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  1. LittleIggy

    S02.E05: What Would Candy Do?

    Elektra! Ugh! What a horrible mother! Did she kick Ricky out of Wintour? It still kills me how she treats Blanca (best mother ever!) like trash yet runs to her when she is in crisis. I used to watch the original Solid Gold Dancers. 😆 Guess Madonna wasn’t interested in authentic Voguers. Next week’s preview freaked me out! 😱
  2. LittleIggy

    House Hunters

    Boston: Guess they can go rock climbing in their “backyard.” 🙄
  3. LittleIggy

    House Hunters International

    Glasgow: Geeze, those people were so picky. I got sick of the husband harping on the shape of the rooms. Then they end up renting the most expensive place which was unfurnished.
  4. LittleIggy

    House Hunters

    I didn’t find him attractive at all.
  5. LittleIggy

    Hanging With the Hendersons

    Barrington is such an adorable dog. I want to hug him. 💕 Poor little Sheltie had cancer. ☹️ Where did that couple find a sweater big enough for that Great Dane? Too cute. I love Dr. Tony’s accent.
  6. LittleIggy

    The Great Food Truck Race

    For me, the thing that comes to mind re: the “crickets” thing is a sound effect (crickets chirping) used to signify something being empty.
  7. LittleIggy

    House Hunters International

    Brazil: The dad took one for the team by letting himself be presented as the guy who was more concerned about the length of his commute to work rather than his kids’ to school. At least the kids weren’t obnoxious.
  8. LittleIggy

    Naked and Afraid XL

    Karma is a beyotch, eh, Jeffy? I don’t understand Duck leaving.
  9. LittleIggy

    Dr. Jeff, Rocky Mountain Vet

    Dr. Jeff B. is a mensch. 💕 Love the lawn mower tortoises. 😆 Pinky was such a sweetheart. So glad she got a forever home.
  10. LittleIggy

    The Incredible Dr. Pol

    Booka had a big ol’ face! I wanted to hug him. I wondered about why no operation on Twix to begin with too. Probably cost prohibitive for the owner. Always great to see Tater! Pig Pig was too cute! Little fatty! Charles the gofer! 😆 Poor Charley Barley! I’m not male, but even I was crossing my legs during his procedure. 😏
  11. LittleIggy

    S06.E05: The Kill

  12. LittleIggy

    House Hunters

    Hawaii: Another place where you can spend close to a million bucks to buy a dump needing major renovation.
  13. LittleIggy

    S06.E05: The Kill

    Poor moose. I muted the sound so I wouldn’t hear his cries. Can Jordan effectively smoke/preserve the moose meat the way he is doing it? Why didn’t he bring a big knife if he planned on hunting large game?
  14. LittleIggy

    House Hunters International

    I lived in China so I know about haggling. In this case it just made the guy seem like a jerk especially since he hadn’t even seen the place!
  15. LittleIggy

    House Hunters

    Seattle: I liked the couple (cat people!). Guess if you are from NYC Seattle seems reasonable in terms of homes! 😆 I loved the third house.