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  1. For those who've read the book what did the producer Chris Cullen say to prove that LVP leaked the story to Radar? Did he work for Radar? Did someone at Radar tell him? Did LVP tell him she did it? I'm curious about the details of his proof.
  2. The same producer who was screaming at Denise and is Kyle's BFF is confirming LVP called Radar Online? How would he know?
  3. Yay, the show is back! I'm happy boring monotone Karlie Kloss is gone. She's not missed. I can't believe how utterly perfect Christian is for this role. I've loved him since he won his season and I'm super proud of everything he's accomplished. It took Darren a long ass time to finally admit that Bone's made that dress. I think Bones handled that situation well. Not sure of everyone's names yet. There was some choppy editing when Bones was trying to explain himself and the southern guy was yelling at him. I felt that they were trying to set Bones up to take the fall and he was
  4. Erika hates the LA Times interview with Garcelle, Sutton and Crystal calling it "Pure Ficton". Then Rinna's in Sutton's comment sections snarking that they're the Fox Force Five minus 2. Ohhh you're so angry
  5. It’s the hypocrisy of Kyle for me. She’s so ham fisted with her ish stirring constantly throwing Sutton under the bus. Using Sutton and to an extent Mauricio and PK to be the mouthpiece of her doubts while keeping her hands clean. I’m old enough to remember when she accused LVP of that. I hope she’s dragged at the reunion and they roll back all of her confessional footage.
  6. It's frustrating listening to Erika describe all the great things Tom did for people like he's some type of saint. He stole millions and used it for bribes, tuition payments, gifts and a lavish lifestyle for himself. Tom didn't get old and go broke, he got caught committing crimes. Erika sits around wondering where Tom's family is when she ran to divorce court as soon as she found out the severity of his finances. I'm glad Sutton called her out on that since nobody else will.
  7. I thought the strangest thing about Bethenny's revelation was Tom sending Dennis videos of Erika and telling him watch this when you're alone. Sending provocative videos of your almost naked wife to men you owe 500k to is.... an offer?
  8. Yolanda bullied Joyce for no reason and literally turned her back to her at the reunion and said she felt sorry for Joyce’s husband being married to her. She’s gross and I don’t believe she was as sick as she claimed. The women of the show were upset that LVP got a spin off and would use those cast members on Beverly Hills. Yo wanted a lifestyle spin off show and never got it. She cried salty tears.
  9. I'm doing a season 1 rewatch and I love how awful Camille is. Her intro scene features her "dancing" in booty shorts. Here voiceover says "I'm a mother of 2 and this is going to sound crazy don't judge me. I have 4 nannies and they rotate." Cut to Nanny #1 Ashton who says "There are 2 sets of nanny's, 2 for each child." Cut to Nanny #2 Alyson- "Not only do we take care of the kids here we travel with them all over the place." Cut to Nanny #3 Serena- "A typical day is waking up with the kids and getting them ready for school." Cut to Nanny #4 Michelle- "Take them to the
  10. I’m doing a rewatch of season 1 and Kyle said that Kim has a spending problem. When she turned 18 and got access to her money she spent it all. She also gets alimony for life unless she remarries from her divorce from one of her wealthy husbands. She’s not “broke” at this stage of her life. It sounds like a Tori Spelling situation. Whatever money comes in flows right back out.
  11. Denise and LVP probably agree with this as they were put on trial by these gang of witches. LVP's brother had committed suicide and Denise was going through a court case with her ex. There was no mercy for them. It never stopped the coven from relentlessly attacking every word they uttered. It's amazing how hypocritical they're being now.
  12. It's disappointing that Crystal is auditioning for the role of Teddi 2.0 Crystal's getting rightfully dragged for co-signing Erika's bs. Kathy also chimed in saying it's okay that Erika reacted that way towards Sutton cause she was triggered. I hope they bring on someone who's friends with Garcelle or Sutton next season who can stand up and not be afraid of defending themselves.
  13. This is infuriating to watch. I can't believe how Erika spoke to Sutton at the table.
  14. They released the first look at the season premiere with the camera's rolling as Jen slips off the party bus and the feds showing up 12 minutes later. I'm ashamed of how much I'm looking forward to watching this.
  15. I'm doing a rewatch of Season 5. Kathy shows up for Brooke's wedding dress shopping and criticizes every single thing about the gowns she's trying on. Kim, Kyle and their kids seem terrified of her.
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