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  1. My co-worker was saying to me tonight the same thing that Meghan has said about masks. But here's the kicker: she's the head nurse at the hospital I work at! OMFG!
  2. Far be it from to defend Meghan on ANYTHING, but she did use trepidatious correctly: trep·i·da·tious /ˌtrepəˈdāSHəs/ adjective INFORMAL apprehensive or nervous; filled with trepidation. "if you're trepidatious about foreign travel, start with an English-speaking country" or if you're a lifelong Republican, you're trepidatious about Democrats taking over the executive and legislative branches. Now we just have to work on the judicial branches!
  3. It's been a long time since the last season aired so I can't remember. What happened to Veronica's sister?
  4. Jughead Jones going to my alma mater? Dreams really do come true!
  5. How are we going to live without The View tomorrow? Couldn't they have moved Biden's inauguration to 2pm or something? C'mon, America, priorities!
  6. I was watching The Chase last night, Kromm, and I was thinking the same thing. Girlfriend's been working out!
  7. JOY! (I wonder if anybody will have the courage to say Meghan...) You have to admit that if Meghan quit (or got let go) the participation on this board would probably decrease by half!
  8. Agreed! Compare Sara, for example, to Jane Krakowski on the new "Name that Tune". Now SHE is somebody that is scripted!
  9. Meghan is just clueless about why people don't like her. She thinks it's because she is the lone Republican on the panel not because she is rude as f**k. If only she had an example of what a Republican could be that wasn't rude, combative and condescending? Oh, I don't know, maybe her father?!
  10. I watched the Sugar Bowl last night. The only reason I'm mentioning that on The View board was that Kirk Herbstreit was providing color from his home in Nashville while Chris Fowler was at the game and they did it seamlessly. So, if they can do it, why can't The View do it? (And I would say providing color on a fast-moving football game should be more difficult than a bunch of ladies gabbing...)
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