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  1. If Simone is a condescending bench, then please let the world be full of more condescending benches. So far, the show has had her be friendly to everyone she's met. She appears to have gotten along with both hoity toity Tahani, gossipmonger John, sweet but dumb Jason, perpetually tortured Chidi, and once insecure and snarky, but now super mature Eleanor. When presented with a rational argument from Chidi about how she might not be living in some extended dream sequence, she accepted his premise and changed her behavior to one that respected her fellow Good Place inhabitants. As for her snark, I don't think a handful of snarky remarks makes someone a massive bench or jerk deserving of the Bad Place. If that were the case we'd all be damned. Add to that, practically every snarky remark we've heard Simone make so far has been about some untoward behavior Brent actually said or did. She has not made any false accusations. She really just wants him to start treating her and her friends as equals, but for that she's a bench I guess. Anyways, aside from the time she literally thought she was in an imaginary dream world and there were no consequences to her actions, I haven't seen her even reflexively act rude towards anyone. And when she did think she was in an imaginary world she wasn't going around judging people like crazy, she was like putting pies in people's faces and dressing up in crazy costumes or something. I just don't see condescending bitch from Simone. She seems pretty nice and reasonable. She just doesn't appreciate being treated like some lesser form of human being, and she doesn't appreciate other people being treated as such either. Brent did not just summon Janet. Why would anyone care if he did that? Janet clearly stated that Brent sent her a bunch of sexually inappropriate outfits to wear when she sees him and has harassed her about it ever since. I know there were other things but that one stuck out most to me because it was so unnecessarily stupid and perfectly encapsulated the type of sexist hyperpriviledged asshole that Brent is. The golf scene was not meant to demonstrate that Brent is an asshole because he chose to use the cheat filter. It's supposed to demonstrate how incapable he is at facing reality and acknowledging his mediocrity. I can be sympathetic to this flaw, I mean who wants to admit they're mediocre? But that still doesn't give him an excuse for constantly treating the others as though they're beneath him because they've failed to achieve the same sort of success in life, especially because based off of where Brent has ended up in life, he hasn't actually had many successes. He's a 40+ year old mid-level manager at company that carries his family's name. There's no shame in that mind you, but don't go around acting like you're a bunch of hot stuff if that's all you've managed to accomplish in your lifetime despite a wealth of riches and resources at your beck and call. Brent is the classic example of someone who was born on third base but thinks he hit a triple.
  2. Reading the article, it appears that there have been more than just two accusers over the years. The article mentions the names of three other women who claim Polanski raped them sometime in the late 70s and early 80s when they still were teenagers. Their accusations were made public during the past 10 years.
  3. As a very fat black woman, I would rather have the British tabloids calling me fat, which I am, than making racist comments about me. Even when I was slim this wouldn’t have bothered me, probably because it would so obviously have not been true. Either way, while criticizing someone for their weight is very rude, I do not take it to be worse than the sort of character assassination that Markle is going through
  4. That implies that she cares if people find her job useless. She’s been in on the joke for years Yes. I’m sorry I can’t find a link to the article I read years ago on the subject, but she was interviewed about her job and legacy and she made it clear that she knows any idiot can do her job. She had a really good sense of humor about it.
  5. The funny thing is, even his girlfriend and former prosecutor, Kimberly Guilfoyle didn't want to get near his stink on that issue. She kept distancing herself from him in the retelling of the tweet. (Paraphrase) Sunny: Do you know it's a felony to release the name of a whistleblower? DJT: I didn't release the name. Sunny: You did release the name. Kimberly: Well, umm, see ... Sunny: Did you, Kimberly, advise DTJr that it was legal to release the name? Kimberly: No, no, of course not. I mean, let's make it clear, I was NOT there when he did it. I had stepped into the bathroom to brush my teeth, but when I came back into the room and found out what he did I was shocked! None of this matters though because he didn't leak the name since it was already out.
