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  1. I just saw the end of the DC show Caroline looks great she has on black boot cut pants with the TSV boot amazing what the right kind of shoES and pants for all the talk about instant skinny they do this really Was
  2. don't go there with my Miss M . she'd cut a b like shawn
  3. those are one of the nicer things to be presented in a long time
  4. have Q on KL is hammering Tolani about traveling, is she traveling much or not , ???????????? Kerstin is obsessed with travel for some reason. and hasn't stopped bringing it in to all her bits
  5. have a glass of kool aid? we still love you
  6. Rachel describes the TSV as sumptuous
  7. the plaid are nice, but shirts like that are available (were) at all prices
  8. I just up and saw that "top" as the TS said to my self, that's ugly there could be a way to do the pattern mix but that isn't it
  9. Sweet, little layer them in
  10. possible that his product run it's course, it was on just about everyday other day for a year,
  11. about? she's is a no watch for me between the fast talking and the "not a human contact" and the other stuff I don't need to waste my time
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