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  1. Why didn’t the Creole Queens pick seafood? Guess they thought (like me) they would get cuts of meat instead of hamburger!
  2. I’m so protective of Baby Yoda that I yell at the screen “Don’t hurt my baby!” 😄 Can’t Mando take his helmet off in front of the baby. I want to see Pedro Pascal have face time with Baby Yoda.
  3. I wouldn’t watch the show without Amy and Nick. I love their goofiness.
  4. Rebecca’s shed wasn’t hippie at all. Simon commented on that.
  5. It would drive me insane just having to listen to that song for 95 minutes! 🤪 I was hoping that Lexie was recording Granny during their subsequent conversation. No such luck. You mean that sick Japanese film?
  6. OMG, Ginsburg the puppy was so adorbs! Nope, I’m not getting in that crate! 😆
  7. Ivar has realized that he has hitched his star to an MF even crazier than he is. I thought those women told Lagertha that their men were dead, but after those men Bjorn stupidly “exiled” attacked, they said their men were killed. The priestess was cool, but I couldn’t stand seeing that poor goat about to be sacrificed. Hvitserk needs rehab STAT! King Olaf is bat shit crazy too.
  8. I’m glad Jesse’s room won. It was so imaginative. I love Floyd but his room really was off.
  9. That face was an “if looks could kill” face, wasn’t it?
  10. I didn’t see the cubicle makeovers as something one would do in real life at work.
  11. I’m not young, but I have oversized glasses. They look great on me. I don’t get the hate. Rosarita: Wasn’t that the same condo building the sweet couple from NV chose a few weeks ago?
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