  6. I agree that there is no one right way to grieve; and like I said before, I don't mind Meghan posting those T + whatever number of days photos. There is however a wrong way to grieve. Using your grief as an excuse to be abusive towards others, especially your coworkers, is wrong. It is something both good and bad people do. The difference is good people will usually feel some sense of shame, embarrassment, guilt or regret for their actions and then course correct. It's been two years since Sen. McCain's diagnosis and Meghan has yet to course correct. I'm pretty sure I know the reason why.
  7. I wish Sunny would just let it rip on Meghan one day. Sunny clearly knows her stuff, and so often looks like she's trying not to give Meghan the what for, but that really needs to end. McCain hasn't taken the hint that Hostin is going light on her all of the time. I don't mind Sunny's cutesy moments in that interview or on the show. I don't know, I find them ... cute. She doesn't have to be cutesy mind you, but if that's part of the way she sees herself, then that doesn't bother me.
  8. Eh, my mom was my best friend when she died and she was only 43. I was 14 years old. I always kind of look at my life with her as a gift. None of us is guaranteed tomorrow. I'm not sure why Meghan doesn't see it the same way considering her father was SO old and she had plenty of time with him. Twenty years later and I still think about my mom everyday. I just don't go around lording it over people that my mother died from cancer, which she did. I am especially not and never was under the misconception that I was the first to be dealt this hand, something Meghan appeared to be unaware of during her father's illness and even after his death if I'm to be honest. It's not that she's grieving. I don't even mind the Day 531 posts or whatever, but for me, the way she has spoken about her father's illness in the past made has made me feel that she believes she is the only one who has ever in the history of all mankind been dealt such a blow. I guess it falls in line with her whole narcissist thing.
  9. It's hard for me to call anything tame that has full frontal footage of explicit sex acts. I'm like some of the other posters in that I like Kathryn Hahn. I don't even know how this show got onto my Amazon Prime watch list. I must have added it upon seeing Hahn in the thumbnail. The son is a jerk, but he's a believable jerk, sadly enough. Yes, she apologized for "being mean" at the party. I was waiting for the twist where she ... I don't know, humiliated or cussed him out or something. I've been sent a lot of dick pics, all unsolicited (I'm on a couple of dating apps; men really like to send unsolicited dick pics. Please stop it, men), and they have never ever made me want to jump on the dick in question. I was like ... that's it? She's seen his dick before; they've had sex. He treats her like shit, sends her a picture of his dick, which, I will reiterate, she has seen before, and all is forgiven and she just shows up and blows him? What? (I know this wasn't the point of the episode, but I was so bothered by it.) This part I did not believe, or at least I did not get. This girl has enough awareness to shut out the son when she unexpectedly runs into him at the party and doesn't buy any of his excuses but then changes her mind less than twenty-four hours later because he sent her a dick pic? Huh? I guess we're supposed to believe that she always wanted to hook up with him, but was just being stubborn the night of the party? The problem is, I don't know many (read: any) women who are aroused by the sight of a dick pic. I don't know. That just made no sense to me.
  10. I may be remembering this wrong, but I believe he only takes the filter off when Michael suggests it. There's another scene towards the end where Brent is back at the links and he's using the filter again. It's not smug to be repulsed by those who would look down on you for not coming from their background which is exactly what Brent did to everyone the second he set foot in the Good Place. If there's bad blood between him and Team Cockroach/Simone over that matter, he's the one provoking it. As we can see, Tahani judges others based on her upbringing all of the time but she's not an ass about it, unlike Brent. And yes, Brent is a product of his circumstance, but at a certain point people cannot use their upbringings as a crutch for poor behavior. Michael, and I believe Eleanor, have taken multiple occasions to explain to Brent why his behavior is hurtful towards others. I think he took it to heart maybe once or twice, but for the most part he doesn't care. I also agree with this: I do think the strategies Team Cockroach is using to convince Brent he doesn't belong in either the Good Place or the Best Place are not going to work. He needs a different impetus than the ones he's received so far. Like some have already mentioned, he's a guy with little to no self awareness who thinks he deserves to be in the Good Place so pointing out his flaws is going to backfire since, by virtue of being in the Good Place he doesn't think he has any. Perhaps @jmonique's idea of placing a "Good Brent" would work, or perhaps they should surround him with people who came from a similar socioeconomic background who actually did noble things. They could start to get him to question how he made it to the Good Place. I don't know. I'm just spitballing here. As to the other parts of the episode: I loved seeing Jason dance and I liked the conversation between Bad Janet and Michael. I hope it has a good payoff though. I'm somewhat worried Bad Janet is going to do something evil with that book Michael gave her and I'm half convinced the book will inspire her to do something good. I don't know. I'm just curious to see where this goes.
