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  1. there once was a girl from Grosse Pointe everything she did was a don't
  2. Lousy set you can order a backdrop from the big A and an a fake order at Home Goods , does not work for me at all
  3. not really she doesn't have kids, so therefore no connection with the actual meaning
  4. RE the Dr Scholls, I did that bit of research b/c one of the styles Q is selling I have seen at TJs for under $30 last year
  5. oh boy "nutsy has been locked in my dressing room for 2 weeks
  6. TG reminds me of Drs who get a JD and testify in medical cases: couldn't make it as designer but is fine criticizing everyone in the business
  7. IM may well be all that Gunn says he is, but Gunn comes off as really bitchy, and I don't get that from Isaac but as Dr Phil says "you can make a pancake as flat as you can but it still has two sides "
  8. IG was truly nauseating today with all the Mother's postings,
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