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  1. It will clean up. It's the best show on television and waaaay overdue. City people. Everything about this show is perfect.
  2. Kody sells guns at gun shows. They are collectable. And very profitable. And gun shows are the least regulated method of firearm and weapon sales. The "white elephant in the room" is that the family left Vegas, using increasing violence as one of the reasons for leaving(after the tragic mass shooting)...while the move was possible b/c of Kody's gun sales income. Allegedly.
  3. After watching many of my women friends change religious beliefs to match those of their partner, my observation has been: Women are far more loyal to their vacuum cleaner brand than they are to the religion they were raised with.
  4. Nope. I'm Ramona's age and still think she's awful. I can't imagine a time of her life when she wasn't insufferable.
  5. I've stopped watching b/c I don't like...well...any of these people, but I can't quit the snark here. I appreciated the pic of the new Ang...my impression was more Penguin than Pennywise....
  6. I think that "near-death-barely-moving" is Sonja's type. As long as he's rich.
  7. No, this is Leah..she has zero intention of becoming an Orthodox Jewish woman. Instead, she'll have a "🎉🎉🎉Practice Mikvah Party🎉🎉🎉" at some spa so she can get naked in front of her friends, recite bits of prayer that she can remember, and walk into the jacuzzi. Then she'll be on to another, equally hairbrained, story line.
  8. Danny interview Dorinda on his podcast! https://www.stitcher.com/show/everything-iconic-with-danny-pellegrino
  9. I tuned in late and assumed that they were professional escorts. I hate myself for watching this show now...portraying women as stupid and materialistic just doesn't feel so harmless anymore. But I'll need to watch the beginning of last night's show to understand the pretense under which these suspiciously handsome and acquiescent men showed up at a party for these numbskulls.
  10. Also, it's so affordable!! (and my snarky post never even made into into her feed!)
  11. You need to trademark that. Ha! I posted on her twitter, just to see how long it will take to get blocked:
  12. In my experience, when I came in, I got a sponsor to talk to (there's lots to unload when you're newly sober!) and to do the 12 Steps with. We were close, but I never considered her my best friend...she was my sponsor. I assumed that they didn't know each other before AA, and that Rita was Brooke's best friend because she was Brooke's only friend. Lots of us drunks like to isolate ourselves so we can drink in peace...and lose contact with old friends in the process. So I was projecting my experience into the script 😄😄😄...and everyone is different. But I would hate to see anyone judge
  13. I really hate it when TV misrepresents AA so badly. No!!!!! This is really annoying. I never would have gotten sober 40 years ago if I had Rita as a sponsor. Plus, you should never go to an active alcoholic's place without another sober person. Old school.
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