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  1. Happy Belly

    S14.E01: Auditions 1

    I hate kid singers . I hate the amount of singers on this show. Stop coming here and go to The Voice Or American Idol. I want diversity in my acts. I loath the dang sob stories. It pisses me off on Dancing W/The Stars, Big Brother, The Voice, Idol..that I actually root against the teller of such sob story. Look, we all have had tragedy in our lives. Mine was my apartment went on fire when we werent home and we lost everything, including our 3 cats and 1 parrot. Can I win AGT now? My final hate...Juliette Hough. I loath her and her brother. Why did you do this to me AGT? Why?
  2. Happy Belly


    i just have one more episode to watch and then I’m up to date. Some comments... I am really enjoying this show. I do love history and for sure the show is getting the Hollywood version of its history, but now I tend to overlook that because quite a few people Ive spoken to regarding any historical show I watch (i.e. The Tudors, Victoria, Downton Abbey and now The Spanish Princess) when I mention its nit historically accurate, they told me the show perked their interest and they are now reading upon it. So thats a good thing. Can I be James Reid’s new bride? when he cleans up, Yowza Yowza! i love Verity and Meredith. So hoping he continues doing what he was doing in the episode I watched last night. Looking forward to Season 3. Is that the last one?
  3. Happy Belly

    Intervention in the Media

    According to the A&E website, new episodes “Addicted Moms” will premiere Tuesday, May 7 @ 8:00 pm.
  4. Did anyone besides me watch the new Jack Osborne show, “Portals To Hell” last night? I was a bit underwhelmed Im sorry to say.
  5. Happy Belly

    S31.E02: Knock the Newbie Out of Us

    The good...at least for me....I love the “mean girls” Anytime they want to appear on my screen and whine and complain and snark, you will always be welcome.May I please have more Janelle? she was a comp warrior Nd Im barely seeing her on this show. The bad..at least for me...Nicole, you ditz. Listen to your partner not another team. Your stupidity made you lose first place. Victor...I love you . Also the baddest of the bad for me...RIDING ELEPHANTS! WTF? This is a sanctuary for these precious lives not a tourist abuse site. If you want to see how elephants in a sactuary live, follow Wildlife S.O.S. based oUt of India. Never, ever ride these poor creatures. The abuse they receive from their handlers makes me sick to my stomach. ok...im off the lecturing circuit now.
  6. Happy Belly

    Intervention in the Media

    Please forgive me because i do not have all the info required, but while watching the new season of Hoarders, a commercial for Intervention came on touting its return. i do not remember the date for the premiere episode, but i believe it was somewhere during the last week in April. So, i bear you news, just not complete news.
  7. Happy Belly

    S02.E12: Chimney Begins

    I wonder if I am in the minority when I say how much I loved this episode. Superb acting by Kenneth Choi. I think after this episode, Chim’s my favorite character on this show. Well done!
  8. Happy Belly

    Under the Mask: Clues and Clue Discussion

    I have a feeling that Jenny McCarthy was on my local news channel this morningand to me, I believe she gave the winner away. She talked about a really stupid guess she made thats she’s really embarrassed about because it was that bad. Then she went on to say how she cried when the winner was telling their story and how touching it was. Now, my deduction concludes (in my head anyway), the Peacock (Donny Osmond) has no heart-wrench/ing story that could bring you to tears unless he talks about his nephew committing suicide, but that’s Marie’s story. The Bee (my girl Gladys Knight) indeed has had some sad times through the years, but would it move us to tears? As much as I want her to win because I adore this woman, it pains me to say that I think Monster is the winner. I have no idea who T-Pain is, but seeing the discussions from fellow viewers, it sounds like he has had adversity throughout his life. and is overcoming it. But I really want Gladys to win!
  9. Happy Belly

    S01.E07: All Together Now

    12catcrazy, no offense taken since i agree its just a fun tv show. However I point out in my post when i first uttered the name Ashley Judd, I said I have no idea why I’m saying it. Now as far as Rumer Willis goes, I know nothing about her other than the fact she’s Bruce’s daughter. I dont even know what she looks like, let alone what she sounds like, although I’m sure a quick Google search would cure my ignorance.
  10. As I hit my forehead with the palm of my hand and feel unbelievably embarrased because, well, duh, I thank you Evenshorter for explaining that.
  11. Happy Belly

    S01.E07: All Together Now

    Well I had LaToya Jackson as the Alien since night one. I’m positive Bee is my girl, Ms. Gladys Knight. I’m positive Peacock is Donny Osmond. I’m thinking Rabbit is Justin Timberlake. Now, here are my crazy predictions. Lion is Ashley Judd and I have no idea why I say that. Monster..until last night’s episode, I was thinking Eminem. but now I’m thinking Bobby Brown. I’m so happy this show is renewed. My family and I are having a ball with it.
  12. Well, despite my love of the terriers, I also was rooting for anyone but the terrier. The dachshund really tugged at my heart as did the Havenese. Speaking of the Havenese, would somebody be kind enough to explain to me just what a reserve best in show is?i know its been around for a while but I.never paid attention to it. TIA
  13. Happy Belly

    S23.E06: Week 6: Vietnam

    I wholeheartedly agree. I didnt last as long as you did this season. I made it to hour 3 on the premiere night and I got so sick and tired of the virgin comments, jokes, etc., I turned the channel as I yelled at the tv I was done. Funny thing is, I don’t even miss the show.
  14. Happy Belly

    America's Got These Media Links

    Love the fact Terry is coming back. I have no idea who Gabriellr is and I loathe, with the heat of 1000 nuns (thanks TWOP), the Hough person. Why cant she and her brother just go away?
  15. My favorite group goes tonight, so i stand with you Day2Day with the terriers. However, year after year, i always and unabashedly root for my Komondor. One year he actually won the Working Group but went no further. But, theres always this year, right?