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  1. Near Brisbane: I like the boyfriend. He was funny. Nuts to buy a house with someone you have known for only three months.
  2. I think the RV looked better than the place she bought.
  3. Outback OZ: I was surprised that the rents were relatively high in a place out in the boondocks. It was interesting to see a place in OZ that wasn’t on the coast.
  4. OMG, Steffy Fauxrister called Hope and Brook self-righteous and sanctimonious? GMAFB! How nice to learn that Felony Flo has been reduced to one photo in the opening montage. Yeah, I’m sick of hearing everyone talk about how wonderful Paris is, but at least she isn’t a child-trafficking criminal who got off scot free.
  5. I liked the Mammoth trumpeting “Hey, what’s up, guys” then going about his biz. I’m glad it was renewed. It’s dumb, escapist fun to watch.
  6. Years ago my mother used to make gingerbread from a mix. It had a cake-like consistency and was delish.
  7. Yeah, Hope requests that Lame not discuss their marriage with Steffy, then as soon as she leaves the room, he does just that! 🙄
  8. I kept saying “F*ck you, Ridge” and “F*ck you, Steffy” during Monday’s episode. Like father, like daughter.
  9. I didn’t check the price. I’ll look next time I’m there (which is often!).
  10. I knew Jody had effed up when he expressed his delight at getting fruit cake. Keeping a poker face is important at times on this show. Had Jody never heard the Hanukkah story before? Seriously? BTW, I love banana pudding and bread pudding. 😋 I don’t care for Adam either.
  11. The only other equine I saw was said pony. I just didn’t like the woman. She seemed to have such a sense of entitlement.
  12. I couldn’t tolerate him even if he looked like Lee Byung-Hun.
  13. Sunshine Coast: I’m an animal lover, but I got so sick of the wife going on and on about Eddie, her horse (sure didn’t see anyone else riding him). She just came off as selfish, IMO. I loved the first house.
  14. Yep, that was my point. Time travel stuff sometimes makes my brain go 🤯.
  15. Cabo: OMG! I loved that place they got. I kept saying “They better pick that first place”! Seemed like a nice couple.
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