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  1. Studio City: I thought they said the HH was a writer, a term open to a lot of interpretations.
  2. I got Miller’s Crossing vibes from the hit on Gaetano’s house by Swannee and Zelmare. The opera music, the gunshots heard downstairs reminded me of the hit on Albert Finney except he came out on top there. Love that movie!
  3. Antoon’s wife is Josto’s sister, right? The previews didn’t have closed captions so I couldn’t catch exactly what Calamata said when they were standing around his body. I thought he said Rabbi killed the sister. Did he? Doesn’t sound like something Rabbi would do. For once I’m with Oraetta — I would have killed the gout guy, too! 😆
  4. I was afraid of that, too. She got lucky. Cardi was a cutie.
  5. I missed the beginning few minutes of tonight’s epi. Did Caitlyn inherit that house? They kept mentioning just her and the two little sons. Was she divorced or widowed? Just curious. I really like Bryan. He has a good sense of humor. I like Sarah better here than I did on Renovation Island.
  6. Then there was the cop who couldn’t believe Cindy would have passed on those yummy fries if she was on the up and up. 😆
  7. All I could think of is how great it would be to have an avocado tree (wonder how old that huge tree was?) and an orange tree in your backyard. Guacamole and OJ galore! 🍊 😋
  8. I really felt for the prosecutor who said “you couldn’t believe” how many naked pictures of the cheaters/killers he had to go through. Poor guy! Hope he got hazardous duty pay! He may have PTSD now. 😆
  9. So what? Lafayette is in the heart of Cajun Country. What difference does proximity to NO make? Maybe they took French in HS or college. I took French when I was in college in LA.
  10. DeAngelo read the clue because he mentioned hooking up the horn early on. Yay, DeAngelo! I warmed up to the Louisiana Sisters when one mentioned the LSU colors, purple and gold. LSU is my undergrad Alma mater. Geaux Tigers!
  11. Seriously. I don’t remember which place it was, but when they showed the kitchen I was like “Nice big kitchen!” and the wife immediately said it was small. 🙄 And God forbid two of the kids would have to share a room! 🤭
  12. I’m with you there. Chica was all for the gift grab potential. 🙄
  13. Guess I’m the only person enjoying this season. No, it’s not as good as prior seasons, but I love the period setting and the all around weirdness of the franchise. I also love mob stories. And Timothy Olyphant. BTW, I wonder who those white guys are who apparently are allied with Cannon’s gang and who want to kill Eye-ties.
  14. Alison paints natural wood tones black.
  15. We finally got to see Cara’s husband right at the end (I assume that was him). The apartment looked great. I would love to have drinks with Bernadette. She is a force of nature. I loved how she had the poor electrician come up and eat. Made me hungry for fish and chips! 😋
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