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  1. The 23yr old from Illinois and the 68yr old from Miami: at least they both have good senses of humor and genuinely seem to enjoy each other's company.
  2. LOL! True and did you notice when everybody was going around hugging, he was literally wandering around just looking for somebody, anybody to hug?
  3. OH, Please Dear God, not that insufferable Bari! Nooooooooooo! If that happens, I ma gone.\ What's wrong with her? I don't agree with a lot that she has to say but when she has been a guest on The View she always seem respectful and even-keeled (unlike some else we know...)
  4. I was thinking the same thing, FrozenDiva...
  5. Yep, more drama...empty acetylene tanks, dripping roofs, too small water pipes, etc.
  6. When TPTB at The View wanted to get Meghan on the show, their pretext of getting rid of Jedediah was that she was rude to Hilary Clinton when she was on the show. Every time Meghan is RUDE AF to people on the show, I always chuckle at that memory.
  7. Meghan said a while back that she wants to go last so that she can thoughtfully (?) reply to her fellow hosts comments. I call BS! She wants to go last so that she can talk the MOST!
  8. And how about when Meghan "corrected" Joy about Jennifer Hudson instead of Jennifer Holliday in Dreamgirls? Meghan, she was the ORIGINAL Dreamgirl! Meghan is so fricking arrogant that she thinks she is always right!
  9. I CAN'T STAND MEGHAN like most of the people on this board but maybe Joy should throw her a bone by saying "some Republicans" or "most Republicans" but when she says "ALL Republicans" that just really sets Meghan off! Blanket statements, as a general rule, probably should be avoided by everybody anyway! (Was that just a blanket statement?)
  10. Not even to hear Khloe shill for her brother-in-law for President? That should be good for a few laughs...
  11. He's so glib and inauthentic (and those are his GOOD qualities...)
  12. I can't stand Michael! And since I can't stand him I never watch the show, so @Pearson80, what was the tension about?
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