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  1. Besides “After Hours”, the other film this episode reminds me of is the 1973 Malcolm McDowell movie “O Lucky Man!” 😳
  2. Manny isn’t famous enough to get a front row seat?😁
  3. I had to look her up, too. Her husband died in a bicycle accident 6 years ago this month. WOW, that's horrible! Biking is my second favorite thing to do (with watching The View my first, natch!)
  4. I found ep 7 really fascinating. It’s about how our lives could have turned out a million different ways.
  5. This little tidbit would probably only interest fans from Iowa but I was reading an article in the Des Moines Register and the only person from Iowa who died in the 9/11 tragedy was from Newton, Iowa: Sara's hometown.
  6. How dim is Alyssa that she didn’t get Zingbot’s zing? 🙈
  7. Whoopi definitely seems more animated in studio than when she was sleepily reading cue cards at home!
  8. Or at least not with Whoopi still there. Hey, here’s a thought. Get rid of Whoopi & make Rosie the lead. At least she can read a teleprompter! Btw, as an extra bonus, if Rosie is the boss, we would get a lot more Broadway performances. I really miss those!
  9. What did Kristen’s nightshirt say?
  10. Really! I LOVED H.R. Puffenstuff when I was a kid!🥰
  11. Thanks, Halting Hex, I guess that would make sense! LOL! (They don't call anybody else by their last name. so that's why I was confused...)
  12. Why do they call Hannah Chaddha?
  13. If anybody cares: https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/meghan-mccain-enjoys-beach-daughter-165104889.html I do have to laugh though because there was a comment on this article that said this: "Didn't Megan say that she would never let her daughter on social media or use her for cheap attention?" LOL!
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