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  1. Right now, I'm wondering how many of these flippers will be left standing as a result of our current economic decline.
  2. They just don't make people as resourceful as they used to. 😒
  3. I kept wondering why Lea had possession of a walkie talkie. Absurd. And really corny, too. I think the overhearing-a-conversation-and-changing-your-mind-about-someone twist is one of the most uncreative, cop-out ways to turn a plot. It's awfully insulting to the viewing audience because it's the kind of thing that would impressive a nine-year old maybe, but nobody else who has ever watching anything else. Such lazy writing. So is Carly really, finally gone? I'm wondering if the writers have decided to focus more on the hospital now. Calm things down a little for Shaun domestically (although the next big thing will be Lea's troubled pregnancy) and bring in a doctor who really makes his life miserable at work. We can watch Morgan's misery, too, while Claire and Lim spend the whole season denying their love for each other.
  4. I didn't care for the split-level kitchen or the thing over the fireplace, but if this show is telling even a little truth, I like that these two can get people to compete for their homes. I'll bet most of their buyers just came out of apartments, so these homes are palaces to them. Many probably even give much thought to kitchen cabinet space. They just want the open concept and things with a high cool factor (counter tops, thing over the fireplace, "stylish fireplace", horizontal wires on the stairs). I think the show is amusing. It's easy to imagine what these people will demand in their next home.
  5. People keep tuning in, why change a thing?
  6. Maybe Albert's mother is American.
  7. Did you hear the door to West's bedroom make that clicking sound that you hear from the latch when you open a closed door? Apparently, that dog is so smart, he closed the door behind himself. The question is, did he also open the door? You'd think West would've kept his door closed since he didn't like the dog.
  8. What they want and what they can afford are two different things. The twins do just enough to get their business. I suspect that the homes they sell are the less expensive ones in the area, so people are happy to get them.
  9. The mudroom is in the middle of the house! I never heard of mudrooms until I started watching HGTV in the early oughts. I thought the point of a mudroom was to give you a place to take your muddy boots off near the door you just came in, not walk through half the house either in or carrying your muddy or wet boots, then sitting down in the hallway and taking then off or putting them up. The mudroom looked perfect for children, not the hip-py mother who bore them. These two don't seem to focus on any other demographic than young people. They know that market, they reach that market, they don't have to be high-end, just look high-end for that market. And do something slightly different that will attract that market. I commend their being able to find a profitable market that they know just how to appeal to, even if it does nothing for me. I have yet to find my own profitable angle on something, anything.
  10. I don't know if I'm getting used to Tom Selleck 2020 or if maybe he had a bit of a tan or if maybe he shed a few pounds. But I thought he was looking better than usual. I would've liked it if the vandal was just harassing Danny and the vandal was still unidentified. I liked Danny being teased by his co-workers.
  11. That's true. Did some checking because I was wondering where I got the idea that Max's treatment was related to the Helen-Castro showdown. Helen isn't destroying Castro because Castro's research/technology is good and ahead of its time and it saved Max's life. Helen wants Castro's work to continue. (35:33 into the episode)
  12. I didn't get it either, so this is what I'm telling myself: I think Helen got Castro to manipulate her testing to get Max in the drug trials. Because of that, she's letting Castro off the hook. She's shutting Castro's current testing down, but allowing Castro to leave without a soiled record.
  13. I briefly rented an apartment some years back, and I was so relieved to see that fiberglass/acrylic insert. As an owner, yeah, it's not tile, but as a renter, there's no grout so the insert is squeaky clean. If I were to turn my home into a rental, I'd probably go the route of the insert.
  14. The "little" people spoke up in this episode, and were heard. Nice.
  15. This episode was a real snoozer. 😴
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