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  1. What I want to happen but won’t: Hope: “Congratulations, Thomas. I hope you and Zoe will be very happy!”
  2. Why is the Head of Neurology down in the ED on what seem like random cases? This has happened with other department heads too. It’s like the head partner of a law firm handling traffic cases.
  3. Of course, that’s always the giveaway. I also think the wife was showing off her boob job.
  4. Is someone telling JMW that those wigs are flattering? Is she gullible enough to believe it.
  5. I figured they were going to institute tele-medicine. The NA doctors would consult with rural hospitals through teleconferencing.
  6. Bloomington, IN: I loved that Craftsman house they picked. It was odd that the kitchen had so many sinks! BTW, the wife’s constant grinning bugged me.
  7. I like “The Vet Life.” One of my faves. I like “Hanging with the Hendersons,” too.
  8. I remember how over the top Dr. Blue was during the first season of “The Vet Life.” He still has an ebullient personality but has settled down. 😁
  9. Belize guy: I hope someone buys that other house (with the indoor fountain). I would like to see it fixed up. Helpful hint: If you are going to be on HT and your episode is taped in the summer, don’t wear a light blue (or just about any color) shirt. Just stick to white! 😆
  10. I was embarrassed for his wife. How did she end up with him?
  11. Hope is an idiot. She deserves whatever Tommy Boy does to her. BTW, did she use an electric hand mixer to do her hair?
  12. Todd was the highlight of the show. We need more Todd! I really don’t understand the thing about the girl passing a tapeworm to her mother through a kiss. Were they French kissing? 🤢 How is sharing a meal and apparently having a good time less guilt-inducing than going to a play? Seemed much more intimate to me.
  13. 2/17 episode: That ceiling fan in the screen porch was neat. I loved that chair Ben made.
  14. At least someone who lived in Belize will be used to the South MS climate. I didn’t see the episode.
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