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  1. Isn't Sharpe doing the job that Max asked her to do long ago but she turned down? I'm glad she changed her mind. That poor hospital administrator....I liked when she was chewing Sharpe out and Sharpe told her to walk faster.
  2. I thought this episode was idiotic. The zombie-like mercury people. The bigot vs the minorities bit seemed lifted from a 1960s comedy when that kind of thing was novel. Now it's tired and juvenile. The two people ripping their clothes off and going at it. Yawn. I guess since it's two guys doing it, it's supposed to be titillating. Rob Lowe's fretting over his "signature" look. Is this show trying to be a spoof of modern TV dramas?
  3. The wife has a regular job elsewhere that provides benefits. Grafton is the "Key West of the Midwest", or that's what they say. Maybe it's well-known to people in that area as a great place to spend time. Curious, I looked up what there is to do in Grafton, and the first thing mentioned was the water park. Kinda ironic.
  4. I wonder if there was much resentment in the town when Marcus helped the mayor's wife establish a business in his building. And if there is resentment, I wonder how that'll effect the mayor's chances of getting re-elected. From Marcus' comments, an alien might land in Grafton and think that the American flag was a veterans' flag. I hope there is a follow-up show. I'd like to see what becomes of the abandoned FEMA buildings along the waterfront. That could turn into a real eyesore, and if it doesn't belong to the city, will people take it upon themselves to clean up these areas?
  5. No, of course not. The average American household probably has no idea who Bill Burr is either. Or most stand-up comedians, and they have more access to stand-up acts than ever.
  6. Wait till you get past 40. You'll start using words like "kids" and "punks". 😏
  7. He's an addict, too. I was listening to a doctor talk about surgery (he was trained in NY and NJ) and he said that you never, ever enter an OR without introducing yourself. Armed with such "knowledge", I thought the inmate's entry into the OR was total BS. That's exactly the age I would've guessed her to be. Not that there's anything wrong with looking 40, mind you.
  8. I would've asked for laughing gas. Pump up the nitrous, play some music, and zone out. Ugh, Shaun and Carly. This woman is so needy. And now, it seems, controlling, too. I could envision her going all "fatal attraction" on Shaun. She's just not right. And in every way, she seems too damned old for him. Glassman told Shaun that he's a doctor. I thought he was going to expound on that, telling Shaun to focus on being a doctor. Spend time being a single working guy, Shaun. Just about everyone you know is in the same boat. And you even have a fun roommate.
  9. It was striking how much screen time Lily was given to how many lines she delivered. She was nothing but background scenery. Fred Willard looked like he had a Parkinson's-type shake going in his right hand. It was hard to see him looking like that, but I'm glad he's still working. I liked Cam's redneck-next-door act and Gloria's modeling those dresses, and Cam suggesting to his rival that she get the dress Gloria was wearing, as though it was an entirely different dress. I wonder if the kid playing Joey will have a long career or will this period in his life be the height of his career.
  10. Especially right after the detective stated that his men were canvassing the neighborhood. Erin needed to tell him to talk to the people in the building? Speaking of sloppy...I happened to notice this and it instantly struck me as kind of humorous. These are the cops running towards the cabin the son is in. They are sneaking up on the home, not involved in a shootout. The cop on the right, running with both hands extended aiming his gun. Everyone else in the scene has his gun pointing downwards. Would you like to be the guy on the left in the event that the guy on the right trips and falls?
  11. As whitewashed and censored as TV was in those days, I don't think you can measure a comic's influence by how many times he appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show. His shocking, blunt commentary was part of his appeal. You had to see his act. Maybe his popularity was more of a regional thing. I've always thought of him as a legend among his peers.
  12. I saw a tip that went something like, "A starter home is a good home for a first-time buyer." Profound.
  13. I like the twist with Lisa. I'm hoping that she turns out to be the woman we see now but that we still remain suspicious of her. What a sport, making an appearance at the party. In Lola's shoes, I, too, would've dreaded seeing Laski. He showed his disapproval of her in at least one previous episode. I wanted to see more of the Dorothy Gale trial. Was the Scarecrow allowed to testify? It was proven that he didn't need a brain, and remember how he recited the math formula in the movie? Which witch was Dorothy accused of killing? If both, would this make her a serial killer? It's too bad that writers feel they can't have two single co-workers be friends. I'm glad that so far, the two roommates aren't having any problems. I find myself enjoying this show more and more.
  14. I can't remember the last time I saw Marcus dumped. Initially, I thought the son's accident had given him brain damage. He just seemed off. Dad was brain dead. Mom was so upbeat (son got his voice from her, no doubt), she seemed out of place with the other two. It felt as though the son contacted Marcus and the father was pissed off about it.
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