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  1. What about Acorn TV in the US? I don't show it on there as of yet.
  2. Did anybody else notice while watching the credits that the lead stage manager's name is Winston Churchill? Could there be more than one Winston? If that's his actual name, then it's going to lend itself to some good jokes like quoting the original WC. Here's a good one for this show, "If you're going through hell, keep going"😆
  3. Animemania, you posted this on Jan 11th which was very helpful because I stopped reading this thread right away and didn't engage until after watching the whole show. Btw, you DID post all the episode descriptions in a spoiler tag on Jan 14. Thanks for all you do!!
  4. Pretty ironic that Joe Walsh was on The Conners because "Life's Been Good" to him but NOT to the Conners'.😏
  5. Matt McGorry has really gained a lot of weight since he was on "How To Get Away With Murder", hasn't he?
  6. YES!!! (This is only in regards to her looks. The jury is still out on the other things you mentioned😏)
  7. I'm guessing She Who Shall Rename Nameless? Meghan McCain is like Voldemort or Candyman; you don't want to say her name!🤬
  8. An article from two years ago: https://variety.com/2020/tv/news/joy-behar-retire-the-view-1234574576/ It seems like Joy's contract is up this year.
  9. Candall, did you see one of the women knitting while Martin was explaining about the gold-panning date? Even SHE is bored with the show!😏
  10. And I LOVE Pepi Sonuga on the show!
  11. I liked the tweaks too. In the old one, I always thought that Joy was holding a snake (a la Britney Spears). It took me some time to realize it was a scarf.😁
  12. From the article: “‘The View’ hasn’t had a conservative host in a long time,” conservative author Candace Owens told The Post. “It was kind of a joke to hire Meghan McCain in the Trump era. She was not reflecting the views of conservatives in the country and she was lambasting us. They have a fear of having a true conservative on the network. These ladies aren’t exactly the most intellectual ladies. I don’t think they work in truth.” OUCH!
  13. OUCH! The shade...😎
  14. The Floyd/Claude storyline reminds me of "My Two Dads" from 25 years ago. Neither Michael nor Joey wanted to know who Nicole's real father was.😄
  15. Nailed it, Methodwriter! Look what Lily Collins said to E! News: So, what's her favorite season two look? "It's so hard because Emily is obsessed with fashion," Collins exclusively gushed during E! News' Daily Pop on Jan. 4. "I love this outfit I wore for my birthday party which was this little mini dress with a big pink bow, because I felt Emily thought it was a bit of a present to herself."
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