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    House Hunters International

    Chicago to Amsterdam Were these two for real? They struck me as being completely fake. She with her need for closets for all her hats, he with his need for a large 3-bedroom that "feels like Amsterdam"( yet he went crazy over a place that looked just as sterile as the others). Also, those hardwoods....I wondered if they were laminate. Of course, they thought their $1M budget should have gotten them more because, well, Amsterdam should be more appreciative of their investment. They're Americans after all. And they're so cool.
  2. mojito

    Restored by the Fords

    I liked this episode. Leanne designed Steve's warehouse-home. All black, gray, and white, but it was clearly to Steve's taste. It seems that Steve has lived comfortably in apartments using a sleeping bag for bedding, so it was interesting to see how he wanted a gigantic kitchen island (concrete, of course) and a steam shower. I get the feeling he lived frugally and was easily able to trick out his new place. Although we know little about him, the living area seemed so him. I also get the feeling that his mother, older sister (he looks like them), and Leanne (she doesn't resemble the others, I don't think), are pleased to see him settle into his own home.
  3. mojito

    Restored by the Fords

    I'm not convinced that Steve has any outstanding skills. He knows something about construction, but he doesn't seem to have many ideas and I've never gotten the impression that he's better than mediocre at any one thing. He certainly doesn't do well speaking in front of the cameras. To me, he's kind of....dim. The one time Leanne can start with white walls is the time she decides to go for color. I like this show, but lately, I've been kind of Bored by the Fords.
  4. mojito

    Flip or Flop Las Vegas

    Aw, thanks. (Think it was I. A couple years ago I wrote something to the effect that her places looked like brothels from the Old West, Hollywood-style. "Bordello glam" is much more succinct. ) I've recently watched the last couple of shows and am still amazed that people like her rather dizzying display of patterns and colors and tchotchkes. BUT I give this couple credit for one major thing. They don't get greedy like some of these flippers do by attaching some ridiculously jacked-up price to their homes. They really seem to price their homes to sell quickly, frequently listing them lower than the (bogus) brokers suggest.
  5. mojito

    TKAA Officially Cancelled

    Well, at least we had the summer of 1972.
  6. mojito

    House Hunters International

    Des Moines to Sidney If she picked that dump just to satisfy him, she deserves to be stuck with him. As for marriage....I don't think that would be much of an end game for either of them, so it's just as well they're not. When he said something like he works for an alcohol distribution company, I immediately thought, "You drive a Budweiser truck."
  7. mojito

    House Hunters International

    This couple couldn't afford Hong Kong or Taiwan, and I doubt they'd want to live in the People's Republic of China (by this I mean the mainland as I believe Taiwan is also part of the PPC) if they could emigrate there at all. If they could, they'd probably be in or near a large city, in which case, there's the air quality to consider. Plenty of people in Malaysia speak Mandarin so I guess it would be a decent place to learn the language. It would certainly be an easier place to live. Chicago to Playa del Carmen I kinda liked this guy and the tight reign he seemed to keep on his backstory. What he told us was believable and complete enough: works a very busy, stressful job, has a friend in Mexico whom he expects to spend a lot of time with (he's her child's godfather), and hopes to have his young nieces and nephews visit. That's pretty much all we got. No mention of friends visiting, no hobbies or interests. Nothing. I appreciated the mystery. I didn't think he was very demanding and he was a pleasant enough guy. Hope the construction nearby quiets down within the year; this seemed to be the best spot.
  8. mojito

    House Hunters International

    Malaysia Wife used not knowing what she was going to have for lunch as an example of her ability to be spontaneous. 😗 She was another mother who fretted about the adjustment for her kids. Kids their ages merely need to figure out the lay of the land and they’re there. You’re only speaking for yourself, Mom. She did a better job than most verbalizing wanting to reside in the familiar while being in an unfamiliar locale. She was okay, though, and I share her sentiment about retaining some American standards in my living space. Left to his own devices, Dad would raise some exceptionally versatile kids (provided they survived the peeling paint of the place he favored). They’re still getting great exposure though, if, that is, they stay abroad long enough for those very young kids to remember the experience.
  9. mojito

    S01.E20 Timmy's New Hobby

    I thought of Seinfeld, too. I don't agree about the time being so much more gentle, though. His show was written for adults, not people with the sophistication of fourth graders. It was funnier not using the M word. Remember the one about the spitting incident and Kramer? Kramer's reaction to having been hit. Jerry with a pointer discussing the angle of the spit. There must've been a second spitter. If they had spelled out the event (or, more specifically, the Oliver Stone movie), it wouldn't have been nearly as funny. The main reason that I hate comedies is that they're dumbed down for idiots by explaining the jokes, thus ruining it for those who got it the first time. I thought this was an excellent episode, and I liked that when the conversation got a little strange between Lawrence and Timmy, Lawrence asked for clarification. In far too many comedies, the misunderstanding would've been dragged out long after the misunderstanding had reached the point of absurdity, like an old "I Love Lucy" episode.
  10. mojito

    House Hunters International

    Nelson, New Zealand Nice enough couple. The area seemed too nice to have to spend your time cooking and cleaning for strangers. I might've gone for a much smaller place and kicked back instead.
  11. mojito

