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  1. Right behind 'ya. It's too cringe-ey to even hate-watch.
  2. Let's hope that she has some Benadryl at the house: On WWHL after the show, she looks wasted. IMHO.
  3. I'm really trying to get through the first episode...not sure if I can do it. It's all about Bethanny, all the time, to the point it's really unwatchable. This will not end well.
  4. Who is Frank Sheehan???? I never remember names. Imdb had the answer...gag.I'll probably finish watching, but have low hopes for this.
  5. I have Aspergers. Kelly shows zero aspie behaviors. How about you keep your insults to yourself? Your ignorance is not an excuse.
  6. Like...maybe...this one? I mean, if the tool box fits...... (I know it's dark, but he really is a dick...)
  7. Robin: "I believe...." I believe that I do not care about your beliefs.
  8. And he'll move to the Swamp. What could go wrong? smh
  9. The Watch What Crappens Podcast for this episode did a very funny take on the way that Luke's temper(!) was misrepresented by the two morons.
  10. All-day stoner watch party? Pass the gummies! I mean, um, a day dedicated to getting housework done....slowly? Im in.
  11. Kody: "I'm not the kind of guy to panic." Liar. I just watched an old episode last night. I watched you pack up your hungry and terrified kids and leave, like a thief in the night, in unsafe vehicles, to flee from an enemy that was only in your head. You are exactly the kind of guy to panic. And to be a dick about it. smh
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