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  1. Something else .... when the mother was scheduled for a polygraph, she ‘accidentally’ shot herself with a rifle? Coincidence?
  2. Oh I agree with ‘the innocent until proven guilty’. I really do. When I read the 13 year old committed suicide with a rifle ... a rifle ... I just can’t see it ... a rifle and just a 13 year old baby.
  3. I have a tendency to search the case afterwards. SMDH....the 13 year old’s suicide had me immediately thinking ‘the mother did it.’ I realize that that is not right but the way everyone described the mother how could one not. And if the father was as nice as everyone claimed him to be wouldn’t he have been insisting on a thorough investigation.
  4. https://www.crimeonline.com/2019/07/10/wifes-arrest-35-years-later-for-husbands-murder-sparks-probe-into-young-daughters-suicide-reports/
  5. Does Darnell forgetting an ingredient set him up for a return to Season 2 or do you think it will be all new chefs? Also is anyone else interested in seeing these very same chefs come back for Season 2 to see how it would shake out? I like all of these chefs. I’ve always felt that there was a hierarchy of the chefs as to who would win. ICAG has been the chosen one for some time. (Not taking any ability away from her.). She wasn’t herself against Darnell. Have to admit I wondered if the fix was in for her to go because of how she behaved. Absolutely love Darnell. Love Brooke too. Wonder how Kristen Kish would do. Hope they don’t tweak the show to beyond what it is.
  6. That was what I thought. Angelo wanted to go. Same as with the elimination challenge.
  7. ...Lori returning to the scene and smiling ..... I’d love to see that police video.
  8. I was thinking that the show had been on before with the footage of the grown kids and a healthier father being added.
  9. I remember that Lisa was not a fan favorite in so many ways but what I can’t remember is how she got in the final 3 that season. For some reason I’m thinking there was something that happened that was not necessarily based on her abilities. I am all for allowing people to show who they are now and how life changes have been made but I’m curious if there was something that did happen then. Anyone remember?
  10. Did I hear that he was a former police officer? The woman he moved in with (forgot her name) — I was surprised at her demeanor on the stand.
  11. https://www.msn.com/en-us/lifestyle/lifestyle-buzz/sweet-dog-tied-to-shelter-gate-was-waiting-for-someone-to-notice-her/ar-BB116zzW?li=BBnbcA0 I’d have to hurt the people that did this. Wouldn’t the people that rehomed the dog know the names of who they gave the poor baby too?
  12. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/doomsday-mom-lori-vallow-tries-to-get-judge-booted-from-case/ar-BB116cTF?li=BBnbcA1 Now Vallow wants the judge booted. And look at her face again in the picture. SMDH
  13. Taped it and found myself forwarding through to the results. Just me?
  14. Don’t know when that picture was taken but look at the smile on her face.
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