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  1. mojito

    Flip Or Flop

    West Covina flip Pickins must be awfully slim in southern California. Tarek and Christina are paying so much for homes and driving so far to get to them. I guestimated that West Covina was around 25 miles from their starting point of Buena Park. If it takes an hour and a half to get there, that's a driving distance of under 17 mph! The mulch, for me, would be fine if they had put (and filled with soil) a bunch of raised garden beds. But even at that, far too much space was devoted to mulch. That small patch of grass looked silly. They made a nice profit on this home. I wonder when or if they'll reach the point in the market where flipping just isn't profitable anymore in southern CA?
  2. mojito

    Boise Boys

    Red, funny how people move to places with open spaces and then expect the places to remain open for the rest of time. They act as though their arrival 20 years ago didn't piss someone off 20 years ago. There were just fewer pissed off people then. If you want to ensure open space, you'd probably better buy the open space. I was in Sedona in the early-80s and people (probably themselves fairly new to the area) were grumbling about the flood of new-agey newcomers. I can't say that I'm one who would update a place and then add permanent items that are old, grungy, rusted, etc. (in this case, I'm thinking about the bathtub as described by what's-his-name). I'd rather put the character in furnishings and other removable things. The kitchen had far too few cabinets, and the scale of the copper light fixture was absurd. I loved the outside of the place. If I were in the market for a home in Boise, I would've been disappointed that the whole place wasn't renovated as a home.
  3. mojito

    Hidden Potential

    How does anyone sit comfortably in a chair with all those damned pillows? I'd welcome the theft, but be pissed that I'd paid for such useless crap. If I had a nickel for every time Jasmine used the words "beach" or "beachy"...
  4. mojito

    Hidden Potential

    Warning: I'm on a soapbox here. I've watched a few more of these shows. I see that the videographers show clips of kids playing on the streets to depict that these streets are not heavily trafficked (thus justifying the build that is done to make the front yard more usable) but I never see any of this activity in any of the overhead views of the neighborhood. Some of the clips seemed to be filmed in parking lots of schools or churches that are empty. My observations aside, I'm glad that there is more attention being given to front yards. Front yards, to me, are much like formal living areas or formal dining rooms. Good for looks but otherwise under-utilized areas. I have a neighbor who uses his front yard a lot (I don't know what his back yard is like, but I do know that there's more shade out front). While maybe some of the toys could be stored out of view (I've heard at least one neighbor comment on the tackiness of the Fisher Price Toys kind of play gear out there), I'm okay with the tree swing and the bicycle out front. I have another neighbor who grows vegetables in his front yard, much to his wife's chagrin, who thought it was tacky. But the light is better there and I say "why not?" I have to research this further, but I'm told that the manicured front lawn is a more modern trend, that people once gardened out front, too. I'm all for growing 'maters and 'taters and other veggies out front. Oh, and I'm all for lounging and eating out there, too. You paid for all that land, use it! I'd like to see Jasmine feature a vegetable garden within the confines of one of her fenced front yards.
  5. mojito

    Hidden Potential

    I've recently watched a few shows and saw at least one clip of young girls on scooters on the street. Where I live (cul-de-sac), we don't have front porches. I remember one spring evening, my neighbors (people from 4 of the 8 homes) were gathered on my driveway talking, sitting on the concrete. One thing we talked about is how nice it would've been to have front porches. Can't have informal impromptu gatherings of the neighbors like that in the back yard. I like this show a lot. Construction without drama, and I don't have to know Jasmine's personal business in the process.
  6. It's funny to see Christina wince at a request for white cabinets when that's been her thing for a few years now. It's clear that these flippers are torn between what will sell and moving forward on design. Knowing that Christina considered styles "classic" that she now thinks is overdone proves to me that she doesn't understand what "classic" is if she think it's overdone. I've only seen one episode, the one where she was fixing up a place for her friend. I haven't returned to the show. Just not into Christina as a personality, which I think this show heavily sells. I'm just not into other people's lifestyles, lives, and children. Real property. That's what I like to see transformed. And that doesn't include impractical open shelves and staging.
  7. mojito

    Good Bones

    Nice house. Won't mind if I never hear the words "forever home" again. I don't usually notice such things, but when Steve and Mina broke the news of Mina's pregnancy to Karen (who was in a bath robe), the microwave clock read "2:33" and when they walked out of the kitchen, the clock read "9:04". Less fake drama, more work, please.
  8. mojito

