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  1. I thought the condiment slices seemed gross, too. I don’t want to chew mayo or ketchup. The Bubbly Blaster guys were funny. Glad they got a deal.
  2. Zoe wants Zende to make the moves on her so she can justify dumping Carter. Trifling heifer. If you don’t want to marry Carter, then break up with the poor guy. Don’t expect Zende to be there to pick up the pieces.
  3. I loved Liam and Steffy being read for filth today! 👏👏 Hope’s line about “what your mother called mine all the time” was perfect. 😆
  4. Ipswich, Oz: That Queenslander was awesome! Couldn’t she have worn some decent jeans? The ripped up kind should be left to teens, IMO.
  5. Shouldn’t the drone have been kept intact for evidence against the dick who was flying it recklessly and injured the woman (I rewound so I could look at nose hole. Good fx makeup work).
  6. When she said “You can’t do that!” to Ethan, I was like “Oh, yes, he can, bitch!” Please don’t put my hottie Crockett with Natalie! That is a crime against humanity. 😡
  7. @Joimiaroxeu I think Steffy’s wig is a sentient alien life form that is growing bigger and stronger by the day. Must thrive on the steady diet of scenery chewing. Seriously though, does JMW think that bulky mess on her head looks good? 😬
  8. I love donkeys! They are totes cute.
  9. I loved Paris telling Zoey “NO!” when Zoey ordered her to go Ridge and rescind her acceptance of the job offer. To paraphrase Joe Biden, “Woman, would you just shut-up!” 😆
  10. Atlanta: Those weren’t gargoyles! Those were gryphons. 🙄 What is it with parents not making their kids do things like mowing the lawn?
  11. Oh, hell yes! Zoey acts as if she has some authority over Paris. Bitch, please. Zende and Paris make a cute couple, IMO. Suck it, Zoey. I still remember how Liam talked to Hope as if she were a dog when he thought she had merely kissed Thomas. I hope she puts him on phaser kill setting when she hears about the pregnancy.
  12. Good to have the show back! Yeah, Bag Man was hella creepy. I hope he got the idiot principal, too, I didn’t get the ending of “Elliot.” The janitor kept following him all his life? And, no, I wouldn’t go down into that basement either. 😬 They should have stayed in the closet!
  13. Those idiots couldn’t tell that the poor puppy was hypothermic? Thank goodness the poor baby survived. BTW, Dr. Ray is very nice-looking. That poor chicken! I love Tater! He makes me smile every time I see him.
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