  11. I love Vicki. I loved her when she was playing Good Eleanor, and I liked her when she was just being her insufferable demon self. That actress cracks me up. I saw her in a movie with the actress who plays Cece in New Girl and they were great. I'm sad to see her go. Could someone explain something to me. It was bothering me in the previous episode where we learned that Good Janet was really Bad Janet. How is that neighborhood still running? Good Janet said she was controlling everything and that it was very difficult managing all of the people and the facade and everything, right? When the demons switch out Good Janet for Bad Janet and then marblize Good Janet, shouldn't that have stopped the simulation? I mean, I guess the show is trying to imply that Bad Janet was running the simulation in Good Janet's absence, but how could she do that? Also, now we have Derek running everything ... I don't know, I got confused. I guess I think of Janet as a computer, which I probably shouldn't, but I guess I don't see how someone could access to the files she was running when they're on her hard drive. I don't know, that's the only plot hole that's been bugging me.
  12. That was my understanding of the judge's rules, but I may have misunderstood. I always thought that the point of the new experiment was to show that at least some humans can improve, not necessarily all humans.
  13. I think that this was also my favorite moment. The actor who played Ben was laughing so hard his face turned red and white. He looked like he was going to pop a blood vessel. That level of Jonah hate gets my support. Me too. She clearly just doesn't get subtext. The thing is, I think Minna does get subtext. I mean she advised Selena on the Chinese talks and correctly predicted every reaction the Chinese were going to have right down the the inappropriateness of Selena's outfit. I think when we saw her in the earlier seasons she was also pretty astute at understanding cultural nuance (I can't think of any specific examples though). I just think she and Selena are two different people when it comes to both politics and personal matters. It drove me crazy when Selena couldn't just have an honest conversation with Minna about going through menopause. Selena's so obsessed with being thought of as young and cute that she can't bear the thought of someone saying she's entering menopause, even though if we're to trust Gary's reaction, she has definitely entered menopause. I think Minna for the most part is more direct than Selena because that is Minna's preferred style of communication, but if she needed to be indirect or subtle she could probably adjust. Maybe she couldn't. I don't know. What I do know is that she had to be aware that on some level greeting Selena with (paraphrase) "Hello Madame President, I have not seen you since you failed to vote for me to win such and such seat on the IMF board" was going to make Selena feel awkward. I like Minna though, I like her a lot. Her directness is pretty awesome in my opinion.
  14. Hi, I wanted to read old posts about The Man in the High Castle and when I clicked on the current forum, the first post links to a vaulted forum. There seems to be no vaulted forum however. The link just takes me to this page, and when I search The Vault there is no The Man in the High Castle topic. Is it lost forever? Also, as an aside, I notice that when I try to bookmark vaulted forums to appear on my customized homepage, they never do. Is this supposed to be the case? Thanks.
  15. That would be a shame if that is the case. IMO, it would be nice if the Queen said something too. Or Charles, or whoever. These people are family and Meghan hasn't really done anything wrong. If these attacks on her are at an unprecedented level due to her race, then the Queen shouldn't restrict herself by responding to said attacks in a traditional way. That doesn't mean she HAS to come out with a statement, but for her to bar William and Catherine from coming out with one is a bit harsh (if she has indeed done that.) Otherwise it's Will and Kate choosing not to say anything.
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