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  1. From waaaaayyyyy back in the Real World and Road Rules days, my contention has been that ALL of the reality shows don't pick the ones that pass the psych tests but the ones who fail.
  2. NOT ME - SHE'S WEIRD! Four years ago she wasn't weird. Now we have "I made it NICE" and "CLIP" so she's gotten weird- especially Clip.
  3. I am not a Delilah-hater like so many here. I do not agree with adultery at ALL but I kind of like Eddie and Delilah together. They have life in them, laugh and smile frequently. Katherine has left me cold from the beginning as she is so boring and dour.
  4. It was ok. I didn't know what to expect but I thought it was ok. I "liked" the twist with her being bribed with her daughter. That was very, very cold. I am surprised she didin't tell someone about it not only to help herself but to help other people not go through what she did. I will continue to watch.
  5. Excellent point. Will she pick Gary, too? He could wind up with three kids if all three parents die. In a sicker show it might be a murder-murder-suicide plot. Gary would then be the "fun uncle" to three kids, dad to one dog and boyfriend to a dying girlfriend. He'll be even more all over the place.
  6. Vicki was the original reason that I stopped watching OC then Kelly came on with her brand of crazy and sealed the deal. Shannon was insufferable. Maybe she's different now but probably just a different kind of insufferable. Heather is like LVP in that I'm never sure she's gaming the show/viewers because she can or is she for real? I'd rather watch her husband so I watch Botched. I liked Alexis and Gretchen minus Slade. What does it say when Tamara is your favorite?
  7. The Church of the Returned is so creepy. In a sad way, Adrian is in far better shape than the parishioners because he doesn't actually believe that BS, he's just a money-hungry charlatan. He goes to jail, he's not able to get to their money any longer, he won't be able to "preach" so there won't be services so it will fizzle eventually. Hopefully. Those people will poor and brainwashed. They will need to be deprogrammed and may never be the same. Also, if it goes the "suppressed person" route like Scientology, they can lose their entire family. Btw, watch Leah Remini's show on the experiences of people who got out of Scientology. They are poor and had been brainwashed. I feel bad for Lourdes/Jared/Mck. What do you do when the love of your life returns from the "dead" and she/he is married to your best friend? Obviously, don't sleep together. Even that hadn't happened, what is the right thing to do? I am a huge proponent of marriage and always go with keeping the marriage together route on tv and in movies. I don't with this one. Doesn't Lourdes deserve to be with someone where she is their #1? Their are no children involved. McK and Jared are still in love but right now she's going with her head and being pragmatic and he's going with his heart so nothings happens until Mck goes with her heart. Oh, and Lourdes has filed for divorce.
  8. Wait, Marty Rathburn got a clue, escaped, spoke truth to power then went back in?? Can you believe something then not believe it-and tell everyone why you don't believe it- then really believe again??? Not with something this monumental. Humans aren't wired that way. There is no way he isn't being blackmailed with photos of something horrific he did or some other wildly-wrong-in-every-way situation. Maybe he's back in and on the attack because they are threatening him and everyone he loves with sure torture a la Saddam Hussein and Muammar al-Qaddafi and slow death to him and everyone he loves.
  9. @MajorNelson I love that one and they did it so well!! If you don't watch the show(s) you cannot appreciate how spot on it is!! If you watch and/or like to make fun of The Bachelor/ette and haven't seen the parody "Burning Love," you must!!!! It is spot on, too, but I think can be appreciated by more people who don't watch. It's a web series so it has more liberty with adult humor- and they really take it!!! It can be raunchy.
  10. I thought it was odd to see how upset Eddie was about the two breakfast plates and what it implied. He was going to leave her high and dry a few weeks before and now looks crushed she is living her life. Katherine waaaayyy over reacted to the partner news. I guess she is just very, very guarded now and anything that could look insincere even a little bit, throws her over the edge. I did not for 1 second think he didn't tell her just to have sex with her. To have a nice evening, yes. Only for sex, no way.
  11. @HazelEyes4325 It's a shame that this is what they claim to be doing. I don't think they showed Rome's depression in any kind of helpful way. Maybe they will show Gina getting a clue.
  12. I don't think most tv shows/movies show mental illness well at all. They could but I think it's very difficult to show it authentically. I guess they might be able to do a decent job if all of the key people involved (director, writers, lead and supporting actors) deal with depression (in this case), "have a handle on it" and one of the goals is to educate people.
  13. I just looked at Chaucer's works online and it truly does!!
  14. @TexasGal Good move. That would turn me off so fast I couldn't get rid of him fast enough- if I just thought he was nice, didn't say anything weird yet, has good grammar, and things on that level. HOWEVER, if he were someone who I clicked with right away, I really liked and who checked a lot of my boxes, even I might think that was the sweetest thing-ever!!! In 2007-2008 I did eHarmony and Match so I know how the online dating world is. Btw, I didn't find my soulmate or match. Lol!! I'm going to be going back online once I get a M-F with daylight hours job and get a few other things in order. I'm a nurse and work different shifts at a job I intensely dislike. If I had normal hours that would be one less thing to worry about or so I think. HA!!
  15. Gary is the friend who you're never sure who you are going to get. Funny, sarcastic Gary or "deep," melancholic Gary. He could ruin a fun night in 10 seconds flat.
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