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  1. I like making funny, custom Christmas ornaments for myself and other people...this quote will make it on to one of them.
  2. Maybe we'll see it this summer? Start saving your xanax!
  3. So after the wedding, instead of jumping the broom, they could jump "over my dead body" ? I like it.....
  4. Ugh, the Y shaped elastic that always rolled into butt floss. For you youngsters, imagine thong panties that are only 1" wide and have no crotch, but have metal clips front and rear.... For you young women...funny, yet fairly accurate!
  5. Dr. Old But Happy understands that dream to be a metaphor for aging...sooner or later, old age shows up, uninvited, and ruins EVERYTHING! I'll send you a bill for psychoanalytical services rendered. 😄
  6. AA has open and closed meetings. Open meetings are for anyone interested. Closed meetings are ONLY for people who have a desire to stop drinking. No one has to call themselves an alcoholic - it's just about stopping drinking. I know TONs of women alcoholics who didn't drink during pregnancy. The shakes are a withdrawal symptom, not an alcoholism symptom ( I never had 'em!), so once she got through withdrawal, the shakes would stop. I also know several alcoholic women who lost their desire to drink, while pregnant. Their hormones made a brain drug (probably just more dopamine) that killed all cravings, they they just started back up after the birth.
  7. Right??? I was wondering if people who've been spared having to deal with a pathological narcissist (imho!)find her to be as creepy as I do. And that step dad!!!??? Yikes!! What a toxic pair!
  8. AA has Open Meetings where anyone is welcome to attend. However, it's clearly stated in every meeting, "Who you see here, and what you hear here, stays here." So yapping to friends about what was said at a meeting is NOT cool. At all. The housewives are really pissing me off with their use of AA as a plot line while breaking the most fundamental principal of AA - ANONYMITY!!! The reason that no one is supposed to come out as an AA member in "press, radio, and films" is to prevent exactly what we're seeing: showing AA as something it is not. Women flit in and out, to satisfy judges, and serve as really crappy examples of people who use the meetings and steps to re-evaluate their relationship with alcohol and to change the disfunctional beliefs that made us want to drink in the first place. AA is different for every person, but the steps and principles are intended to be respected by everyone. And it's serious - literally life or death for those of us blessed with the alcoholism gene. Even if one person decides not to try the program, based on how ineffective it appears on Bravo, it's one person too many. I do. I celebrated my 40th year of sobriety in July and have met thousands of (sober) drunks. She uses pregnancy as a way to control her drinking though, and I must admit that it's the first time that I've observed that strategy. But we drunks are resourceful and capable of infinite self-deception, so I wasn't shocked. I've heard (much) stranger games that we play with ourselves. Shannon may want to hold off on that "Thank You!" until she reads the book that her daughter is writing! 😆 You underestimate how sneaky we drunks can be! Sounded fine to me, that is, turning down wine, but not for the reason stated...I assume that she just doesn't want to gain weight or to mix vodka (the sneak's choice!) and wine (can make you throw up before you get to where you need to be). The thing that non-drunks miss (or don't understand) is that there is always a stash somewhere nearby, so you can get the buzz that you need without pounding them down publicly. Most people have a friend or two that get suddenly and mysteriously hammered when it didn't appear that they were drinking more than anyone else. They kitchen is the perfect place for women to sneakily supplement...someone always needs something from the kitchen!
  9. I love God. I just can't work with any of his staff.
  10. Catholics keep people awake with multiple reps of "stand-sit-kneel".
  11. Tarik cannot keep a straight face while pretending that he needs to adjust to the idea of having his (now) bisexual girlfriend and her girlfriend live with him. You got this Tarik. You'll adjust.
  12. Poor baby. Religions are such nonsense when you look at them from the outside.
  13. Dunno, but stupid and willfully ignorant Americans aren't so funny to me anymore. Bordering on hard to watch.
  14. I keep trying to fast forward, forgetting that I'm watching this live.
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