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  1. Does X have it in him to give any sort of props to Tiff or Hannah? Just curious.
  2. I see where Tiff has moved up to 3rd in Joker’s HGs ratings. Still DX, Claire, Tiff. Britini now in 4tg
  3. I just was thinking Britni because she and DX seem to be having fun in jury and keeping it light. I don’t know.
  4. Wide open question. Tiff is going out now. Instead of getting Claire out and she went against one of the guys, would the repercussions be worse going against the CO or would true BB fans be looking at it as she ‘got’ before she got ‘gotten’? And if it was one of the guys that had to do it, would reactions be the same? What will this next double eviction do? Anything?
  5. Speaking of AFP — Am I the only one thinking the top 3 vote getters will be DX, Claire and, depending on how much jury footage is shown, Britini?
  6. Not sure where to put this but it caught my eye. It’s on Oxygen. Sept 26 - Escaping Captivity: The Kara Robinson Story Happened in 2002.
  7. Oh, dear @Katesus7, you are not old at 47! Can’t let that part of your comment pass by. Sign me , Ancient
  8. Was hoping Exit interviews were up and good bye messages. I’m hopeless finding that stuff.
  9. Was it just me? X seemed to be faking his emotions when it came to Alyssa leaving.
  10. X is apparently guilty before he is really guilty. 😊 I think it will be interesting to see how all this plays out and how each one acts throughout.
  11. And I admit I know nothing about this but Lori’s older sister died young. I’d like to add her to the list.
  12. It sure is. I have no doubt that Lori has mental issues but they probably flipped a coin to see who would be blamed due to insanity and who would claim they were innocent. Well… after the world didn’t end when they said it would. I’d be telling Lori daily that she will go through what Tylee did and be buried just like her and Mr Innocent that his future includes what happened to JJ.
  13. I’d love to hear the kids explain why their father sat in the driveway watching the officials look for the kids. And as they zero in on the babies Daybell started the car and attempted to leave. Am I remembering correctly?
  14. And …. I read this the day after! I didn’t see it obviously. Anything new?
  15. I know … they need to get the Cookout to final 6. I understand but …. is there anyone else out there that would love to see the women pull a blindside and get one of the guys out this week? You know … expect the unexpected. And next. Just saying.
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