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  1. Don't forget that MeAgain said that since nobody trusts the CDC if we get an outbreak of Ebola, people won't do what they are supposed to do. Uh, Meghan, I think it's Trump and the Republicans' fault for that!
  2. Shannon Dang in that gold gown...DAMN!
  3. OMG, catlover, thanks for posting this. It was CLASSIC!
  4. Wrath of Man. I should've followed SugarBaker Design's lead and gone to see Minari. What movie did you see, RealHousewife?
  5. Went to the movies last week. There were 8 people in a 300 seat theater, so no one was within 50ft of me let alone 6 ft. The movie still stunk though!
  6. When Athena & her captain were trying to think of something to charge the pregnant lady with? How about failure to provide aid? Isn't that how the last episode of "Seinfeld" ended?😁
  7. FYI, us guys aren't ALL bad! 😏
  8. Agreed! If Dr Fauci thought to himself "Well, maybe I'm being too strict" and said everybody can get together, if there was a spike in cases, who do you think would say, "Well, Fauci said I could go out!"
  9. I'm old and I can't remember what I had for breakfast yesterday! Can somebody please remind me what happened to Caleb?
  10. Both times when Whoopi said that Sunny had an announcement, Mom & I were holding our breath. We thought for sure that she was going to announce that she was leaving the show (no doubt due to MeAgain) and when she didn't, we both sighed a huge sigh of relief!
  11. Sunny, my Mom’s 89th birthday is today. She wishes Paloma a happy birthday also!
  12. HATE to agree with Meghan on anything, but she is correct on this one. Hey, even a broken clock is right twice a day. https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2020/11/south-dakota-covid-healthcare-worker.html
  13. I'm as liberal as the next guy but even I am getting sick of the "social issue" of the week storylines!
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