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  1. that squirrel thing , should be done it's a joke that was funny for one day and they for one reason won't stop and it's not funny any more like the happy dance Q wont' let it go something happens on air that is spontaneous and they run it to death and alienate viewers
  2. totally agree, but that feigned ignorance might to be 'splain to the dummies out there
  3. the name was such a turn off
  4. also liked the idea of keeping small NYC business going
  5. cute and back to the stupid ringlets, its' supposed to be soft waves , not Shirley Temple hair
  6. pants too long short jacket highlights the widest part of her body (not her fault ) but there are better choices for her
  7. Or hosts that care on how they look to the viewer who is basing their purchases on how hosts and models look ######### zell actually looks nice she’s on Q2 nice hair , tunic and leggings work she's better than she was,
  8. I see QVC has ordered demanded peplum tops across all their lines not sure they are the most flattering in all sizes, tho
  9. no boonster those are flat out fugly, and I think Q offers more ugly shoes than you see in the "marketplacebrickandmortar" for any number of reasons
  10. cake in a mug you can buy them or whip up DIY versions nothing new but apparently to the Q it is. and QVC will offer versions of the same thing over all their product lines, I think all companies do that
  11. yep so she knows zip, nad, nuttin and uses 2 year old knowledge to sell brands on the Q that are resurrected from bankbruptcy
  12. I saw that, may be it's time to say good bye to the toupe
  13. have you read the book . https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/122856.Dragonwyck recommend it in addition to the movie,
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