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  1. Interesting. I didn't see it that way at all. Jamie was very tired, so it's easy to understand that he could've forgotten the list after a long night's sleep and a run. He didn't strike me as perturbed because Eddie gave him a "Honey Do" list, just a little startled that she'd given him one. I thought it was Eddie who absurdly overreacted to his calling it a "Honey Do" list. She'd never heard the terminology before and instantly takes offense. Her behavior was odd; I thought they were going to spring on us that it was a hormonal issue (as in pregnancy). I was as confused as Jamie. I'm pretty tired of the Three Stooges. There's the analytic one, the hard-headed one, and the one with the icy stare. Frank's rolling down the tinted window, wearing the dark shades, and never making eye contact during the talk that never happened was laughable. I thought it was comical, Erin smacking Anthony around as he lay in bed. They've never seemed more related.
  2. I thought the lady was going to surrender the package to Santa only to watch him scamper off with it. Ever since my request for a pogo stick went unanswered, I've never trusted the guy.
  3. Were any of you HGTV/DIY channel viewers, or reno enthusiasts surprised to see that Nolan had put in new drywall but hadn't yet pulled up the carpet? That seemed really strange to me. Loved Diaz making a beeline to catering and chowing down on that quality grub. Are we the only ones who know that Jackson is gay? Can't recall if that's known by the other two rookies. Harper, comb that child's hair!
  4. Technically, overpasses are bridges, too! 😁 I think this Madame Secretary is bowing out semi-gracefully. It would be nice if more shows would do that and make room for fresher programs. Instead, we get night time soap operas that focus more on "will they or won't they?" than more interesting story lines. I find myself more drawn to books and documentaries these days...
  5. I was expecting Marcus to land Nina in some fabulous fashion job in the end. I'm glad her dedication to her mother and her newly-sparked interest in the company's growth will keep her in the biz. I don't think I've ever had a macaron. 😕
  6. Leah and Glassman are two people who influence Shaun's life in very different ways. Mostly, they're good for him. Sometimes, they're approach doesn't work. They aren't perfect people.
  7. Off E 42nd Street....right? Oh. Are you simply refining the location? Okay. Got it. 😊 What is Henry's job this season? Is just teaching now? The Presidential children are the least interesting thing about this show. Too bad one of them is getting any focus now.
  8. This episode didn't do much for me. I barely remember Shaun's past with his parents, and still don't care. I don't feel that my understanding of Shaun is any different than before, and as much as the show tried to manipulate my emotions, it felt soapy and more like a filler episode than anything else. Someone needs to teach Shaun to lock his motel door.
  9. I don't know about that, but I wrote Lexington or E 42nd Street.
  10. I enjoyed watching Elizabeth and Henry draw up their bucket list and then watching Blake swoop in to get the deets on the wedding. I don't know NYC. But I see that on the right is the Chrysler building. Looking at this map, it seems that Bess and Chen are on a cross street and bridge of Lexington Avenue or E 42nd Street. "What, he'd rather blow up the world than back down to a girl?"
  11. mojito

    S03.E09 Fallout

    I never tried a weighted blanket. But when I first learned of it, I flashed back to the dentist's office and how I felt weirdly good under that weighted apron during x-rays. I want Michael for an ex-husband.
  12. I'm trying to approach this season slowly, too. I'm about to begin the third episode. There are too few shows! I wish the season would expand to 10 (and other shows would retract to 10).
  13. Screened porches might be a thing for some people but where I live, night time does not mean comfortable temps for sitting outside and enjoying a breeze. It's very common for it to still be in the 90s after 8:00 pm. Air conditioned sun rooms are more feasible in summer. When the temps are more bearable, at least in my experience, as in the March-May and October, the mosquitoes aren't out in full force and we will sit outside. If you're real sensitive, there are always products you can use to keep the skeeters at bay. I don't know anyone who has a screened porch or patio.
  14. I didn't dislike this episode. There was no need to change locations, change the product, sell off much of the business, change manufacturers, change packaging. The owner badly needed an attitude adjustment and the business needed to tighten up a bit and do a better job with promotion. Only four employees. Unlike some businesses, I could see immediate profitability in Polar Bear Cooler's future.
  15. I did a couple of re-winds and then just lost interest. Mostly what held my interest was considering how much Carradine reminded me of Thurman.
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