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  1. If Tom actually has dementia than it's even worse timing for Erika to file for divorce.
  2. I feel like Wendy was impacted by fan comments last year and decided to switch it up this season by cozying up to Karen. She's coming off very inauthentic and I don't understand what her issue with Mia is. Her tired reads are not giving what she thinks. I'm proud of Candiace for keeping calm and seeing Karen for who she is. Karen watched Candiace get attacked by Monique and saw Monique gloat, record songs and spin a year long narrative to bloggers that Candiace threw a drink in her face. Karen wants "credit" for remaining "neutral". She has no regrets about anything she did including pick
  3. "Where was I going to go?" she said when asked by her supportive clique why she didn't leave Tom when she found out he was cheating. Um, the same divorce attorney you went to when you found out the money was gone.
  4. Is Teresa paying Jennifer to defend her? I can’t wait until that alliance falls apart.
  5. The producers are the MVPs of this episode with their shots of all of Erika's assets bought with stolen money. The cast better let her have it this season. Garcelle's stunning, just absolutely beautiful. Gah.
  6. How can LeeAnne send a video to a private instagram account? I'm not understanding why this is on LeeAnne when it was Brian at the club intentionally sticking his tongue down some chick's throat.
  7. Poor Brandi having to keep her racist comments to herself in front of Tiffany. How stressful for her.
  8. Is Sonja still moaning about her "perfect" marriage? I can't take another season of her dreaming about her yacht in her past life. She should have been bumped down to friend.
  9. I'm confused why D'Andra has been groveling at Mama Dee's feet for all these decades if she inherited over 40 million from her biological Father. There's something missing from this story.
  10. We're really talking about a black woman having a chip on her shoulder because she expressed an opinion about something? Sigh.
  11. This might seem Pollyanna but I wonder why D'Andra didn't offer to split the inheritance with her brother? If there were 2 wills and she had a good relationship with her brother why not just share it? I'm sorry but I find Travis gross and misogynistic and Stephanie "joking" about lube for her asshole is nauseating. The idea that this low self esteem women with depression issues being this man's human sex toy is sad. I'm so happy Brandi's leaving. I hate how everyone is babying her.
  12. Even dumb dumb Portia knew Kenya was wrong for wearing that outfit. We're always told how smart Kenya is. There's no way she didn't know in the year 2020 she would receive backlash. We're in a time when marginalized people have a voice and are not willing to accept casual racism and the status quo. Inevitably there will be people who long for "the good old days" when "certain" people knew their place and "dealt" with racism and disrespect. Oh well. Latoya is just too much. I don't know if she's putting on for the camera or if this is her real personality but I'm surprised she hasn't
  13. I like that Jackie and Margaret are standing up to Teresa. Too many people are afraid of her power on the show and it's refreshing they're not putting up with her shit. This show tries so hard to portray Tre as a victim and she's not. I like the guys not knowing what to do at the dinner when everyone was fighting. Their expressions were cracking me up. I don't remember Margaret's husband saying he heard about the cheating rumor in town. I remember him saying he has a bunch of women at his house. What's not clear is if he heard about the rumors after the birthday party or before.
  14. I feel for Tiffany being forced to absolve Brandi of her racism in front of a group of white women. Brandi's really going to sit around whining about how she has to "watch her words" around Tiffany? Fuck off. I don't blame Tiffany for leaving. I can't imagine someone looking me in the eye and saying they're upset because they can't be freely racist in front of me.
  15. Most of the time when people brought up cheating rumors there were actual details. There were pics from blogs, the other women came forward, the cast members themselves mentioned problems or Joe was mic'ed up talking to his mistress. I've barely heard Evan speak. He's the most lowkey of all the husbands on this show and has never bothered anyone. I can't think of anything he's said or done that raised a red flag. I think he has a pretty respectable career. So for Tre to walk around on camera saying "I heard he does stuff" at the gym, whether producer prompted or not is wrong. To not have any
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