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  1. I don't know if I mentioned these 2 items Cadbury Fingers Planters Peanut Bar
  2. I was talking to my sister today about bread sticks and she said she wished they came in a box instead of a flimsy cellophane wrapper. I said they did = Pepperidge Farm Sesame Snack Sticks I tried to find them for her and found out they discontinued this line of bread sticks
  3. I think the restaurant guy is probably comping their meals whenever they are around in exchange for the free advertising. Remember they did something similar the season they went to "Bahamar" lots of free advertising for SLS. I think the only room I'd feel safe letting Dorit "design" is the coat check room. Someone needs to drive that restaurateur's ass over to that hideous Kitson window display Dorit put together.
  4. Haha...never even realized that there were two Jeana/Gina Matt combos but no I didn't mean Jeana Keough and her ex-husband Matt. I was talking about DUI Gina who was divorcing Matt (he was never on the show) - pic of her below
  5. Even when they were putting it up on the table - I was like - why are you placing it scrotum side up? Makes me think back to their wedding - they had a huge floral arrangement (it was supposed to be an infinity sign) - but it looked like Mr Humongous Schlong's balls
  6. When the delivery guy was wheeling something towards the bar on a dolly, I thought it was a humongousschlong ice sculpture
  7. She did the prints in various colors - here's a black and white color block shirt dress. She also made T Shirts I know Dorinda is awful like Ramona in offending cultures and/or being elitist - like when Dorinda tried to give some guy her coat at the restaurant assuming he worked there - or putting a dollar into the cup of a man waiting for the bus assuming he was homeless but it was just a guy trying to get to work. I truly believe she bought one of Vivienne Tam's signature "Mao" pieces - it's right up her alley and in colorful prints. This was also in the late 90's early 2000's - which we all know 80% of Dorinda's current wardrobe is comprised of clothes from back then. I just can't picture Dorinda going into a store and picking up a "Mao" anything - I mean where would you even find a Mao rocks item - at Dictators R Us? It's likely something she heard was trending - this line put Vivienne Tam on the Fashion map
  8. Dorinda when she saw Leah's dress and Leah said it was Lil Kim - I'm 99% sure Dorinda was clueless as to who Lil Kim is. Dorinda said she once had a Mao dress and it was "gangsta". What I believe she is referring to is the dresses/Tshirts Vivienne Tam made that was a trend at one time. It was pictures of Mao blocked just like what Leah had with Lil Kim - but with Vivienne Tam's spin she made him into a caricature adding pigtails, had him cross eyed with a bug on his nose, etc. I don't think Dorinda was saying she bought a Mao dress because she thinks he's awesome
  9. Sutton is another Kyle - she buys what's designer trendy not for her own body. Is it me or does Sutton try to take on an Alexis Carrington affectation
  10. I think my little Garden Gnome doesn't know how to dress for herself. I also think Kyle's clothes line was pretty horrendous. But to be fair, that mustard colored sundress was at least wearable. In my neck of the woods, during this pandemic they have shut down ALL public Laundromats. Even the ones that pick up/deliver - Ack!!! I'm like Pioneer Little House On The Prairie woman washing everything by hand and jury rigging a clothesline Anyhoo, I never thought I'd willingly wear one of the outfits from Kyle's fashion line. Right about now, I'd put something of hers on as a "LAST RESORTS WEAR"
  11. Stats Queen: I remember a time when you couldn't buy liquor on Sundays too. I also remember when they finally lifted that mandate - you could buy liquor from a 7/11 like beer after 12:00 PM on Sundays. Funny true story. Grocery store shopping has been a nightmare in my neck of the woods. You wait on line for up to an 1 1/2 just to get in and then there is nothing on the shelves. Forget about those weekly flyers - they are useless nothing is there. The one section that I never have problems with is the produce section. Why - because most people don't know how to cook. Give someone a head of brocolli and they'll look at it like it's an alien life form. But the frozen food aisle with brocolli in nukeable steam bags - those are GONE. Anyhoo - I wanted to make chicken picata and I needed lemons. I go to the store and not one lemon not even any limes which I could have used as a substitute. So I decided to make roast chicken instead. It wasn't until I was on my way home that I realized it's not that all the lemons and limes were sold out because people know how to cook dishes with them. It's because what people do know how to make are MIXED alcoholic drinks using lemons and limes. Agreed Door County Cherry! That's what happened in NY. The hospitals were so overwhelmed by COVID patients there weren't enough beds. All bars are shut down. I don't know what the EMT's, police force or the hospitals would have done if they had to deal with people in the throes of alcohol withdrawal on top of everything else. Sorry - this is the LVP thread. I know I rag on LVP and Ken quite a bit - I don't like them much. But I do think they make great TV and I do hope their businesses survive and I do hope they are healthy and their pets are okay.
  12. There are differences in restrictions & lock downs state by state. I'm pretty sure the LA area is in total lock down except for essential workers, LVP and Ken have Villa Blanca, SUR, PUMP, TomTom, the Vegas place, and the Dog place. All restaurants are closed for dining in - only option is take out. Villa Blanca was a money pit before this pandemic so they probably shut that down. SUR is a place to eat and drink to be seen and to hopefully catch a glimpse of one of the VPR chucklefucks or the Brothel Madame, or Weekend at Bernie's KEN. I don't think you can order liquor drinks from a restaurant and I don't see that high of a demand for "Goat Cheese Balls To Go" TomTom and PUMP are "bars" and while they might have a selection of edibles people were going there to hang and hope to see a VPR cast member. All casinos in Vegas are totally shut down and LVP's place was dead, they'll be at the bottom of the list when Ceasar's re-opens. Across the US pet adoptions are up. Dog grooming is a NO NO in California right now. The dog rescue center portion should be open though. If anything sales of VPR liquor like her Rose and Sangria should be up. Too bad she can not sell them herself and it has to go through various liquor stores and online websites. Then on the flip side - are they even getting new shipments since this stuff is allegedly manufactured in France? On the east coast liquor stores are considered "essential" we even have Curbside liquor pick/up
  13. EXACTLY! There is another thing I'm still curious about. Joe is no mastermind himself either - he had help or connections. Who forged all that documentation. Where the hell is the underwriter and staff who are supposed to verify every line of the loan applications. It's not just one person - it's a group at the mortgage/loan company that fact checksEVERYthing - from the W 2 forms to the tax history to the employment history. There is someone else or a group of someone else's who got a cut of every loan approved
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