    House Hunters International

    Chicago to Amsterdam Were these two for real? They struck me as being completely fake. She with her need for closets for all her hats, he with his need for a large 3-bedroom that "feels like Amsterdam"( yet he went crazy over a place that looked just as sterile as the others). Also, those hardwoods....I wondered if they were laminate. Of course, they thought their $1M budget should have gotten them more because, well, Amsterdam should be more appreciative of their investment. They're Americans after all. And they're so cool.
  9. mojito

    Restored by the Fords

    I liked this episode. Leanne designed Steve's warehouse-home. All black, gray, and white, but it was clearly to Steve's taste. It seems that Steve has lived comfortably in apartments using a sleeping bag for bedding, so it was interesting to see how he wanted a gigantic kitchen island (concrete, of course) and a steam shower. I get the feeling he lived frugally and was easily able to trick out his new place. Although we know little about him, the living area seemed so him. I also get the feeling that his mother, older sister (he looks like them), and Leanne (she doesn't resemble the others, I don't think), are pleased to see him settle into his own home.
  10. mojito

    Restored by the Fords

    I'm not convinced that Steve has any outstanding skills. He knows something about construction, but he doesn't seem to have many ideas and I've never gotten the impression that he's better than mediocre at any one thing. He certainly doesn't do well speaking in front of the cameras. To me, he's kind of....dim. The one time Leanne can start with white walls is the time she decides to go for color. I like this show, but lately, I've been kind of Bored by the Fords.
  11. mojito

    Flip or Flop Las Vegas

    Aw, thanks. (Think it was I. A couple years ago I wrote something to the effect that her places looked like brothels from the Old West, Hollywood-style. "Bordello glam" is much more succinct. ) I've recently watched the last couple of shows and am still amazed that people like her rather dizzying display of patterns and colors and tchotchkes. BUT I give this couple credit for one major thing. They don't get greedy like some of these flippers do by attaching some ridiculously jacked-up price to their homes. They really seem to price their homes to sell quickly, frequently listing them lower than the (bogus) brokers suggest.
  12. mojito

    TKAA Officially Cancelled

    Well, at least we had the summer of 1972.
  13. mojito

    House Hunters International

    Des Moines to Sidney If she picked that dump just to satisfy him, she deserves to be stuck with him. As for marriage....I don't think that would be much of an end game for either of them, so it's just as well they're not. When he said something like he works for an alcohol distribution company, I immediately thought, "You drive a Budweiser truck."
  14. mojito

    House Hunters International

    This couple couldn't afford Hong Kong or Taiwan, and I doubt they'd want to live in the People's Republic of China (by this I mean the mainland as I believe Taiwan is also part of the PPC) if they could emigrate there at all. If they could, they'd probably be in or near a large city, in which case, there's the air quality to consider. Plenty of people in Malaysia speak Mandarin so I guess it would be a decent place to learn the language. It would certainly be an easier place to live. Chicago to Playa del Carmen I kinda liked this guy and the tight reign he seemed to keep on his backstory. What he told us was believable and complete enough: works a very busy, stressful job, has a friend in Mexico whom he expects to spend a lot of time with (he's her child's godfather), and hopes to have his young nieces and nephews visit. That's pretty much all we got. No mention of friends visiting, no hobbies or interests. Nothing. I appreciated the mystery. I didn't think he was very demanding and he was a pleasant enough guy. Hope the construction nearby quiets down within the year; this seemed to be the best spot.
  15. mojito

    House Hunters International

    Malaysia Wife used not knowing what she was going to have for lunch as an example of her ability to be spontaneous. 😗 She was another mother who fretted about the adjustment for her kids. Kids their ages merely need to figure out the lay of the land and they’re there. You’re only speaking for yourself, Mom. She did a better job than most verbalizing wanting to reside in the familiar while being in an unfamiliar locale. She was okay, though, and I share her sentiment about retaining some American standards in my living space. Left to his own devices, Dad would raise some exceptionally versatile kids (provided they survived the peeling paint of the place he favored). They’re still getting great exposure though, if, that is, they stay abroad long enough for those very young kids to remember the experience.