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  1. I'm a week late on this but I find that this happens when my cable box resets and its settings are configured to narrate everything, like the "opposite" of closed captions, on ABC. Something similar would happen when certain sitcoms would default to Spanish language dialogue.
  2. I'm not mad at all about the countless body shots of Troy. "She reeks of you." If Coco isn't on it!. *snap* I'm going to assume that if Coco knows of Muffy receiving "chocolate injections" that she knows Muffy lied to her about not getting into Pegasus. Keep playing those cards to the chest, girl. It warms my heart that Sorbet is just 'a strolling around campus, dispensing advice (hey Loretta!) to a 'shroomed out Troy.
  3. Breakfast Club interview with Logan, Antoinette and Ashley I loved this interview. I appreciated Logan's bravery to reveal what she did about her personal backstory. It's worth watching all the way through.
  4. So, the new season started this past Monday. I like the banter and overall relationship that Ampika and Mark currently have with each other. Is it evil of me to squee at the discord between Dawn and Leanne? I doubt it will last long but just goes to show that Magali was not the source of the problems within the group, especially since Dawn's social graces were on display at Seema's fashion show. *sarcasm* Anyone know what's going on with Dawn's assault case?
  5. So happy the Melbourne ladies are back. Susie's okay so far. Just about anything would've been better than Manuela.
  6. Whoever did Petti's makeup did her a huge disservice. I think she's prettier without it or with minimal on. Another article on Season 3 with possible light spoilers. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-3358803/The-Real-Housewives-Melbourne-reveal-scenes-photos-season-three-dramatic-new-storylines-feuds.html I hope we won't be seeing Manuela again.
  7. Someone liked a link I posted about the last episode but I guess it was deleted since I posted in the wrong thread apparently. Trying again.. http://www.tmz.com/2015/11/19/apollo-nida-atv-motorcycle-kandi-burruss/
  8. I still have to catch her appearance on Below Deck but I did catch her on David Tutera's show for her daughter's 16th birthday and, overprotective momness aside, I like her much better without Peter around. Felt the same way most of the time about Alex from RHONY, too.
  9. Still not sure how the U.S. will take to the Cheshire ladies (they're not the most fashion forward but neither is the OC and it does pretty consistently and some may complain about accents) but I'm looking forward to this Saturday.
  10. They may run it as is (with bleeps for profanity of course) since Melbourne episodes tended to run over when the aired in the States, too.
  11. Weird. The cast just gets bigger and bigger (the amount of cast members, not the physical size of the ladies, although...) Janet is tiny. Hopefully we'll be treated to Wolfie and Gamble's wedding next season.
  12. Was reading up on the new Caroline, Caroline Fleming. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-3026946/Princess-Mary-s-close-friend-Danish-model-Caroline-Fleming-star-second-series-reality-dubbed-biggest-celebrity-catfight-caught-camera.html She's pretty. That's all I got for now.
  13. I used to root for Rasheeda but she's shown her behind way too much this season. As if the madness with her California Raisin wasn't enough, now she's fallen out with Karlie and Kalenna? Won't be surprised she and Erica fall out next, if either of them can scrounge up a storyline for Season 5. Side eye at Tammy for holding on to what Kalenna said about Rasheeda until it was convenient. My question for Rasheeda would've been why Kalenna felt so comfortable to tell Tammy all of this? Oddly enough I still root for Kalenna despite her missteps. I'll have to take a pass on that green hair
  14. Bye, Wig! There's no denying Nene is a big part of what put Housewives on the map, but the last couple seasons she's been pretty negative and besides her THs where she's throwing shade at the others, she just hasn't been bringing it on the personal front, for me.
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