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  1. Yeah, he would have to be the grandson who was on the show. I read his obituary and didn’t see a cause of death. My condolences to his family (his poor mother is a widow). 😓
  2. NC beach house: The husband was very good looking. Those Polynesian genes!
  3. Nevis: I liked the real estate guy. I wanted to smack the mom every time she mentioned there was no bath tub. Excuse me, didn’t you hear Di Juan say they were not common? Can’t she buy a small plastic tub to use? I liked the place they picked since it had the screened in patio and was right on the beach. Is it easier to get into a Caribbean medical school?
  4. Italy: I loved all the cats strolling around! One was walking across a roof. Then the two doggies! I wouldn’t have any problem sleeping on a sofa bed in the living room if I could stay for free at a friend’s house in Italy!
  5. What tartan would a guy from the Cayman Islands wear?
  6. I’m loving this show even though I wasn’t a huge BB fan. I was there for the first run, but Star Trek, Dark Shadows, and Lost in Space were my jams.
  7. That’s what I think of too when I hear the term. That’s why I was wondering why she kept mentioning it. I was like, WTF, they aren’t in the middle of nowhere!
  8. So the broom closet was in Alice’s room! 😆
  9. Aberdeen: If they are tight on money, dude sure can’t afford to buy a formal kilt ensemble. 🙄 I liked the real estate lady. Man, that ice cream looked yummy!
  10. Ithaca, NY: Why did the wife keep asking if the house was “off the grid”? I didn’t like any of those houses. The one they picked had weird shaped, tiny rooms upstairs and shoddy renovations. Good thing the husband knows about construction.
  11. I could swear it was mentioned that the restoration of the fireplace would cost $7000. Otherwise the cost of the chimney removal wouldn’t have surprised me. 🤨
  12. Another fun episode! I enjoy seeing how they are trying to recreate the furnishings without resorting to making exact replicas. BTW, Barry is still looking good! 😏 They had to have the bunks custom made, IIRC.
  13. Question re: the latest reno: I thought it was stated that making the fireplace useable would cost $7000, but when the fireplace was being demolished the cost flashed on the screen for removing the chimney was $10,000! Huh? Did I misread or mishear something?
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