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  1. We'll have to agree to disagree...I think she was hit in a past relationship, I'm just not sure if it was Frank. If Delores were to say He isn't a serial rapist and he isn't a thief.....I'd think she was talking about someone in her past
  2. In an effort to keep her (what the heck do the Jersey wives hold, Jersey Corn? - (NY is an apple, BH is a diamond, ATL is a peach) she will write an internet blog about horny divorcees and their pineapple peach pussies....then claim she isn't talking about Teresa. Then, she'll dispense an analogy involving Milania and heroin
  3. Or in Jackie's case - get a law degree just to learn how to structure the fraudster parents monies. She made Evan sign a pre-nup - so the stolen monies weren't an inheritance. She certainly didn't make all that dough being a real estate lawyer. Those kids aren't wee toddlers now. So I guess she wants continue to stay home to dispense haircuts in the driveway and decide how many bundles to velcro onto her head each day
  4. There is something in the Jackie narrative that just doesn't ring true. She said she was a lawyer and when they married she stopped working to be a full time stay at home mom. She was a real estate lawyer who supposedly practiced for 7 years. While I can see her not wanting to work because she wanted to be home with the kids - I don't see why she wouldn't go back to working as a real estate lawyer as the kids got older - even part time. I never got the impression that she went through all that effort and schooling because she was pressured by her parents. She would have had to g
  5. Right?????? If she isn't referring to Frank then who? She mentioned leaving Frank when she was 7 months pregnant. So I also wonder what was the straw that broke the camel's back. Who's a good detective here? Bunny is nosy
  6. Delores was addressing the other ladies at Jennifer's Turkish Tea Party. She was talking about why David made her happy She said, he doesn't yell, he doesn't HIT, he doesn't cheat and he doesn't scream. So is she saying Frank used to smack her around?
  7. I totally believe that the money Jackie has is the fraudulent money her parents hid into accounts under Jackie's name. She did not accumulate this wealth by her own hands as a "great business women" and "smart investor" as she claims. Her father went to jail and then both her mom and dad spent time under house arrest. If she were so great at either why is she writing blog article for the internet, why doesn't she have her own business? While she likes to brag that she has money, I think she doesn't want to risk an audit or be questioned by the Feds on where those monies originated.
  8. Thought this was a cute story https://www.bravotv.com/the-real-housewives-of-new-jersey/style-living/peek-inside-jennifer-bill-aydins-former-manhattan
  9. Exactly! At least put a tomato on your plate so that the hostess who is lugging that big bowl plus silverware into their seating area can then eat some food for herself.
  10. I think there is a different reason they go after Jennifer. Jackie, Marge and Melissa have all tried to go up against Teresa and have failed. They are all cowards. Each of them wanted to be the new breakout star of the franchise and they've failed. There is no way that any of them would go after Delores because Delores can stand up for herself and Teresa would go after them like a she wolf. So that leaves Jennifer. They know Teresa is friends with Jennifer but they don't think she'd have her back the way she does with Delores. Jennifer is like Delores she can fight back on
  11. There was a scene where Melissa had Jackie over since she didn't attend the boat trip. Melissa is fixing a salad - pouring dressing on it. She tells Jackie she made a salad for them and Jackie says - oh I'm not hungry, I just ate in the car on my way over here. Seriously??? A salad? She needs to get off the TV and take care of her raging disorder. I really don't want to watch her fluffing her food at Jennifer's at the next episode. That food looks sooooooo good
  12. I like Teresa too - at least as far as reality TV. She drives the show. From the start, both of her parents have been featured prominently on the show. You could tell how close she was to both. I do also think it was a total shock for her mom to pass before her father. The father was the one with all of the health problems. As for the scene at Jennifer's with Teresa leaving early - that was "genuine & raw" Very rarely do we see Teresa cry - and when she does she gets all splotchy skinned because she tries to suppress her feelings. I do think she didn't bow out because production gave
  13. LOL - you think there's an eagle running around saying....Bitch stole my look! LITERALLY! Jackie is really bad at fake eating/chewing.
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