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  1. It was Jamal Osterholm who was very hit or miss. He designed a puffer gown which the judges loved. and non puffer designs like this
  2. They've featured some great cases in Tulsa this season. I was shocked at the Arby's manager 25 year sentence. That seems incredibly harsh. I too wonder if she had previous convictions or something. This show rarely paints victims in a negative light so it was interesting to me that they aired so many soundbites about what a jerk this guy was. I googled some articles that talked about the victim's extensive criminal history but nothing about her. He terrorized this woman and the other employees, threw a drink, spit on her, left and came back. She shouldn't have followed him and needs to be punished but I've seen rapists, child molesters and other killers get less time.
  3. Noooooooooooooo! As the episode went on you could tell that Dr. Couture and Victoria were going to be on the bottom. Delvin got too much screentime and I knew the judges would never eliminate their favorite Victoria. I was hoping there would be a tie and they could both be safe. Ugh. You realize how young Delvin is as he's looking adorable in his onesie. He took his elimination like a champ. I wish there was an All Star show he could go on.
  4. I wish Alan could be part of the show somehow. Yeah he’s extra but he just makes me smile. As soon as Delvin started saying this was his challenge I knew he’d be in the bottom. I’m relieved he gets to stay and couture another day! Yooooo Marquise’s model was a fucking boss on the runway he worked it. I’m usually not into the womenswear becoming menswear thing but it really worked for this look. I could see an actual celebrity wearing that on the red carpet.
  5. Oh man I’m so relieved to know I wasn’t the only one who thought Sergio was fake crying on stage. I thought for sure I was going to hell alone. Ha.
  6. Awww I’m sorry Shavi was eliminated. He seemed genuinely sweet. It just wasn’t his challenge. You made your grandmother proud. I was anxious about Delvin. He’s usually so confident about his work. I’m a little surprised he was never told that his Father was half Mexican until that phone call. Glad he was safe and free to be Dr. Couture again!
  7. Us Weekly There were reports that came out over the summer they had a falling out while filming. Both of them have been tight lipped about what it was about.
  8. LeeAnne knows she's getting demoted/fired. I couldn't enjoy the rightful LeeAnne dragging because I was confused about the inconsistencies. Andy is happily promoting Danielle Stab being a guest on WWHL when she's on video talking about Mexicans and dropping the N word. Brandi's got a video where she's mocking an Asian woman's accent. Andy read a viewer question where they said LeeAnne's comments were very much "build the wall" but Brandi and Stephanie are supportive of that. D'Andra says she's 100% sure that LeeAnne is a racist yet she was best friends with her for years? They all said they never thought Bravo would air the comments so that means it was okay? This was just not a good look for many of these women.
  9. Teresa is so narcissistic. As long as nobody says anything about her she doesn't care how they treat other people. I was hoping her fallout with Danielle happened on camera but there wasn't a hint of it in the trailer.
  10. I was disappointed that the much anticipated sabotaaaaage was based on a brief clip of Sergio encouraging the use of pants. What a letdown! I continue to be charmed by Dr. Couture he’s very handsome and takes his work seriously. I was scared for him when he was in distress about using the garments from Goodwill. I was also completely charmed by Chelsea and her giant glasses. She seems very cool and down to earth.
  11. I’m a horrible person because I loved watching Karlie’s face crack at the mention of the disgusting family she married into. Hahahaha. Tyker was struggling and it was a given he was going home. I wish Alan had stayed last week. The producers had fun with the Christian save music and slow motion as if he was going to waste it so early in the season.
  12. On rewatch I appreciate Dolores saying Marty lies to Margaret then Marty lies to Danielle and he plays both sides. She's on to his game.
  13. LeeAnne's getting rightfully dragged and Andy clearly hates her. She probably won't be back next season. Let's see what happens to the other racists on the show.
  14. I never said Brandi's racism cancelled out LeeAnne's. What I can't stand is their pearl clutching over it now when they let it all slide while they were filming.
  15. I've always been disturbed by Danielle. The woman is not well and that manic laugh at the end was like something out of a horror movie. Danielle wanted a confrontation with lots of camera time and she got it. I'm just surprised that Margaret is allowing Danielle's weak bag of tricks "you had an affair" to upset her. I think ignoring her would hurt her more than pouring water on her head which allows her to be the victim.
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