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  1. Maybe it was like Schitt’s Creek.
  2. Is the furniture shown in the reveal staging or part of price of the reno? Does it go or stay? I didn’t see your post and asked the same thing!
  3. If Eamonn Walker left, that would be it for me. I have the hots for that man and his sexy growl of a voice. I need him whispering sweet nothings in one of my ears and Jason Statham doing the same in the other! 😏
  4. The hospital is officially “Gaffney Chicago Medical Center.” You can see the name on Dr. Charles’s white coat and on the scrubs.
  5. The Enemy Upstairs: I looked up this case, and, while Smitty was almost 80 when he was murdered, his wife Yvette was 62 and Bruce was 59. The casting made it look as if Yvette and Bruce were much younger. Anyway, I hope Mary the neighbor bought a lottery ticket the next day because, boy, was she lucky.
  6. They said the coffee maker was used infrequently, mainly holidays, IIRC. So I guess having it out of the way worked for them. I loved the bathroom, especially the bold floor tile. I really loved that light fixture over the kitchen island. What a focal point. Much better than the “booby light.” 😆 Jen, quit meeting with your clients dressed in a tank top and Daisy Dukes. You look like a teen going to cheerleading practice. Not professional...well, depends on the profession...😏
  7. There wouldn’t be any water left in a pool after he jumped in! 💦
  8. Thanks for the link. What an incredible building. I hope it gets restored. Just keep Alison Victoria away from it. She’ll paint everything black!
  9. Natalie the lying thief. She doesn’t even care that Will’s ass is on the line over those drugs. Bitch. Maggie just happens to meet her biological daughter. 🙄
  10. What was that dilapidated place where the gang took the women there towards the end? It looked like an old opera house. I love old buildings.
  11. I know he was much heavier in the past. He was on Reaper, but Iggy refers to himself as fat now. He isn’t. Does the tribe have a casino? 😏
  12. Thanks. I had never heard him referred to as anything but “Shin.” Cassian is an odd name for a Korean (I know he was adopted but still...).
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