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  1. They've done that before. He dropped the in-house girlfriend for Katie Holmes. It's a really creepy read. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.vanityfair.com/news/2012/09/tom-cruise-scientology-marriage-katie-holmes/amp
  2. But can he do her crazy eyes and Eddie.
  3. Of course it's Dorit, she'll be damned no matter what she did, does or didn't do. Just like every housewife across the franchises, they all have their detractors a champions.
  4. And... one side of the argument or the other who really cares? I don't. It's a TV show!
  5. Mmmmm.... The very same thing could be said of so many other places in the internet universe. I'd venture to say with her out of the picture next year the women will and should focus on their own story lines. It would be smart of them to do so. And we'll see how well it goes, just like any other show. It's a TV show. They all go away eventually and something new takes the time slot.
  6. So is LVP. I'd be happy to never hear LVP mentioned again.
  7. Likewise we don't know that she didn't. If VPD employees were pushing Dorit to take a second dog because it might get out that the first dog was a "biter/nipper" and returned it still falls on LVP, it's her name on the shop.
  8. Who hasn't sworn in front of kids gosh darn it!
  9. From his actions, his words, both spoken and written I don't trust him. I don't give a shit how he dresses or grooms himself. That's just the cover on the book.
  10. I blame VPD and LVP for pushing dogs on castmates just to promote one of LVP's businesses. We don't know that Dorit's not present with her kids. Dorit cared about her kids enough to get an animal who's nipped young toddlers out of the house like any responsible mother would.
  11. Milage varies. I sure as shit wasn't interested watching lap dogs both human (VPD) and canine. While I don't mind a quick 15 seconds every couple of episodes (the way they show Kyle's dogs) I've found all the never fucking ending LVP dog stuff quite boring. I like dogs but if I want to watch them I'll watch them in 3D life or on animal planet. I dont need to see a half dead dog with a hand stuffed up his bum 3 times an episode.
  12. That's great you have had wonderful experiences with rescues but their have been children bitten, mauled and killed by rescue dogs. I have no problem of Dorit getting rid of the dog and I believe her when she said the puppies nipped at her kids and the adults became concerned and wanted the dogs out of the house. I have no problem with that except that she should have just given the last one back to LVP.
  13. And if John Sessa said the sky was blue and water was wet I'd still would take everything he said with a mountain of salt & healthy dose of suspicion of ulterior motives. Shady, shady shady!
  14. All of LVP's businesses should be looked at. Lawsuits, destruction of evidence, settlements...excuses, excuses, excuses. Something reeks!
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