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  1. I’m glad they decided to keep and refurbish the pond. Making it a mini wildlife spot would be a bonus for the resort, IMO.
  2. I’ve always liked Dr. Tompkins. Loved the brother. At least Althia didn’t have piles of empty pizza boxes and other garbage in her hoard like the previous two this season. When they were in the basement, I saw an antique cash register in the background. Bet that could sell for a decent amount. Will Matt be on this season?
  3. Did Bulent have any proficiency in bow hunting? Serious question. I never saw his original stint on N & A.
  4. I loved seeing Charlie getting beaten up. That was some backstory. So Charlie procured boys for the town pederast. 🤔 I knew Wayne couldn’t get away yet, but I wanted to slap him upside the head for saving Manx and getting in the Wraith. 🙄
  5. Bulent is a drama queen because nobody was screaming and yelling at him. I do think Gwen should have gone down to where Bulent was supposed to be if there were so freaking many antelopes that they were begging to be killed. Good on Suzanne for making the shoes. Bet they had to shower for an hour to get all that dirt, grime and stank off! 🤭
  6. Poor little hedgehogs. ☹️ The woman said it was her daughter’s but you could tell she loved it and was about to cry. I was so angry with the woman who brought in the calico who was close to death because of fleas. You 🤬! Why wasn’t the cat you claimed to love so much not on a flea preventative if you let her go outside? And couldn’t you tell she was infested with fleas? Wonder if the poor kitty survived. Was that colt who cut his leg a Percheron? He was beautiful. Dr. Nicole is such a delight. I love her personality.
  7. I can’t watch the poor rabbits still alive in the trap. ☹️ Wow, only 4 left.
  8. Los Angeles: A 900 sq. foot house selling for almost half a million bucks. 🤦‍♀️ Boise: Second time seeing these guys, and another great job. Technically not a “flip” though! 😏
  9. More like former “best friend” now.
  10. Too bad for us Sherry didn’t hoard any bras.
  11. What two dogs? The only dogs I saw were at her office.
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