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  1. Spain: Nice to see the Silver Fox again. Why on earth did the HH call the (too big for her) house a chalet? It wasn’t a chalet. When she said for the millionth time that she wanted to be on the water, I was like “Then live on a boat, bitch.”
  2. You are giving her waaay too much credit! 😄
  3. Again, then why not just paint the shelves black? 🤨
  4. I watch this show for Kevin, of course, but mainly to see what housing is like in other countries and to snark on the HHs. I don’t watch it for a realistic depiction of the house hunting process.
  5. Since Norm McDonald died today, I thought of “Turd Ferguson” during those scenes. RIP, Norm. I couldn’t stand the decoupage floor. The white floor was fine. MJ and Corey went overboard with the flamethrower on the wood. The first pass looked good. It did bring out the grain. However, they kept on and the result was blackened wood. Might as well have painted the wood black.
  6. Brisbane: I like Maxine. I liked the “studio” but I wonder if it didn’t have AC. I didn’t see any units. Wonder why the HH had to take a very big pay cut? He said Brisbane was expensive.
  7. I didn’t want the Smug Bros to win, but their build was the best tonight. The waterfall night effect was cool.
  8. “Hey, honey, I watched a video on YouTube, so I can do your root canal now. I’m charging up the power drill!” 😄
  9. Denise and Jim looked as if they were going to a “key party.” 😏
  10. Naples, FL: If that anorexic drag queen-looking thing had said “bling” one more time, I think I would have gone Elvis on my TV! OMG, did she really think she looked sexy in those crop tops and miniskirts? She used to be pretty judging by the old photos. And she’s a psychologist? 🤦‍♀️
  11. Yeah, it’s a pity that they are breeding. 😏
  12. I agree that Tad is a moron. Mina needs to stop encouraging his antics. I like Corey and Austin.
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