    S09.E20: Strange Bedfellows

    Oh, I beg to differ. If the Police Commissioner has rigged it so that everyone gets Sunday off from work, I'm sure Church and Sunday supper attendance is mandatory. And if you don't show up, you'd be called into the PC's office on Monday and receive a visit from gramps. You think those teens/young adults have nothing better to do with their Sundays? 😏
  12. mojito

    S09.E20: Strange Bedfellows

    And teach him some table manners! I can't believe that he still hasn't learned that you should get within a few feet of the suspect before you call out his name, not call it out when you're 30 feet from him. Why, oh why, does this keep happening? Oh, and his partner's nifty maneuver with the car. All those people on the sidewalks, all those cars in the street, and she gets her car exactly in front of him at the exact moment. Geez, this is tiresome. At least the prisoner that Don Frank kept in the slammer wasn't a black man. I was really expecting that.
  13. mojito

    S02. E15. Ocean's 9-1-1

    I thought the incident with the armored car guy was a complete accident. The bank manager didn't expect any more human contact once he went into the vault. But then, to his surprise, the the armored car guy extended his hand for a handshake to wish him well. It looked as though the manager had considered not shaking his hand at all, but then reluctantly did.
  14. mojito

    House Hunters International

    Pickles, I started to mention that the wife seemed to have an edge to her. Their pairing was unsettling.
  15. mojito

    House Hunters International

    Boston Area to Whanganui, NZ She owned a yoga studio, he was an online consultant (and a drummer). Wanted to escape the stressful life. Well, I guess everything is relative. Most people would consider this seemingly childless older couple from the suburbs with those kinds of jobs as living pretty stress-free existences. Of course, we know nothing of previous health concerns, money concerns, etc. I chuckled when he suggested using one bedroom for his drums and they talked about how, with it being the only spare bedroom, they'd have to disassemble the drums and reassemble the bed. As though that was an occurrence that would happen with frequency. But, in the end, I believe this is the house they chose. Really nice couple. Took delight in things that most Americans on House Hunters would criticize. For instance, the bedroom that just seemed to have a bed and carpeting. She thought it was lovely. No gripes over kitchens (hard to imagine). Hope they have a nice life in New Zealand. The area looked awfully pleasant.
  16. mojito

    S01.E19 Happy Place

    Did anyone think for one moment that the money would end up going to the cop?
  17. mojito

    S02. E15. Ocean's 9-1-1

    Wait, the investigators weren't FBI. Hmm....Seems like they should've been, though. They were like a dog with a bone holding onto their theory for dear life. Poor Chimney had spent so much time color-coding his clothes, such a shame to be tossed like that. Because this is a show about superheroes, I'm really okay with a comical episode every now and then. I'm already accepting the crazy scenarios, so why not? Hope they do more.
  18. mojito

    S02. E15. Ocean's 9-1-1

    I thought the writers wanted us to think the bank manager was in on it, it was so telegraphed. The suspicious use of hand sanitizer, his nervousness, his bitterness at not receiving the award. I was expecting the surprise to be that the female employee, not him, was in on the heist. Cute episode. FBI found all those great clues and stitched it all together incorrectly.
  19. mojito

    Zombie House Flipping

    I've watched every episode, I believe. Can't seem to stop despite thinking that it's the phoniest of all the house flipping shows I watch. As soon as someone does a talking head about something, they telegraph the next disaster. You hope the rain holds off? It won't. You bought the paint at a great price? It's the wrong color. So transparent. The pranks are juvenile. Show more work being done and less "comedy". I'm usually the last person in the world to notice bad acting, but it's so easy to spot on this show. Keith and Duke are the worst. I give Keith credit for one thing: he's awfully agile for a guy who is as old as he looks. The man can scramble and climb!
  20. mojito

    God Friended Me

    Talk about fantasy. Miles flags down a NY cab and scores the very first time. (But even at that, the driver drove right past him until he registered that the fare was Miles.) You get fired from a high-tech firm. Not only are you only instructed to leave your badge with security, you're then allowed to waltz right into the place and confront the boss who fired you. I liked the ending. I know it's too much to ask for next season to be about an entirely different cast handling the god account. Simon was like the Wizard of Oz, doling out gifts for the three main characters.
  21. mojito

    House Hunters International

    Estonia to Zurich It was interesting to see how this fashion diva (all three of them looked rather spiffy!) didn't whine about closet space. I was surprised that she's living with the cows now, but, unlike so many HHs, she didn't act as though this home was the only one she'd ever live in; she acknowledged that they could live someplace else later.
  22. mojito

    S09.E19: Common Enemies

    Better episode than normal. Thought the Jamie-Erin conflict was so stupid, and more appropriate to the first season when Jamie was a relatively new cop. Legal reality sucks. Why wouldn't a sergeant, especially one from that family, not grudgingly acknowledge that? You deserved both shots, Anthony. Loved hearing Frank used the word, "icky".
  23. mojito

    S20.E20: The Good Girl

    They probably did run a DNA test, but as you know, it takes forever to get the results. Unless it's convenient to a TV plot.
  24. mojito

    House Hunters International

    Colorado to Costa Rica Ho-hum episode with ho-hum choices. I winced, though, when the wife declared that she didn't want a place that was too "local looking".
  25. mojito

    S01.E17 Sanctuary

    That's the last time I saw Diana Muldaur.