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  1. Does she have kids ???? I thought she was really getting better even though I wasn’t a fan
  2. Martha is really into Halloween I listened to a bit of the show while cleaning out my closets today, but Caro was tryin to best Martha , old martha proabably wasn't having any tho I don't do anytghing for Halloween so it's of not much interest
  3. Gabrielle just dropped what I believe is the first "invitations start rolling in" "holiday parties" mention
  4. one of them I didn't care for they need someone who isn't getting the job just because,
  5. asked and answered above but I wonder who will be presenting on air in the future, I wasn't thrilled with either of the subs they used
  6. kinda thinking TaraTempty and GFMary and the penultimate channel changers also could be b/c there is absolutly , repeat absolutely nothing in the kitchen category that I need
  7. english biscuits more akin to american cookie like a lorna doone type American biscuit more like a scone sort of English like their buscuits with tea,
  8. she can be but I like her because she shows up does her job with enthusiasm , shows respect for her employer and the audience. she can be over the top though
  9. if she would act like a lady and an adult maybe I could watch her
  10. IIRC when she was on HSN with her line there was none of that, it was more wife of movie guy wantting to make some affordable but up to date clothes for the proletariat audience , this whole other plan of attack came with the move to QVC , clothing was a bit more fashion forward at H too need to add P for pandering into the mix QpVC?
  11. I think she would be a fun and interesting person to know, and kind at least that's what she gives off
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