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  1. They did. It's a public high school not private and their parents didn't have to pay any kind of tuition. While both didn't go without food or a roof over their heads - neither had parents with mcmansions or any luxuries
  2. I think only GG & Mike fall into that category. Her parents pay for everything. I don't think she's ever had a job before even part time. Once she landed the Shahs gig - she uses that as play money. She is not a businesswoman and every venture she has tried because of the show hasn't worked because she doesn't really care to She would have been better off going to a known brand - let's say for the hair extensions. Have a line created called the GG collection. They would either pay her a one time price to do a commercial & photo shoot wearing the different extensions OR she could have b
  3. The only thing I like about Destiney is her dog Frank Sinatra https://www.instagram.com/p/B_04_1tAT-v/ The name made me think of a movie called Everything Is Illuminated. The dog's name was Sammy Davis Junior Junior. Anyone remember this?
  4. Flashback - thought this was a nice photo of MJ & Reza when they were young and when they were actually friends https://www.instagram.com/p/CPMpHj2MEvO/
  5. Watching this season makes you realize how this group really hates each other. They are all filming because every one of them need the paycheck. GG not so much because her parents fund her lifestyle I don't think GG likes Nema and has called him out many times. I don't think Mike likes being called out in front of the cameras for being a man-whore even though it happens at least twice a season. He just feels that these people are his "friends" and shouldn't be doing this ON camera I think Mike stays with Paulina and is in an alleged relationship with for show for his p
  6. DarkSide was the hacker group responsible for the ransomware attack on the pipeline that caused the gas shortages in the Southeast. Some powerful UNKNOWN hacker group hijacked Mike's phone, sent text messages graphic in nature along with having text conversations of a graphic nature. I wonder if it's the same group that did this before as Pauline has said its happened several times already This powerful group didn't demand any money. Even though they "hijacked" Mike's phone, they continued to allow Mike to have access to his phone. They didn't even screw up his contacts or corrupt an
  7. Who knew Mike had secret skillz Mike's dool sends text messages according to London. Does it have its own account or does it just use Mike's phone?
  8. Destiney had a hideous yellow wig on, but all I saw was this Thank you Tommy! Run Frank Sinatra, RUN!!!!!
  9. I also don't believe. She said it was on the movie set of Halloween, which during the last season she was already promoting the movie they had finished filming. I doubt that once production wrapped there was any scene so important that they had to go back to shoot. No way in hell if Kyle really broke her nose would she have waited so long to get it fixed. She's a hypochondriac especially when it comes to her looks as opposed to health. I think she felt they were off season and no signs of when they'd go into production for the new season - she thought she would have time to get
  10. Agree and disagree. Kyle hears what is trending from Fashion Week - be it the color, prints, skirt or dress length. She'll buy from any known designer if it is currently trending. Heck, if they said Green Top Hats are trending this year...expect to see Kyle on camera looking like a leprechaun. Prime example would be those Gladiator sandals she was sporting years ago. I was waiting for Kyle to belly bomb Andre the Giant from the corner of the ring, Sutton, on the other hand is designer driven. She has a handful of designers she is incredibly loyal to. She will buy whatever they h
  11. Kyle refuses to believe she has been 2 sizes larger than she was in her teens. She is a shopaholic and buys off the rack clothes from designers. In Kyle's case, the boobs also cause an issue. She buys a size 2 when she should be buying a size 6 in let's say a dress. The dress that should be hitting just above the knee is now a mini dress because of the boobage factor. The rest of the dress is just too tight all over - and she looks like she'll implode any second. She doesn't hire a "tailor" because the too small clothes she buys is plastered to her body. Dorit had her boobs fixed. On
  12. I guess it could have been a facial muscle tic...Bwahahaha
  13. Kyle was regaling the story of Kathy's dentistry experiments on the young kids in the neighborhood. The camera zooms in on Kathy's frozen face smirking I swear I heard the music from Psycho
  14. Once again - Kyle doesn't know how to dress for her body shape. The dress itself was great and so was it's print and shape. She needed to go 2 sizes up up and not wear the canoli shell type Spanx. She chose that kind of Spanx because she needed to smooth out the lumps and bumps and to suck in her gut. Unfortunately the canoli shell filling has to go somewhere - and this pushed all of her fat into the underside of her boobs. This in turn created the Marie Antoinette/Tavern Wench look.
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