) Physician, heal thyself!
  4. HerkyJerky

    S03.E13: Pinned

    I've been to two: one in San Antonio and one in St Pete Beach.
  5. Just curious, who was that on what show?
  6. I remember that episode! I wonder if that was modeled after the real-life story that a cop relayed to a cabdriver in "Taxicab Confessions" WAAYY back in the day! Also, speaking of waayy back in the day, I remember I was SOOO in love with this woman in college but she friend-zoned me. I held out hope that she would change her mind and years later she did but by that time I was just over it. I hope that happens here. Lea professes her love after Sean gets out but instead he hooks up with Vera since they just had such an intense experience underground. (It ain't going to happen; but a boy can dream, can't he?)
  7. The previews for next week look interesting. What was that that the kitty had dropped? Is that going to be a major plot point? If so, poor Jamie! No good deed goes unpunished...
  8. I respectfully disagree. I have watched Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist and they actually sing the songs. Some of the actors are good singers but Lauren Graham and especially Mary Steenburgen are NOT good singers. I also am a sucker for musical TV shows but I stopped watching that show because it turned into a "crisis of the week" show (how can Zoey solve this problem with music etc) but Soundtrack at least has a storyline that is interesting imho.
  9. Miss Bones, thanks for the spoiler!
  10. Is there going to be a Season 2? Who killed Will???
  11. I know this is a big non sequitur, but I just done watching The Farewell before watching this episode. And the horse stance that they're doing at the side of the lake was the same thing that Nai Nai was teaching Billi.
  12. I Googled her and the first person who comes up is a 21-yr-old Disney star and I thought who the heck was she on the show? You would think that SAG would have a rule about actors having the EXACT same name. (P.S. She's bad but not as bad as Sophie Skelton on Outlander...)
  13. My favorite part of the show was when they went to one of the watch parties and there was a guy wearing a shirt with a picture of a windmill on it that said, "It was actually 4 times!" LOL!
  14. Ryan Destiny is a good addition to the cast. I loved her on Star and I like her here also. (Plus it doesn't hurt that she is sooooo cute...)
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