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  1. Did I really hear Wendy yell “death to them all” when she was discussing Britney Spears’ family?
  2. Add me to the list of squeals when I saw Josh Blue come onstage. I so remembered him from Last Comic Standing. He made me laugh…a lot. Now add me to the list of those wondering why Howie didn’t know him. I mean, come on. He’s still out there touring for gosh sakes.
  3. I’m watching too, but I think maybe I missed the first couple of episodes. Last we saw Shawn, he was fervently constructing that new dredge. Then, I watch what was my first new episode last week and he’s fixing the Myrtle Irene with that guy (first name escapes me) last name Young who has that brother in a wheelchair. Doesn’t make sense. I have to go check Discovery + and see what I’ve missed. ETA: I took my own advice and checked out Discovery+ and yes indeed, I missed some episodes so I’m catching up. But I still have yet to hear about the dredge Shawn was building for the last couple
  4. The show has returned to tv. There was a new episode last Friday
  5. Darn. I thought the Russian Dolls were The Jackson’s, especially after seeing the red jacket with the M on it, and that, a huge tragedy brought them back together again. But, the 4 Jackson’s still performing have a total of 17 children, so I think my guess is garbage worthy!
  6. I saw an ad for the return of New Amsterdam. If I remember correctly, it’ll premiere next Tuesday, March 2.
  7. New season starts tomorrow night, 1/8/21 @ 8:00 pm
  8. History Channel has a new show called “The Truth Is Out There.” They have experts review videos of supposed paranormal activity and if it’s faked, they say it’s faked. The show airs on Tuesdays IIRC.
  9. If the NBA finals go to a game 7, it will be in the Bachelorette time slot. Does anyone know what will happen with the Bachelorette premiere then?
  10. FYI, out of curiosity, I did a peek at the schedule for next Saturday, 9/19. At 10:00, Animal Planet is airing another Double Dose of Dr. Jeff.
  11. Saw an ad on Animal Planet last night. Dr. Jeff returns on 9/26 I think 8 or 9 pm
  12. A little late to the party but I’d like to throw my two cents in about Jungle Animal Rescue. For those who didn’t watch, this show was from the wonderful folks at Wildlife S.O.S., who I heartedly support with monthly dues for 2 elephants. To see all the other people I’ve read about and heard about, this show was a must see for me. It didn’t let me down although I kinda could have done without so many snake stories. I also had the pleasure to meet one of the Co-owner’s, Kartick. He really is that nice and that kind. When I started to cry as I met him, I apologized. He told me never to apologiz
  13. I was bored to tears with this episode, although my sister took great offense at the female comedian calling the white woman in her story as Becky. I’m told it is a racial slur for white women. Is it? I don’t know. I tried googling and am still confused. I’ll stick with groovy and far out. At least I know what they mean.
  14. Thank you rmontro for the info on the paratrooper. What a story that guy can tell. Glad to know he survived. I will be watching ExpeditionX. I love the whacky paranormal shows so I am hoping this one won’t let me down.
  15. Anyone watch the new season starting last night? As a history buff, learning more about D-Day was fantastic. The building they uncovered and went in were remarkable. However, they all really should have worn masks cause no one knows what was growing down there.
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