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  1. Giselle

    S09.E21: Hurricane Camille

    If Erica didn't send a card people would call her a heartless bitch blah, blah, blah. If she sent the sappiest Hallmark card they would say it wasn't personal enough and the heartless bitch couldn't even pen a few lines blah, blah, blah. If she sent flowers and called she would have been called a fake heartless bitch blah, blah, blah. Erica got burned once before in this situation. It's called proof that wasn't used until the same recipient of the card, who called her out on national TV the last time, was as expected low enough to try and shame the sender a SECOND TIME. Erica's mother raised her right, to offer condolence to someone even if you may have been burned by them. The true heartless bitch obviously wasn't taught common decency when it comes to being gracious when people offer their sympathy. NOW THAT'S BULL SHIT! Be gracious bitch!
  2. Giselle

    S06:E09 Sorry Not Sorry

    I can't stand that fuck up Ashley. The women leave a lot to be desired but they didn't start it with Ashley. She fired the first shot at these people and continued to do so, also she herself sabotaged each and every apology she professed to want to make. She showed me who she was. I took her at her own words. I wouldn't have interacted Ashley. If she walked up and said "Hello" I would have said "bye" , if that, and walked away. I wouldn't stand for akl that toxicity and craziness to be around me. Edited to add: Is it rude? Absolutely, I wouldn't apologize for it nor would it bother me.
  3. Giselle

    S11.E18: Reunion Part 1

    She probably used a Mark Traynor Face Lift Kit. They also have one for a neck lift. Makeup artists still use them for shaping features. Little tapes and strings with tiny clips. You attach the strings to the tapes, apply the tapes to the face in the direction you want the pull to go then pull & secure. The strings are hidden in the hair. You can buy the kit online & some beauty supply shops carry them. Robin Williams used one for a scene in Mrs. Doubtfire. If you watch Grace and Frankie, Jane Fonda takes one down in the first part of Season 1 ep. 1.
  4. Giselle

    S09.E21: Hurricane Camille

    So very true. I felt the same when I lost mine, appreciative of any expression of condolence during those hard times. One memory that has always touched me since I was a child was when my grandfather died one winter. The day of the funeral my dad, who was raised and has always lived where it didn't snow, was going to get up early to shovel the snow and found that the so called town "bum" had come up to the house and shoveled all the snow from the porch, the sidewalks, and the driveway so we wouldn't have to do it and people could later come to the house safely. He gave of himself in the way that he could. It was his kind way of offering help to a grieving family and respect for my grandfather. Lisa was absolutely wrong to bring that up with Erica. Period. If she felt that way she should have kept it to herself. I think that was the final broken straw for me when it comes to LVP.
  5. Giselle

    S09.E21: Hurricane Camille

    Ground zero was the dumb ass who gave her the SECOND dog, and who placed a tiny breed puppy with a family who has young toddlers.
  6. Giselle

    S09.E21: Hurricane Camille

    Back at ya! Mwah 💋
  7. Giselle

    S09.E21: Hurricane Camille

    Bless their lil heart. I doubt they are even aware of how cheap they sound. Your mama raised you right.
  8. Giselle

    S06.E08: New Craig, Who Dis?

    I did not like this episode. I haven't liked this season. I am tired of all of them. I usually keep all of the episodes until the end of the season so I can watch a second time but this season, I've watched, I've fast forwarded, I've deleted. Watching Cam get drunk to forget her life was tedious and dull. Her story line this season seems to be how to get away from her daughter. Day care for 2 year olds, grandma care, nanny, booze. Watching her this season has been an eye opener. I am over hearing her bitch and complain about her life. Every damn episode, another complaining scene starts by her saying she realizes how blessed she is, then it's bitch, bitch, bitch about how motherhood has cut into her life. Count your fucking blessings and really take them to heart and quit bitching, or give the damn kid up for adoption if she's that much of an inconvenience. Good God what a broken record. Even Katherine seems more engaged with her children and and seems to want to be around them, raise them. We have never seen that with Cameran. The guys are the same as they always were, just a lot older without any growth of maturity in it's many forms. What a fucking waste of genetic material. The women have more ambition than the men but have become nagging harpies toward the man children out of frustration. If they aren't gutting them, they are making excuses for the ones they are on better terms with. There really is no distinction between any of them either, not the men nor the women. They are all of the same type with little variation within the sexes. This used to be a favorite show but not any more. It's lost its charm.
  9. Giselle

    S06.E08: New Craig, Who Dis?

    Shep will fuck anything.
  10. Good god, they brought back Stinky and Crazy Eyes! Hide the donuts and the booze! Just that much more I can fast forward through. I just don't care about them. Something bad could happen to a family member of theirs and I just wouldn't care. I'll watch for Shannon, Tamra and Kelly but that's it. The rest have always gotten the fast forward button even if one if they throw Shannon or Tamra together with Stinky or Crazy Eyes. Bring back Heather, Lauri and/or Alexis.
  11. Giselle

    What Did We Eat Today?

    Grilled lamb salad tonight. Summer pudding for dessert.
  12. After loving seasons one and two, this season was in the toilet and jumped the shark but I was going to see it through until the singing occurred. They were too busy adding in nostalgic cross promotions to have a storyline or a decent script. I like musicals but I hate it when I am invested in a show of a particular genre and the producers and writers switch it up and have to include a musical number to to copy every other sorry assed show who also thought it would be a good thing. It is gotten old and tedious. I turn the channel. The singing took me right out of the story I didn't care about the ending. I walked away, I don't know what happened, I don't want to know nor do I care. This will be getting a thumbs down and I'll be taking it off my netflix list. You lost a viewer for this show Netflix
  13. Giselle

    What Did We Eat Today?

    Mr.G took me out for an easy dinner of fish & chips.
  14. Giselle

    Food & Cookbooks

    Glad you enjoy using it. I checked this out if the library but gave up on it and didn't bother with it. I don't mind foul language and I do use it, but in this book it was stupidly and childishly used to extreme unnecessary excess. It reminded me of a child cussing hoping to be seen as cool and looking utterly ridiculous.
  15. Giselle

    Peanut Butter: Creamy or Crunchy?

    Both. Depends on what I'm eating or using it on.