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  1. The show was schedule to premiere yesterday on itv. It looks like it's currently available on Acorn TV UK.
  2. Then you must love how people mispronounce Tijuana.
  3. The first thing that struck me in this episode was how two of the Three Stooges had the nerve to practically demand that Frank tell them about the "secret" case. I've been friendly with many of my bosses in the past and would never push any of them to tell me something they clearly didn't want me to know about. It's called knowing your place, respecting the hierarchy. And Kevin....just what did he expect Frank to do? Does he have zero understanding of the law? And Frank, asking Kevin to tell him who the guilty party was. He knows better. Nearly every adult who has ever watched a leg
  4. Hard to imagine that they use that 28% rule where your mortgage payment should only be 28% of your monthly salary before taxes. I also remember a 2.5 factor where your home price should be only 2.5 times your annual salary. Yikes. How does anyone purchase a $650K home if they're not making over $225K/year?
  5. Monroe, Washington I would not trust this guy. With little knowledge and no experience, he's way too eager to knock down walls. I liked that she got on board with the acreage.
  6. Belgium Nice couple. If kids were enthusiastic and open-minded like these kids were (I was surprised how much they liked the second home after the son declared that it looked old when they were outside), I think I'd like seeing more kids throwing in their two cents on the show. Not a whole lot of "me, me, me" from the kids or the parents, which was nice. Loved the daughter's rationale for a smaller space. No "shops and restaurants" and "walkability" demands. I know they were military and their lives will probably be intertwined with other military people. Still, it was a refreshing ch
  7. mojito


    Watched first season on HBO Max. I suspect that more people will like the first version they see better than the second. Also, some people will always swear that the original is always the best, particularly if they saw that one first. I also suspect that there's the exclusivity factor of knowing that most people who have seen the US version have not seen the UK version. Then there are those who will just find more characters relatable because they're more familiar with that character's historical time and culture. I'm of the latter category. I definitely prefer the characters in the U
  8. Temecula I liked the third place but I found myself not caring which home they got. It was hard to imagine them being happy together anywhere. I agreed with just about every eye roll—from both of them.
  9. Miami, Queensland I would think that Johan must have some employment good skills if he was permitted into Australia. I wonder what those are. Hope Maxine didn’t sprain her sockets rolling her eyes so much. She was a good sport. Having TV cameras in your face probably helped a lot. Whenever someone makes a point of telling me what kind of person he is (Johan pushed his zaniness), I usually learn later that he overbilled himself. I give credit to people who seem to be a bit socially delayed when they’re following their heart and not involving a spouse and dependents. Go for
  10. I initially thought the same thing, but then remembered that they wear that plastic apron thingy in surgery. In TV land the doctor is often assisted with putting the thing on and tying it up inside the OR. This show is floundering. Like a writer left and the others weren't sure what to do with the stories that had been started, because the ideas were in the departed writer's head. Bring back KAREN and CASEY. Keep Castries around. I'd like to see her mix it up with Karen. Lots of chuckle opportunities there. At least we have a Revolution to look forward to. ⚔️
  11. I liked the Jimmy Buffet angle, though I, too, wondered why Danny would pay a rich man's tab. But then it was the only way he knew to show his appreciation for the music (besides a thank you), and he probably assumed since the guy was sitting at the bar, it would only be for a couple of drinks. I enjoyed seeing Danny getting duped. I liked this episode more than most others. No guns pulled, no one chased down in the streets. An episode about issues, not violent crime. I was chagrined to see yet another minority painted as being unreasonable. But this is CBS and a Friday night show. Play t
  12. Stuttgart These people with their silly fairy tale ideas of living in other foreign places... "German charm". As if you can't step outside your home and be completely engulfed by Germany. I related to the wife's use of "grocery store" as opposed to "restaurants and shops". When you get down to it, you want to know where you can buy your Fruit Loops and Hamburger Helper.
  13. Yes, wanting their bedrooms to be close to her, worrying about the balcony. Her daughter looked almost as old as she. You'd think that after visiting PV for so many years and living there for three months, she'd learn how to pronounce "Vallarta" correctly.
  14. And saying, "I want what I want" because, like "It is what it is," it conveys so much.
  15. Tampa She wanted a fireplace. Really? Her dead 4-year old son is telling her that this is where his brothers should be raised. Wow. Sea Cliff, NY Agree with previous comments about the "Victorian" house. I'm no architect, but...That looked like a few boxes stitched together. I liked the split level the most.
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