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  1. No action here since September. Has this show been cancelled?
  2. i just donated 3 hours of my life to the worst Christmas Carol I’ve ever seen. This thing sucked big weenies.
  3. Lonesome Rhodes, I commented to my family about David’s very upbeat, over the top hype. i know he’’s the star of the show, but i really would have liked to hear and see more from his castmates (especially A.J. I’m on Sonny’s team. I think he’s yummy!). The family applauded when we first saw Dita. What a gorgeous baby. All in all, it was fun.I’m envious of the South African trip...lucky guy.
  4. not sure if this belongs here, so apologies in advance. The SEAL team is on primetime Price Is Right tonight...12/22/19 ...not sure what time...8:00 maybe, east coast time.
  5. My observations so far..... 1. Ken Kerr is an ass. 2. I miss the old days of just the small dredges being out there with all their goofy, homemade contraptions and equipment fixes. I hate these huge ships. 3. Even though I said what I said in #2 above, I hope Shawn gets his project done before this show gets cancelled. I wanna see it.
  6. our guesses....Flower is Patti LaBelle, Fox is Wayne Brady and Penguin is Tonya Harding.
  7. i believe Holly’s demise as Jackson’s f buddy was announced by Jackson in one of his DRs. He said, something along the libes of, Holly has been my rock inside the house and she will be my best friend outside the house. BEST FRIEND? Yikes
  8. I do not know what they did to my favorite show, but it has become America’s Got Sob Stories instead of talent. Im tired of being inundated with singers. Since Simon came on the show, to me at least, the quality of the show has gone downhill and all he wants is singers or dogs. Im ok with the dogs but enough of the singers. I loathe the new judges, especially Hough. I stopped watching DWTS years ago ecause of her and her brother. Good bye AGT. I miss my old AGT and I loathe the new AGT. Parting, in this case, is NOT such sweet sorrow.
  9. I may be the only one left, but it returns next Tuesday, September 17 on the Discovery Channel!
  10. I’m still not ruling out the U.F.O. explanation. That picture of the lights intrigues me. Despite their best efforts, the picture of a hiker, at leadt to me, looks nothing like the picture of Bigfoot.
  11. I will not watch this season. In the past, I stopped watching while the Golden Boy was still a pro there and when he left, I returned. This season just turned my stomach when I saw the murderer was being glorified. Tom’s temper tantrum indicates to me that Spicer wont get the respect that will be given to other non-murderers. Most of that cast is to me a who’s dat? So why bother. I do hope that everyone who watches does enjoy the show. I know a lot of us waited a long time for this show to return.
  12. Does anyone know who it was that was involved in this ticket scam who was known and trusted for many years?
  13. Ghost Hunters returns on A&E on August 21. Stars Grant, and from what i can make out, Steve, Tango and it looks like that old guy who has that haunted item museum and a few others
  14. If I may, where are you all watching Season 3?
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