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  1. I'm thinking this will go on and on. Just as one or both of them decides to split, Lea will turn up pregnant, because, as we know, TV doctors know very little about birth control.
  2. You had to read between the lines. Only the very astute among us caught this. To be honest, though, I had to watch the same scene seven times before I caught on. It's pretty subtle.
  3. Horrible episode with way too much repetition of one particular scene, especially since we'd already seen it before. Is Donovan completely out of business now? It would seem that he would have to leave the area what with all this bad publicity. I'm curious about the three apartments. If I'm renting an apartment, I don't care if mine looks different than the other two. I only care what my apartment looks like. Perhaps AV just needed a diversion because I don't see what all the emphasis on unique apartments had to do with renting them or selling the building.
  4. What losses? Most likely everyone here will be tuned in.
  5. Just watched Tad's Tiny House. Mina stated that the main house is a rental property, so Tad will be one of two tenants; the other house isn't for sale. It's a good thing Carlos built that fold-down table. They acted as though it were an added extra, but it looked like the most comfortable place to eat as the sofa-coffee table situation isn't all that comfortable and climbing the stairs to use the table in the loft would require a lot of work and balancing to get food up there. I wonder if Tad gets to use the garage, too. Seems like sharing it with a stranger could be awkward;
  6. She knows that what Trump said a few years ago is probably true. If he shot someone on Fifth Avenue, he'd get away with it. Right now, she knows that she would be his preferred target. Mika's word of the day: DITZY She is not a convincing ranter. I don't know, she just sounds like she's trying to act outraged.
  7. I really think that Mika should have refrained from the "Good job, Sweetie". The compliment was undeserved and the "Sweetie" on a news program would've pissed off a lot of spouses.
  8. Okay, the first picture is just gratuitous. As for the second picture....I thought the paint job looked blotchy. Solid coat one spot, light coat on the other. I would've preferred one style.
  9. Nope. They're overdoing these homes. If they were in nicer neighborhoods, I could see a family with limited means being happy with a house with enough rooms for the kids and limited living space (and a basement) because the kids could go down the street to the park or ride their bikes on the sidewalks. Not so with the last few homes I've seen.
  10. Willie's just trying to show he has the chops for being an anchor. He's trying to be the adult now. But his dry sense of humor comes through nicely. Anyone remember Willie and Tucker dancing at the end of Tucker's last show? They danced to a Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass tune ("The Mexican Shuffle/Teaberry Gum song?). Willie's got moves.
  11. At the very least, protect those eyes. They're not as durable and capable of being healed as your bones.
  12. Also, just how long would that drywall last with a child swinging on the bed? I liked this house. It was a return to the old Good Bones episodes with a smaller, un-enlarged home and an affordable price tag. Wonder about the neighborhood, though. Maybe these two will sweep into the neighborhood and fix up other homes as they did this one.
  13. Well, they don't have to worry about offending the neighbors in the back. I couldn't see spending $312 with a junky industrial area, parking lot, and apartment building so close by. And no back yard. The back part of the house reminded me of pictures of seen of the old Pullman Sleeper Car (trains). I was reading these comments while on my desktop computer and it occurred to me that I hadn't seen this episode. Thus, I captured two of the things most talked about it while I watched the show. I wonder how many people looking for a home that size would care anything
  14. I wouldn't be interested in selling a home for a $15K profit after four months of work when I could make $40K. Compared to other flippers, these ladies aren't raking in much money at all. I do agree with your sentiment, however. So many people make enough to maintain a home, but not enough to buy one. They're destined to be renters.
  15. Started watching this show from the very beginning. Mike was outmatched by everyone back then. She seemed to have no cultural references to draw from, probably because of her restrictive upbringing (no TV and who knows what else). For some reason, she wasn't able to recall any history to make historical references. And more curious still, she didn't seem to be up to date on recent politics. Once, Jenna Wolfe took her place and geez, the show was noticeably better. I used to refer to Mika as a shadow talker. Someone would say something, and then she would quickly repeat it, as though they
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