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  1. I don't even know why they'd marry - both don't have much in terms of assets. Although Safaree probably has a bit more than Mena. I agree about the Phresher dude - seems like the girlfriend knows how he is - him cheating is nothing new. I also don't understand his obsession with trying to get a potential artist new boobs. The man doesn't have any money - just who be paying for the boobs. Facially -Genaskee reminds me of Olivia. And facially for some reason Phresher's GF reminds me of JoJo from Miami
  2. General question When Kimbella's dude was out of jail - he had to stay with his mother because he and Kim weren't married. It didn't matter that they had a bunch of kids - he couldn't "live" with her If Manteethes gets out on early parole won't it be the same situation for them? From what I recall - at Yandy's wedding - they didn't actually get married - she just had her name legally changed to Harris. They aren't married. Does he have to move in with his mom and is Yandy just throwing in this story line figuring out living arrangements with foster child to throw us off? As for Chrissy - I don't believe she didn't "know" Jim didn't pay the mortgage on that NJ house. It's not like he just stopped paying the last 6 months. He stopped paying in 2010.
  3. I'm only telling you what she said - her ears perked up for me because they said Real Housewives. She did ask me why the old man was holding a raggedy stuffed animal
  4. According to my friend - the whole 2 minutes was aired - this was not Page Six, it wasn't ROL, it wasn't TMZ - it was the local news - I have no idea what the "channel" was and my friend does not "tape/DVR" the news. I'm only going by what she told me he said. Among the things he said - they would be OPEN - they were not closing for the day. The damaged area would be sectioned off but they were still open for business
  5. My friend is on the west coast and saw it on the local news. She has no horse in the race as she doesn't watch any Bravo shows but knows I watch a few of the franchises. She told me it was a two minute clip of Ken speaking and he came across as smug. His "joking" words were met with silence. The local news channel aired it again the next day along with the backlash comments as well as word that there was someone who was injured and had to go to the hospital.
  6. I don't watch this franchise, but there was a blind item revealed on CrazyDays&Nights Blind Items Revealed #5 January 9, 2020 This East Coast Housewife divorced her pumpkin loving husband long ago. He was cheating and getting other women pregnant. She then dated a NBA player for a bit. The producers said her story was boring so she decided she should reunite with her ex. He loves television, so he was fully on board despite the fact the relationship is fake and he is living with a reality star who lives in a city where there is another edition of this franchise. Gizelle Bryant/"Real Housewives of Potomac"/Jamal Harrison Bryant/Sherman Douglas/Malaysia Pargo "Basketball Wives"/Atlanta
  7. Yup Right after the crash as the media was outside After it aired and public backlash began - LVP tried to the whole it's British humor schpiel.
  8. Are you talking about the video after the car crash where Ken is heard saying we're going to get as much publicity out of this as we can? The injured party is female - she was in Pump when the car crashed into it. I don't know if she is staff or a patron but she was hospitalized due to cuts from flying debris and glass. LVP and company are trying to out a id on this - will probably settle out of court to hush her up
  9. There was someone injured and hospitalized after the crash https://ktla.com/2020/01/05/1-hospitalized-after-ferrari-crashes-into-west-hollywood-restaurant/ If it was someone inside Pump - I see another lawsuit for the the Todds. The person will be suing both the driver and the restaurant/bar and they will win
  10. Most restaurants and bars I know of in NY - pay their front staff - minimum wage. There is a work around - say a Scheana or Katie make 300 in cash tips on one night - on their taxes they only claim to have made 50. They can't do anything about the tips on credit cards because there is a paper trail so they should be claiming 100% of those. HOWEVER, I do question how long it takes the Vanderpumps to pay them and I also wonder if they don't tell them about some. I don't know if each waiter/waitress keeps track of every credit card tip amount they accrue in one night. I have also always been suspect of LVP whenever she has said we've opened over 35 restaurant bars. Why did they close? Why did they leave England? If they were so successful - why not still own a few of them and place a general manager in charge for an additional revenue stream? Why do they rent all of those properties and not own them outright? My biggest question is Villa Vomit. It's been a money pit since before RHOBH filmed. It has about the same traffic as their Vegas location. Are they in a 20 year lease? Even if they were in a 20 year lease - they could have totally remodeled and made that into TomTom or something other than the Money Pit it is. Is it a way for Ken to launder money?
  11. Brandi reminds me of Sonja from NY. There is a lot of footage out there non-show related where they are incredibly drunk and/or extremely high. To the point, neither can walk without assistance. I am afraid for both - when they get that wasted they are so vulnerable to predators. It could be anything from sexual assault to letting a stranger into their home where they get robbed. They both like to brag about past hook-ups by naming names. Both have had men they allegedly hooked up with - not remember them. I don't believe that Brandi had any kind of "affair" with Denise. It is possible that they kissed after a night of drinking. Am I the only one who pictures both Sonja and Brandi after picking up some random and getting horizontal - that they are snoring and laid out like a starfish?
  12. I know they lost the case involving the workers (mainly the cooks/dish washers) - unfair wages/working conditions and outright racism The tabloids really hate her guts, they always go to one of her more hideous looks - it's the Vampire Brothel Madame
  13. I do believe Denise didn't film RH as much as the other cast mates. I was surprised she filmed as much on her first season. Look at her IMDB page of what she filmed in 2018/2019/2020. Besides movies/tv movies/soap opera - I would imagine she has an obligation to do press junkets on the work that is about to air. I could see there being tension if she is getting the same salary yet not putting in the same amount of hours. I do think it might be exaggerated drama though. As for Brandi - I don't really believe her - it comes down to her wanting her diamond back
  14. Is there an ellipsis after the word runs? As in gym she runs...alongside her husband If so the missing words could be "gym she runs into the ground alongside her husband, Eddie Judge"
  15. I decided to watch this show since I am a fan of the book series. The show itself is okay and I will watch next season. Many of the character names are on the show but the backstories are very different
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