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  1. The part of this episode that cracked me up was the Flashback Emily went over to Braunwyn's and she's talking about moving her BFF into her house. They flashback to last season where they (Emily, Gina, Braunwyn) are in the pool and Braunwyn is telling the ladies about getting threesomes for special occasions. Emily says - where do you find them.....Craig's List? I still like Emily and surprisingly I really like Shane this season. Gina isn't irritating me. I also still like Kelly - I find her entertaining - I loved a past episode scene where Emily goes over to Kelly's and Kelly offers to make her a drink. They start talking while Kelly makes the drink, sit down and then Kelly proceeds to drink the drink she made for Emily...Bwahahaha I used to like Shannon but once she crawled up Vicki and Tamra's ass I was done. She is toxic. I think John is in it for the money - didn't Shannon basically hire every member of his family including him to help launch her food/tincture line. His daughter is her personal assistant. Once that well is empty he'll run for the hills. As for Brauwnyn - sorry still don't believe she stopped drinking. Elizabeth's constant laughing is annoying AF but I'd keep her if that means Braunwyn gets the boot.
  2. It didn't make sense that she would stay elsewhere, when the whole idea was "group trip". The usual thing is done where a large house is rented. Plenty of room. If she was afraid of them drinking she could have gone to her room early. If she was afraid of the temptation prior to the trip she could have stayed home like Emily and Shannon did. I sure as hell didn't believe her when she started yawning while on the phone with Sean back at the hotel. Bish what the hell did you do that you're so exhausted and need to turn in early? She wanted Sean off the phone, the camera crew gone so she could get her drink on and pick up some random and make more bad choices.
  3. Am I the only one who thinks Braunwyn stayed at a different hotel so that she could drink without any eyes on her (inclusive of Sean)? I think inside the luggage she brought over were empty bottles of liquor she squirreled away in the kitchen. Good place to get rid of any evidence and also a good place to stay while she replenishes her liquor supply.
  4. Whinewyn doesn't suffer from OCD, she has OCB (Obsessive Compulsive Bitching) If she doesn't know how to use a vacuum or a washing machine, I doubt she knows how to use a stove or an oven. I'm thinking her liquor stash is in the kitchen and sh can't have her kids or Sean in there looking for a bag of chips.
  5. There was a scene where Clownwyn was showing Kelly something that fell out of her wig. Kelly said something like don't you wash that shit? Fast forward to the lice reveal...was it just me that thought that thing that fell from her head was a fossilized lice egg?
  6. Could it be from her Tres Amigos days? Didn't they do shots when they landed somewhere with matching sombreros? Is it me or has Shannon NOT mentioned Tamra or Vicki once this season?
  7. Agree. While I do believe she has a problem with alcohol, I find some of the things she said just don't make sense to me. She described an incident where she kept drinking every 15 minutes. She couldn't stop for any longer than 15 minutes because she started getting the shakes. If her drinking has been that out of control, then I don't see how she could have stayed sober during any of her pregnancies. I'm also remembering her bragging in her first season that she was still lactating and just finished breast feeding the youngest who looked about 7 months at the time. So are we supposed to believe she consumed 0 alcohol for a 1 1/2 years with each of her 7 kids? Meaning she has been sober for 10 years out of her 20 year marriage? I'm also not buying her 30 days sober story and how she's sharing her journey and yet no comments about withdrawals and her minute to minute struggle to just function. Braunwyn and her mom (aka Clownwyn) need to get off TV
  8. Well the kids doing remote learning gives you time for Rut-roh! I only kept in contact with WQ in PM's on this board and I haven't PM'd her in forever. I hope she is okay. Speaking of Kathryn - didn't she also have a problem with her ear and was going to specialists? To me she was.... meh
  9. Hi Shawnalanne Missed you too. Missed all of youse. Hope everyone is safe and healthy I agree she wants that perception out there that she's shit hot in bed. I just don't think she is. I do also believe she puts in effort and is passable when she's with a dude that can pay her bills.
  10. Hi Dosodog! How are you? Been watching the Bravo shows but about 3 days after it airs and I haven't been reading or posting on the boards. Wait - what happened to Walnutqueen? Last I remember she hurt her wrist - but that was way before the pandemic. On a side note...is it just me or does anyone else think Brandi is absolutely horrible in bed? She reminds me of NY Sonja - getting so drunk that she just lies there like a dead starfish
  11. Hi Hiyo! Hi everybody! I liked Denise as well - but she and Aaron threw off this weird vibe this season. They're mixing their alcohol with something making them paranoid. As for Brandi, while I do believe she and Denise were closer than Denise will admit and I also believe they "hooked up" I'm not believing Brandi's version of Denise made me into a cheater by telling me not to say anything to Aaron. If I were into that scene and met a couple I sure as hell would have a conversation with both parties to understand the rules of play before any bedroom festivities took place. I put this on Brandi. FYI All: Very exciting news - next week after the Reunion Part 3, WWHL will have Ronnie Karam, Ben Mandelker & Amy Phillips as guests...Woo hoo
  12. I don't know if I mentioned these 2 items Cadbury Fingers Planters Peanut Bar
  13. I was talking to my sister today about bread sticks and she said she wished they came in a box instead of a flimsy cellophane wrapper. I said they did = Pepperidge Farm Sesame Snack Sticks I tried to find them for her and found out they discontinued this line of bread sticks
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