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  1. The woman who needed a “crafting” room and a room for her energy 💩 was annoying. The view of the lake from the backyard of the house they picked was beautiful.
  2. Not much else to add except I loved Guillermo taking his break and blowing off Nadja. Poor Nadja doll! 😞
  3. Wilmington: And they weren’t even married or even living together! Run, dude! I liked the third house in the city. Yeah, the one with the brick garage ruins in the backyard.
  4. June 9, 2020 is a Tuesday. According to the AP website, the new season begins on June 13.
  5. I wondered about that too since it was in the online tv listings I look at on Sundays to see what the tv week holds. From the corner blurb thing(don’t know the technical term!) I saw during HH tonight, it’s been pushed back a week.
  6. Did Felicia make her earrings out of decorations she took off of a funeral wreath? I think she got her haircut by a dog groomer.
  7. I was hoping they would have the former XLers commenting on the episodes each week. ☹️ I pity the team Kate wanders in on. She shouldn’t have been allowed to take the bow and arrow. Those crocs getting so close to the boma was genuinely scary.
  8. I watched “The Zoo” and cried, then watched the “Homeland Vets” I had DVR’d and cried! 😭
  9. It appeared that holding the old man’s cane (the one he speared into the scarecrow’s heart) controlled the scarecrow. When it was about to kill the boy, he was able to grab the cane. When he did, the scarecrow cowered before him.
  10. Veronica was adorbs skipping around! I lost it over Sammy the cat because I have been there done that. 😥 I wish his family had been there with him. It’s hard, but I was glad I was there with my babies when they left.
  11. Poor Rimba. ☹️ He was so gorgeous. I bet that gutted his keepers. I know I cried. The porcupines were cute. Quite a prickly romance! 😏Hope they have lots of porcupettes.
  12. I was so happy for that calf helped by the hydrotherapy! It was cute how the other cows ran over to greet him. I saw Mike the blind bull give him a little head bump. 🥰
  13. We never saw Joshua ask “What do you need me to do?” either, IIRC. Of course they used the duct tape after Joshua left. Why wouldn’t they?
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