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  1. LOL. The last post on Joker’s — Enzo farts in bed in the dark. Sums it up for me. 😁 Now I have to figure out how to break my habit that is BB.
  2. Or Nicole F so it’s a complete Cody/Nicole sweep.
  3. Wasn’t she the one that wants to be the next Julie when Julie retires?
  4. Is #4 Nicole F or Nicole A? I ask because I find it hard to believe either are in the top 4. Not for this season. Is this person tweeting known for accurate information? Is there usually this much craziness around who wins AFH? I for some reason always thought the favorite was a given. Guess I never really thought about it before.
  5. Enzo .... 3 months from now — ‘I vote to evict ... David.’ .... ???? .... ?????? ’Wait! Can I change that?’
  6. LuLu is part-time? Is that because she is too busy with her cabaret or was she too close to Dorinda?
  7. Any jury round table rumors? I’m not seeing anything. Maybe I’m too late/early or it was just like the entire season. I don’t know.
  8. Yeah, true but I’m hoping by some miracle Enzo pulls out the final HOH. giggling at myself for actually typing that. If Cody wins the season does that make Derrick the only two time winner?
  9. Dani would vote. Arbor Day would vote. BB22 ends in a tie. Fitting. 😁
  10. It certainly believable. Dani has not been shown in a positive light all season. Has she? This does make me wonder what is happening in the jury house.
  11. I’m hoping it continues but as old school play.
  12. So ... during this off season I can’t help but wonder when the next season will be? What number season are we looking forward to? 22? I’ve always looked forward to an all-star season but I’m also of the belief that sometimes you need to be careful what you wish for. 🙄🙄🙄
  13. Lol ... it would be nice to see. And part of me says Part 3 too. Don’t know why as the other two really deserve it more. It’s Enzo. I’ll root for him. No problem. For AFP, would love to see it be soooocloooose that Jani, Kaysar, Keesha, Tyler and Da’Vonne get acknowledged. Lol and then I don’t care who actually wins. 😁
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